The Great Ruler - Volume 15 - Chapter 1424
Chapter 1414 „.” The sound of Mu Chen that tranquil mighty waves has not spread slightly, caused that innumerable powerhouse looks strange, but the vision that these projections come, did not have beforehand that to tease again, displaces, is color of some serious and wariness. able is relying on Spirit Level Initial Phase strength, is actually Lien Chan three, three strength stronger Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign easily accomplished defeating, such battle efficiency, makes all people be moved sufficiently. This Mu Chen indeed freak, obviously only Spirit Level Initial Phase, but the battle efficiency is actually so terrifying, could not say that this fellow, but also indeed has the ability of more step challenge.” Indeed fierce, no wonder so extremely arrogant, wants strength of oneself to challenge Xuan Lineage, originally comes prepared.” Now he won three, so long as takes 1 victory again, this Xuan Lineage really must put out that just to arrive at the Elder Courtyard seat of mouth.” Hey, you poured also too high look at him, after three fierce combat, this Mu Chen trump card had revealed all, wanted truely contended with Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign, perhaps is not easy.” Formerly you may also say...” „......” In that day within innumerable [say / way] talking in whispers sound, that Xuan Lineage numerous Elder, is each one complexion is pale, that is staring at the Mu Chen vision, just liked must swallow same it while still alive. No one has thought that their Xuan Lineage, by a junior, will be compelled this distressed situation unexpectedly. That Xuan Luo and the others, are each one black like the pot, formerly they also vowed solemnly that thinks Mu Chen must defeat without doubt, result a short meeting, applied makeup. That Xuan Lineage Lineage Head Xuan Guang (mysterious light) is also look somewhat gloomy, but he after is not an average man, quick suppressed being furious in heart, look coldly indifferent is staring at Mu Chen, [say / way] slowly: Has not thought that this time actually this king my faulty vision, the Qing Yanjing son, is indeed uncommon.” Overpraised.” The Mu Chen look is light. The Xuan Guang (mysterious light) eye pupil hangs, pale sound track: You can rush to this step, explained your skill, perhaps but this fourth does not have you to think is so easy, but also looks your own is more prudent.” Mu Chen smiles, said: thanked Xuan Guang (mysterious light) Lineage Head cared actually, but I think that my should can also support.” Has torn to pieces facial skin with Xuan Lineage thoroughly, therefore today wants him to receive the hand to save face, that is the impossible matter.

Xuan Guang (mysterious light) deep looked at Mu Chen one, that pupil deep place, resembling was passed over gently and swiftly wipes the meaning of dreary cold , he shook the head, said: stubborn, such being the case, my Xuan Lineage waits for you to come one person to select to put on.” Now on the stage also has me and other people, as you like choice, naturally, you, if has courage so, looks this king to be also good, after all your mother was imprisoned for many years, has my merit.” The words come here, Xuan Guang (mysterious light) mouth corner reappear to wipe the ice cold smiling face, resembling is contain the taunt. Mu Chen pupil fierce shrinks, the look suddenly becomes cold, he is staring at Xuan Guang (mysterious light), after long time, just now slightly nod, said: Xuan Guang (mysterious light) Lineage Head bestows, I and my mother engrave on mind, but today I only want to take together the seat from your Xuan Lineage hand, if in the future will have the opportunity, can definitely think that Xuan Guang (mysterious light) Lineage Head will ask for advice.” The brow of Xuan Guang (mysterious light) micro cannot be observed wrinkled the wrinkle, he so said a word, was actually wants to stir up Mu Chen angry intention, making him lose the discretion, if Mu Chen were furious to want the direct challenge really in him, that Xuan Guang (mysterious light) will make him know, in a Heavenly Sovereign hand of Immortal Level Late Phase, regardless of he had any method, will not affect. But he had evidently underestimated the Mu Chen disposition, although his words aroused Mu Chen killing intent, but latter not angry losing reason, but adopts the safest means as before. That this king here looks that you have any method.” Xuan Guang (mysterious light) coldly looked at Mu Chen one, said. „To come not to disappoint Xuan Guang (mysterious light) Lineage Head.” Mu Chen chuckle, no longer pays attention to Xuan Guang (mysterious light), figure moves, then appeared above white jade stone platform, his vision looked to the front, saw only there, an appearance skinny grey robe old man, static relaxing the hands stood. This grey robe old man, when Mu Chen appears, the vision is tight staring on his body, that seems like the both eyes of pollution, is actually hiding like the hawk sharpness, made the person palpitation. Mu Chen is looking at this skinny grey robe old man, complexion actually became serious, at present this grey robe old man, named Xuan Zun, Immortal Level Initial Phase strength, in entire Ancient Buddha Clan, is having the extremely high status. Not looks at this Xuan Zun only Immortal Level Initial Phase, but Mu Chen is actually clear, disparity between Spirit Level and Immortal Level actually big, these step into the Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign powerhouse, does not know that must spend the accumulations of many years, able has the opportunity to touch Immortal Level. Beforehand three, he won neatly, but he knows, this, is most important. Only then has won this, he is true achievement, otherwise, formerly three win the potential, will vanish into thin air. Elder Xuan Zun, since some people want to humiliate my Xuan Lineage, my Xuan Lineage also can only return the favor, therefore does not need to keep the hand, any consequence, is all taken by this king.” The Xuan Guang (mysterious light) sound conveys, is full of the ice-cold meaning. That Elder Xuan Zun hearing this, bows slightly, expression dense [say / way]: Venerable the life of Lineage Head.” The voice falls, his slightly gloomy both eyes, were the condensation on the body of Mu Chen, did not say a word, but everyone was able feels, an extremely powerful Spiritual Energy pressure, slowly sent out from its within the body.

Bang. This white jade stone platform sky , because that powerful Spiritual Energy pressure thus vibrates, just likes the day collapses same. Is feeling that the Spiritual Energy pressure that sends out from Elder Xuan Zun within the body, presents numerously that exists formidable is look serious, has the contrast to have the height, with formerly Xuan Guang (mysterious light) and other compared with Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, this time Elder Xuan Zun, without doubt was tyrannical more than one scale. This fighting, can calculate that does is the good play.” Yao Chen, Lin Diao is looking at this, just now shows a faint smile, the Mu Chen battle efficiency is too strong, therefore formerly that three Xuan Lineage Elder, even if Spirit Level Late Phase black light(Hei Guang), is unable to Mu Chen creates many threat, only when has to take seriously Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign gets rid, just now able forces the Mu Chen true method. Their same wants to look very much, when facing Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign, Mu Chen does able show a miracle? Mu Chen will definitely not lose.” Nearby Lin Jing [say / way] without hesitation, the confidence between spoken languages, feared that must come intensely compared with Mu Chen oneself. Xiao Xiao hearing this, smiles, but Yao Chen, Lin Diao is also but shakes the head, does not know that actually Lin Jing from which comes to the Mu Chen such strong confidence. But other people, such as Qing Tian, Elder Qing Shuang and the others, then such has not favored Mu Chen, on face reappears to wipe the color of anxiety, after all disparity between their very clear Spirit Level and Immortal Level, but this disparity, even if were Mu Chen formerly these heaven startling methods, not necessarily on the able win. How my Qing Lineage ending, looked that this fought.” Qing Tian sighed one, said. These Qing Lineage clansmen, is the look worries to be earnest, if is not the scene is inappropriate, at this time what perhaps they must unable to bear is Mu Chen called that cheered. This boy, was annoys true fierce role/position finally, this time looked that he was how bad luck.” That Mohe You both arms hold the chest, the look is holding pondering are looking at white jade stone platform of distant place, muttered. ... Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign, really uncommon...” Regarding that all sorts of vision that from shoots in all directions, Mu Chen is the automatic shield, his vision, all condensation above front that [say / way] skinny silhouette, look serious. The Spiritual Energy pressure that then sends out from Xuan Zun, has surpassed black light(Hei Guang) and the others by far, it seems like, this fight, true using fully. Read this, in Mu Chen that pair of black pupil, not only did not have fearful thought to appear, instead even more scalding hot, present he, in Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, is almost invincible, only had facing stronger Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign, able stimulated his fighting intent, making him experience disciplining of fight, constantly grew.

Elder Xuan Zun both hands closing up slowly, that flash, body of originally rickets, unexpectedly suddenly becomes tall and straight, the grayish white hair, turns into the black long hair at the naked eye obvious speed, that old facial features, change into one to send out the middle-aged face of air/Qi of fierce and tough in this time. Buzz!” Meanwhile, vast Spiritual Light, just likes Great Sun raises from that sea level, suddenly from the eruption of its within the body overwhelming , but its fleshly body, in this time, changed into radiant spirit body instantaneously. Compared with Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign spirit body, this Elder Xuan Zun spirit body, without doubt is appears to congeal, looks from afar that just likes the gem casts, verve, cannot destroy. In that gem body surface, inscribes innumerable [say / way] blue rune, rune just likes the waterdrop, seems like small, but actually gives people one type heavily like the mountain feeling. Gem spirit body is dazzling, became in world the point of most attention, but in battle efficiency full, that Elder Xuan Zun is also the look swift and fierce is staring at Mu Chen, the low and deep sound, resounds through. „To win the seat from the hand of old man, must look that you had not to have this skill!” Mu Chen is looking at that momentum scary Elder Xuan Zun, is takes a deep breath, above fleshly body the Spiritual Light ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), same is changes into radiant spirit body, fighting intent shoots up to the sky. Meanwhile, his cold sound, along with it resounding. This seat, I win, today your Xuan Lineage, does not give, that must give!” Big tone, acts recklessly!” The Xuan Zun angry glare opens the eyes, killing intent spurts thinly, one step treads, the space jumps broken. At this moment, Xuan Lineage Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign, gets rid finally. ............................... ..................... .............................