The Great Ruler - Volume 13 - Chapter 1231
Chapter 1222 The Luoshen palace back side of the mountain, a lonesome and quiet mountain peak peak, Mu Chen sits cross-legged above the blue stone, the mountain breeze sways to come, caused that the clothes robe flutters, quite somewhat natural air/Qi of outstanding ability. His both eyes shut, both hands tie seal, in the world boundless Spiritual Energy comes, just likes is mighty current same, no matter that and other world Spiritual Energy are the what kind vigor, once contacts Mu Chen body, seemed invested bottomless pit same, the mighty waves have not raised slightly. Steps into Earthly Sovereign with the present, world Spiritual Energy that Mu Chen this body able holds, obviously has been the degree of past difficult imagination, before Earthly Sovereign, all people can only depend upon Sovereign Sea to hold Spiritual Energy, however along with stepping into Earthly Sovereign, Sovereign Sea diverges, integrates the flesh and blood, almost changed into Sovereign Sea in human body each flesh and blood, that held the degree, naturally is surmounts Sovereign Stage not to have the several fold. Mu Chen cultivation has continued a double-hour, that and other astonishing sounds just now subsiding gradually, both eyes that his shuts tightly also in this time opening slowly, in both eyes, have Spiritual Light to surge, then reserved dissipation gradually. Feels vast Spiritual Energy that in the body is flowing, Mu Chen is also lightly aspirated, his look, is actually serious quite, because he remembers the information that beforehand Luo Li said once again. West Heaven Battle Palace four big Holy Child...” Mu Chen muttered, said according to Luo Li that first three Holy Child, were has to cut to kill Upper Position Earthly Sovereign astonishing accomplishment, this cancould be underestimated absolutely. Because Mu Chen is very clear, regarding Upper Position Earthly Sovereign this grade of level, cuts to kill as well as between to beat, actually to have the how big disparity, because Earthly Sovereign vitality extremely tenacious, even if body is rumbled to explode most. They are able reply. Wants true cutting to kill Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, then must in contain the vitality its whole body flesh and blood, all erasing. Before just liking Mu Chen, cuts to kill Blood God Clan that Lower Position Earthly Sovereign same. But wants to achieve this step, obviously is not simple. To this level, even if cannot hit, once went all out wants to escape, that always able achieves, only if oneself and opposite party strength, disparity really huge. But that West Heaven Battle Palace three Holy Child, since able cuts to kill Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, then i.e. Their true strength, are far from common Upper Position Earthly Sovereign may compare. These three Holy Child, are this time Child of the Continent competes for absolutely the obstacle. Moreover what is main, that West Heaven Battle Emperor has resentful reading to him, although because of existence of Flame Emperor, he does not dare to get rid to him directly, but that three Holy Child, once meets him, that definitely will get rid to help West Heaven Battle Emperor solve this foul odor. Therefore, Mu Chen with that three Holy Child, feared that does not have the slight able compromise place. Compared with them. That Liu Xingchen, Langya Sword Immortal, Tyrant Blade three people. Wants on weak one actually, although they have proud accomplishment of to beat same rank powerhouse. But this accomplishment, unable and three Holy Child compare favorably. This West Heaven continent, pours also the indeed latent talent.” Mu Chen sighed, West Heaven continent although is not super continent, because has existence of West Heaven Battle Emperor, the West Heaven continent strength, obviously be stronger than Heavenly Luo Continent.

This time, to capture that Child of the Continent quota. A fierce battle, is inevitably unavoidable. Because has understood these. In the Mu Chen heart also had some feelings of threat, but he does not vacillate as before. This chance, is Flame Emperor strives to come to him, he in any event, impossible giving up easily. Sigh. Mu Chen deep expiration, both eyes hang, his both hands tie seal, the whole body space fluctuate, his able feels that places in Ancient Heavenly Palace Heavenly River cultivation existences of two Avatar. Feels that marvelous relation, in the heart of Mu Chen slightly is also stabilizing, that Three Great Holy Child although is tyrannical, but his Mu Chen, not necessarily is a weakling. But this Qi Becomes Three Purities, is he uses to contend with one of the Upper Position Earthly Sovereign trump card. although since builds now, Mu Chen has never displayed Qi Becomes Three Purities, but he has the premonition, that strength, will not disappoint him inevitably. However although has this grade of Peer­less Di­vine Abil­ity is trump card, but Mu Chen actually not, therefore lax, for safety's sake, he needs many trump card methods, just now able promotes own success ratio. More methods...” The color of Mu Chen item of dew hesitation, both eyes shut, after long time, just now opened the eye, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes hesitant, because he remembered one to be put down cultivation technique of very long time by him. That is his mother leaves his Great Pagoda Art. This Great Pagoda Art is Ancient Buddha Clan foundation method of cultivating, is as deep as a well, in the past Mu Chen cultivation after a period of time, because afterward feared to expose oneself, was temporary has put down it, but now, as he stepped into Earthly Sovereign, had some strength of self-preservation finally, perhaps, now also to once again the cultivation opportunity. Ancient Buddha Clan is in Great Thousand World one of the most ancient races, background terrifying, is genuine Giant / Leviathan, then this Great Pagoda Art, same, only past his strength extremely mean, basic unable did not perceive through meditation inevitably thoroughly mysteriously. But now, Mu Chen believes that he regarding perceiving through meditation of Great Pagoda Art, should today we are no longer as we have been. Thinks of here, Mu Chen does not hesitate, his both hands tie seal suddenly, both eyes close, the Great Pagoda Art heart method, flows from the heart, but within the body boundless Spiritual Energy, in this time following the Great Pagoda Art meridians route, revolution. buzz! But along with Mu Chen revolution Great Pagoda Art, howls in within the body like sea Spiritual Energy boundless immediately, in Spiritual Energy gathers, black Vajra Pagoda, then in within the body condensation forming of Mu Chen slowly.

Great Pagoda Art heart method, flowing slowly in heart, but his mind, was immersion gradually. Premonition of Mu Chen not wrong, steps into Earthly Sovereign with the present, in the past in Great Pagoda Art these obscure points, sense now once again, has being easily solved unexpectedly, the marvelous feeling at present greatly opening. That feeling, as if gradually has lifted the veil of that abstruse law, starts to sense to hiding in the mystery of most deep place. Mu Chen immersed thoroughly. Above mountain peak that Mu Chen sits cross-legged, the livelihood takes turn, is the several days time passes, but his silhouette, is actually just likes changes into rock same, is entirely still. Luo Li arrived here, sees the immersion to enter depth cultivation Mu Chen, has not disturbed him, only sits in the side calmly accompanied him for a long time, just now quietly went. The time passes, ten days of time blinks. When the 10 th day approaches, Mu Chen body shakes suddenly slightly, the Great Pagoda Art heart law that the heart of hearts, that flows unceasingly, decomposes unexpectedly in this time, then, a unfamiliar heart Secret Art, in this time from the heart of Mu Chen, emergence quietly. „After broken, stands, uses the heart as the road, directs ancestral Qi, buddhist monk Fang Weizhen.” In Mu Chen innermost feelings gently twittering this heart Secret Art, after for a long time, feeling of the bright becoming aware, wells up to be careful. Originally, is this...” In the Mu Chen hearts talked to oneself that then in his intention moves, sees is only appropriate that black Vajra Pagoda, starts to collapse in this time unexpectedly, tower disruption, light beam violently shoots. He unexpectedly was forcefully the Vajra Pagoda self-destruction! The Vajra Pagoda unceasing disruption, is thorough rupturing opens finally finally, the time, the profound dim light sweeps across, that dim light, has lit up Mu Chen body each corner. Uses the heart as the road...” The heart Secret Art flows in the heart, Mu Chen lets loose the mind, whatever that endless dim light shines, mind gradually becomes must somewhat blur, but also in this nearly absorbed condition, suddenly, the place of that Vajra Pagoda disruption, the dim light condenses, as if formed one to not to know where small vortex. Looked at that dim light vortex, Mu Chen has been hesitating obviously, but was quick, he then ejected these hesitant, the intention floated, finally followed that dim light vortex to worm one's way into.

The present darkness, only has continued merely instantaneously, but that flash, is makes Mu Chen feel that the space and time distortion , as if this flash, his mind, passes through the remote distance that unable described... Dark rapid disappearance, when the Mu Chen mind opens the somewhat fuzzy eye, immediately cannot bear flood the fierce vibration, the astonished muttering sound, spread from the mind in together. Here... Yes?” Mind float sky, but at this time appears in Mu Chen at present, is a side extremely ancient world, the world is motley, leaves leeway the trace of years, but, most makes the Mu Chen mind shock, actually not this ancient world, but in center of that day place, the buddhist monk ancient tower that was huge unable to describe, static standing erect. That buddhist monk ancient tower, is ancient unable to describe that each mark on its body, is mystery like that and seemed aloof the space and time, permanent lasts forever. The Mu Chen mind is looking at that ancient incomparable buddhist monk ancient tower, felt from above that ancient pressure that seems to be is unexpectedly fiercer than Heavenly Sovereign stronger. This... Actually is where?” In the heart of Mu Chen, the vibration is unusual, he does not know after why he disrupts Vajra Pagoda, will form this type of channel unexpectedly, his mind attraction. However, in the Mu Chen mind intrudes this piece of unfamiliar the same time between ancient world, in that remote Ancient Buddha Clan, in a dark tower, that calmly sits cross-legged in a beautiful figure, has opened both eyes suddenly. Her that usually just liked the eye pupil of quiet deep pool unchanging, in this time, has the tears to condense unexpectedly, her raise one's head was looking at somewhere void, in the eye, has the color of thick gratified and missing. Mu Chen... my child, did you arrive at able to enter the ancestor place the situation?” ... ...( To be continued.)