The Great Ruler - Volume 15 - Chapter 1479
Chapter 1468 Mohe Continent, same is the Great Thousand World super continent ranks, vast endless, the resources are rich, this continent, in entire Great Thousand World, is having the extremely resounding reputation. Naturally, majority of reasons, is because has existence of Ancient Mohe Clan. As one of the Great Thousand World Five Great Ancient Clans, Ancient Mohe Clan had the glorious years, even if when that antiquity age, Ancient Mohe Clan is the extremely formidable influences, to now, background accumulates, by having strength, in the entire Great Thousand World that is also the able row on number... Thought that in the past, Endless Fire Territory development of like a raging fire in Great Thousand World, Ancient Mohe Clan Mohe Tian inherited the position of Patriarch, attempts Endless Fire Territory that annexed just to develop, set up the prestige to frighten in the clan beyond by this clan. Perhaps at that time, entire Ancient Mohe Clan has not expected, that Flame Emperor that came from Lower Planes, can be contrary anticipation fierce role/position unexpectedly, finally unexpectedly is forcibly destroys the Mohe Tian ambition, not only cannot annex successfully, instead also does dirtily, achievement Endless Fire Territory status and fame... However although Mohe Tian was failed with the contest of Flame Emperor, but with the present Flame Emperor fame even more at the height of power, has into Great Thousand World to rank among the best when greatly the peak that exists, Mohe Tian that once failure, on the contrary has become the proof of some of his strength, although frame of mind arrogant Mohe Tian disdains this type of certificate radically, but in other Great Thousand World person hearts, actually will be so thinks... After all, able and Flame Emperor fight like that appearance, fully explained that Mohe Tian strength, same is highly regarded. Therefore, in recent years, Ancient Mohe Clan fame also even more powerful, in Five Great Ancient Clans, already situated in the first place, regardless of background or the quantity of peak powerhouse, has shown disdain for other four clans. ... Mohe Continent, Eternal City. This city is not the main city on Mohe Continent, but its famous degree, even compares to Ancient Mohe Clan to, because hearsay city is Immortal Great Emperor builds, but when each Eternal Gathering opening place, then in this. Beside Eternal City, on a mountain top, Mu Chen distant looks at this to send out the ancient aura city, now outside this city, continuous has light overwhelming comes, that and other turmoil lively human spirits, compared with Ancient Buddha Clan All Lineage Martial Gathering , on stronger the number plan. In the past, All Lineage Martial Gathering with this Eternal Gathering is not a nature, the super influence that the former only invitation got to know each other well attended the ceremony, but the latter, was actually regardless of were ripe, almost entire Great Thousand World surpassed 50% super influences, could gathered. After all, that is related to Eternal Immortal Body ownership. This may the indeed outstanding heroes gather.”

Mu Chen sighed one, able arrives at this Eternal City, was almost top powerhouses in all super influence, the common character, feared that did not have that courage to run to feel that overwhelming oppression aura at this time. In the heart was sighing, Mu Chen figure also moved, changes into stream of light to plunder to the city, but when soon approached the city, then falls on the city gate place, because along with close, his able felt that this Eternal City as if faintly was sending out an extremely ancient and boundless fluctuation. That fluctuation, although extremely slight, but lets Spiritual Energy micro small shock of Mu Chen within the body as before, then cannot help but dropped figure, does not dare to overstep. This fluctuation...” The Mu Chen brow wrinkled the wrinkle slightly, this is not Saint Level's Power, seems a fluctuation of mysterious. Was past Immortal Great Emperor remains?” In the Mu Chen heart moves slightly, had guessed that after all also only has the fluctuation that that once Great Thousand World first powerhouse remained, just now able after ten thousand thousand years, as before so made the person be inspired. In the heart flashes through this thought that Mu Chen then suppresses it, harbors solemnly and respectfully to a respect of that Immortal Great Emperor, the Mu Chen look following city gate, enters gradually. Enters the city, the field of vision then all of a sudden widens, street that the ancient flagstone paves is extending at present, above the street, the person's shadow is crowded, but everyone 's shadow, faintly is sending out the tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Walking into of Mu Chen, has caused the gazes of some vision, these vision are glittering have an extraordinary splendor, like that appearance, unexpectedly it recognizing. Regarding the gaze that these have a relish, Mu Chen has also been startled being startled, at once smiles secretly, a little small contented, it seems like, him unexpectedly also became the celebrity in Great Thousand World, arrived here, but can also be recognized. However these ideas, only plunders in the heart of Mu Chen, he is the starting to walk step, is going to the city in directly. His footsteps, after passing through several streets, suddenly saw that the front dense crowd gathers in together, has the clamoring sound to spread, his vision, is follows to throw. Sees only there, has at the same time the giant crystal wall, above the crystal wall, glittering clear person's shadow. Eternal Gathering concentrates on the list.” Mu Chen shot a look at one, then sees in that crystal wall first, wears the male light of black and white interaction clothing to reappear together, the male look is profound, even if the only image, actually also sends out one to make the constriction of person palpitation together.

Then looked at this familiar light, Mu Chen both eyes has narrowed narrowing the eyes, because of this fellow, was Mohe You, on the crystal wall showed impressively that now concentrates on the total amount that Mohe You won, has achieved 20 billion Sovereign elixir. Obviously, this Mohe You in this time Eternal Gathering, most was favored, after all discussed strength, Mohe You was indeed intrepid incomparable, moreover itself Ancient Mohe Clan person, since childhood to practice Great Sun Indestructible Body, Immortal Golden Body, if Eternal Immortal Body will select the lord, which perspective regardless of Mohe You from, extremely had the stratagem which ensures success. But under Mohe You, then those who are not out of the anticipation is that Asura Spear Ye Qing, Diamond King Shi Luo as well as Blade Saint Tuoba Cang. Ye Qing is the man who a long hair hangs loose, in his hand is holding handle blood red long spear, the look indifferently, seems contain is murdering the world, only one comes shortly, makes people feel the endless chill in the air. Diamond King Shi Luo wears the golden jia robe, on bald glittering the gloss, is just liking stars same, his body quite thin and weak, completely likely is not the person of fleshly body strength extremely terrifying. As for Tuoba Cang, a black robe, breaks the blade edge at the back of a handle, the appearance, only has that pair of eye ordinary, tranquil under as if contain may cut the world sharpness, making one look at creepy feeling. These four high winning percentage lists first four, the Mohe You betting turnover leads by 20 billion, other three are about 5 billion. But Mu Chen does not have the accident saw his image under four people, only has compared with the front four betting turnovers, he was not favored by too many people obviously, only then slightly pitiful billion... No wonder will be recognized.” Mu Chen awkward shaking the head, has such big image to go against here, no wonder him enters a city to be recognized. Mu Chen is staring at four imposing manner uncommon silhouette on crystal wall, at once lightly smiled one, is his this time biggest match? Mu Chen walks up, under crystal wall, has the beautiful appearance maidservant to receive chipping, they obviously are the Ancient Mohe Clan people, here, only has Ancient Mohe Clan able to operate such big tray. Is interested in playing one?” The Mu Chen side, has laughter together to resound suddenly, turning the head that his both eyes narrow, is saw together familiar person's shadow be with smile on the face is looking at him, unexpectedly is Mohe You. As Overlord on Mohe Continent, Mu Chen evidently in the earliest possible time of entering a city, the whereabouts was grasped by the Ancient Mohe Clan person. Mu Chen is staring at Mohe You, [say / way] that ponders: What's wrong? Has can also get rid to here? Your Ancient Mohe Clan did not have the confidence a point.” Mohe You shook the head, said: Has the confidence, only does not want the accident, but you could rest assured that that only one type eliminates the method, if this troublesome could not be solved continually, that has not participated in the qualifications of Eternal Gathering.”

Mu Feng mouth corner raises wipes the mock, said: Eternal Gathering is Immortal Great Emperor establishes, may not have this extra elimination.” Mohe You shows a faint smile, said: Our Ancient Mohe Clan takes care of Eternal Immortal Body these many years, it is our Ancient Mohe Clan relic, for it, makes anything not to be strange.” Mu Chen shook the head, said: Immortal Great Emperor should will question that he initially chose your visions.” [Say / Way] that Mohe You does not care about: When so long as our Ancient Mohe Clan became the Eternal Immortal Body new host, even if Immortal Great Emperor, unable took back it.” His both eyes, are staring at Mu Chen, [say / way] slowly: Mu Chen, if your able gives up competing for Eternal Immortal Body, our Ancient Mohe Clan, will give your enough compensation.” This is not so-called does not have the confidence, only to tell you, our Ancient Mohe Clan, will not permit other people to get a share of the action Eternal Immortal Body absolutely...” How?” Hears some Mohe You that soft and hard all words, in Mu Chen that jet black both eyes , has the sharp color to condense, he has not replied Mohe You, the only sleeve robe shakes, Cosmos Bracelet then fell before the beautiful appearance maidservant under that crystal wall. billion Sovereign elixir, presses me to win.” In that numerous astonished vision, Mu Chen has not paid attention to Mohe You again, turns around is then going to the distant place. Mohe You look faint looks at Mu Chen to go far away silhouette that shook the head, mutters: If not looks in your mother's share, which also with your many idle talk... indeed an idiot of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth.” Since you insist on courting death, that also can only help you.”