The Great Ruler - Volume 15 - Chapter 1420
Chapter 1410 A person fights Xuan Lineage Chapter 1410 Mu Chen silhouette drops from the clouds, in that shocking vision, falls directly to these white jade stone platform that Xuan Lineage was, but his action so, does not have the accident immediately has caused dreadfully in an uproar. What? Does he want to challenge Xuan Lineage?!” This boy indeed was too extremely arrogant, Xuan Lineage has seven Elder to assume personal command, wants to capture one from their hands, that at least must obtain four victories!” This may the indeed young bull not fear the tiger, is to insatiably greedy simply.” Breadth of spirit is actually not small, but didn't fear supporting oneself?” „......” Innumerable talking in whispers sounds erupt, those present were shocked by the choice of Mu Chen, an unyielding person who because from the present aspect, Xuan Lineage is obviously most difficult to gnaw. But the choice of Mu Chen, looks like in many people, extremely crude as well as is unwise. Naturally, not only they were shocked, Qing Tian, Qing Xuan and other Qing Lineage Elder, are dumbfounded, their originally also thinks that Mu Chen has other any methods, has not thought that is actually such simple calling, has chosen the most fierce and tough direct way directly. But how does this possibly win?! Xuan Lineage has seven Elder, three Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, four Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign! If Mu Chen adopts to attack, that must obtain four victories, can capture together the seat from the hand of Xuan Lineage, the boost that but their Qing Lineage able provides now is limited, how could it not be i.e., Mu Chen plans to rely on strength of oneself, completes this time attacking? He must depend on own strength, punctures holding the arena of Xuan Lineage? This point, light thinks that makes them feel inconceivable, after all this time Mu Chen, only Spirit Level Initial Phase, but in Xuan Lineage seven Elder, strength is lowest, is this level, other is higher than this. Moreover what is most important, even if Mu Chen erupted to beat really three Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, words that but wanted to win, was most minimum, must defeat Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign to be good. Fights Immortal Level by Spirit Level, this is appears unthinkable. Therefore, this all sorts look, Mu Chen this act, almost does not have the slight stratagem which ensures success. Actually is this boy making what?” [Say / Way] that Elder Qing Yun cannot bear. Qing Tian helpless shaking the head, at this time, complained that is also useless, moreover their Qing Lineage situation has missed to this situation, even if when the time comes Mu Chen were defeated, where that cannot miss to go, but loses a face. When Qing Tian three Elder sighed darkly, that Xuan Luo, Mo Xin looked at this, was actually sneered that could not bear gets up, ridicules: The fellow who indeed acts recklessly, thinks really stepped into Heavenly Sovereign to be possible four not to have wariness? In my Ancient Buddha Clan, trivial Spirit Level Initial Phase Heavenly Sovereign, did not have the ability that he thinks!” The one side numerous Xuan Lineage clansmen also in abundance nod, in their opinion, Mu Chen this act, without doubt is to bring disgrace to oneself.

On mountain peak that Qing Lineage is, numerous Qing Lineage clansmen are also look at each other in shock, this time, even is the appearance hesitation worries about the color including Qing Ling, obviously same was frightened by the choice of Mu Chen. After all, that is seven Heavenly Sovereign! Mu Chen wants to puncture, how inconceivable. Good, worthily is Mu Chen, this breadth of spirit, quickly caught up with the father, Sister Xiao Xiao, you thought that Mu Chen will win?” By that prominent peak, Lin Jing is actually patting the white hands, the grinning [say / way], she has not been similar to other people like that thinks Mu Chen not to know the immensity of heaven and earth, instead is to its breadth of spirit appreciation. Xiao Xiao hearing this, earnest thinking, on elegantly beautiful charming charming face is also reappears wipes the moving smiling face, said: Mu Chen is the stratagem decides, but the person of rear drive, will not do the crude matter, since he will do such, that has some assurances.” Here, she, lightly said with a smile: I am also very curious, actually his assurance came from where.” Side two females, Lin Diao and Yao Chen hearing this, is smiles, said: You pour indeed to favor him.” However although so was saying, but their like that look, obviously does not think that Mu Chen this act indeed is crude, their although has not had the too deep understanding with Mu Chen, but since able lets Lin Dong, Xiao Yan that and other characters regard as important, that fully explained that this sub- is far from an average man. Such being the case, that will make the matters of some inconceivable miracles, is natural. But in that everywhere the sound in an uproar, the Xuan Lineage seven white jade stone platform topest places, that Xuan Lineage Lineage Head Xuan Guang (mysterious light) is also the look ice-cold is looking at Mu Chen silhouette, even if at this moment by his strength in meditation, cannot help but gets angry smiles extremely, said: Good, good, good, worthily is the Qing Yanjing son, this boldness indeed is uncommon.” „, Since you want to ask for advice my Xuan Lineage strength, that today this king helps you!” Xuan Lineage audiences Elder obeys orders, does not need to keep the hand, lets this Sinful Child, tries the prestige of my Xuan Lineage!” Yes!” Hears Lineage Head to order, other six Elder, the sinking sound should say immediately that then look bad looking to Mu Chen, the latter is working as the surface direct challenges of these many people their Xuan Lineage, without doubt is despising them, how can this let them to endure? The summit of prominent peak, Great Elder Futu Xuan was looking at this, vision glittering, but has not made noise, in his opinion, this Mu Chen indeed was too extremely arrogant, first made Xuan Lineage suppress its spirit, making him understand that has stepped into Heavenly Sovereign, that was also unqualified recklessly the unseemly behavior in their Ancient Buddha Clan. However cannot make Xuan Lineage audiences Elder killing Mu Chen actually, in that case, by the Qing Yanjing temper, definitely will have the hatred to Ancient Buddha Clan, when the time comes the thorough violent walks, even if Ancient Buddha Clan able its uniform, definitely will pay the extremely serious price. That step, is Great Elder does not want to see decidedly. In the Futu Xuan heart is rotating idea, Mu Chen on sky has not actually cared about these Xuan Lineage Elder ridicule angry glares, silhouette as before not anxiously not slow falling, fell above Xuan Lineage most under white jade stone platform. In the world countless people gaze is the projection comes. On this white jade stone platform, is Xuan Lineage Elder, named Xuan Hai, strength has also achieved Spirit Level Initial Phase, seems is in the same level with Mu Chen actually. At this time this Elder Xuan Hai big robe agitation, the look stares at Mu Chen like the blade, mouth corner is revealing wipes the ridicule smiling face, [say / way] slowly: Has not thought that Qing Yanjing that and other characters, had a stupid son unexpectedly, your this Spirit Level Initial Phase strength, can abuse power in other Great Thousand World places, may arrive at my Ancient Buddha Clan, does not have the function that you think.” However, is facing the ridicule of the Elder Xuan Hai, Mu Chen as if has not actually heard, his vision, even jumped over Xuan Hai, looked directly to above white jade stone platform. Junior, when indeed is impolite! It seems like does not have mother to teach , does not know the boor of etiquette!” That Xuan Hai looks at Mu Chen continually to look has not looked at his one eyes, immediately flies into a rage, shouts to clear the way.

The Mu Chen vision finally is reclamation slowly, that look does not bring looking of slight fluctuation to approach Xuan Hai, said: Leave, do not ask for trouble.” Boy, you courts death!” The Xuan Hai air/Qi results in the complexion to be red, calls out, sees only its body instantaneously to erupt millions and millions to say Spiritual Light, entire body successively raises, just likes young giant same. But his body, changes into spirit body instantaneously, radiant, simultaneously is sending out the powerful mighty force, can Beng Tianlie the place. Bang! This Xuan Hai reveals spirit body, then does not keep the hand, the sole stamps, is cracked immediately by white jade stone platform of special material quality casting together the fissure. But its silhouette, is just likes ghosts and demons violently shoots, a breath then appeared in the Mu Chen front, then on spirit body body, has mysterious light pattern spreads. Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, Giant Spirit Heaven Smashing Hand!” In the Xuan Hai eye ominous light dodges, got rid then directly to display powerful Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, on his although mouth was berating the Mu Chen junior, but got rid is fully, because he knows, no matter how, Mu Chen was genuine Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, strength with his same, if whole-heartedly, did not fear that will suffer a loss. Bang! A Xuan Hai fist rumbles, his fist inflates instantaneously, just likes is the Djinn god's hand, the hammer falls, including void jumps broken, the earth shatters, power terrifying. Looks at the power and influence of Xuan Hai this fist, many Heavenly Sovereign on the scene is slightly nod, this Xuan Hai able becomes Ancient Buddha Clan Elder, pours indeed has several points of ability. However, when their vision in sweeping to Mu Chen, is actually stares, because they who cannot bear discovered that Mu Chen is entirely still unexpectedly, whatever a that heaven startling fist rumbles. This boy, evades its point not to understand continually, is it possible that was indeed silly?” Many person look at each other in shock, Xuan Hai seized the situation, the offensive is astonishing, if normal, will adopt to dodge for the focus, avoids the point, looks for the opportunity to move back to the aspect again, but this is Mu Chen instead same as the klutz at present? Under that innumerable [say / way] surprised vision, that terrifying fist light finally comes, but, soon in the bang instant of Mu Chen chest in it, Mu Chen finally will get rid. Sees only his palm to stretch out, is light with that terrifying fist light contact in one. Bang! The instance of contact, the heaven startling great sound resounds through, the naked eye obvious shock-wave wreaks havoc, is shatters entire white jade stone platform cracks, the flagstone unceasingly jumps to break to pieces. The mist and dust fills the air, dissipation gradually. That item of projection goes, then is complexion changes, sees only in that white jade stone platform, Mu Chen maintains is resisting a posture of Xuan Hai fierce and tough fist as before single-handed. His surrounding flagstone changes into the powder, but the flagstone of under foot, is actually safe and sound, even, his body, has not moved slightly! Whish!

In the world erupts some sounds in an uproar immediately, the Heavenly Sovereign looks in many super influence concentrate, obviously has not thought of Mu Chen so easily on a following Xuan Hai this fierce and tough fist. In that everywhere the sound in an uproar, Xuan Hai complexion same changes, because in he feels, a fist that he formerly that was outspoken, just liked is rumbles in black hole same, Mu Chen body, as if bottomless pit, how regardless of he released the Spiritual Energy impact, did not affect. In the heart raises a restlessness, Xuan Hai is planned that leaves to draw back, at present can only activate Sovereign Technique Manifestation, come to fight with it again hardly. However, when he must leave when drawing back, is actually discovered that the palm of Mu Chen just likes eagle claw same firmly holds his fist, making him not draw back slightly. Xuan Hai raise one's head, is saw that Mu Chen that is filling indifferently and swift and fierce both eyes. Since you have used Spiritual Pulse Divine Ability, that also tries my.” The Mu Chen indifferent [say / way], his both eyes narrow the eyes at once, does not need that Xuan Hai to respond that in the palm, has the Purple Fiery Flame flaming combustion to go suddenly, finally follows the fist of that Xuan Hai, the instantaneous spread goes, covers to enter Xuan Hai. The Purple Fiery Flame combustion comes, to make Xuan Hai in great surprise, immediately conditioned reflex activate vast Spiritual Energy counter-attacks, must plan that suppresses these Purple Fiery Flame. Flaming! However, following one, is makes him with amazement change colors, sees only these and its Spiritual Energy contact Purple Fiery Flame, not only has not suppressed, instead swallows his Spiritual Energy, hot flame even more exuberant, a terrifying temperature fills the air to come, under that uniform temperature, even if his spirit body body, has transmitted the feeling of severe pain. ! Sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, spreads from the Xuan Hai mouth, this time he just likes hot person distressed backing up, no matter his how activate Spiritual Energy, is unable suppresses that purple flame, under the high temperature, his fleshly body starts to be fired. The Mu Chen look indifferently, goes forward one step, a foot then kicked above the Xuan Hai mouth, the foot of that strength, a foot then kicking to break to pieces to go to his mouthful tooth, blood stream whole face, but its figure, was kicked by a Mu Chen foot, numerous fell white jade stone platform. All people are dumbfounded is looking at this, everyone unable imagination, this Elder Xuan Hai, unexpectedly including Mu Chen one move is not following, then defeated? Completes these, no matter he also that Xuan Hai sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, gained ground, tranquil is looking at color deterioration other Xuan Lineage Elder, does not have the mighty waves sound, resounding slowly. Collapses at the first blow, next.” ... ... The quickest renewal correct novel read, please visit Please collect the home station to read the latest novel!