The Great Ruler - Volume 11 - Chapter 1088
Half a month date and time, suddenly. But in fitting out of this half a month, Mandala also had finally determined lineup that this Great Luo Heavenly Territory is going to mobilize, the lineup quantity overall are not many, but is actually selective, almost the Great Luo Heavenly Territory most elite strength, reassigns completely. This time goes to Ancient Heavenly Palace, not only Mandala sends out personally, five emperor various kings are also leakproof, even the hosts of some strength prominent heavy cities, was allowed to follow, the overall quantity, seems like about 50, but strength worst person, has stepped into Fifth Rank Sovereign. That Ancient Heavenly Palace Vestige inside, danger numerous, no one knows to hide any fearful crisis, therefore in this case, transfers the army to intrude rashly obviously is the extreme non- wisdom, therefore this line sends out, the troops naturally are the expensive essence inexpensive many. However this time dispatches troops, by no means merely only Great Luo Heavenly Territory, but is alliance that the entire Northern Realm top influence composes, therefore other family influence conformity are slightly slow, in this fitting out slightly dilatory situation, Mandala slightly considers, then directly assigns Mu Chen, the Nine Nether two people leads several various kings, in advance rushes to the place of Ancient Heavenly Palace Vestige present world, must need before their Northern Realm alliance army arrives, collection Ancient Heavenly Palace information some as far as possible. But regarding the trip of this cutting edge, Mu Chen was glad, now he already is roused the surging emotions difficult draw by the matter of Ancient Heavenly Palace, under this condition, including the cultivation effect was not big, might as well advanced one step, went to the place of that Ancient Heavenly Palace Vestige present world, in advance nosed. After all there is apart from Northern Realm extremely remotely, even if Mandala is Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, impossible there situation clear... Great Luo Heaven. Beside Teleportation Spiritual Array. Mu Chen crosses the hands behind the back to stand, Nine Nether in its side, but in their behind, but also has three silhouette respectful relaxing the hands to stand, a three people of old middle-aged beautiful woman, the white hair old man whole body Spiritual Energy fluctuation is slightly strong, strength has been the Eighth Rank Sovereign level unexpectedly. But this person was also various kings of Great Luo Heavenly Territory new promote, the person of Great Luo Heavenly Territory said that it was Bai Wang. This old strength. Even if in present various kings, is the best pick of the crop, moreover its experience is excellent, in the past once had travelled for pleasure Heavenly Luo Continent. This line takes it, is therefore. But other that middle-aged man and beautiful woman, strength is also good, has stepped into Seventh Rank Sovereign, these two are these days visit the person of Nine Nether Palace quite attendance, their past only powder repaired, by chance cultivation step by step to the present, therefore most needs some asylums, to seek Great Luo Heavenly Territory able to give better cultivation resources. But Nine Nether Palace of palace two emperors, obviously are institutes of the best hiring oneself. Regarding their hiring oneself, Mu Chen originally has not paid attention. Actually Tang Bing this Great Housekeeper in has done some inspections after these two, had recommended to Mu Chen and Nine Nether, these two people of self-tortures, are tenacious, has a potential, moreover what is most important is. The quite heavy sentiment, is not the temper of supercilious look wolf. Tang Bing wields Nine Nether Palace these years. Eyesight obviously quite sinister, Mu Chen and Nine Nether are the trust in her, therefore had acknowledged finally just now these two hire oneself Nine Nether Palace, but this line goes to Ancient Heavenly Palace, took them. Lord Mu, this Teleportation Spiritual Array leads to the city of Great Luo Heavenly Territory surrounding directly, from there, so long as undergoes several transmissions again, is able at the maximum speed leaves Northern Realm.” What speech is that beautiful woman, she wears the red long skirt, highlights the slender figure exquisite to send, slightly the act indifferent black eyebrow coloring, actually the somewhat character and style ten thousand types, have charmingly, but its named Tan Qiu, is called Fall King in Great Luo Heavenly Territory, it is said now in various kings, but also has many pursuers. Good.”

Mu Chen nods, looks at each other one with Nine Nether, said: That walks.” Nine Nether is naturally unobjectionable, then they direct one step treads, entered into that Teleportation Spiritual Array, Spiritual Light glittering, the person's shadow vanished directly does not see. After they disappear, the old man of that white hair looked at the beautiful woman and that somewhat simple-hearted middle-aged man, sluggish [say / way]: This journey, Territory Master sends for conveying a message, two Sir although natural talents are remarkable, strength is unusual, but somewhat is young, our wanderer many years, experience has, therefore the eye should better put the highlight for two Sirs, if two Sirs had an accident... This Great Luo Heavenly Territory, feared that does not keep us.” Where words that Old Bai spoke... The rare two Sirs are willing to receive the taking a concubine body, concubine body naturally by loathsome appearance report.” Tan Qiu smiles gracefully, said. If some people want the wound two Sirs, may treads from my corpse.” The tall and robust middle-aged man has patted the chest, look although slightly is simple-hearted, may actually appear especially serious. This person handles affairs just likes stone same, regrets hardly, therefore in Great Luo Heavenly Territory, the people are also said that it is Stone King. The white hair old man sees that is also lightly nodded, no longer said that leading them to step into Teleportation Spiritual Array, among Spiritual Light glittering, rapid vanishes does not see, only has the lightly space to fluctuate, ripples. ... West the Heavenly Luo Continent side the place, is this continent extremely desolated place, the disaster are innumerable, has the astral wind to sweep across, its crazy tears the mountain sufficiently, has the snow to descend, its cold frozen earth 100,000 li (0.5km), have the unusual animals to appear and disappear, the wisdom is not high, has strange respectively, hard to deal with... This all sorts of threats, are make that extremely west place rarely have the person to visit, hunts and kills the unusual animals except for some in this place specially, seeks for beyond the organizations of various types of world wonderful treasures, some same people will not arrive at this place. However, this condition, in recently short less than six months actually by thorough change, because, in the deep place of that west place, the space disruption, has the antiquity palace space extremely indistinctly partly visible... That is Ancient Heavenly Palace! This act has detonated entire Heavenly Luo Continent thoroughly, is makes this stretch of desolated boundary is to become unexpectedly unexpected irritable, on entire Heavenly Luo Continent, does not know many influences, many powerhouses just like the locust well up, this stretch of desolated boundary in short in six months, becomes endures compared with continent center liveliest region same.

Even, that powerhouse quantity and quality, but must win it. may said gratefully that west the present side the place, feared is became the entire Heavenly Luo Continent center is, but all these, are because on that Heavenly Luo Continent once Overlord, Ancient Heavenly Palace present world... But there, same is Mu Chen one line of goal is also. ... Northern Realm with west the distance of place, almost surmounted about half Heavenly Luo Continent extremely, that and other terrifying distances, if makes the Mu Chen direct flight pass through, perhaps is six months, is unable arrives. Fortunately the midway has many Teleportation Spiritual Array may uses, even if so, when Mu Chen they passed through many vast regions, when starts approaching gradually to extremely west the range, is entire a half month passes. In the small town of close west place, Mu Chen one line of sit in a tea pavilion extremely, here urban originally quite remote, because the reason of close west place, appears the person together is extremely full now, even on that day spatial above, but also continuous has the flowing light to howl, that direction, obviously is to extremely west the place, but. In the tea pavilion is also crowded, moreover each one whole body Spiritual Energy surges, obviously is strength is not weak. Lord Mu, Sir Nine Nether, we started close extremely west place, but then does not have the Teleportation Spiritual Array may use, can only hurry along to go.” Tan Qiu sits in the Mu Chen body side, the gentle voice said. Mu Chen slightly nod, extremely west place extremely desolated, wants to come not to have any influence to spend the energy to construct Teleportation Spiritual Array there in the past, but well is not far, at their speeds, the several days time may arrive. Before us some information that inquired, at present west place edge, has a named Western City heavy city extremely, that was extremely nearby the western region the scale most huge city, this time there, gathered the massive all tyrants, has the thorough west place to inquire the person who information returned extremely, there, should able obtained some Ancient Heavenly Palace information.” White hair White King, is respectful voice said. Even it is said also some bold fellows take risked to submerge in Ancient Heavenly Palace some crack, gained thing by this, then in that Western City high price auction, attracted many people actually.” Oh? Mu Chen hearing this, this look moves slightly, these fellow indeed, the place of Ancient Heavenly Palace Vestige present world, the space disorder, has not paid attention not awfully at present slightly by space crack inspiration, now goes, obviously is the behavior of non- wisdom.

However if able obtains the thing of some Ancient Heavenly Palace, could not say that is able obtains some clues, thus after entering Ancient Heavenly Palace, leads other people one step, but big chance thing, the book is looked that whose able first obtains. It seems like we must go to this Western City.” Nine Nether is also small head lightly, said. Mu Chen nods, in addition, that Western City wants to come should to gather the tyrants characters on many Heavenly Luo Continent, does not know that these on Heavenly Luo Continent in earthshaking young generation, whether some people will appear, he pours also wants experience. Walks, goes to Western City.” Presses down the thought in heart, Mu Chen also no longer hesitant, set out directly, left the tea pavilion, was a flowing light shoots up to the sky, Nine Nether and the others followed all, suddenly then vanished in the horizon side. But is also when Mu Chen they catch up to that Western City, in that remote another city, a white skirt young girl also in the inn from the city goes out, her eyebrow black like picture, appearance beautiful like immortal, that pair of beautiful eyes, is nimble and resourceful, making her seem, just liked in the picture Fairy same. However she actually resembles does not care about own that like the immortal makings, the backhand is to then take out one is sending out astonishing Spiritual Energy, looks at the quite rare spirit fruit, then in the vision of surroundings numerous blazing saliva, three next two was to then eat cleanly, has patted the white hands finally easely, lifted charming face, [say / way] that thought aloud: That fellow in Heavenly Luo Continent, does not know that now there, initially also owed him favor...” Her thinks that then helpless casting aside the ruddy small mouth, at the back of both hands, easely goes out of town. ... ... ( to be continued )