The Great Ruler - Volume 14 - Chapter 1353
Chapter 1344 Purple Cloud Sect...” Hears the Mu Chen words, the Datura look was also becomes serious, at once she shot a look outside a main hall, said: Formerly that three old fogy should were Purple Cloud Sect Elder, the status is not low, you put them to go back like this, but indeed was natural.” That after is three Great Perfection, if leaves behind them, Purple Cloud Sect will also be cautious about harming evildoers lest the innocent be hurt. In one year, they have abandoned basically, at most also quite in Lower Position Earthly Sovereign.” Mu Chen smiled, said: seal that I leave behind, only if Heavenly Sovereign gets rid, otherwise no one can solve.” Superficialness that he said that but in main hall numerous powerhouses are the heart shake, the dark feeling, oneself Palace Master this method also was too with amazement fearful, this half Great Perfection, seal under cloth must Heavenly Sovereign get rid? Datura is also somewhat astonished looked at Mu Chen one, obviously has not thought that latter's method to this step, such words, that indeed has not needed to be worried about that three old fogies but actually. In the strength front, some tracks, indeed do not need absolutely. You also know, the corner in our Northern Realm only huge north territory, although we unified Northern Realm, but places in the entire northern territory, strength also can only calculate that at most makes the middle reaches.” Datura saying slowly. Mu Chen slightly nod, Heavenly Luo Continent after is super continent in Great Thousand World, continent of this scale, even if takes a broad view in Great Thousand World also quite rare, in that naturally is the influence such as many of stars same. But, same has the powerful influence that many deep conceal does not reveal. In our north territory, now the strength strongest three parties influence, is Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, Golden Eagle Palace, they are northern territory true colossal, the entire northern territory, 70% areas, were ruled by them all.” Datura said. Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, Golden Eagle Palace...” Mu Chen slightly nod, past he, has not heard these fame, obviously because of past Northern Realm confusion and small and weak extremely, therefore causes these Overlord not to have the idea of to get a share of the action continually. But now Northern Realm starts to unify, strength starts to strengthen, and also has existence of Datura this Great Perfection, naturally also started to fall into their eyes, therefore that Purple Cloud Sect sent in has gathered the command. Purple Cloud Sect strength how?” Mu Chen hesitates saying that today matter, perhaps that Purple Cloud Sect not let go, therefore he also needs to prepare. Purple Cloud Sect has six Great Elder, is Great Perfection strength, formerly that Zi Tianbei three people, were its three.”

Mu Chen slightly nod, six Great Perfection, this grade of strength is indeed intrepid, big Xia Dynasty that he met in the past, Sacred Demon Palace and other influences, although in the Heavenly Luo Continent somewhat fame, but obviously, is deep with this background, the influence that deep conceal does not reveal compares, they are too weak. It seems like beforehand he, somewhat looked down on this Heavenly Luo Continent slightly. Naturally, is fiercest, is not these six Elder, but is Purple Cloud Sect Sect Master, Purple Cloud True Monarch, this person of many years ago has stepped into Great Perfection peak, the hearsay has touched the Heavenly Sovereign level now faintly, strength extreme terrifying, is far from Great Perfection may compare.” Here, Datura, in the eye wells up the color of wariness. In Great Thousand World, stays in the Great Perfection powerhouse are too many, but able touches the Heavenly Sovereign person is actually very few, because wanted this step, then in other words he opened led to the Heavenly Sovereign front door, if given time, might truly break through Heavenly Sovereign very much. Started to touch the Heavenly Sovereign level?” Mu Chen hearing this, in the eye was also passed over gently and swiftly wipes the astonished color, then hesitated saying: „Doesn't the northern territory have existence of Heavenly Sovereign?” After present experience and experience is rises sharply, his somewhat is slightly strange, same mentioned, similar Heavenly Luo Continent this super continent, must be the place that in Great Thousand World numerous super influences drooled is extremely, why may these many years later, Heavenly Luo Continent is at the condition of without owner as before. Heavenly Sovereign in Great Thousand World, should will not let off this to have infinite resources continent to be right. Perhaps on entire Heavenly Luo Continent, rarely has existence of Heavenly Sovereign.” Datura shook the head, at once her lightly smiles, said: But, is paying attention to the Heavenly Luo Continent Heavenly Sovereign quantity, perhaps is actually is above your imagination.” Mu Chen is startled, at once slightly has become aware, said: It seems like is staring at the Heavenly Luo Continent super influence, are very many...” Heavenly Luo Continent is big fat, even if in Great Thousand World these super influences, same is the saliva extremely, because just the fat is too fat, causing the conflict to be too many, which super influence without has confidence to occupy, therefore then, instead made among numerous super influences reach some balance, the mutual balance, making the opposite party not have the opportunity to occupy Heavenly Luo Continent. Datura lightly nodded, said: It is said these covet the Heavenly Luo Continent super influence, has the agreement, cannot dispatch Heavenly Sovereign to arrive at Heavenly Luo Continent, Heavenly Luo Continent any battle, is no matter what its free development, until presenting the true Overlord influence.” although Heavenly Sovereign cannot arrive, but these super influence same has other methods, that is sends top characters under some Heavenly Sovereign to found sect on Heavenly Luo Continent or supports some strength tyrannical influences, then makes them save strength, attempts into on Heavenly Luo Continent unique Overlord.” The Mu Chen look concentrates, such words, how could it not be said that on Heavenly Luo Continent are the back of some top influences, standing unexpectedly a super influence? Looks at the Mu Chen look, Datura is also helpless sighing, nods saying: Right, that Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, Golden Eagle Palace behind, respectively has a super influence to support secretly.” These years, this three parties influence unceasing is striving for northern territory the power of Overlord, but the next month, was northern territory Overlord competes the date, it is said deferred to the stipulation, regardless of which side competed successfully, other Overlord influences, must withdraw from the northern territory.”

So is no wonder rampant.” Mu Chen knit the brows, no wonder that Purple Cloud Sect person insolent, is behind , is not only Purple Cloud Sect, has a super influence. It seems like he belittled Heavenly Luo Continent the depth of water, originally he has also thought that on Heavenly Luo Continent did not have existence of super influence, which actually thinks that this super continent, is became the checkerboards of many super influence in secret gambling, before only he as well as Great Luo Heavenly Territory, did not have the qualifications to become the board game piece on this checkerboard. When words, perhaps beforehand Ancient Heavenly Palace opening, attracted the attention of many super influence, but afterward the appearance of Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, just now made these super influences cut off the idea of coveting. However, Heavenly Luo Continent this complex situation, has not made Mu Chen feel to dread, present he is the wing is gradually abundant, under Heavenly Sovereign, he will not fear anybody, even if were these touches Great Perfection of Heavenly Sovereign level. But as for these super influences, he now is Great Thousand Palace Demon Executioner King , although he does not have the Demon Executioner King right, but to comfort him, Great Thousand Palace will acknowledge his status as before. This without doubt is together the effect extremely good charm amulet, these super influences as well as Heavenly Sovereign, to cope with him, that must consider the idea of Great Thousand Palace. Furthermore, he is also grasping together Martial Ancestor stone talisman. No matter the growth of own strength, is the great strength of external factor, this lets Mu Chen today we are no longer as we have been, in the past thing of unable imagination, had the space of realization at this time. How many income our Mu Palace one year of does able have now?” Mu Chen looks suddenly to Datura, asked. Heard the Mu Chen towering issue, Datura has been startled being startled, then hesitated saying: Present Mu Palace, one year of gross income, should able achieves three hundred million Sovereign elixir.” 300 million...” Mu Chen shakes the head gently, present he, shoulders Black Dragon Guard this to swallow the Sovereign elixir bottomless pit, Sovereign elixir that every year needs to consume has then been the terrifying 800 million quantities. Moreover has Eight Section Buddha, this is not inferior in Qi Becomes Three Purities Peer­less Di­vine Abil­ity, is having extremely terrifying power, but same, wants activate, needs quantity terrifying Sovereign elixir. Therefore according to his estimate, present he, one year at least must consume billion even many Sovereign elixir, able guarantees own cultivation as well as Black Dragon Guard, existence of Eight Section Buddha. The consumption of this scale, is not present Mu Palace can undertake obviously.

Mu Chen vision glittering, asked slightly once again: Then at the Purple Cloud Sect scale, how many one year can have?” Datura looks to Heavenly Eagle Emperor, the latter is responsible for the Mu Palace foreign many information. Heavenly Eagle Emperor sees that said hastily: Reported Palace Master, at the Purple Cloud Sect scale, one year of income, approximate able was 15 hundred million Sovereign elixir quantities.” 1.5 billion...” On the Mu Chen face of outstanding ability has to wipe the smiling face to reappear, the words of this scale, can bear now his consumption, and supports strength of Mu Palace. Datura looks at Mu Chen that smiles suddenly, then feels somewhat to be bewildered, ill-humored [say / way]: Present you, considered how deals with Purple Cloud Sect, they have eaten such big owing, cannot let go.” Moreover, you exposed so formidable strength, perhaps our Mu Palace truly will also enter the northern territory that three parties Overlord influence in the eye, when the time comes, feared that somewhat was also troublesome.” Numerous Mu Palace powerhouses are also simultaneously nod, Purple Cloud Sect after is one of the northern territory Overlord, gives their pressure to be enormous, even if has Mu Chen at present, but stems from the custom, worried as before unavoidably. Mu Chen shows a faint smile, said: Anything is not good to consider... In one month, is the struggle of northern territory Overlord?” Datura nods, does not know that he must do. Mu Chen chuckle, then his sound spreads in the main hall, was makes all people in this time dumbfounded directly. Then I have decided that our Mu Palace this time, will participate in the struggle of northern territory Overlord, competes for northern territory Overlord!” ... ...( To be continued.)