The Great Ruler - Volume 4 - Chapter 373
The entire Western Desolate City atmosphere as if coagulated in this time. That line of sight is having the thick astonished color, is looking at that on horizon, after the moment, mouth corner cannot bear, this result, obviously in their unexpected. In the sky, Mu Chen flies high to stand, his upper body clothing shattered, some bloodstains are reappearing, has the black thunder to beat on his body, at this time his face appears especially cold, the look like the blade, looks at Wu Jia that he that face is becoming flushed at present. His palm just likes pincers same locks in latter's throat, palm Spiritual Energy surges, only needs slightly activate, can shake the Wu Jia throat. Wu Jia complexion is pale, in the eye also remains some difficult to believe that wants to come also not from formerly Mu Chen arbitrary to break array, and in the reality that routs him thoroughly recovers. Wu Jia strength, same has achieved Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase, but he has not thought that after once his Spiritual Array Mu Chen breaks, he unexpectedly will defeat such quickly. Battle efficiency that Mu Chen displays, has surpassed his surface strength obviously by far. In city the startled noise that peaceful quick was erupted breaks, that in an uproar, when is defeated Shen Cangsheng is more intense, because of this, was too unexpected. Who can think that is Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master Wu Jia, will defeat in strength unexpectedly merely is in the Mu Chen hand of Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase. Actually interesting.” That blue robe man also shows a faint smile, the vision looked at Mu Chen one unusually, this youth looks like is also the method of somewhat hideaway, no wonder dares to get rid in this situation. to beat Wu Jia, they did not have the stratagem which ensures success as before.” He muttered, now Shen Cangsheng has been defeated, but Mo Longzi will also set aside the hand, was facing this including the super ruthless person who Shen Cangsheng could not block, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Almost no one able contends with 12 with it again. This time aspect, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy completely dropped the wind, even if Mu Chen wins, but also difficult shakes the aspect, after all, Mo Longzi is not Wu Jia may compare. Su Xuan, He Yao they are also because Mu Chen this time achievement pleasantly surprised, but the quick look is serious gets up, wants to come understands at this time the difficulty of aspect. If Shen Cangsheng also has the strength of again war, collaborates Mu Chen, pours to be able with Mo Longzi to contend, but now, Shen Cangsheng already severe wound... But that side Li Xuantong and Luo Li. although also got the winning side, but the opposite party they also in the entanglement of going all out, making them suddenly unable withdraw. But perhaps in this time, Mo Longzi also will rout Mu Chen. On horizon, Mu Chen look coldly indifferent looked at one by Wu Jia of uniform, then has turned the head, looks to another piece of direction. When he when seeing that whole body bloodstain, aura dispirited Shen Cangsheng, in the heart also sinks, Shen Cangsheng is really not the Mo Longzi match. He He. Pours indeed to surprise people.” The vision of Mo Longzi that surprise also stayed in this time on Mu Chen slightly, at once lightly smiled said: After all was late.” . Su Xuan of distant place, He Yao they plunder, falls to Shen Cangsheng side. Protects it in behind, vigilant is staring at Mo Longzi.

Mu Chen looked at Luo Li and Li Xuantong battlefield. At this time latter they are also realized that here situation, the offensive suddenly becomes fierce, tries the rapid end fight to aid Mu Chen. However that Mu Gu and Gui Xiong after all are not a weakling, at this time was to also become very ruthless gets up, incurs a move of fatal offensive to sweep across, going all out was towing them. The Mu Chen eye glow dodges, at once backhands a palm to retake above the Wu Jia chest again, the latter a blood spouts immediately, the whole body Spiritual Energy fluctuation dispirited gets down, obviously caused heavy losses. After abolishes this Wu Jia battle efficiency, Mu Chen lost it to Su Xuan and the others, then gained ground, look cold stared at Mo Longzi, the whole body is having the boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation to ripple once again. You are not my match.” Is facing the Mu Chen like that vision, Mo Longzi is actually lightly smiles, said. Mu Chen unemotionally, has not responded, only that look, is as before cold. indeed weary fellow.” Mo Longzi muttered, that look deep place, has fierce killing intent to well up, this time matter, this youth always makes him plan the good matter to present the accident at present, this command his extreme disgusting. I now, very much want to give to kill you...” Dreadful malignant influences, with boundless tyrannical Spiritual Energy, overwhelming sweeps across from Mo Longzi within the body, is covering to go to Mu Chen, the next instant, his figure moves, suddenly attack. Mu Chen, be careful!” Su Xuan they call out in alarm hurriedly, this Mo Longzi really very ruthless, directly began. Rustling! The Mo Longzi speed is extremely fast, under dodges, then appeared when the Mu Chen front, but when he will be soon cut-throat a palm laid out, sees only the Mu Chen whole body unexpectedly has dragon image to reappear, light beam dodged, was suddenly retreats left the Mo Longzi attack range. This is... Soaring Dragon Technique?” Looks on the Mu Chen body to flash before, but dragon image, that Mo Longzi look is actually one startled, at once in his eyes passed over gently and swiftly the color of gloomy, said: It seems like you obtained many advantage in White Dragon Sovereign Spirit Treasury, linked his Soaring Dragon Technique to learn unexpectedly.” White Dragon Sovereign also once was one of Demonic Dragon Palace topmost levels, therefore regarding his giving up study, Mo Longzi also knew, this Soaring Dragon Technique was quite fierce Movement Divine Art, once cultivation utmost became the situation, was almost able body Divine Dragon, the shuttle space escapes, even if were the Sovereign powerhouse, difficult stopped, in the past White Dragon Sovereign revolted Demonic Dragon Palace, Demonic Dragon Palace used fully, ran away by him finally, is this Soaring Dragon Technique that relies on. although Mu Chen cultivation Soaring Dragon Technique also stays in now most primary dragon image stage, but that speed, already rapidness extremely, quite thorny. Mu Chen whole body dragon image reappears, making his body just like wisp of blue mist, he is staring at Mo Longzi, in the heart full is the alert, present he, requires multi- protracted time some as far as possible.

Once drags to Luo Li or the Li Xuantong end fight, he will be more relaxed. However Mo Longzi also pierced his intention obviously, immediately sneered said: Soaring Dragon Technique although is fierce, but you small success stage, but also thinks my do nothing really you?” He one step steps forward, sees only that billowing Spiritual Energy, just liked has camouflaged the horizon, made this day is instantaneously dim. „The cover of Dragon Demon!” grey-black Spiritual Energy. overwhelming covers, just liked has formed a giant light cover, has covered this surrounding area several thousand zhang (3.33 m) range, Mu Chen that also avoiding covering. Roar! Roar! Covering that as that light covers, seems has the fierce dragon roar to spread, Dragon Hou has an unusual charm, made the body of Mu Chen is felt that was heavier. The Mo Longzi look is dense, he stretches out palm, pats suddenly. Drinks cloudy cold and gloomy, resounds through the world: „The hand of Dragon Demon!” Bang! Boundless Spiritual Energy gathered above that day border, changed into a great hand of hundred zhang (333m) huge unexpectedly, above that great hand, was covering entirely black dragon scale. glittering the dreary cold gloss, is just liking the able tearing mountain. That hundred zhang (333m) great hand, the overhead is to Mu Chen racket under maliciously, spreads the sound of grating sonic bang. Mu Chen looks at the shadow that is covering to come, Spiritual Energy surges, changes into starry skies in its behind, in the starry sky. Three colossal condensation forming, are carrying the boundless star light at once, sweeps across. Four Gods Constellation Scripture, White Tiger Divine Seal! Black Tortoise Divine Image! Vermillion Bird Divine Seal! Beast roar roaring horizon. Three huge beast howl, with that dark gray great hand, bumps into directly outrageously! Bang! The sound of heaven startling resounds through, the wild incomparable Spiritual Energy air wave sweeps across to start. Was shaken including Mu Chen departs on the kilometer, within the body vitality seethes slightly. That complexion is piece of serious, only then in truly after this Mo Longzi has fought, just now able knows that his powerful, no wonder cannot block including Shen Cangsheng. Mu Chen raise one's head, is looking at distant place that Spiritual Energy air wave sweeping across place, there, Mo Longzi treadons the Spiritual Energy air wave, loses to behind single-handed, complexion is faint, formerly that type to bumping, regarding him, did not affect.

Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase can keep off my this to strike, indeed is the somewhat skill.” Mo Longzi looked at chest a little fluctuating Mu Chen, the lightly [say / way]. The Mu Chen look is motionless, the palm in sleeve robe actually slightly vibrates, the space of whole body, as if fluctuated. White Dragon Sovereign after all once was our Demonic Dragon Palace person, your present cultivation Soaring Dragon Technique, was relates with our Demonic Dragon Palace somewhat, if you can go to they to give to kill Shen Cangsheng, perhaps my may made you join Demonic Dragon Palace, the future compared in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, did not know on many.” Mo Longzi smiles suddenly, if able hauls in Demonic Dragon Palace Mu Chen, that will fear the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy face countenance to be lost thoroughly completely, this will attack the extremely good means of opposite party actually. Was expelled by Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy just likes the stray cur influence, dares to speak this words?” Saying with a smile of Mu Chen ridicule. Proposes a toast does not eat, you together hang along with their today in this Western Desolate City!” Mo Longzi look one cold, his both palms grasps, sees only billowing Spiritual Energy to condense to come, changes into two huge Demon Dragon in its whole body, at once Demon Dragon roars, is taking away as many things as possible to Mu Chen directly. On the Mu Chen body dragon image reappears, figure suddenly retreats, black pair of eyes, becomes the crystal passes once again, but his both hands also suddenly tie seal in this time. Bang!” Ties the instance of seal in Mu Chen both hands, this sky vibrate in this time, at once countless people are see light beam to bloom, gathering that boundless Spiritual Energy blocks the sky. The time of short counting breaths, huge Spiritual Array reappeared, in that Spiritual Array, two huge incomparable black lotus, the revolution, is releasing one fearful Spiritual Energy fluctuation that slowly made one change countenance. Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array!” Low voice loudly shouted, resounds through from the Mu Chen heart, at once his look ice-cold, a palm lays out, that huge Spiritual Array, then under that in countless people shock the vision revolves. Main hall that blue robe man, on the face also delimited in this time has wiped surprisedly, Spiritual Array of this rank, has achieved the Rank 5 Spiritual Array category, is it possible that present youth, unexpectedly is also Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master? Rank 5 Spiritual Array Master of this age... Blue robe man both eyes narrow the eyes, this youth, is a little not actually simple, but does not know that is facing Mo Longzi, his actually able insists any situation... ( Renewal that catches up in the conference site, today 7 : 00 get out of bed, the person must hang tired.