The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1340
Chapter 1330 Unexpectedly also really became?” Above the altar, Mu Chen is also whole face surprised is looking in the hand glittering golden light Demon Executioner Writ, on that Demon Executioner King three golden light script, are sending out the air/Qi of dignity. This result, obviously is also a little contrary his anticipation, after all formerly his also only got a sudden inspiration, wants to try the method of this being opportunistic to be useful, which knows that this also really became... Ha Ha, Upper Position Earthly Sovereign Demon Executioner King .” In its side, the Buddha Old Ancestor will reappears, he is looking at the golden token in Mu Chen hand, on the old face is also has the happy expression of not being able to bear to emerge. Great Thousand Palace then exists in the antiquity time, therefore Buddha Old Ancestor is clear Demon Executioner King is also having the what kind component in Great Thousand Palace, may said gratefully, each Demon Executioner King in Great Thousand Palace, is having the pivotal status in Great Thousand World, that is stamps the feet, the world will shake existence that two shake. However now, actually suddenly braved strength merely only Upper Position Earthly Sovereign Demon Executioner King , this simply was the unprecedented rarely seen matter. From now, Great Thousand Palace then had in a history weakest Demon Executioner King .” Saying with a smile that Buddha Old Ancestor teased. A Mu Chen face heavy line, although he also thinks this matter a little rarely seen, but he so will do a moment ago , has Buddha Old Ancestor to instigate. Therefore, he looked at Buddha Old Ancestor one ill-humoredly, turns the hand to receive Demon Executioner Writ, the line of sight changes in that Demon Sealing Chart, sees only Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor Demonic Silhouette, is the dispirited to extreme , as if will soon dissipate. puchi.” Suddenly, has the slight shattered sound to resound, that said that Demonic Silhouette reduces, but that once let the Mu Chen frightened aura, is starts to annihilate. At this moment, Mu Chen knows that Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor, was truly thorough to die/to fall. Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor although to die/to fall, in that said that Demonic Silhouette is vibrating as before still, has the low roar to spread indistinctly: Puts me to exit!” Is that Shi Tianyou sound.” The Mu Chen brow selects, it seems like along with the disruption of Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor remnant soul, that Shi Tianyou once again has also controlled his body. How does this handle?” Buddha Old Ancestor looks to Mu Chen, optional [say / way]. Solves.” Mu Chen [say / way] without hesitation, this Shi Tianyou is Foreign Fiends, moreover method very ruthless, since held now, truth that naturally has not let off. That is solved.” The Buddha Old Ancestor expression is faint, just likes is handling ant same, naturally, Shi Tianyou strength, in his eyes, but where also indeed very to goes compared with the ants. Hears their sounds, Shi Tianyou in that Demon Sealing Chart, immediately crazy struggles, how but regardless of he struggles, is unable is separated from tying up of Demon Sealing Chart. Therefore arrived afterward, he can only stop, the hatred sound passed on: Mu Chen, your today has killed me, my Corpse Demon Clan will not die to you surely continuous!” Mu Chen hearing this, then laughs at one, Great Thousand World and Foreign Fiends book is hostile, even if no Shi Tianyou, once Mu Chen met the Corpse Demon Clan person, perhaps the latter can also be does not die to him continuous. I in this Great Thousand World, wait for your Corpse Demon Clan to come not dead continuous.” Mu Chen sneered said.

That Shi Tianyou also wants to put ruthless words, but the Buddha Old Ancestor big hand actually directly wipes, just likes is applies to wipe ink marks same, on Shi Tianyou silhouette that Demon Sealing Chart, thorough wipes cleanly. Therefore, Shi Tianyou has not sent out including the pitiful yell sound, was the dissipation in the world. But along with the dissipation of Shi Tianyou, in that Demon Sealing Chart, has wisp of extremely pale black air/Qi to well up suddenly, then winds around in the Mu Chen whole body. This makes Mu Chen micro startled, Spiritual Energy surges, tries to resist these black air/Qi, but, that black air/Qi after moving his body, is the rapid dissipation goes. Senior, what's all this about?” Mu Chen looks at oneself not unusual body, a brow wrinkle, asked. Smiling of Buddha Old Ancestor does not care about, said: This is Corpse Qi, does not have what injury, but easily was actually realized by Corpse Demon Clan, this should is the method of that demon bastard, wish makes Corpse Demon Clan revenge for him.” Mu Chen then relaxes, that Corpse Demon Clan is perhaps fierce, but he had not feared, once because the Corpse Demon Clan powerhouse appears in Great Thousand World, does not need him to get rid, naturally can have all Heavenly Sovereign to catch up to tidy up it. He does not believe that by Corpse Demon Clan, dares to invade in Great Thousand World wantonly. Can eliminate?” However although does not fear, but stems from discretely, Mu Chen asked. Buddha Old Ancestor shook the head, said: This was that demon bastard combustion book assigns Demonic Soul to form wisp of Corpse Qi, if were I before death, must erase naturally is easy, but now, is actually a little difficult office.” Mu Chen hearing this, shrugs, no longer many pays attention, but is staring at that Demon Sealing Chart, [say / way] that still somewhat does not feel relieved: That was Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor thorough?” After all these Heavenly Demon Emperor, the vitality is really tenacious somewhat terrifying. Buddha Old Ancestor lightly nodded, said: „A present his only wisp of remnant soul, had Celestial Emperor's Sword to assist, extinguished it sufficiently thoroughly kills.” Saying, his hand was lifting, then saw only Celestial Emperor's Sword is changes into wisp of mobile sword light to plunder, finally changed into handle plain crystal long sword once again, fell in his hand. Buddha Old Ancestor hands over to give back to Mu Chen Celestial Emperor's Sword, said: This Celestial Emperor's Sword peak, is endures compared with Peerless Sacred Item of Saint Level level, but is a pity now the strength consumption completely, moreover after the corrosion of war as well as years, even if will restore in the future, feared that must degenerate to Immortal Level.” The words come here, in his sound somewhat regretted, after all Peerless Sacred Item of Saint Level level, even if regarding Saint Level Heavenly Sovereign, extremely rare and precious, such as Demon Sealing Mirror in his hand, that also same only Immortal Level. Mu Chen lightly nodded, received Celestial Emperor's Sword, at this time Celestial Emperor's Sword is thoroughly dim, on the plain sword blade, just liked covers entirely the dust, unable has scoured. Mu Chen knows that this is because Celestial Emperor's Sword remaining strength consumption reason completely, when only if his some day able breaks through Heavenly Sovereign, otherwise Celestial Emperor's Sword also unable displayed once sword light again. Relax, when I break through to Heavenly Sovereign, will then make you once again be delivered from oppression.” Mu Chen is stroking the sword blade, said in a low voice. Buzz. Celestial Emperor's Sword micro small shock moves, as if has exuded the sound of ancient sword recitation.

Mu Chen receives Celestial Emperor's Sword, then the line of sight observes the situation, around the present altar, these Foreign Fiends retreated in abundance, the Great Thousand World powerhouse chases after and never gives up. However, in altar not far away, has some silhouette to fly high to stand, vision unceasing is shooting to the altar. When first two, are that Xuan Luo as well as Mo Xin, obviously, they willingly do not make Mu Chen obtain the inheritance of Eight Section Buddha from Buddha Old Ancestor there as before. Senior, this time mission, can I be Perfection complete?” Mu Chen naturally knows the sinister intentions of these two fellows, immediately is not dilatory, was saying to the will inquiry of Buddha Old Ancestor directly, wants rapidly Eight Section Buddha will fish. Buddha Old Ancestor will hearing this, smiles lightly nodded, his originally only counted on that with the aid of the hand of Mu Chen, making that Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor unable flee, however Mu Chen was actually helps him directly the Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor remnant soul to obliterate, therefore this mission, naturally was Perfection results in cannot again Perfection. What reward does the senior plan to give the younger generation?” Meaning that Mu Chen has not covered up, directly is the neat [say / way]. That Buddha Old Ancestor also by Mu Chen simply does is startled, at once somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry: Your this boy, but also indeed utility!” Mu Chen lightly smiles, said: I am a loner, all chances wrestle by the life, does not back on the mountain like some fellows, all come with ease.” The facial expression on Buddha Old Ancestor old face restrains slightly, he naturally can hear the meaning in Mu Chen words, obviously, he and buddhist monk clans grudge relative depth between. ! In that distant place, Xuan Luo, Mo Xin silhouette plunders suddenly, falls above the altar. Later generation descendants, have seen Old Ancestor!” They salute respectfully, like that appearance, indeed humble to extreme . Buddha Old Ancestor is also to their lightly nodded. The Xuan Luo vision has swept Mu Chen one, is holding the fist in the other hand to say to Buddha Old Ancestor: Old Ancestor, we carry a heavy responsibility, must retrieve Eight Section Buddha that Old Ancestor you create „, but also looks at Old Ancestor to inherit to consider for the clan, „ Eight Section Buddha will deliver to us, our later generation descendants, do not dare to forget! ” Yes, Old Ancestor, your inheritance loses ten thousand thousand years, is in the clan the unredeemable loss, wants to come you, is Hopefully your inheritance, generations of inheritance of able in clan?” Nearby Mo Xin, is respectful voice said. The Mu Chen surface sinks like the water, but that pupil deep place, was actually passed over gently and swiftly wipes the cold brightness, these two fellows were in front of his to rob his spoils of war, obviously also lets his losing one's temper quite. These bastards, formerly fought a decisive battle with Shi Tianyou, facing Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor time, runs away is quicker than the dog, now sees the crisis to relieve, has a face to snatch his thing unexpectedly! Buddha Old Ancestor looked at Xuan Luo their eyes, [say / way] slowly: Old man was also to say before, who can help me solve Rigid Blood Heavenly Demon Emperor, will then give its big present, but Mu Chen, has achieved...” Xuan Luo, Mo Xin one anxious, said hastily: Old Ancestor, this Mu Chen is Sinful Child, is extremely numerous with my clan inside clearance, if helps him obtainEight Section Buddha, that is even more powerful, when the time comes he to the clan innermost feelings fresh resentment, feared that will use Old Ancestor Peer­less Di­vine Abil­ity, causes my clan to kill the evil! ” Heard this words, the Buddha Old Ancestor brow also wrinkled the wrinkle, was slightly silent.

Saw the words to have the effect, Xuan Luo, the Mo Xin binocular deep place is passed over gently and swiftly wipes not the easy detection happy intent. The Buddha Old Ancestor vision is gazing at unemotionally Mu Chen, after long time, just now said: Mu Chen, the old man has a word to ask.” Senior please say.” Buddha Old Ancestor sighed one lightly, said: If in the future, you have conflicted with the buddhist monk clan, how you do work as?” Mu Chen silent, at this time, the best answer was to deny the conflict obviously, but his unable said that because in the future, because of his mother's reason, he and Ancient Buddha Clan, will definitely have the conflict. Moreover, denied forcefully, unable passes Buddha Old Ancestor that vicious eye. Such being the case... Mu Chen raise one's head, is staring at the eye of Buddha Old Ancestor, [say / way] speak unhurriedly and clearly: No matter how, younger generation all in good conscience line.” No matter when the time comes he and Ancient Buddha Clan can be the what kind relations, but he knows, he will not implicate innocently, not over cautious , all, in good conscience line. Nearby that Xuan Luo, the Mo Xin two people hear Mu Chen to be unexpectedly stupid to had not denied, on face has the happy expression of not being able to conceal to well up immediately, their raise one's head, really saw, Buddha Old Ancestor eye tight is staring at Mu Chen. But latter, does not dread with its looking at each other. Their looks looked at each other moment, the Xuan Luo two people are astonished sight, on Buddha Old Ancestor face, suddenly has to wipe the gratified smiling face to emerge. In good conscience line, good... Good, able in the critical juncture, bravely steps forward the person who meets head-on the demon, his heart, the old man believes!” The palm of Buddha Old Ancestor, layer on layer has clapped the shoulder of Mu Chen. From now on will start, you are „ Eight Section Buddha inheritance! ” Nearby that Xuan Luo, Mo Xin their face, shortly become pallid. ... .............. ............. .................( To be continued.)