The Great Ruler - Volume 12 - Chapter 1126
Chapter 1114 Rustling! When Mu Chen the sound of deeply roared spreads, his figure violently shoots, in the hand scarlet-red like the blood fights the spear|gun fiercely shakes, immediately boundless Spiritual Energy infusion, the scarlet-red hundred zhang (333m) spear|gun rainbow then directly pierces together void, without hesitation is going to lord of chest violently thrust that Wind Manor. Is drawing support from Red Dragon Battle Spear as well as the scarlet dragon battle armor amplification, Mu Chen this time offensive appears extremely swift and fierce, that and other spear|gun rainbows, sufficiently relaxed tears a powerhouse of Ninth Rank peak. Swift and fierce spear|gun rainbow enlargement of rapidly in lord of quiet black eye pupil that Wind Manor, but in soon close, above advocation of body that Wind Manor suddenly has vast black light beam to sweep across, looks from afar that just likes the rocket ascends, is exceptionally evil. The lord of Wind Manor extended the jet black big hand directly, above the palm the evil aura ascended, his palm grasped, front space shattered, the swift and fierce spear|gun rainbow appeared suddenly, but was held by him. Buzz! The space shakes, buzz the whining noise biography swings, however, that tears the swift and fierce spear|gun rainbow that a Ninth Rank peak powerhouse pierces sufficiently easily, actually under that jet black palm gets hold, unable has the slight little advance again. The swift and fierce spear|gun rainbow by stop easily, the Mu Chen look slightly was also sunk, because his able realizes that spear|gun rainbow end, above that together jet black palm, actually contain how fearful strength. That palm just likes is black hole same, no matter his Spiritual Energy how wild impact, but unable brings many throughout ripples, is all disappearance goes. Lord of quiet black evil both eyes that Wind Manor are staring at Mu Chen, he resembles is smiling of ridicule, then the palm grasps suddenly. Bang! The swift and fierce spear|gun rainbow, in this time by the lord of this Wind Manor, was pinched to explode unexpectedly directly. Pinches to explode the spear|gun rainbow, the lord of Wind Manor lifts the fist. To a Mu Chen distant fist bang, in its fist surface, seems being has the black air/Qi to linger. A fist falls, front void space. Explodes to break to pieces instantaneously. Bang! The black light(Hei Guang) bang explodes the space together, appears by the speed that unable described in front of Mu Chen directly, bang that was relentless above his chest. The body of Mu Chen such as was hit hard, has flown upside down, giant stone columns explode everywhere powder under that fearful strength along the way directly. Mu Chen figure withdrew over a thousand zhang (3.33 m), just now the somewhat distressed standing firm body, his whole body Spiritual Energy turns wells up, lowers the head looks. Sees only that scarlet-red battle armor chest place, presented inch allow Shen hollow fist seal unexpectedly. This looks at the Mu Chen palpitation a little, this Wind Manor main strength was too powerful, if not he has scarlet dragon battle armor to protect the body, perhaps is only this fist, sufficiently makes him have the extremely heavy injury. But even if so, this time his within the body vitality intermittently turns wells up, the throat place appeared has wiped sweet intent. Sigh.

Mu Chen takes a deep breath, Spiritual Energy surges, suppresses the vitality that within the body turned wells up. His complexion unusual serious, but after formerly that fist of lord of Wind Manor, he was also the faint sensation to latter's strength. That seems not true Earthly Sovereign, but has been far in excess of Ninth Rank Perfection, according to his estimate, should is situated between both. It seems like the ten thousand years years pass, make lord of strength this Wind Manor greatly damage. This sensation, makes Mu Chen slightly relax actually, fortunately is not true Earthly Sovereign, otherwise, even if they collaborate to add together Ice Spirit Partner again. Perhaps as before possibly is not this Wind Manor the main match. Rustling! But in the instance that Mu Chen just relaxed, his pupil shrinks suddenly. Because he sees front void shattered, together black light(Hei Guang) ghosts and demons running out. The lord of that Wind Manor appeared in his front unexpectedly, the jet black palm, just liked is claw of same god of death, maliciously to his crown, a palm was patting. Be careful!” The rear area hears Lin Jing the sound of calling out in alarm, then has the cold air to sweep across to come, handle icy cold long sword appears above the Mu Chen top of the head, spells with managing of wind that Wind Manor hardly in the same place. Bang! icy cold long sword when a contact, is the disintegration comes directly, the shaved ice sputtering, that jet black palm after one next, as before maliciously has clapped. Rustling! However, when it falls on the Mu Chen crown, actually directly penetrated the past, Mu Chen silhouette, changed into afterimage in this time, is drawing support from the stop of that twinkling, he is also rapid to dodge opens. Bang!” Boundless golden light erupts from Mu Chen within the body, a huge light was summoned from its behind directly, Great Sun Indestructible Body within the body golden color Great Sun ascension. Bang! Above Great Sun Indestructible Body golden color huge palm, seems has the golden liquid to flow, contain the incomparable strength, the overwhelming palm shade is covering the sky, bang maliciously above advocation of body that Wind Manor. That each palm, was contain Mu Chen all strength as well as Great Sun Indestructible Body that fearful strength. golden light explodes on advocation of body that Wind Manor, shakes retreat it again and again, black light(Hei Guang) also intermittent glittering on his body drags, but obviously, even if were to bear the Mu Chen so intense offensive, but the lord of this Wind Manor has not received the too big heavy losses as before. Flaming. But when the Mu Chen crazy fierce bombardment, has the crystalline flame to sweep across to come suddenly, covers to enter the lord of Wind Manor, that terrifying high temperature, made lord of whole body evil aura turmoil Wind Manor get up immediately, was faint, has the low roar to spread unexpectedly. In that not far away, the whole body burns crystal flame Nine Nether to look at this, actually slightly one happy, it seems like her Undying Fire regarding the lord of this Wind Manor, has some suppresives actually.

Puff! However, the happy expression in her eyes just appeared, in the main body of that Wind Manor is to then have overwhelming black light(Hei Guang) wells up, that black light(Hei Guang) like black ink, sweeps across go over, is becomes including the space dark, that covers the crystal flame beside its body, immediately extinguishes all. Mu Chen and Nine Nether see that the brow was also tightly wrinkled, the lord of this Wind Manor, was really too thorny. Rustling! Dreadful black light(Hei Guang) surges, just likes wipes the black broadsword to divide chop down to come, to cut the broken space, the overhead to Nine Nether chop down. Little Bing, blocks!” Lin Jing sees that lightly shouted, saw only that Ice Spirit Partner to appear above Nine Nether, the cold air condensed, changed into a thick cold ice armor on its body. But the Lin Jing white hands grasp, has several jade symbols to appear in his hand unexpectedly, her white hands fling, these jade symbols then pasted above Ice Spirit Partner body, immediately changed into jade light layer upon layer, layer upon layer covered Ice Spirit Partner. Bang! That black blade light chops to cut above Ice Spirit Partner body, immediately that layer upon layer jade light starts the disintegration, but with a jade light disintegration, that blade light also weakens one every time, to chops finally when the Ice Spirit Partner body, only on that cold ice armor, has actually left behind a deep mark. Mu Chen and Nine Nether see this, lightly has inhaled cold air, they were shocked in Ice Spirit Partner shoulder unexpectedly hardly this have struck, and has not discarded, obviously... This is the function of that jade symbols. That is... Guard jade symbol?” Mu Chen looks at these jade symbols, Mu Chen is looking at these jade symbols, the corner of the eye was jumped jumping that could not bear. He naturally is the able sensation to the tyrannical strength that above these jade symbols has, perhaps each, has to resist the strength that the Ninth Rank Perfection powerhouse strikes fully, this jade symbol is the consumables, but manufactures trouble quite, therefore construction cost not poor/ not cheap, common person, if able obtains together, that definitely well will preserve, treats as to maintain life trump card, but Lin Jing this gets rid at present, actually directly is one dozen of one dozens... This talent, Mu Chen looks at the somewhat anxiety. Lin Jing displays is light, her superficial [say / way]: This going out, I made fully the preparation... Then you launch the attack fully, I use Ice Spirit Partner to help you defend, I do not believe that we collaborate together, but also consumes does not die it!” Mu Chen and Nine Nether hearing this, is speechless for a very long time, finally can only be sincerely convinced: indeed local tyrant!” Therefore, after having Lin Jing this family property rich incomparable local tyrant has joined the war, the aspect started to have the change, Mu Chen and Nine Nether started reckless launched the offensive fully, the attack of overwhelming , continuous falling in torrents in that Wind Manor on main body, the unceasing low roar roared its bang. But reviews Wind Manor main attack, actually times by Ice Spirit Partner all anti- , the price of but for this reason paying, is Lin Jing unceasing pulls out formidable guard jade symbols. Lord of not spirit wisdom this Wind Manor, therefore does not understand to avoid Ice Spirit Partner completely, instead is rigid is pursuing the Ice Spirit Partner heavy bombing, no matter slightly the latter this time has covered a tortoise shell layer upon layer.

Therefore, is facing Lin Jing this as if guard jade symbol continuously, even if the lord of stronger than this Wind Manor, is somewhat gradually cannot endure, that body black light(Hei Guang) above layer upon layer, starts by Mu Chen and Nine Nether rubs turbulently. Gets down according to this situation, perhaps the lord of this Wind Manor, but also indeed by Mu Chen their forcibly polish evil aura, will be dissipated finally. Mu Chen and Nine Nether see this, is relaxing of slightly, originally will take as this time will erupt a frigid fierce combat, but will expect, finally result unexpectedly will become so funny. Bang! Time in rapid passing, but under Mu Chen and Nine Nether offensive continuously, the lord of that Wind Manor finally was the detection of instinct was not as if wonderful, the next flash, its body sudden, then suddenly suddenly retreats, unexpectedly gave up the pursuit pestering its Ice Spirit Partner unceasingly. Mu Chen is looking at suddenly retreats the lord of Wind Manor, is startled, at once his complexion fierce changes, because he saw, position that the lord of that Wind Manor withdraws, impressively is the position of that cyan feather fan. A restlessness, wells up his heart. But also in the Mu Chen non- ampere hour, the lord of that Wind Manor appeared above that stone column, then his jet black palm fierce outstretch, one then grasped that cyan feather fan in the hand. Bang! The fearful storm, erupts from that feather fan in this time, the entire space seems going to be torn. That is true relic! Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Lin Jing three people of complexion the drastic change gets up immediately, no one has thought that this not spirit wisdom the lord of Wind Manor, so intelligential, that together relic feather fan, will grasp unexpectedly suddenly in the hand. But by Wind Manor main strength, true activate this feather fan relic strength, that its strength, perhaps true comparing favorably Earthly Sovereign! When the time comes, no matter in the Lin Jing hand the guard jade symbol are many, perhaps does not affect. Mu Chen frowns tightly, sighed one lightly. Troubled.” ... ...( To be continued.)