The Great Ruler - Volume 13 - Chapter 1282
Chapter 1273 buzz. Sound wave to bumping created fallout, gradual going far away, on the Blue Spirit Island surrounding sea area, has then raised the difficult situation, just like the scenery of end. Is built on the Tian law above Gu Shihuang, a complexion piece of hidden in the shade, the astonishing battle efficiency that Mu Chen shows, lets his heart startled at the same time, is killing intent is rich. Mu Chen although has a Qing Yanjing such strength Heaven Transcending mother, but these year he has not obtained in Ancient Buddha Clan the tiny bit cultivation resources, even if so, he as before is able in this age, is the so astonishing degree. Therefore, if must discuss talent, perhaps this Mu Chen, even compared with their had not been known as Xuan Luo Young Master difference many that the Ancient Buddha Clan thousand years meet rarely. Once some day, Mu Chen is really able returns to Ancient Buddha Clan, definitely will become their Young Master will compete the Patriarch most force match. Thick killing intent gushes out from the Gu Shihuang eye , the next quarter, his direct deep breath the one breath, did not have the slight hesitation, both hands to tie seal again suddenly. Bang! With join of his seal technique, as if this stretch of world in this time fierce shakes, because of that Tian law, sent out the terrifying pressure in this time suddenly. In that and other under pressure, even if the world, as if trembles in the sound soughing of wind. Roar! Roar! The Tian law, unceasing eruption heaven startling moves the lion roar, each lion roars, causes the Spiritual Energy storm in the world, but along with intensifying of lion roar, sees only the Tian law the forehead place, suddenly has little black light(Hei Guang), condenses, but presently. Is looking at that black light(Hei Guang), even if Mu Chen, the pupil slightly shrinks, obviously is realized that enormous danger, immediately within the body Spiritual Energy is also the crazy revolution, fully alert. In that distant place, was stranded, in the sidereal revolution falls green snake Old Ancestor in star to see this, complexion same slightly changes, he regarding Gu Shihuang naturally is understanding quite, can look at this time latter to make anything. „Did this old fogy, link this move to use unexpectedly? Is that boy so really formidabe?” Green snake Old Ancestor vision glittering, he once also had fought with Gu Shihuang, naturally knows the fearfulness of latter this grade of killing move, even if with is Great Perfection, he too does not dare to meet this move hardly. However now, Gu Shihuang is actually used not to cope with Upper Position Earthly Sovereign Mu Chen, seems appears somewhat kills the chicken to use the oxen knife... However, green snake Old Ancestor same is the discrete old fox, he vision naturally is also extraordinary, can look, Gu Shihuang does not want to kill the chicken to use the oxen knife, because of the same method, as if could not cope seems merely only Upper Position Earthly Sovereign Mu Chen. Situation a little is not quite as if right.” Green snake Old Ancestor muttered, his temper such as snake same was deceitful, before will comply with Gu Shihuang to come the town gathering place, only, because thought only small Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, to fear radically insufficient. But at present looks like, this so-called Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, is extremely not simple. And... Green snake Old Ancestor looks to another direction, there same in erupting startled Heavenly Great War, this time Liang Xieyu, fell into during the fierce combat, because of his two matches, unexpectedly is appears extraordinary hard to deal with.

That Long Xiang (dragon shape) was needless saying that although only half Great Perfection, but strength terrifying, once by positive bang, even if Great Perfection will also suffer a loss. As for that beautiful the shocking small girl, lets person difficult believing, merely only Lower Position Earthly Sovereign strength, but when she when offering a sacrifice to Sovereign Body Skill, green snake Old Ancestor is the complexion big change. Obviously he has also recognized, fame of that in Great Thousand World resounding to extreme Luoshen Body Skill. Replies on the Luoshen Body Skill strength, Luo Li although only is helping in the fighting, but the occasional offensive, is makes Liang Xieyu somewhat troublesome as before, thus makes his unable fully rout Long Xiang (dragon shape), suddenly, the war also slightly obviously refuses to compromise. This way, their solemn three Earthly Sovereign Great Perfection, the so luxurious lineup, absolutely did not have the superiority... Realized that so the situation, green snake Old Ancestor complexion fluctuates, the eye glow flashes, does not know that is thinking anything. But also in the green snake Old Ancestor heart is rotating the thought that that distant place, sees only the Tian law the forehead place, black light(Hei Guang) is that rich to extreme , seems small black hole same. Gu Shihuang that dreary cold vision, just liked in this time poisonous snake locking Mu Chen, the gloomy sound, has made a sound. These year of able make me use this move, almost completely is the Great Perfection super powerhouses, but is used to cope with Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, this is the first time!” Therefore, you honestly die to the old man!” When that character falls last, the Gu Shihuang look suddenly becomes fierce, both hands fluctuate to say afterimage seal technique suddenly innumerably, the sound of calling out, resounds through the horizon. Sovereign Divine Ability, Heavenly Lion's Judgement Day!” When that calls out resounds through, sees only the Tian law the forehead place, black hole crazy revolving, next flash, together black light beam, suddenly violently shoots. That light beam leaves, changed into one about dozens zhang (3.33 m) black lion unexpectedly, on that lion body is covering entirely the mysterious trace, from top to bottom, is lending nearly end aura unexpectedly. The black lion rushes to plunder go over, the space all avalanche, seems all vitalities, goes in this time. Mu Chen looks at the black lion that violently shoots is coming, complexion is also thorough becomes must serious get up, Great Perfection indeed worthily is Great Perfection, such Sovereign Divine Ability, only has terrifying two character side able to describe simply. This grade of Sovereign Divine Ability might, perhaps is same Grand Divine Ability, is difficult compares favorably. Sigh. Mu Chen deep inspiration, he knows that this is Gu Shihuang killing move, if can not resist, even if he is having the protection of Immortal Golden Body, perhaps today must defeat without doubt. Therefore, his sole stamps suddenly, within the body that endless Spiritual Energy just likes mighty current same, in this time continuous emerging Immortal Golden Body. buzz. Therefore, Immortal God Pattern, once again just like violet gold big dragon same, circles in his whole body. Short counts breaths, that and other quantities, have then achieved 55!

This grade of quantity, is the Mu Chen present limit. That Gu Shihuang sees that 55 Immortal God Pattern, is actually sneered one, after formerly probe, he knows the Immortal God Pattern might, but if only these 55, but also is not enough to resist his so killing move. If only so, you give me to abandon in this place!” Gu Shihuang is grinning fiendishly, sees only that to bring the end aura black lion, accelerates suddenly, pierces void, is going to the Immortal Golden Body hit directly. black light(Hei Guang) in the Mu Chen eye even more close, he looks at 55 Immortal God Pattern that a whole body has occupied, the mouth is also micro sip, his same knows, 55 Immortal God Pattern, but also insufficient... Such being the case...” The Mu Chen vision dodges, both hands tie seal once again, the next instant, sees only his space slightly to surge, sees only the person's shadow together, then slowly reappears. That is black robe Mu Chen! When Gu Shihuang saw when this with Mu Chen exactly the same black robe Mu Chen appears, in the eye immediately reappears wipes the color of difficult believing, because he realizes that black robe Mu Chen, is sending unexpectedly also out with the powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that Mu Chen is exactly the same. That is Upper Position Earthly Sovereign! How possible?!” Gu Shihuang calls out in alarm loses one's voice. However Mu Chen has not actually paid attention, a black robe Mu Chen appearance, then both hands according to above Immortal Golden Body, the next quarter, boundless vast Spiritual Energy also from his within the body confused swell, all infusion entered in Immortal Golden Body. Along with is Mu Chen Spiritual Energy infusion, saw only Immortal Golden Body immediately to erupt radiant violet gold light beam, Immortal God Pattern once again to congeal. Short counts breaths, Immortal God Pattern of Mu Chen whole body, has then achieved astonishing 80! 80 Immortal God Pattern occupy in the Mu Chen whole body, a fluctuation of same terrifying sends out, caused that the space shakes. Looks at that 80 Immortal God Pattern, Mu Chen slightly was then relaxing, then the sleeve robe wields, 80 Immortal God Pattern immediately violently shoots. Immortal God Pattern, Thousand Change Myriad Transformation, immortal shield!” 80 Immortal God Pattern are complicated to melt, suddenly, then changed into one roughly about thousand zhang (3.33 m) violet gold great shield in the Mu Chen front, above the shield body, is lingering the immortal aura, seems indestructible. So defense, even if Great Perfection killing move, perhaps can also prevent. Bang! But also in the immortal shield forms, that black lion is violently shoots comes, its volume compared with immortal shield small many, that flash of when hitting, the pupil of Mu Chen shrinks once again suddenly. Because he discovered that has belittled Gu Shihuang this move of fierce. Bang!

The great sound that unable described, reverberated on this day, saw only several thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge Spiritual Energy storm, directly was the eruption, crazy wreaked havoc, ground the space. The black aura, twines on the immortal shield, but under the corrosion of that type of end aura, unexpectedly is continually the immortal shield, quietly split a slit. Boy, depends on you, wants to block old man grade of killing move, simply is dream of a fool!” Gu Shihuang look up to the sky laughs. Bang! In it laughs, the immortal shield has finally reached the limit, Bang one is to then explode, the next flash, the black light class of surviving, is covers to go to the direction that Mu Chen is. On Gu Shihuang face, actually full is cloudy sneered accommodates, even if formerly that immortal shield prevented the majority of strengths, but that remaining strength, causes heavy losses to Mu Chen as before sufficiently, makes him lose the strength of combat thoroughly. Direction that the black light(Hei Guang) rapid dissipation, Mu Chen is, also rapid becomes must be clear. The Gu Shihuang vision looks, the look is actually sinks, because he who cannot bear saw that Mu Chen sends lossless standing as before on the Immortal Golden Body shoulder, but, in his side, that black robe Mu Chen is actually everywhere dark green foreign, whole body Spiritual Light is dim, the battle efficiency all loses. Obviously, in formerly carving at a crucial moment, this black robe Mu Chen absorbed all injuries, had not made Mu Chen be affected. Deceitful boy!” Gu Shihuang complexion gloomy, sneered said: „, Causes heavy losses to your this Avatar, breaks you to refer, how look at you then to be able.” although cannot cause heavy losses to Mu Chen, but has actually solved this black robe Mu Chen, at least following, Mu Chen is impossible to reply on latter's strength again. However, is facing Gu Shihuang sneered, Mu Chen is actually raise one's head, revealed to the former has wiped the strange smiling face. Who told you, my this together Avatar?” Hears Mu Chen this words, the Gu Shihuang pupil to shrink immediately, next one flickers, the dangerous aura that unable described, covered the heart, his fierce turning around, then was with amazement incomparable sight, the behind space breaks in this time, white silhouette dodged to plunder. That is one wears Mu Chen of white robe unexpectedly, moreover this time latter, grasps a handle plain crystal sword. When he sees that handle crystal long sword, Gu Shihuang all startles the ghost to brave, because on that handle crystal long sword, he suddenly realizes the Heavenly Sovereign aura. Looks at Gu Shihuang that panic-stricken desire vision certainly, white robe Mu Chen also reveals to him wipes the smile, the next flash, in the hand that crystal long sword, has then cut the space, by a stance of unable avoidance, the overhead is to Gu Shihuang head suddenly Zhan under. Old thing, you die...” ... ...( To be continued.)