The Great Ruler - Volume 16 - Chapter 1536
Chapter 1524 Another two original Body Skill...” The Mu Chen sound spreads in the main hall, audiences Heavenly Sovereign is complexion is complex, this condition, even if in this time, is appears so frightening. In present Great Thousand World, only five original Body Skill, each is rare and formidable, why before this is also , Mu Chen has taken Eternal Immortal Body after Ancient Mohe Clan, Mohe Tian will be crazy even does not hesitate to make war. However now, besides Eternal Immortal Body, Mu Chen also wants to obtain two Sovereign Body Skill again, this makes the person suck the tongue unavoidably. Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor have also looked at each other one, has hesitated the moment, then looks at the vision to other four big Ancient Clan Patriarch or Great Elder besides Mohe Tian, after all other four original Body Skill, all are the preservation in these four big Ancient Clan. But is facing Flame Emperor, the Martial Ancestor vision, besides Qing Yanjing, other three clans is vision a little glittering, after all original Body Skill was extremely important, importantly to linking their unable easily start to talk situation. The awkward silence, spreads in the main hall. My Ancient Buddha Clan is willing my clanEndless Light Body takes. ” When this awkward atmosphere, Qing Yanjing start to talk, although she is Ancient Buddha Clan Great Elder, but if related to Endless Light Body, that must need Elder Courtyard all agreeing, but the present is the Great Thousand World life and death, if can not resist next five years later Heavenly Fiend God, then Ancient Buddha Clan will also exterminate the clan, when the time comes is keeping this original Body Skill spatially, there is what using? Naturally, what is more important, but Mu Chen her son, she naturally will overcome all difficulties, support. Hears the Qing Yanjing words, other three clans have smiled bitterly, this Mu Chen is your son, is Ancient Buddha Clan current Patriarch, righteousness that you support certainly. Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor slightly nod, second original Body Skill had actually, such words only missed one. Exalted Nether Old Ancestor, black day Patriarch, as well as that Huang Qiu Patriarch is complexion worries, but start to talk, obviously has not waited for others to speak. In they refuse to budge, Luo Li glances the circulation, the pupil of clear looks to Exalted Nether Old Ancestor, shows a faint smile, said: Too deep Elder.” Hears Luo Li to speak, the Exalted Nether Old Ancestor body then shakes, raise one's head to her awkward smiling. Luo Li does not pay attention, only said in a soft voice: „Am I the Ancient Exalted Spirit Clan saintess, the should also part of decision-making power of?” Exalted Nether Old Ancestor nods, the forced smile said: Saintess position with Patriarch, naturally has a large part of decision-making power.” Exalted Spirit Saint Body is my Ancient Exalted Spirit Clan most precious object, the Elder heart has hesitant is also is really should... only Luo Li actually wants to ask that Elder, Ancient Exalted Spirit Clan did not have, leaves behind Exalted Spirit Saint Body to be useful?” The Luo Li sound is gentle, but that the meaning of contain, is makes the Exalted Nether Old Ancestor cheek one tight.

If no in the third list the appearance, five years later, the Great Thousand World destruction, Ancient Exalted Spirit Clan, bears the brunt inevitably. Exalted Nether Old Ancestor silent long time, finally smiles bitterly is sighing, said: What saintess said that so time, if the respective conceal, is also waiting for the extermination of the clan.” He gained ground, the vision looks to Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor as well as Mu Chen, the sinking sound track: Such being the case, my Ancient Exalted Spirit Clan, gave Little Friend Mu Chen Exalted Spirit Saint Body.” Many thanks too deep Elder.” Mu Chen austere allows to hold the fist in the other hand. Nearby black day Patriarch as well as Huang Qiu Patriarch saw that Exalted Nether Old Ancestor is willing to give Mu Chen Exalted Spirit Saint Body, actually many several points of awkwardness, after all Mu Chen behavior, is this Great Thousand World innumerable lives. If also needs, my two clans may also contribute original Body Skill.” although their this said the flavor of somewhat belated action, but Mu Chen also smiled to them, expressed gratitude. This Three Great original Body Skill collection in one, but never has the matter, you may be not disappointing.” That Mohe Tian saw this, the eyeball envies somewhat to be red, [say / way] that could not bear. Mu Chen lightly smiles, said: I will do utmost, consequence that because I am defeated very much clearly.” The whisper of Mohe Tian pantothenic acid, had not said anything again, his although envy, but also obtains the clear weight, present Mu Chen, without doubt is became Great Thousand World final Hopefully. From the general situation, he naturally is also Hopefully Mu Chen able succeeds. Since problem solves of two original Body Skill.” Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor are also lightly nodded, said: „Then we must consider, how can in five years, making you break through to Saint Level.” In the main hall, audiences Heavenly Sovereign is brow wrinkled, this time Mu Chen, is Immortal Level Middle Phase, same, even if the talent extremely good person, wants to break through Saint Level in five years from Immortal Level Middle Phase, is not an easy matter. Among this, is needing the greatest chance. In the people hesitate, that Undying Lord old face lifts, is looking at Mu Chen, the sound hoarse [say / way]: Five years of words, by the King Mu talent, if has again outside helps, pours is not impossible...” The audiences Heavenly Sovereign vision is projection comes. What kind outside helps?” Undying Lord look somewhat sighed that he stretches out the finger, aimed at outside Northern Desolate Hill, lightly smiled said: „The antiquity age, Immortal Great Emperor and Heavenly Fiend God fight a decisive battle, finally took the life as price seal Heavenly Fiend God.”

„The Great Emperor has built Eternal Immortal Body, is fleshly body is immortal, even if the Great Emperor vitality exhausts, but fleshly body as before maintained.” Meanwhile, Great Emperor lifetime cultivation Spiritual Energy, exists in immortal fleshly body, that Spiritual Energy is vast, I and others will be called... Great Emperor blessings left by predecessors.” The Undying Lord voice falls, in main hall in an uproar, audiences Heavenly Sovereign all was in the eye reappears immediately has wiped the earnest color, that was Immortal Great Emperor lifetime Spiritual Energy, even if were consumed much in the years, but as before was an extremely huge strength, if able absorbed built up, perhaps also really had the possibility to promote Saint Level oneself. But, Spiritual Energy of Great Emperor within the body, contain immortal meaning, other people radically unable absorbed least bit, but forcefully is, instead can by backlash...” But then Undying Lord a few words, extinguishes the earnest all pouring in people eyes. Undying Lord smiles to Mu Chen temperately, said: Therefore , only had to build Eternal Immortal Body, just now able received this together Great Emperor blessings left by predecessors.” He He, said that this together Great Emperor blessings left by predecessors, the book leaves King Mu, now is the best opportunity.” In the main hall audiences Heavenly Sovereign all secretly sucks the tongue, that looks to the Mu Chen vision, has some envy that cannot bear, this fellow, may indeed the Great Thousand World best chance, embrace itself on today completely. This may the indeed current situation make hero...” In the audiences Heavenly Sovereign heart sighed one, if in the common time, were only that two original Body Skill, perhaps was not able easily handles, let alone again added on a Great Emperor blessings left by predecessors. However they have to be convinced, because of this time, only has the Mu Chen having courage quantity, dares to take on this to relate the entire Great Thousand World life or death heavy burden. This point, even if Qin Tian and other Saint Level Late Phase, before does not dare accepting easily. To wear the royal crown, must receive heavily its. When is enjoying these top chances, that must shoulder the responsibility that its brings. Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor saw that these two conditions were satisfied, is relaxing of feeling relieved, then their vision goes to Mu Chen, complexion [say / way] with deep veneration: Your condition has satisfied, then following, must depend on you.” The Mu Chen look is sharp, just likes sharp sword same of sheath, he nods gently, said: I will do utmost.” Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor nods, then stands up, the tyrannical oppression covers, their complexion appear extremely cold, said: In the following these time, our anything will not do.” From now on, announces the extinguishing world plan of Heavenly Fiend God, and gathers Great Thousand World all strengths, starts to declare war to Foreign Fiends.” Since Heavenly Fiend God wants to have five years of recovery times, we make him not probably be peaceful in a minute, I and Martial Ancestor can lock his position frequently, compels him and my two people fights, delays the time that he restores!”

In the main hall, Heavenly Sovereign silhouette stand up, complexion fills swiftly and fiercely with murdering, since this Foreign Fiends wants to put in the deathtrap their Great Thousand World, then, they also can only with its thorough wrestled by the fate. In Great Thousand Palace, the atmosphere withers. Mu Chen also receives this atmosphere infection, stands up, complexion solemn and respectful stern. The Flame Emperor Martial Ancestor two people of vision look to him, then smiles, said: „The following war, you actually do not need to participate, in the five years the time, you must keep Northern Desolate Hill, receives the Great Emperor blessings left by predecessors, builds another two original Body Skill, steps into Saint Level, finally becomes in that list...” Only then this, when aspect to worst, our Great Thousand World, some some strength of contending.” The Mu Chen although somewhat regret cannot participate in this great counter offensive, but he also understands that his here is the most important part, immediately lightly nodded. The Flame Emperor Martial Ancestor vision changes audiences Heavenly Sovereign, the sinking sound gets up. For the time being respective return to clan, two months later, convenes all strengths, gets together in the Great Thousand World border, counter-attacks Demon Territory!” Yes!” In the main hall, audiences Heavenly Sovereign simultaneously should drink, shakes the palace to shiver, the next quarter, light image then shot up to the sky together, ran out of Northern Desolate Hill, vanished in the horizon. Flame Emperor, Martial Ancestor looks at silhouette that numerous Heavenly Sovereign are departing, complexion is piece of cold Su. Because they understand, from here biography information, definitely will cause entire Great Thousand World vibrates. Peace of Great Thousand World, will not exist. ... ...