The Great Ruler - Volume 11 - Chapter 1026
Before grayish white forest, Heavenly Wolf Clan takes the lead that powerhouse look slightly scarlet is staring at Mu Chen several people, sharpness in that is almost just likes knife same, must pierce several people. He He, the Huo Yang brother does not use anxiously, they are the Nine Netherbird Clan friends, is collaborator who my this time seeks.” Han Shan hearing this, then smiles, answered. Collaborator?” A that named Huo Yang Heavenly Wolf Clan powerhouse brow wrinkle, sneered said: Han Shan, do you work as this Myriad Treasure Beast treasure are really inexhaustible inadequate? Are many a wave of people to have shared benefit, I did not agree.” Han Shan complexion is motionless, said: This Huo Yang brother felt relieved freely, since they are I invite, when the time comes wants the sharing benefit advantage, that also the minute from me walks, absolutely not will bump your.” That Huo Yang hearing this, complexion then slightly slow, but that cut-throat vision is staring at Mu Chen as before they, at once mouth corner casts aside casting aside slightly, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes the color of disdaining. Obviously he induces Mu Chen their this line, unexpectedly only then Nine Nether and Mo Feng have stepped into Seventh Rank Sovereign, the other two, unexpectedly are Sixth Rank Sovereign. This strength, dared ten thousand beast graves unexpectedly, indeed is hoodwinked the heart by the greed, was stupid. Disdaining not many concealing in Huo Yang eye, therefore Mu Chen, Nine Nether they naturally are also realize, but they have not lost one's temper, the only look is tranquil, do not win over the action of relations with this Heavenly Wolf Clan powerhouse. The line of sight of Mu Chen looked at Heavenly Wolf Clan one line, their altogether five people, four people are having Seventh Rank Sovereign strength, this grade of lineup , has no time to let compared with Demonic Rhinocero Clan much, obviously, this time for Myriad Treasure Beast, their Heavenly Wolf Clan has also spent some big strengths. After all. Always a person enters Divine Beast Homeland, its degree of difficulty will promote many, even if links the Nine Netherbird Clan also merely only plan to deliver them four people to enter. The reason that naturally, these naturally have does not want to be short of the clansman who delivers some strength. After all in this Divine Beast Homeland supreme talent are too many, therefore enters person, naturally wants the expensive essence, but inexpensive many. However this Heavenly Wolf Clan four Seventh Rank Sovereign, lets Mu Chen somewhat except for Huo Yang that leads slightly at the accident, other person only sweep, in his sensation, perhaps moreover these three Seventh Rank Sovereign, differ with Lightning Crow Clan that Lu Sui not many. If dragon phoenix body has not broken through before Second Layer, perhaps he solves a little to be troublesome, but now... Easy. Huo Yang brother, here situation how?” Han Shan smiles to ask. The Huo Yang mouth casts aside, said: That Golden Lion Clan half arrived other day, but they do not dare to rush to the deep place easily go, that inside beast spirit quantity seemed to be getting more and more.” Before Golden Lion Clan once made the person deliver a letter, said after the survey, in the place of that Myriad Treasure Beast to die/to fall, strength achieves Seventh Rank Sovereign beast spirit. The quantity increased to 15 heads.” Han Shan hearing this, complexion also cannot help but became serious, 15 endured to compare Seventh Rank Sovereign beast spirit. If this trades to do is their random, perhaps is very much difficultly alone eats. „The meaning of Golden Lion Clan, is plan collaborates to solve these beast spirit groups first, after having waited till that treasure trove, then decides the final ownership.” The Huo Yang scarlet eye looked at Han Shan one, said. Collaborates?”

Han Shan shows neither approval nor disapproval, only said: We have a look first.” The voice falls, he is leads the people to plunder the forest directly, is rapid to the deep place is going. Behind that. Huo Yang looks at Han Shan their silhouette, the eye glow is dodging. Also waved, having the person to follow rapidly. This forest-trees are grayish white. Rich death qi fills the air, moreover is thorough in, Mu Chen is felt that death qi even more rich, made the person blood is somewhat stopped flowing. Forest quite huge, Mu Chen their group anxiously has plundered for ten several minutes, the speed just now slows down, but at this time the front forest starts sparsely, what replaces it is a piece of topography steep hillside, Mu Chen they are built in grayish white huge rock, the vision looked to the giant basin under hillside. There trees are present the jet black colors, that is because was caused by the death qi serious corrosion, but in that region, unceasing has to fill the death qi beast roar to resound, shadow that the indistinct obvious floats wander. Here is the place of that Myriad Treasure Beast to die/to fall.” Han Shan aims at that place giant basin, the complexion serious [say / way]. Mu Chen looks with rapt attention, sky over that huge basin, fearful death qi almost condenses the grey cloud layer, in the entire world, not having the slight vitality to be possible presently. This picture, same in ten thousand beast graves represents the extremely dangerous, common person was seeing that this situation by far avoids, wants to come , if not bumping into, perhaps Demonic Rhinocero Clan, Heavenly Wolf Clan, Golden Lion Clan these powerhouses , is impossible to discover that here is hiding the place of Myriad Treasure Beast to die/to fall. But in Mu Chen they are observing this region, that distant place has golden light glittering suddenly, then has wind breaking to transmit, the Han Shan facial expression alerts immediately. These golden light appeared when not far away quickly, when they obviously came, that tall and strong figure has brought a formidable constriction immediately. The Mu Chen line of sight is to also shoot, coming the person altogether to have six people, their build tall and strong, golden hair, on face has the lightly [gold/metal] mark, in the golden pupil, has ruling by force that wipes unable to conceal to fill the air with the constriction. Obviously, these person of should came from the Golden Lion Clan powerhouse. Powerhouse appearances of these Golden Lion Clan, Demonic Rhinocero Clan immediately are also vigilant that each one whole bodies tie tight, whole body Spiritual Energy surges, eying covetously is staring at the opposite party. The Han Shan look is actually tranquil, he looks directly to the Golden Lion Clan front line, there has a stature especially tall and strong man, his figure like the iron tower, under the skin golden light dark yun, the pressure is astonishing, astonishing Spiritual Energy oppressions, unceasing sends out from its within the body. Jin Lie... this time your Golden Lion Clan is really makes you lead.” Han Shan is staring at this tall and strong man, [say / way] slowly. Nine Nether in a low voice was also saying to Mu Chen in this time: In Golden Lion Clan this generation of young generations, had two outstanding people, is known as golden two people, this Jin Lie is its one, but evidently, that another Xiong, this time has not come.”

Mu Chen nods gently, this Jin Lie indeed to the person a formidable constriction, common Seventh Rank Sovereign perhaps is not his match . Moreover, he is also able feels that this Jin Lie fleshly body, passed through cultivation, is more formidable. That iron tower man hears the Han Shan words, is cracks into a smile, reveals dense white teeth, seems sending out the cold air, his contain the vision of constriction was looking at Han Shan one first, then stopped in Nine Nether, Mo Feng on them. Han Shan, you are not self-confident to your Demonic Rhinocero Clan, this chance, does giving up make the person slice?” Jin Lie said with a smile, in the laughter has wipes the meaning of taunt. Nine Nether hearing this, is the lightly [say / way]: Our only was invited by Brother Han, opens mind.” Jin Lie said with a smile: This lineup also dares to burst, does not know that should say you are extremely arrogant or ignorant?” Extremely arrogant ignorant, tried not to know?” Mu Chen also shows a faint smile, said. Qualifications that trivial Sixth Rank Sovereign, here some you spoke?” That Jin Lie behind, Golden Lion Clan Seventh Rank Sovereign cold voice shouted to clear the way. Under Jin Lie beckoned with the hand, stops the words of clansman, only his look not many looks at Mu Chen, wants to come is also thinks that trivial Sixth Rank Sovereign is not worth him attaching great importance. Han Shan, we come are not and you quarrel... Formerly surveyed after us, in this region presented beast spirit of ten several Seventh Rank Sovereign ranks, this adds on other massive beast spirit again, depending on our any side troops, is impossible to rush successfully.” Jin Lie looks to Han Shan, said: „Before this point , the Heavenly Wolf Clan person has also surveyed, if you think do not believe that may searches one time again.” Huo Yang and other Heavenly Wolf Clan that the rear area catches up with the powerhouses also nod. The Han Shan line of sight changes that death qi rich region, brow wrinkled, actually does not need to survey him already the able faint induction, in this region, indeed has many fierce beast spirit to exist. Brother Mu, your meanings?” Han Shan silent, looks to Mu Chen, the questionnaire asks. That Jin Lie as well as Huo Yang saw Han Shan first asked was not Nine Nether, instead was merely Sixth Rank Sovereign Mu Chen, cannot help but has gawked, at once somewhat looked at Mu Chen one surprisedly, why obviously does not understand Han Shan politely to him so. Mu Chen and Nine Nether look at each other one, then all nods. Han Shan sees that this nods to Jin Lie, said: may collaborates to solve beast spirit first, as for the Myriad Treasure Beast treasure trove, waits to rush to here, again distribute.” Jin Lie hearing this, is the nod of not caring a whoop, then three party troops gathers in together, respective distribute region as well as beast spirit quantity.

Since has prepared appropriately, that begins.” Jin Lie is vigorous and resolute, any dragging, he has not seen distribute to finish, were not many said that was bringing Golden Lion Clan powerhouse violently shoots directly. We also first went, when the time comes eliminates to converge again.” That Heavenly Wolf Clan Huo Yang also said that then has the person to plunder. We also walk.” Han Shan saw that three party troops all sends out, was saying to Mu Chen, then changes into light image violently shoots, directly soars below that piece of huge, but in dark basin. Mu Chen is in the final side, he narrows the black pupil was looking at Golden Lion Clan and Heavenly Wolf Clan the direction, then joins hands behind the back, quietly they have been making a hand signal to Nine Nether. Be careful. Nine Nether and Mo Feng look at each other one, in the eye was also has faint light to pass over gently and swiftly, gently nod. The struggle of this Myriad Treasure Beast, feared has not imagined is so smooth. ... ... ( Today's should is one.) ( to be continued )