The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1316
In Black Dragon Space, war gradual ending, leaves behind the broken earth, was relating formerly fight was the what kind intensity and cut-throat. Mu Chen complexion somewhat serious looks at that Shi Tianyou to vanish the place that this should is his first time meets the living Foreign Fiends powerhouse, but method and strength that the latter shows, makes his heart be startled sufficiently. That Corpse Qi, is entirely different from Spiritual Energy, but is quite overbearing and vicious, once were corroded, the vitality in within the body by rapid eliminating. In present Antiquity Sacred Deep Pool, gathered the team of all super influence, now adds on these to hide again in secret is just liking poisonous snake Foreign Fiends, wants to come the situation to become will be also more complex and thorny. This person is the Corpse Demon Clan powerhouse, no wonder can rob the Demon Emperor skeleton.” Side Mu Chen, Jiang Long frowns tightly. Corpse Demon Clan...” Mu Chen talked to oneself, he but who does not understand Foreign Fiends, obviously regarding this is very unfamiliar. In Foreign Fiends, there is 32 Great Clans, this is in Foreign Fiends most core strength, but this Corpse Demon Clan, is its one.” This Corpse Demon Clan is having the ability of control skeleton, able gains the strength from the skeleton, now that Demon Emperor skeleton falls in the hand of this Shi Tianyou, same was controlled by him, his battle efficiency will once again definitely rise suddenly.” Jiang Long sighed one, said. The Mu Chen look concentrates, this time Shi Tianyou was quite thorny, if has controlled the Demon Emperor skeleton really again, that its strength, inevitably also tyrannical. Before the although Demon Emperor skeleton does not come back to life strength, but also absolutely sufficiently contends with a top rank Great Perfection, such as formerly that Wu Tong, had not responded that was cut to kill by the Demon Emperor skeleton thunder. I and others were actually negligent, was been formerly weak while our Black Dragon Guard by this person, breaks seal, has won the Demon Emperor skeleton.” Jiang Long somewhat rebukes oneself, this Demon Emperor was Black Dragon Battle Emperor cuts to kill, and seal, its skeleton is won now, unavoidably will create many troubles, this made him feel that had the shame in the former master. Jiang Long Commander, if met this Shi Tianyou in later, I will cope with him as far as possible, destroys the Demon Emperor skeleton.” The Mu Chen serious commitment said that after all formerly Black Dragon Guard because of his to congeal Dragon Fu, just now appeared weakly, has given the Shi Tianyou opportunity not to be missed, therefore he also has the responsibility. Naturally, bigger reason that he will make so, naturally is wins over the will of the people, war puppet that Black Dragon Guard he did not obtain in the past, the uses of may four non- wariness, they at present is a living army, and has existence of Jiang Long this Commander, therefore Mu Chen wants the long-time assurance this elite army, must make them truly approve him. Really, hears Mu Chen this words, Jiang Long face was also gentle, surroundings these Black Dragon Guard looked to the Mu Chen vision, are more felt a heartfelt admiration. Mu Chen sees that in the heart also relaxes, that Shi Tianyou is very indeed strong, if adds on the Demon Emperor skeleton again, is thornier, but Mu Chen does not have the method of balance not necessarily.

Wants the life and death to fight, displays all trump card, the victory and defeat has not said that therefore, his commitment, pours is not showing off power. Such being the case, that many thanks King Mu.” Jiang Long to the Mu Chen grateful [say / way], he is then looking to Black Dragon Guard, smiled: King Mu following should conformed with Black Dragon Guard.” Mu Chen somewhat heart hot lightly nodded, but he worried at once, now Black Dragon Guard is the living person, he naturally impossible to receive in them Cosmos Bracelet, then can he have these over ten thousand people to move together? King Mu does not need to be worried.” Sees the Mu Chen complexion, Jiang Long to know that he is worrying anything, immediately smiles, said: This Black Dragon Space, actually is our field headquarters, before this is us , a small space of master careful opening, so long as later you use secret method to draw in it, this Black Dragon Space will change into a ring, carries along.” Mu Chen hearing this, immediately surface present happy expression, words, his may momentarily this army belt in side? „...” Jiang Long sound suddenly, [say / way] of smiling: In this Black Dragon Space, world Spiritual Energy extremely thin, only when can provide our deep sleep need, but now we regain consciousness all, regarding the Spiritual Energy demand, became greatly strengthened.” Therefore, we, if long-time treating in Black Dragon Space, Spiritual Energy deficient, will cause regressing of our strength.” Mu Chen is startled: That what to do?” Present he, may not have the opening space ability, unable makes this Black Dragon Space connect Great Thousand World, independent absorbed Spiritual Energy. Jiang Long smiles, said: Therefore we need massive Sovereign elixir to provide cultivation.” How many needs?” Mu Chen originally also wants to relax, but indistinct as if saw in the Jiang Long eye harboring evil intentions of glittering, immediately changed a statement asking cautiously. Jiang Long grins to say with a smile: Are not many, one year gets down should to need about 800 million Sovereign elixir.” Mu Chen at present instantaneous one black, losing sound track that cannot bear: One year 800 million?” At this time, even if by his strength in meditation, shouting'mother-fucker' that almost must unable to bear, one year eight hundred million Sovereign elixir, this may absolutely not be the small number, must know, initially when Great Luo Heavenly Territory, their Great Luo Heavenly Territory one year of all income, perhaps also about 100 million, however is only to raise now this Black Dragon Guard, one year 800 million?

This simply is a bottomless pit! At this time, Mu Chen knows finally that wanted to train this rank elite army, was actually to need the what kind terrifying resources... One year 800 million also good? This was I says toward few actually.” When the Jiang Long somewhat doubts, were following Black Dragon Battle Emperor actually in the past, Sovereign elixir that their one year of institute must consume, is billion upward. Mu Chen mouth corner twitched, he is not Black Dragon Battle Emperor, his present only Upper Position Earthly Sovereign, where has Black Dragon Battle Emperor that excessive wealth. although he has Mu Palace, but defers to the Mu Palace financial revenue, perhaps cannot fill up this pit. Jiang Long also has as if thought of this point, this embarrassed smiles, said: If King Mu able asks a place to let out us, so long as does not need in Black Dragon Space, one year of should only to need about 500 million Sovereign elixir.” Mu Chen helpless sighing, if the Black Dragon Guard belt in the side, that significance is not big, after all places in them Mu Palace, basic controls them on nobody able, purely is the careless and wasteful use of nature's products. „The Sovereign elixir matter, I will satisfy as far as possible your.” Mu Chen ultimately lightly nodded, now with great difficulty obtains a tyrannical army, he naturally impossible to let off it, if after all spreads information, does not know that many super influence broke to snatch. Trivial several billions Sovereign elixir, contend with Heavenly Sovereign elite army to compare with able, really does not have the commeasurability. Because of according to the estimate of Mu Chen, wants the army that builds this rank, does not propose the time, the light is consumption Sovereign elixir, must on tens of billions. Here has hundred million Sovereign elixir, you advance with.” The Mu Chen sleeve robe wields, the stylish [say / way] mighty current howls, Spiritual Light blooms, boundless Spiritual Energy is flooding in the world, made this Black Dragon Space is becomes bright. These mighty currents, all are by Sovereign elixir, this time Mu Chen cannot help but somewhat rejoiced, fortunately before , when West Heaven continent competes for Child of the Continent, he bought eight ten millions to win the championship, draws support this, his Sovereign elixir, has just now achieved about 200 million. Otherwise, perhaps he at this time this hundred million Sovereign elixir with.

Jiang Long sees that hundred million Sovereign elixir, smiles lightly nodded, had this hundred million Sovereign elixir, cultivation 1-2 months of their Black Dragon Guard should able in Black Dragon Space does not use. After has given out Black Dragon Guard Sovereign elixir, the army that Mu Chen was close look this succeeding in obtaining, he discovered finally that now this Black Dragon Guard, whole staff 15,000 people, but according to Jiang Long, Black Dragon Guard prosperous time, 25,000 people, obviously this long-term deep sleep, was makes the Black Dragon Guard personnel lose much. „After it seems like , if there is opportunity, may attempt replacements.” Mu Chen said in the heart secretly, but this premise is, in his hand must have enough Sovereign elixir. After all present he, only need shoulder these 15,000 people of cultivation resources, is very the headache, if also wants the replacements, that training price, was bigger. „The Mu Palace scale, needs to expand.” Mu Chen has knocked the forehead, present Mu Palace, is ruling Heavenly Luo Continent Northern Realm, but this is insufficient, therefore Mu Chen wants to have the abundant qualification, then Mu Palace must launch the expansion the path. only words then, on other top influence eruption conflicts and wars with Heavenly Luo Continent, but to this point, this time Mu Chen does not fear, after all present he, no longer is initial that Lower Position Earthly Sovereign, when he re-enters Heavenly Luo Continent once again, when re-enters Mu Palace, perhaps Datura, will be surmounted by him. „After King Mu, if needed, the may direct signalling enters Black Dragon Space, but by your present Battle Array Master attainments, can only control 3000 profound Dragon Warrior fighting intent, I anticipated very much, when your able controlled Black Dragon Guard that day completely.” Jiang Long is stooping to Mu Chen slightly, respectful saying. I also very much anticipated.” Mu Chen smiles lightly nodded, then obtained from Jiang Long there has gathered Black Dragon Space secret method, then no longer remained, figure moved, changes into the flowing light to run out of Black Dragon Space. This time he, will not forget, in that limestone cave, but also has big Spirit Pill that Spirit Butterfly Pill Immortal keeps, naturally, is most important, naturally is Rising Flower Pill that” he harbors intentions. If able obtains this pill medicine, then Immortal Golden Body Sovereign Divine Ability, is able strengthens to Second Layer realm, then regarding Mu Chen, can be an extremely huge promotion without doubt. ... ...( To be continued.)