The Great Ruler - Volume 4 - Chapter 305
Chapter 306 The dark stone with passing over gently and swiftly of sword light, cuns (2.5cm) cracked, under that black, the clear light diffusion sent, dazzling. So mutation, Wang Tong, An Ran (safely) their lines of sight attracted, their astonished looks is looking at this, no one has thought that this seems like common Tempering Divine Stone inside, actually also has the universe. Luo Li stretches out small hands, gently these broken black stone chip peelings, but along with falling of stone chip, a crystal of roughly thumb size then appeared in Mu Chen in their line of sight. This crystal does not have what regular, glittering and translucent carving, just likes thorough diamond stone, just in that just likes has the liquid to past, seems extremely mysterious. although this crystal is minimum, but Mu Chen they are actually able felt contain huge energy. What is this?” Wang Tong they are dumbfounded. This is Tempering Divine Crystal.” Luo Li shows a faint smile, said: One type the material that refines Divine Artifact to need, extremely rare and precious, wants to come unable to buy in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy Spiritual Values Hall.” Mu Chen their does simultaneously change countenance, refines the material that Divine Artifact needs? Divine Artifact this type has the understanding to live greedy thing including Sovereign, they may never see, does not know that their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy does have? This Tempering Divine Crystal was too small, but also insufficiently is used to refine Divine Artifact by far, otherwise, its value extremely will be fearful.” Luo Li said in a soft voice. Mu Chen nods, able refines the Divine Artifact material, regarding many powerhouse hearing this, is having the fatal enticement. This time picked up a bargain actually.” Mu Chen smiles, if not Luo Li. He will miss this Tempering Divine Crystal, because of by his ability, the root is impossible to discover that deeply hides in the god crystal, naturally. Has this ability, in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy student, except for Luo Li, should will not have other person of able to accomplish. Luo Li chuckle. Then receives that Tempering Divine Crystal, she needs to look for a time to untie Luoshen Sword first seal, in that case, she also will be having extremely fearful trump card. Walks, makes the best use of the time to seek for the rallying point, present we, are poor, but also has been in the debt.” [Say / Way] that Mu Chen smiles. Luo Li somewhat apology looks to Mu Chen, she naturally is knows that Mu Chen took to buy this Tempering Divine Stone all Spiritual Light. These two day harvest. The base invested. You have such look again. That do not blame me to pull out board.” The Mu Chen wrinkled brow, he does not like seeing Luo Li to obtain with him such clearly. Luo Li smiles, that beautiful smiling face. They look including nearby An Ran (safely) is a little dizzy. Wang Tong, seeks for the rallying point the matter. Troubles you, harvest equal division.” Mu Chen looks to Wang Tong, their information extremely feet, if able provides, their harvest big extremely.

„The rallying point of this piece of region should dangerous rank, there has not known that has Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase Spirit General, but Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spirit General will not be perhaps few, words that eats, may be a little troublesome.” Wang Tong has hesitated, said. Dangerous rank Mu Chen both eyes narrow the eyes, but also does not need to speak, nearby Luo Li is the smile makes noise, said: That goes to there.” Mu Chen a little surprise looked at Luo Li one, at once cannot bear smiles, said: What's wrong? Goddess cannot bear can get rid?” Since has entered the hunting field, Luo Li continuously only peaceful following in Mu Chen behind, as if this is suitable satisfaction, the situation of even continually getting rid of are extremely also few, but looks at present this appearance, she as if must get rid on own initiative. You, for I have been in the debt, I cannot certainly goof off.” Luo Li smart-alecky smiles, clear glass-like eyes supple is staring at Mu Chen. Good, that directly goes!” Mu Chen laughs, from entering Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy starts, Luo Li extremely little exposes her real strength, but Mu Chen actually knows, when if she thorough begins really earnestly, his perhaps uncertain able exceeds her. Wang Tong sees that is also a little surprised looks at Luo Li, they did not know about Luo Li real strength same, but listens to the Mu Chen words, as if latter also extremely fierce In their eyes passed over gently and swiftly some colors of suspicion, but after all has not said anything, leads the way before directly, this matter, wants to come Mu Chen should not to crack a joke But their suspicions, after several double-hour, finally is all vanishing into thin air, that looks to the Luo Li eye, had a point with amazement as well as the awe. That is piece of huge mountain valley, this time Luo Li black longsword is sheathing slowly, that formerly heaven startling moved sword qi all restraining, in her front, has one is thousand zhang (3.33 m) deep gully, that gully smooth like mirror, the spread to a mountain peak, then that mountain peak also has divided into two. This is the result by a Luo Li sword. But was cut broken under that sword, but also has five strength in Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spirit General. They almost do not have slight resist, then in that just likes under black comet sword qi, shattered goes. That sword, is swift and fierce root can not resist. When Luo Li receives the sword stands, that another direction, White Tiger look up to the sky cries loud and long, black pagoda suppression, in everything may become vulnerable, four Hu Tianjing Middle Phase Spirit General, went by blast. There, a youth of outstanding ability, landing slowly. terrifying lovers files

Wang Tong their dumbfounded is looking at their this accomplishment, a deep sigh that cannot bear, nine Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spirit General, then like this by their ending oppressive. If trades to be their three brothers, perhaps was already expelled the distressed mouse to flee. This time they just now felt that they have how silly, wants Luo Li to seize unexpectedly some time past, if that time Luo Li also got rid they to look in the ground that giant sword mark, simultaneously has hit a shabbiness. Was a pity that has not met Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase Spirit General.” Luo Li somewhat regrettable shook head , this rallying point is the lineup was actually good, was a pity that under she and Mu Chen simultaneously gets rid, these Spirit General obviously and unable stops them. Was good, this rallying point adds almost ten Heavenly Transformation Stage Middle Phase Spirit General, this lineup, was considered as is the rallying point of dangerous rank, this Wang Tong was actually reasonable.” Mu Chen slightly feels actually satisfied, the small rallying point that they brought that he who gets rid to be disinclined compared with couple of days ago Wang Tong, the present these, are harvest very much. The Wang Tong three brothers in one side awkward smiling, said hastily: Relax, waited for tomorrow to that region, you can understand that anything was called the extremely dangerous rank the rallying point, if can be smooth, our harvests, will make all people be jealous!” Mu Chen also looks at the line of sight to the northwest direction, in the eye the color of somewhat anticipation, rallying point does there of extremely dangerous rank, have existence of Spirit King? Heavenly Completion Stage Spirit King. indeed wants to try very much, actually to have fiercely how. In the Mu Chen eye, resembling has the flame in combustion same, fills fighting intent as well as the curiosity. Next day. Still when was early morning, Mu Chen one line of squads then stopped the recuperation, then arrived at extreme speed activate, was catching up to go to the northwest direction illness, according to their speeds, will approach soon after that piece to seek for two day time also to be the rallying point of extremely dangerous rank. When Mu Chen they are hurrying to that direction, they are also able realize, in remote place, indistinct is also has some Spiritual Energy fluctuations to transmit. They look at each other one, really to that region, is not only they, but does not know that actually to have the teams of many force, has locked there. It seems like that this region, becomes extremely lively. Mu Chen they start to accelerate, so one after roughly double-hour, their speeds are to then start to slow down, because in that front, the plain started to present the fault, that was deeply does not see the fault region that the bottom the abyss formed by, after that fault region, was a light beam world. There light beam, has almost covered the color between world, that is light beam that Spiritual Energy condenses to form, looks from afar that is similar to is piece of Spiritual Light sea, the root cannot see end.

Mu Chen their suspension sky, dumbfounded looks at that to spread to the line of sight end Spiritual Light sea, indistinct, their able sees, there, the countless spirit soldiers paces back and forth. Here, is almost one piece belongs to the state of spirit soldier! The Mu Chen line of sight is staring at that deep place, there line of sight has not been possible, but is indistinct, he is able realized that links the fluctuation of his a little palpitation. This region, is not simple, no wonder able evaluates the extremely dangerous rank the rallying point. „The how terrifying rallying point Wang Tong they were shocked the unable spoken language, but along with, even if is frantic, if able here Spiritual Light collection, their Spiritual Light Empowerment, effect good to what degree? Perhaps their able attacks Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase directly! Mu Chen gradual sobers, his line of sight looks to other direction, these places, have rapid wind breaking to resound, distant able sees some silhouette to be hanging and vertical. The increasing number of people arrived here, moreover these major people many are not a weakling, the person who after all dares to hit the extremely dangerous rank rallying point, does not have a matter, does not dare to come. Mu Chen and Luo Li have looked at each other one, it seems like wants to hunt for that only Spirit King, was not the simple matter, here, indeed had lively looks. ( Third! Sorry, late more than 20 minutes. Today will continue three, but also owes two, I will return in the two days completely, look at everybody to contain. Moreover also asked a monthly ticket, although has not erupted, but also only was making up, but Hopefully everybody able supported The Great Ruler, extremely thanked!!!!!)