The Great Ruler - Volume 3 - Chapter 226
The 2nd date early morning, Mu Chen was then ready and waiting, before that pavilion, the young girl was slim and graceful, the glass-like(Liuli) pupil tranquil visits him like the water, last night Mu Chen this secondary they had completed the mission matter and Luo Li along with Su Xuan said that although regarding must separate some time, the young girl was somewhat does not abandon slightly, but after all has not stopped Mu Chen, but she was also just right able to calm the mind cultivation while these days well. I walked first.” Mu Chen approaches the young girl, said with a smile. Um, careful.” Luo Li nods gently, small hands was Mu Chen reorganized the clothing, that mild-mannered appearance, actually just liked young wife same, looked in the Mu Chen eye full is the soft color. I not, your cultivation should not be absorbed, although cultivation if unable to move forward , one will inevitably lag behind, but cannot refrain from speaking the self-torture of making an effort, otherwise is instead disadvantageous to cultivation.” Mu Chen stern [say / way]. I know.” Luo Li small head molecule. Mu Chen sees that also no longer wordy, beckoned with the hand, figure moves, then in the vision of Luo Li staring, changes into light image to plunder to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy interior direction. Mu Chen passed over gently and swiftly from Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy sky over, after ten several minutes, then saw hid a lake in cover forest, then figure moved, fell. When Mu Chen falls small island, discovers besides Su Xuan, Su Ling'er, but also has other two unfamiliar silhouette. These two silhouette, a man and a woman, male stature unusual tall and robust, just likes orangutan same, an arbitrary constriction on vision to the person, his eyebrow is quite thick, the appearance is resolute. On face is having frank smiling face, that smiling face, is entirely different from He Yao that smiling face, Mu Chen looked. Was raised to him some good feelings. But that female, then wears the tight-fitting cultivation clothing/taking, her stature tall, moreover quite plentiful. By the package of that cultivation clothing/taking , the sexy curve of that together exaggeration, being made person eyes somewhat straighten, the line of sight uppers shift, is sees that cold like ices frost charming face, a long hair of natural volume, is passing charming, because actually incorruptible on that charming face. Perhaps this female although is inferior to Su Xuan by the appearance only. But this irritable stature. Lets her and Su Xuan sufficiently struggles colorful. Mu Chen sees these two. In the heart then understands, wants to come their should is this line of another two companions, Guo Xiong as well as Li Qing. Su Xuan sees Mu Chen to catch up. Also shows a faint smile, then pointed at two to introduce. That result naturally does not leave Mu Chen expects. This is our last companion, Mu Chen, although his also only freshmen, but may other underestimate he.” Su Xuan is pointing at Mu Chen, introduced to that Li Qing two people.

Heard Mu Chen this name, Guo Xiong looks immediately to Mu Chen, that charming face time covered entirely in the incorruptible Li Qing eye also to pass over gently and swiftly has wiped surprising color, was sizing up Mu Chen. Ha Ha, were you that have met Li Xuantong three moves of Mu Chen? Has not thought seems emaciated, can make such matter of man unexpectedly.” That Guo Xiong said with a smile, his voice was enormous, the sound like lightning-like, shook the Mu Chen ear to shake shaking. Mu Chen smiles helplessly. Since you are Su Xuan look, that strength naturally is great, this mission, we were the companions, Hopefully can trust the help mutually.” Guo Xiong smiling face frank [say / way]. That trouble Senior Guo Xiong looked.” Mu Chen also slightly has the favorable impression to this voice enormous robust man, immediately smiled, he can feel, present Guo Xiong strength is not indeed weak, compared with common Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase tyrannical extremely numerous, looks at that fluctuation, wants to come this Guo Xiong and Li Qing should is half treadons into Heavenly Transformation Stage strength, is Quasi-Heavenly Transformation Stage, only needs the chance to arrive, sufficiently becomes true Heavenly Transformation Stage, this strength in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, was extremely good. The tour of here mission, superficially, Mu Chen strength obviously is lowest, Heavenly Fusion Stage Initial Phase strength, and cannot be regarded splendidly, even including Su Ling'er already official has stepped into Heavenly Fusion Stage Late Phase, but Guo Xiong and the others but actually not, therefore belittles in him, some time past Mu Chen and Li Xuantong that Pact of Three Moves, their although has not seen personally, but that hearing, makes them feel sufficiently surprised. Who Li Xuantong is, that is the Heaven Ranking second super fierce person, although they are also having 20 many ranks, but they are actually clear, this strength and Li Xuantong missed far, the Li Xuantong three moves, traded to make their words, really uncertain able following. Time was up, we also prepare to leave.” Su Xuan shows a faint smile, said: As for this mission further information, on the road I will relate in detail.” Mu Chen, Guo Xiong, Li Qing and the others also nod, expressed unobjectionable. Walks.” Su Xuan sees that also no longer said that the tender body moves, is plundering to go to the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy surrounding illness, Mu Chen and the others saw that also follows immediately. After arriving at Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Mu Chen has not exited, therefore is appears extreme unfamiliar regarding all these, can only follow Su Xuan they to lead the way, in this grazes, he also for the first time felt vast of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the illness has plundered for several hours, they just now saw the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy boundary, approached here, just now able discovered that above the sky, world spiritual aura fluctuation somewhat was unusual, Mu Chen carefully looked that was realizes, of that day on spatial, the cloud layer surged, in that cloud layer, indistinct able realized that some unusual fluctuations, that was the fluctuation of Spiritual Array. That Spiritual Array fluctuation, vastly like sea, obscure complex incomparable, the Mu Chen light looked that complexion then a little changes, felt Spiritual Energy in within the body is a little disorder sign, suppresses hurriedly.

Here is in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy encircles with the intersection point of surrounding, has to protect the institute Spiritual Array protection, exits easily, the words that but comes, must obtain institute to direct to be able in Northern Heavens City to enter, otherwise, will intrude carelessly will then encounter protects the institute Spiritual Array bang to kill.” Su Xuan sees Mu Chen to look at the sky, the chuckle is answering. Northern Heavens City?” Mu Chen nods, at once is the [say / way] of doubts. That is the giant city of our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy surrounding, in entire Northern Heavens Continent extremely famous, is Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy guards the first layer protection outside institute.” „The earthen mound of White Dragon our trip of institutes are , the middle situated in Northern Heavens Continent, with Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, should on three days of distances, we later then directly overtakes.” Su Xuan looks to Mu Chen, said: Mu Chen, you are the first time Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, therefore must know the situations on some Northern Heavens Continent.” Mu Chen nods, in eye the color of somewhat being interested. Northern Heavens Continent extremely vast, our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is situated in the continent center, is on Northern Heavens Continent the most formidable influence.” The Su Xuan sound is gentle, just likes the running water has delimited in the hearts: Do not think like this lets our these Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy walk outside to train the time on able will be problem-free.” Northern Heavens Continent latent talent, the influence just likes the stars, Dragon Snake is promiscuous, does not know that hid many formidable character, but Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy also has the custom, generally in the Northern Heavens Continent to train student, can only depend upon itself, only if died, otherwise, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will not meddle.” Naturally, this did not mean but actually Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will ignore the death of student, once there is a student dead, they will investigate thoroughly immediately, once found out the murderer, will issue a warrant for arrest in the mission form, must ascend the sky its pursuit enters roadless does not have the gate.” Even but if is so, every year has some students as before Northern Heavens Continent to train because of various reason bitter experience mishaps, perhaps in them, some Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy able is it revenges, but has many as before, can only die in vain.” Here, Su Xuan that gentle charming face was also becomes serious, said: Therefore, when Northern Heavens Continent to train, must add carefully, if Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is our ivory towers, then here, is the true to train execution ground, has carelessly, then the poor life slightly does not guarantee.” Mu Chen slightly nod, trod Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, no longer received there rule limit, but same, received that asylum on unable again, wanted to survive, wants to mix in Northern Heavens Continent enjoys the sight and sound of the wind whipping up the water, must look at own ability. This Northern Heavens Continent latent talent, although Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is the strongest influence, but Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy has not dominated Northern Heavens Continent, perhaps this does not tally with their original intentions, they are primarily after all training the student, from some angle, they even needs the Northern Heavens Continent the disregarding another's feelings to train field, because they know, only knows relieved cultivation the old good student in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, does not have the means absolutely becomes the genuine powerhouse.

Only has that type the person who experienced innumerable blood fire to train, able tempers the most tenacious disposition, on cultivation that path, marches forward courageously, not retreat. But perhaps many influences are to know this point, even if the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy potential is big, but they still do not have too many fearing, because of this, will have many young students to bury the bone every year above this piece of continent Mu Chen gradual restraining has an intention fluctuates, face temperate smiling face on outstanding ability, unconscious restraining slightly, but along with this smiling face collects, his whole piece face, unexpectedly as if became profound. That feeling, just likes hideaway for a long time has revealed toweringly. Once Blood Calamity, has raised a youth of disaster in that Spiritual Road, put down that many restraint in this time may finally, in this Northern Heavens Continent, did not have wariness is using the method. His change extremely slight, but by Su Xuan, Guo Xiong, Li Qing they were realized as before, immediately in their eyes passed over gently and swiftly has wiped the astonished color, Mu Chen gives their feeling at this time, the root just did not come out to carry on to train freshmen like one from Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, instead was more like these experienced long-time to train, but appeared the experienced expert, no, perhaps even linked some experts, did not have that as if knife point look. This Mu Chen, is not simple.” In their hearts passed over gently and swiftly the same words, at once Su Xuan shows a faint smile, the white hands wield. Walks, catches up to the earthen mound of White Dragon.” ( today three, made up yesterday. Asked the monthly ticket, finally less than two days double, thanked politely everybody!)