The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1330
Chapter 1321 Bang! Is burning black flame demon image, the great fist wields, the space explodes under his fist, is carrying the destruction strength and blazing, maliciously is going to Mo Xin that big this world and nether world Body Skill bang. So a fist, if Great Perfection of common rank, perhaps moistening dies. Mo Xin is built on above big this world and nether world Body Skill, he looks at the fist wind that fierce and tough is coming, is actually sneered, at once suddenly both hands tie seal: Empty!” huge big this world and nether world Body Skill surges slightly, originally just likes substantive quiet black body, changed into the illusory shade in this time unexpectedly directly, whatever the fist of that demon image penetrates from body. This world and nether world palm!” The big this world and nether world Body Skill body illusory instance, the Mo Xin sole stamps, sees only the Body Skill palm to change into the essence, is carrying the extreme yin cold aura, all sorts of rackets that not measures strangely above that Flame Demon Image. Thump! So hits hard, is made that Flame Demon Image fierce trembles directly, then by a palm racket was drawn back, the overbearing cold air was corroding demon image crazily, but was obstructed by that rich black flame. Kills!” The attack suffers setbacks, that Flame Demon Commander is also the somewhat violent anger, at once roars fierce, Flame Demon Image is burning once again the flaming flame, fierce and tough incomparable is going to the Mo Xin rush. But is facing the Flame Demon Commander fierce and tough offensive, Mo Xin is also sneered activate big this world and nether world Body Skill, welcomed directly. Rumbling! Two colossal launch the offensive, that and other sound heaven startling move, the both sides powerhouses do not dare to approach, for fear that was implicated to enter. When Mo Xin and Flame Demon Commander fierce combat, that another battlefield, Xuan Luo with that Blade Demon Clan powerhouse, same erupts the war, sees only that demon blade to brandish, sweeps across the ominous offense to the extreme blade air/Qi, just likes is slaughter house same, any is involved in the blade air/Qi the person, even if the powerhouse of Great Perfection rank, will change into the muddy flesh. The surrounding earth, under that blade air/Qi, delimited the innumerable [say / way] deeply not to see the bottom the slash. However, Xuan Luo does not fear that ominous offense blade air/Qi obviously, sees only that light radiating Great Buddha Body Skill, light beam covers, as if forms the light beam defense that did not have to break through. Dingdong! Great Buddha Body Skill is so in the forcibly intrusion blade air/Qi storm, how whatever that swift and fierce blade air/Qi wreaks havoc, is unable breaks through the light beam defense of its whole body. In hearsayEndless Light Body is in society defends strongest Sovereign Body Skill, my this Great Buddha Body Skill also inherited some merits, perhaps therefore, your this attack, could not have broken my defense. ” Xuan Luo is built in the Great Buddha Body Skill shoulder, his lightly smiled looks at that behind demon blade to wreak havoc the Blade Demon Clan powerhouse, said. Therefore, then should change me to attack!”

Xuan Luo smiles, then that Great Buddha Body Skill then lifts that light radiating Saint Vajra Pagoda that in the hand held, sees only the tower to bloom the endless light. Seal of Light!” Resounds with Xuan Luo low voice loudly shouted, sees only that endless bright covers directly to the Blade Demon Clan powerhouse as well as that handle huge demon blade, but under bright shining, that originally just likes the swift and fierce blade air/Qi that wind storm-like wreaks havoc, is abating at an astonishing speed unexpectedly. Demon blade that handle brandishes, is starts just likes gets sucked into the bog, brandishes the speed changes slow, because on that knife, has the bright trace winding on... Realized that so changes, powerhouse complexion of that demon blade clan also changes, his able feels that in that and other under the light, Heavenly Demon Blade Demonic Qi, is received seal... Obviously, his somewhat has underestimated the Xuan Luo strength of sealing powerful degree. Bang!” However Xuan Luo has not given him too the shocking time, Great Buddha Body Skill steps the step to come, Saint Vajra Pagoda unceasing is emitting the light, changes into the innumerable ray of light bright lances, overwhelming to is covered to go by the demon blade clan powerhouses who seal weakens. Roar! Demon blade clan powerhouse look up to the sky cried loud and long, his thought moved, that huge demon blade was brandishes, Demonic Qi was billowing, is resisting the powerful offensive from Xuan Luo. But looks at that appearance, obviously starts being at a disadvantage gradually. ... Around giant altar, in this stretch of chaotic battlefield, with Mo Xin and Xuan Luo show prestige as well as gradually gets the winning side, Great Thousand World many team morale cannot help but greatly inspires, suddenly, on the contrary is that side Foreign Fiends, starts sign that presents retreats in defeat again and again. These two fellows, pour indeed are the somewhat abilities.” Mu Chen sees this, is the micro feeling is astonished, both eyes narrow the eyes is looking at Mo Xin as well as Xuan Luo silhouette, that Flame Demon Commander and Blade Demon Clan powerhouse, obviously is the extremely thorny match, but is suppressed by them now as before, thus it can be seen, Mo Xin and Xuan Luo strength, actually has intrepidly how. However... Mu Chen actually does not believe that present's war, so relaxed by end. Bang! Also in the Mu Chen thoughts rotate, in the battlefield of distant place, that Flame Demon Commander presents the flaw, was drawn back several thousand zhang (3.33 m) by a Mo Xin big this world and nether world Body Skill fist bang. That Flame Demon Commander, then has spouted black blood, his binocular violent anger is staring at Mo Xin, looks at the Foreign Fiends powerhouse troops of somewhat being repulsed sign again, immediately look up to the sky calls out: Shi Tianyou, haven't you gotten rid?!” His voice loudly shouted, just likes thunderous same, bang resounding through in the world, suddenly, the battlefield that slaughters continually is therefore became static has flickered.

Shi Tianyou?” Mu Chen hears that Flame Demon Commander voice loudly shouted, the pupil slightly shrinks, is that fellow, unexpectedly also here? He He, Yan Lu, has not thought that your this Flame Demon Commander is so useless, was compelled by a Great Thousand World boy unexpectedly so distressedly.” But when the Flame Demon Commander sound falls, together the slightly grating laughter, is towering within resounds through on this day. In world numerous vision fierce goes following the line of sight projection, then they then see, above that altar, does not know when has a shadow to fly high the appearance, he is looking below battlefield exhaltedly, looks the color of ridicule. Is seeing this to send out death qi silhouette with Xuan Luo that the demon blade clan powerhouses battle, the look is also congealing, from latter's body, he realized an extremely dangerous aura. Fellow of playing tricks, to this Young Master rolling down altar!” That Mo Xin is look ice cold locking that [say / way] is also sending out death qi silhouette, coldly snorted, big this world and nether world Body Skill is takes a step to tread broken void, appeared in that shadow front, huge palm has been carrying the destruction strength, maliciously was patting to that Shi Tianyou silhouette. Shi Tianyou flies high to stand, both arms hold the chest, sends out the eye pupil of death qi is having the ridicule looks is appearing in front big this world and nether world Body Skill, is facing that fierce and tough incomparable offensive, stance that he as if do not defend. . His only has blown a whistling gently. The whistling tone falls, Shi Tianyou front space surges, together skeleton silhouette then so strange flashes before, that uniform velocity, is fast the no one able detection. That skeleton silhouette not slight vitality, but when it appears, Mu Chen, Xuan Luo that launches the attack Mo Xin, the pupil reduces in this time. They on that skeleton silhouette, feel the threat feeling that unable described. Skeleton silhouette lifts the shiny black eye socket, then it stretches out only the remaining skeleton palms, optional laying out, just likes the great fist that with that the shadow covers, moved in one. Thump! The low and deep sound, resounds through in the next flash, sees only that piece of space just likes shattered glass same explodes to break to pieces, again, numerous lines of sight are sights with amazement, that Figure several thousand zhang (3.33 m) big this world and nether world Body Skill, such as was hit hard in this time unexpectedly, as if shell same, distressed flying upside down. Bang! The earth was left by the big this world and nether world Body Skill plow deeply does not see the bottom together the gully, enough after several thousand zhang (3.33 m), that said that Giant Silhouette just now distressed stopping, but Mo Xin on his shoulder, was a blood has spurted, on face has thick panic-stricken to emerge. His difficult believing is looking in front of Shi Tianyou that skeleton silhouette, his unable believes that after activate the big this world and nether world Body Skill strength, he will be flown by so superficial hitting unexpectedly. In entire world a silence. Many teams that these formerly also the morale greatly inspired, at this time just likes by an overhead trough cold water, making them all over the body ice coldly, they are looking at that skeleton silhouette frightened, actually this is the strength of any rank, able formerly irresistible Mo Xin, will fight with the fists to fly.

In Mu Chen behind, that Qing Shuang and Qing Ling are in beautiful eyes are also condensing panic-strickenly, latter even even/including Jiaoqu tremble in the sound soughing of wind. The distant place, Xuan Luo stopped the attack, his look incomparable serious and wariness is looking at that skeleton silhouette, [say / way] speak unhurriedly and clearly: „Is this Demon Emperor skeleton?!” able is having so fearful strength, besides the Demon Emperor skeleton, Xuan Luo cannot find out any reason . Moreover, from this skeleton, he also feels a Demon Emperor aura. although that aura was minimal, but Demon Emperor after is Demon Emperor, that is able contends with existence of Heavenly Sovereign, no matter they whether is in the Great Perfection peak, but regarding Heavenly Sovereign, as before also only ants same. His words spread, is caused that numerous teams erupt the frightened screams, the people who if not arrives at this place are the elite powerhouse, perhaps at this time started some people to turn around to run away. Nobody wants facing Demon Emperor, even if this only Demon Emperor skeleton. Right.” Shi Tianyou lightly nodded, he is overlooking all people on the scene exhaltedly, then lightly [say / way]: Person who now is bringing your, tumbles out the altar region, this Four Saints Tower, is seized by this prince now.” Face of Xuan Luo, gradually becomes must gloomy get down, but he has not gotten rid, because his able feels that Demon Emperor skeleton, danger extremely. Even if he, will not have the absolute assurance defeating. Along with the silence of Xuan Luo, trim world, becomes in this time depressing, these many teams, has exuded the desperate sigh. However, in this constraining, suddenly some people see, together silhouette, slowly raises from the battlefield, flies high to stand. Mu Chen...” Qing Shuang and Qing Ling are looking at that silhouette, cannot bear calls out in alarm makes noise. Mu Chen flies high, vision view as equal above altar Shi Tianyou, the tranquil sound, is actually being just likes rolling thunder same, resounds through in the world loudly. Your this skeleton robs from me, now, should come to recycle it by me.” ( On a chapter presented one slightly wrong, is not Great Netherworld Body Skill, but is big this world and nether world Body Skill, is symbolizing visible and invisible, solid and empty... Waits to look for the edition to change it.) ... ...( To be continued.)