The Great Ruler - Volume 4 - Chapter 384
Chapter 385 freshmen area. Mu Chen lazy lying down in that small pavilion, both arms pillow in behind the head , look looks in the sky to flutter the white clouds that face on outstanding ability somewhat, but color. Present Mu Chen somewhat headache, but source that has a headache about, naturally is Headmaster Tai Cang gives under him in that one month to break through to the Heavenly Completion Stage target. Now his strength is in Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase, although seems like away Heavenly Completion Stage only has the one pace, but he is actually very clear these step treads to have difficulty how, according to his predict that even if uses full going cultivation, uses various methods, that also at least needs nearly three months of even longer time, to tread this step. But this month, was too short. Mu Chen sat up the body, somewhat has grasped scratching the head worriedly, he knows that Headmaster Tai Cang this was considers for his security, after all was qualified for participating in that Holy Spirit Mountain person, almost completely was in Northern Heavens Continent young one generation top existence, some people were even stronger than Mo Longzi, if participated by this Heavenly Transformation Stage Late Phase strength, even if he were having many methods, perhaps as before was more unfortunate than fortunate. Does not have the means that can only find the person to help.” Mu Chen helpless shrugging, he gains ground at once, looks to the lonesome and quiet mountain peak of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy deep place, there is Ling Xi place. In this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Elder that Mu Chen knows are not many, Ling Xi is one of them, moreover their although understanding time does not calculate is particularly long, but why does not know, the Mu Chen heart of hearts always has feeling of the extremely inexplicable trust to Ling Xi, as if no matter what, Ling Xi will not make to injure his matter. Sometimes this feeling, cannot feel the brains including Mu Chen, but is faint, he has a feeling. This seems to be related with his mother. Ling Xi there, has his mother's picture scroll, this showed sufficiently her should has some relations with his mother, but actually as for is what relations, he is unable to guess. although Mu Chen does not know that Ling Xi does have the means to help him, but at this time , can only refuse to abandon hope. Thinks of here, Mu Chen also no longer hesitant, figure plunders the midair. Directly soars the lonesome and quiet mountain peak of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy deep place to go, for serveral days Luo Li started to enter in that rigid cultivation, actually Mu Chen drying in the sun, having made him slightly feel the hidden bitterness. Mu Chen figure, falls above that lonesome and quiet mountain peak. The pure front gate when its falling, that shuts tightly, opened quietly, was not similar to like that shut tightly again in the past. Mu Chen smiled, entered garden, then saw that sat on the stair before bamboo room, a white skirt such as the beautiful beautiful woman of snow. This time Ling Xi, the white hands are holding the fragrant cheek, slender jade-like finger is holding appreciatively wisp of black hair, that nimble and resourceful pupil. When Mu Chen comes, then stays on his body. Present she, on shining white cheeks, not that coldly indifferent cold air of past. charming face that is gentle, without doubt was more some moving feelings. You return to the institute these many days not to come. Now suddenly looks, has the matter?” The Ling Xi lightly [say / way], the sound is clear, just likes the sound of glen, extremely of pleasant to hear. Mu Chen awkward smiles, walks up, said: Because before has been injured, therefore in healing from a wound...” Ling Xi nods gently, did not have to say again.

Mu Chen a little not too custom silence, with a smile breaks, said: Was right, but also before must many thanks you, gives my to curl Array Diagram, this time has helped my busy actually.” Um.” Ling Xi nods, slender jade-like finger is twining the black hair, whatever at once it spreads to disperse, lets fall from the full front, beautiful eyes static looks to Mu Chen. The latter clearly has the matter to look her. Is looked by her like this, Mu Chen a little was not quite actually natural, has taken the head, said: Can help me?” Said.” The Ling Xi slender eyelash winked winking. What means has to make me break through Heavenly Completion Stage in one month?” Mu Chen shrugs, said: Naturally I am refer to that type not having no repercussion.” In does one month break through Heavenly Completion Stage?” Ling Xi is startled, at once slim eyebrows micro pressed, said: Sometimes others cultivation 1-2 years of unable treads this step, can your one month wants to achieve, be too more naive?” Mu Chen smiles bitterly, this is not he finishes in a hast but actually, only Headmaster Tai Cang has only given his these time, no matter can support, he must attempt . Moreover, is not he is arrogant, but is he controls the Heavenly Completion Stage strength to have the confidence to oneself. Ling Xi beautiful eyes is staring at Mu Chen, if other people asks her like this, perhaps she will manage will not manage, but will be facing this time Mu Chen, she will not actually be have the thought that anything will reject. This feeling, making Ling Xi feel that some inconceivable, after all she and Mu Chen knows less than two months, oneself to him such out of the ordinary? Because of his cultivation Great Pagoda Art reason? Is because in the picture scroll that to she also important extremely female, unexpectedly can be his mother's reason? Ling Xi beautiful eyes glittering, the mind suddenly somewhat is slightly chaotic. Mu Chen sees Ling Xi to be silent, thinks that she does not have the means that immediately only fluent: If the incorrect words, that then considers as finished... I went back first.” Was saying he plans to turn around to leave, Ling Xi here is she lives alone, he stays here not quite to be as if good. Wait / Etc..” The Ling Xi clear sound conveys. Mu Chen has turned around, then is saw that Ling Xi was extending her slender slender white hands to him, the sunlight has shone, as if on his palm flood shining white light.

Gives me your hand.” The Ling Xi red lip opens, said. Mu Chen stares, he hesitant, this walks, stretches out the palm, has placed on the Ling Xi white hands, that touch extremely wonderful, just likes good semi-transparent jade same, making one be unable to put down. However this time Mu Chen does not have the unnecessary idea but actually, only strange is staring at Ling Xi, by latter's temper, as if not handle such bored matter. Your Spiritual Energy output together.” Ling Xi said in a soft voice. Mu Chen somewhat doubts, but depends on the word activate to leave together Spiritual Energy, quiet black Spiritual Energy wells up from the palm, but also has Black Flame to burn. Ling Xi looked at one, at once her palm is also has Spiritual Energy together to well up, her Spiritual Energy unexpectedly is also presents the quiet black color, but above does not have Black Flame. Mu Chen has been startled being startled, this Spiritual Energy fluctuation, with his cultivation Great Pagoda Art Spiritual Energy actually extremely similar, it seems like Ling Xi also really had the possibility also cultivation Great Pagoda Art. Two Spiritual Energy surge in their palms, but along with the contact, both unexpectedly was the little fusion in one. Bang! Along with the fusions of two Spiritual Energy, they are the able clear feeling, that Spiritual Energy expanded the several fold immediately unusually . Moreover, as if Spiritual Energy of this fusion, becomes formidable. Ling Xi stares at that to fuse in together Spiritual Energy, has not actually taken back, a slender jade-like finger point, that rolled Spiritual Energy then to be shot Mu Chen within the body gently. The Mu Chen body shakes slightly, that expanded Spiritual Energy of several fold to enter his within the body was automatic along the Great Pagoda Art cultivation route revolves, finally sneaked in aura sea inside, was attracted by Divine Soul one completely. After Divine Soul this Spiritual Energy absorbed, Mu Chen feels immediately that Spiritual Energy in within the body, was vigorous immediately a point. This...” Astonished of Mu Chen whole face, at once look strange looks at present Ling Xi, why their Spiritual Energy contact to have these many changes together, able therapy for him, but also the able sacrificial offering seems to be same, making his Spiritual Energy expands tyrannicalally. I do not know.” Resembling is knows that his question, Ling Xi is studying his light peak peak fragrant shoulder. It seems like among us, pours is somewhat is indeed special.” Under the Ling Xi long body, the snow white women's clothing wraps the tender body appears slender and plentiful, the curve is moving, she smiles suddenly, said: If in the picture scroll in that picture scroll to I extremely important female indeed your mother, you guesses that I can she to the child bride who you look for?” Mu Chen startled withdrew one step, almost by Ling Xi these words choking half dead, after long time, [say / way] that just now was sweating profusely: This joke is not funny.”

Hopefully.” Ling Xi nods, then turns around to go to the garden deep place, said: And I come, because among us that special situation, in one month promote entered the Heavenly Completion Stage words, as if did not have Hopefully completely.” Mu Chen is looking at Ling Xi that moving beautiful figure, long expiration, then quickly followed, Ling Xi those words, but indeed frightens heavily him. In the deep place of that garden, has tissue layer upon layer, dim, has covered up the line of sight. Ling Xi anchors the footsteps, is excessive, was saying to Mu Chen: I let you come, you again come.” Mu Chen does not know that actually she is doing anything, nod that immediately can only have doubts. After Ling Xi makes great strides forward the tissue, there, has a clear basin, she stands by the basin, white teeth is nipping the red lip lightly, lowers the head to look in the water that white skirt like the snow beautiful inverted image, at once unfolds the face to smile, moving. Her entering basin gently, the white skirt was moistened by pool of water, tight is pasting that slender exquisite proudly tender body, spreads soul-stirring curve curve. Ling Xi arrives in the basin, sits cross-legged, boundless Spiritual Energy gushes out from its within the body, then integrated in that pool of water, immediately pool of water gradual becomes must quiet black, glittering attractive gloss. Comes.” The Mu Chen of waiting beside that matter tissue, heard the Ling Xi sound finally, he then poked head , then saw has sat cross-legged Ling Xi in basin. although her majority of tender body covers in quiet black pool of water, but has as before first half is above the water surface, the white skirt was seeped by pool of water, the slender fair nape of the neck spread, delimits full curve finally. Therefore is so romantic, makes Mu Chen dumbfounded directly. ( Third! Also owes one! Shouted, although was tired, but I in completely the maximum effort. Draws the monthly ticket once again, today three hours rose ten tickets, a little are really slow, asking everybody to support.)