The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1311
Chapter 1302 Ha Ha, good, ignorant boy, suffices the balls very!” Hears the reply of Mu Chen, that Wu Tong is also look up to the sky laughs, in only that laughter, has to extreme killing intent richly, made the temperature between world, with it reduction. The laughter gradually falls, Wu Tong that dreary cold incomparable both eyes are also just like poisonous snake locking Mu Chen, then, he does not have half a word idle talk, figure to move, presented in Black Dragon Guard the sky again, flew high to sit cross-legged under. Selects the soldier!” His both eyes shut, call out one, the time has a boundless fluctuation to sweep across, that fluctuation rapid to below Black Dragon Guard spreads. But these covered Black Dragon Guard soldier, mostly curled the lip, this will, if their indeed wants to resist, perhaps could not rouse their slight fighting intent. However saw that these fellows had not responded, the front tall and strong man cannot help but sends out together hum in this time. Sees Commander to urge that these Black Dragon Guard soldiers, this helpless shrugging arm, has let loose the resistance, then body shot up to the sky, changes into together light image, suspension in the Wu Tong rear area. !! silhouette unceasing plunders, the time of short dozens rest, that Wu Tong behind, then had about 800 Black Dragon Guard soldier. However, when these quantities in achieving about 1000, Wu Tong again also unable increased any Black Dragon Guard soldier, because he realized that this should was also his limit. Really worthily is famous Black Dragon Guard!” Wu Tong cannot bear acclaimed one in the heart, in Wu Family, Wu Family these armies, his minimum able controls several million scales, however to this Black Dragon Guard on, actually trivial 1000 people. Thus it can be seen, these 1000 people, are equal on able to their Wu Family these several million armies. This may indeed by an enemy ten thousand. After has experienced powerful of these Black Dragon Guard soldiers personally, in the Wu Tong heart to the meanings of their greedy saliva also cannot help but becomes powerful, his look dense is staring at Mu Chen, it seems like today no matter how, he must this only hindrance removing. „Does able control 1000 quantities Black Dragon Guard? Pours also calculates may, but does not know how many this thousand Black Dragon Guard fighting intent activate able does leave?” That tall and strong man is looking at this, is the vision dodges, this Wu Tong, pours also indeed has not the weak Battle Array Master talent, naturally, this with Black Dragon Battle Emperor compared with, missed was too too far. „Hasn't boy, selected soldier? Has feared inadequately?” The Wu Tong cold and gloomy vision stares at Mu Chen, sneered the ridicule was saying. However regarding his ridicule, Mu Chen is just likes has not actually heard, his same is flies high to sit cross-legged, both eyes shut, an powerful will erupts from its within the body.

The thought covers to below Black Dragon Guard, is not out of the anticipation, he also met some resistances, after all Black Dragon Guard is not he builds, he regarding Black Dragon Guard fighting intent is also extreme unfamiliar, impossible when the first contact, appears the incomparable conjunction. ! How long however this slight resistance has not continued, was has silhouette to rise straight from the ground, falls on his behind. The time that short ten count breaths, Mu Chen behind, same gathered large quantities of silhouette, like that quantity, unexpectedly also about thousand people, not compared with Wu Tong that side few many. This Black Dragon Guard, was really more intrepid than Slaughter Spirit Guard were too many, even including Hiding Demon Guard, was unable in comparison.” Mu Chen feels vast fighting intent that rear area in that thousand people of armies is condensing, is somewhat that cannot bear changes countenance, trivial thousand people then so powerful, if indeed able transfers entire Black Dragon Guard, perhaps indeed able and Heavenly Sovereign contend. Naturally, Mu Chen also knows that present he, did not have that ability... Snort, selects the soldier forcefully, but same number of armies, in the different person hands, that are entirely different power!” That Wu Tong sees the Mu Chen behind about thousand quantities Black Dragon Guard, the look also concentrates, at once sneered said. Intrepid of fighting intent, looks at the scale of army incessantly, actually must look at able fighting intent of this army, activate leaves several points! The voice falls, he does not hesitate, the thought surges, within the body Spiritual Energy and thought melt, change into an unusual strength, rear area thousand Black Dragon Guard will cover suddenly. Melts fighting intent!” When that unusual strength floods into this thousand Black Dragon Guard soldier within the body, in their eyes also immediately has to be addicted to the frantic color of war to erupt, next flash, neat such as the sound of slating murdering, calls out from their mouths in suddenly. Bang! This stretch of world as if vibrates in this time, sees only vastly like sea fighting intent, sweeps across in the place above of that thousand Black Dragon Guard soldiers, is sending out fearful power. Dies to me!” Vast fighting intent floods the world, feels that were never having formidable feeling, Wu Tong both eyes are also become red, he smiles to Mu Chen fiercely, ties seal single-handed suddenly. Thump! Sees only in that fighting intent sea, a great hand stretches out suddenly, above the great hand, is covering entirely dense and numerous Battle Pattern, Battle Pattern great hand go over, is presents the sign of avalanche including the space. 7.3 million Battle Pattern.” That Black Dragon Guard Commander, that tall and strong man is looking at that Battle Pattern great hand, the vision dodges, directly knew above that great hand to have Battle Pattern of many quantities. Mu Chen looks at the Battle Pattern great hand that is covering to come, a face tranquility of outstanding ability, he ties seal actually at once single-handed suddenly.

Melts fighting intent!” In its rear area, that about thousand profound Dragon Warrior is also calls out makes noise, formidable incomparable fighting intent sweeps away, floods the world. Bang!” A fighting intent great fist also finds out from the fighting intent cloud layer, above glittering innumerable Battle Pattern, each is being contain the tyrannical strength, is shaking the world. 7 million Battle Pattern.” The tall and strong male vision dodges once again. Bang! The next flash, the Battle Pattern great hand and great fist, are the crazy fierce incomparable bang in the same place, the huge incomparable shock-wave wreaks havoc, that and other impacts, even if the common Great Perfection powerhouses must yield and withdraw. However, the Battle Pattern great hand and great fist, the Battle Pattern quantity is almost the same, therefore this regretted hardly, the Battle Pattern great fist of although Mu Chen collapses, but Wu Tong fighting intent offensive , is broken along with it jumping afterward, has not obtained the extremely obvious winning side. Wu Tong complexion somewhat gloomy, but in the eye was actually wells up to wipe serious, Battle Array Master attainments that Mu Chen showed that obviously was also somewhat contrary his anticipation. This damn fellow, not only the Spiritual Array attainments are astonishing, has not thought that including the Battle Array Master attainments, is not weak!” Clenching teeth of Wu Tong cannot bear, at once look dreary cold even more: I in battlefield/battle array on, self-torture dozens years, am drain the resources by my Wu Family together, vigorously to train, I do not believe that today how your young fellow!” The sound falls, sees only Wu Tong seal technique suddenly to fluctuate, his thought and Spiritual Energy Fusion, change into boundless fighting intent, behind all integration in that vast fighting intent sea. Bang! In the fighting intent sea, seems has the endless thunder to resound through, during the fighting intent tumblings, erupts suddenly the innumerable flowing light, these flowing light condense in the sky, change into overwhelming flowing light sword image. Above each sword image, inscribes dense and numerous Battle Pattern, is releasing the fluctuation of alarming , so momentum, when indeed scary. Myriad Swords fights the shade!” Wu Tong look stern, the sleeve robe wields, then sees only that everywhere sword image to howl in this time, overwhelming is going to Mu Chen violently shoots. Is facing so momentum fighting intent offensive, even if the Great Perfection powerhouse, one carelessly, is to die/to fall in its under. But regarding own offensive, Wu Tong also quite feels satisfied, if trades to make Wu Family these armies, perhaps his also indeed difficult plays such might, but is drawing support from Black Dragon Guard fighting intent now, he displayed extreme the fighting intent strength finally. He must use this together offensive, infiltrates the perdition Mu Chen!

Then a little meaning.” The tall and strong man sees that slightly nod, review said. This Wu Tong Battle Array Master attainments, but also is good, is able plays some Black Dragon Guard fighting intent might. The Mu Chen eyelid lifts, he looks at sword image that overwhelming is covering to come, above each sword image, is minimum contain 1 million Battle Pattern, this degree of attack, if unitary, Mu Chen able resisting easily, but now tens of thousands of coming, even if the Great Perfection powerhouse, can result in the heart to live to dread. Therefore, is facing such offensive, Mu Chen complexion was also becomes serious, he must whole-heartedly! Sigh. His takes a deep breath, the thought is actually integration gradually to Black Dragon Guard fighting intent, he is feeling that fighting intent vast overwhelming power, at once the intention moves. Roar! The sound of dragon roar, resounds through from its within the body once again, Spirit of True Dragon dignity, was reached in profound dragon fighting intent in this time by him. That flash, the Mu Chen able clear feeling, that about thousand Black Dragon Guard soldier bodies as if shivered, then, that originally appears sincere profound dragon fighting intent, in this time, became light and lively. Mu Chen both hands tie seal suddenly, changes into [say / way] afterimage, the mind high degree of concentration, own fighting intent also in this time activate to extreme . In boundless fighting intent cloud layer, fierce is seething, the next quarter, sees only ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) together roughly, is covering entirely dragon scale Dragon Claw, finds out from the fighting intent cloud layer in suddenly. Above gathers vast fighting intent that unable was describing. Fights the claw of dragon!” Mu Chen that low and deep sound, reverberates in the world, that huge Dragon Claw is then carrying the destruction world strength, has delimited in the world suddenly, finally with sword image that overwhelming violently shoots comes, the numerous bang hit in the same place. The collision of that flash, just liked meteorite bumps into, has brought the destruction aura. Whose who is weak, during these time regrets hardly! ... ...( To be continued.)