The Great Ruler - Volume 15 - Chapter 1445
Chapter 1435 When that Lu Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign slightly obviously sound cautiously spreads, on this day within silent has flickered once again, especially that Qin Beixuan as well as another two Heavenly Sovereign, are the shock inexplicable is looking at the former. Brother Lu, you?!” Qin Beixuan look somewhat is ugly, he does not know helper who this invited, why suddenly to that young Heavenly Sovereign so polite, even, that polite, as if also has some fearful thought. Another two Heavenly Sovereign are also a face surprised uncertain. In that main hall, numerous Hundred Spirit Continent influence leaders are also look at each other in shock. Mu Chen has been startled being startled actually slightly, he looked at that Lu Heavenly Sovereign, then lightly nodded, said: What if you said is on Heavenly Luo Continent that Mu Palace's Master Mu Chen, that should was I.” Hears Mu Chen this definite words, Lu Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign is also relaxing of quietly, wariness in that look even more thick, at once holds the fist in the other hand to say with a smile: Originally indeed Palace Master Mu here, this time but actually indeed offended.” Brother Lu!” Qin Beixuan once again sinking sound track. Lu Heavenly Sovereign sighed, he looks to Qin Beixuan, said: Brother Qin, looked, in we are acquainted in many years of share, I urged your one, the today matter, considered as finished.” Qin Beixuan face has pulled out pulling out slightly, another two Heavenly Sovereign are also realized that is not right, they looked at Mu Chen, discrete [say / way]: Brother Lu, is actually this person what background?” At this moment, they are again stupid, is able realized that wariness of Lu Heavenly Sovereign to Mu Chen even fears, but is the latter Immortal Level is so, let alone their this Spirit Level? Lu Heavenly Sovereign smiles bitterly, said: Here is apart from that Buddha Continent to be quite remote, therefore you do not know for a while, some time past, you this Palace Master Mu, rush in Ancient Buddha Clan at present, by a person of strength, nearly catches the whole lot in a dragnet Ancient Buddha Clan these Elder, finally Ancient Buddha Clan then Great Elder Futu Xuan got rid, stopped him.” Hears here, Qin Beixuan complexion changes, regarding status of Ancient Buddha Clan in Great Thousand World, he is naturally clear, one of the Five Great Ancient Clans, background is immeasurably deep. Is similar his Northern Profound Sect this strength, although able pushes in super influence the ranks, but compared with Ancient Buddha Clan, was the disparity too many were too many, but Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder, was Saint Level Heavenly Sovereign strength, stood erect in the summit of this Great Thousand World. This Mu Chen able compels that Futu Xuan to get rid to cope with him, actually it can be imagined is what kind terrifying. But is possible? His only Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign strength.” Another two Heavenly Sovereign are also the inconceivable [say / way], in Ancient Buddha Clan, is only Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign perhaps surpasses the number of both hands, with crowd, can die to the pile Mu Chen. Because he had controlled Ancient Buddha Clan Clan Protecting Great Formation at that time, with this strength, has suppressed Ancient Buddha Clan all Elder, even if Xuan Lineage, Mo Lineage that two Immortal Level Late Phase Lineage Head, is not his match.” Lu Heavenly Sovereign said.

That two Heavenly Sovereign hearing this, secretly suck the tongue, this was Mu Chen too also crazy? able does this terrifying matter unexpectedly, what Ancient Buddha Clan does this offend? The Qin Beixuan look is also somewhat serious, but instead is relaxing of slightly, originally Mu Chen is dependence Ancient Buddha Clan Clan Protecting Great Formation, that terrifying strength, does not come from itself. His able makes these matters, indeed showed that his ability is not small, but also does being insufficient let Brother Lu so wariness? He offended Ancient Buddha Clan, but can also so four not have wariness?” Qin Beixuan sinking sound track. Mu Chen these accomplishment, indeed link him is the heart startled, but if said that must make Immortal Level Heavenly Sovereign so fear, that actually also and is insufficient. Lu Heavenly Sovereign shook the head, said: Do not look at his only Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, but is Ancient Buddha Clan Immortal Level Initial Phase Elder, defeated in his hand, this was not the Clan Protecting Great Formation strength, but was his ability.” Moreover... You thought that he raises earth-shakingly Ancient Buddha Clan, now when is actually safe and sound why?” Hears this words, the Qin Beixuan three people are the heart one cold, Ancient Buddha Clan that stern Ancient Clan, most is cares about the face, Mu Chen this act, it may be said that sweeps completely the face countenance, normal, Ancient Buddha Clan not let go, but present Mu Chen, jumps for joy as before... What did this indicate? Showing did these matters, Ancient Buddha Clan took him not to have the means as before, this actually big energy? This Mu Chen and Endless Fire Territory's Flame Emperor, Martial Realm Martial Ancestor, the relations are extremely deep, he raises a rumpus in Ancient Buddha Clan, Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor even also provides the asylum for him.” Lu Heavenly Sovereign said. Qin Beixuan three people of complexion once again change, Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor, that is in Great Thousand World the resounding name, that even in Saint Level Heavenly Sovereign, stands erect in top. But Mu Chen, actually does able have the great relations with them? Even doesn't hesitate to offend Ancient Buddha Clan for this reason? No wonder... Has these two to support, even if Ancient Buddha Clan, meets wariness.” That two Heavenly Sovereign sighed, said. Lu Heavenly Sovereign smiled, said: This is also not main, why can you know Mu Chen to greatly noisy Ancient Buddha Clan? That is because he must save his mother.” Long ago his mother and his father had the personal relationships in this Hundred Spirit Continent, Ancient Buddha Clan are angry, afterward its female house arrest, but Mu Chen this went, for his mother.” However this mother, is extraordinary... This time comes, has eliminated the Great Elder Futu Xuan status, but she, is Saint Level Great Grandmaster, therefore , now Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder, is Mu Chen's mother.” Qin Beixuan has opened the mouth with that two Heavenly Sovereign, face the color of shock, has done for quite a while, this is Mu Chen's mother, unexpectedly Ancient Buddha Clan new Great Elder?!

No wonder Ancient Buddha Clan did not investigate that the Mu Chen greatly noisy matter, this highest authority, fell in his mother's hand! That two Heavenly Sovereign look at each other one, is slow speechless, look glittering, clearly had the meaning of retreat, because they understood Mu Chen behind broad of implication. Not only has Endless Fire Territory, Martial Realm, has Ancient Buddha Clan now... This is in Great Thousand World the top super influence, will stamp the feet the world to shake continually, their although also will be Heavenly Sovereign, will enjoy millions and millions to venerate, but they will understand with that top influence, among disparity with Saint Level... Has this background, this Great Thousand World, but also able lets that Mu Chen wariness influence, but also indeed are not many. Qin Beixuan complexion also slightly turns white, originally thinks Mu Chen only ordinary Spirit Level Heavenly Sovereign, but has not thought of background such depth, even links him to feel somewhat fearful thought thorough. Right now, but indeed did his somewhat to be in a dilemma. In Qin Beixuan hesitates, he suddenly saw that nearby that Lu Heavenly Sovereign complexion changed, [say / way] that immediately cannot bear: How?” Lu Heavenly Sovereign vision somewhat glittering, his passing over gently and swiftly main hall, has then found side Mu Feng together gentle silhouette, [say / way] that immediately scalp somewhat tingles with numbness: „Did you see that female? How do I look a little likely am Mu Chen's mother?” Hears this saying, the Qin Beixuan scalp has exploded, another two Heavenly Sovereign are complexion is more alarmed more and afraid, cautiously goes to the vision projection, originally they have not cared about the person in main hall, but at this time under careful sizing up, just now the faint feeling, that had not spoken, only sits there female who gently, whatever Mu Chen launches an attack, gives them unexpectedly a speechless constriction. Yes! Yes! That is Mu Chen's mother, is present Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder, Qing Yanjing!” Lu Heavenly Sovereign has recognized finally, immediately reveals a ratio to cry the ugly smiling face. Another two Heavenly Sovereign are also whole body sends coolly, they are in front of Saint Level Great Grandmaster unexpectedly, but also does the plan collaborate to cope with her son? Their simply unable imagination, if they got rid a moment ago, now can be the what kind fate? At once they look to Qin Beixuan, said: Brother Qin, the matter of today, we may almost be harmed by you miserably.” During their spoken languages somewhat complained that Qin Beixuan asked them to help nature may, but has not actually done to understand that including the details of opposite party asked them to come, was cheating simply. Qin Beixuan complexion takes turn pale, finally smiles bitterly, said: This matter was I makes the branch, I have not thought that this disobedient son will make this trouble to come unexpectedly.” At present I and others got down first, sees this Sir, looked whether to have been have uncovered this matter.”

Qin Beixuan so said that also wants to survey next time personally, has a look at that female, is really Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder. Lu Heavenly Sovereign three people of hearing this all again and again nod. Therefore, in the surprised vision of main hall numerous leader, formerly also threatened to collaborate to cope with Mu Chen four Heavenly Sovereign, dropped from the clouds unexpectedly, falls in the shattered main hall. Father! Father!” That Hundred Spirit King looks at Qin Beixuan to arrive, is wild with joy, called out hastily. However Qin Beixuan has not actually paid attention to his yelling, but before arrived at Northern Spirit Alliance that seat, in vision that finally in that shock changes colors, simultaneously is holding the fist in the other hand a ritual to Mu Feng Qing Yanjing. May I ask, but Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder face to face?” The Qin Beixuan disturbed sound spreads in the main hall, a that originally also face wild with joy Hundred Spirit King look instantaneously coagulates, dumbfounded is looking at this, but other leaders, is inconceivable of face. In that Northern Spirit Alliance, formerly these also smiled the conversation the high levels to be also surprised with Qing Yanjing, then their simultaneously has swallowed saliva, looks to Mu Feng Qing Yanjing. Obviously they are not clear, why present four keeping aloof Heavenly Sovereign, suddenly to Qing Yanjing line of so big rituals. But regarding four people of so respectful and prudent manner, Qing Yanjing also slightly is at present astonished, at once lightly smiled, a small head point, said: I am Qing Yanjing.” This words hear, Qin Beixuan such as the place icehouse, ices immediately all over the body coldly. Their this group of blind people , are really in front of Saint Level Great Grandmaster unexpectedly, such as monkey same jumping da good long while... .... ....