The Great Ruler - Volume 4 - Chapter 400
Chapter 401! Bang. Spiritual Energy between world, just likes the tumbling of ocean waves same, that low and deep sound, as if links this piece of space is unable to bear then presents a feeling of fierce distortion , but in space distortion , that seemed isolated huge mountain body in piece of shattered space, is more and more clear. Meanwhile, one as if from Ancient Era is the unusual pressure that remains, quietly ripples, this pressure, presents most people are unable realized, only then similar Headmaster Tai Cang their this stepping into existence of Sovereign rank, the look just now is being slightly one cold, in heart somewhat wariness. That pressure, although weakened under passing of years, but to them, is having as before also the suppressed strength, because after that is Heavenly Sovereign dies in a sitting posture, remains. Heavenly Sovereign, the king in Sovereign, that level, regarding Headmaster Tai Cang them, was extremely really formidable, naturally, Heavenly Sovereign, even if were places this to gather in myriad plane Great Thousand World , was still existence of that top rank, innumerable Sovereign, will lie prostrate in worship for it. That is true able guards a side world, even controls the plane great person. But that pressure, Mu Chen they naturally are the detection of unable, the only faint feeling somewhat is not quite comfortable, but has not actually come under the too tremendous influence. Mu Chen only is staring at that distortion space, is waiting for opening of Holy Spirit Mountain. In he calmly waits , the fragrant wind approached together actually, he is excessive, then is sees Xia Youran to arrive at side him, this time latter, is that sexy and irritable fiery red soft armor, the flesh like the snow, the stature is as before plentiful and slender, is capturing many attention. Mu Chen, after entering Holy Spirit Mountain, is more careful, especially careful space mighty current as well as the space astral wind.” Xia Youran smiles to Mu Chen beautifully was reminding. Space mighty current? Space astral wind?” Mu Chen is startled slightly, him who Holy Spirit Mountain does not understand, obviously does not know these thing. Place that Holy Spirit Mountain is, is a piece of shattered space however beyond space, is the extreme fearful space mighty current, once were involved, must die without doubt.” Xia Youran charming face serious [say / way]: „ However space astral wind is flooding around Holy Spirit Mountain, exceed approaches the center region, that space astral wind is fiercer, once to bear does not live will then be is insufflated in the mighty current by that space astral wind, was suppressed to kill the ashes. This is Holy Spirit Mountain bringing two most dangerous thing, does not know that has many powerhouses to be buried.” Many thanks Senior Sister Xia reminder I knew.” Mu Chen grateful nod. Xia Youran said in a soft voice: Moreover must be careful that other people, participate in this Holy Spirit Mountain powerhouse, does not know to have many, but that Holy Spirit Baptism , can only complete the baptism for few people actually merely, therefore, enters person, is actually the competitors, once there is an opportunity may directly some people's under killer to you.”

„After entering the Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein], you along with me together, I will lead you to go to the place of that baptism you in my words, that Mo Xingtian should also meet a wariness point, is insufficient insolent extremely, but as for whether to obtain Holy Spirit Baptism , really must look at your skill.” Xia Youran looked at a not far away Mo Xingtian direction, in beautiful eyes passed over gently and swiftly wipes wariness, but she in a soft voice said as before. Mu Chen smiles, in the heart to the Xia Youran favorable impression has promoted actually much, Mo Xingtian is fierce he to be very clear, although Xia Youran is also on Northern Heavens Continent top character in young generation, but if must really with Mo Xingtian to, she perhaps also wariness extremely at this time for him, she can make such choice, is not quite easy. After all, nobody likes equally clear offends a such fearful match. Senior Sister Xia felt relieved that if I think that will directly withdraw, will not hold back to you.” Mu Chen said. Xia Youran has not thought actually Mu Chen is so simple, immediately smiled, extends the white hands to pat the Mu Chen shoulder, said: Relax, Sister Ling Xi had saved me, saw rarely she such will be careful to a boy, how I will protect you.” Mu Chen smiled, has not said anything, only nod thanks. In Mu Chen and Xia Youran joke was waiting for when Holy Spirit Mountain opening, but actually had not realized that in that distant place, the micro cold vision is looking at them together, but the master of that line of sight, is that Shadow Merchant Guild Young Master, Liu Ying. He is looking at Xia Youran and Mu Chen that affectionate manner, the look is also the somewhat hidden in the shade, mouth corner slightly twitches, by him, that Sky Yuan Merchant Guild Young Master Dong Yuan is lightly smiles, he knows that Liu Ying is an acquisitive instinct greatly strengthened fellow, although he pursues Xia Youran not to have what progress in the two years, but as before regards as something for one's own exclusive use it, now looks at Mu Chen and Xia Youran so is affectionate, wants to come in the heart to wish one could that Mu Chen to tear to shreds. Do not be anxious, waits for Holy Spirit Mountain, the boy wants to run cannot run away.” Dong Yuan smiles to say. I do not have the time the time waste on this boy.” Liu Ying hearing this, look although as before hidden in the shade, but is actually faint smiling, he is not the person who does not divide, although dares to approach Xia Youran to feel the extreme anger to Mu Chen, no! He has known that enters the Holy Spirit Mountain matter of primary importance obtains Holy Spirit Baptism , how possibly that precious time waste on Mu Chen. Naturally, if indeed met by chance, I did not mind actually solved conveniently.” The Liu Ying finger rotation, the fingertip just likes has the quiet shade to reappear, the mouth corner smiling face, appears somewhat is cold. Dong Yuan smiles, that Mu Chen although seems like only Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase strength, but will not be perhaps simple, when the time comes Liu Ying fights with him, even if can win, perhaps will also pay some prices, naturally, this can be he is glad to see very much. Bang! But in the Liu Ying look hiddens in the shade, that enormous and powerful Spiritual Energy ocean waves suddenly spread the sound of violent bombardment, that space distortion even more intensely, again then, the people are pleasantly surprised sights, there space, unexpectedly in this time by tearing slowly. Space crack is spreading, but after that space crack, cannot see end towering mountain range, then has the huge shadow, after that space crack inserts, section of huge mountain body, after that space crack finds out, then appeared on this day within, looked from afar that just liked baseless mountain range same of suspension in world.

However so huge piece of mountain range, actually a only that Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein] common corner/horn. Whistling! When a mountain body small section finds out space crack, immediately has the crazy fierce space astral wind to sway, that astral wind moves, is carrying one quite swift and fierce strength, seemed torn into shreds to go including world Spiritual Energy. However at this time no one pays attention to this but actually, all people are the look scarlet-red is looking at that space crack later towering mountain range, that is one hides mountain range in space, but from here, can only see its tip of the iceberg merely, thus it can be seen that Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein] are having the how fearful scale, perhaps its area, is not smaller than this huge Holy Spirit Territory. Holy Spirit Mountain, appeared in this time finally! The atmosphere between world, as if coagulates in this time. Rustling! However this coagulation, continued instantaneously, then suddenly to be broken merely, sees only that overwhelming person's shadow shortly violently shoots, that rapid wind breaking, just liked thunder same, resounded through. To!” Holy Spirit Mountain opened!” That Holy Spirit Baptism , I must decide!” Ha Ha, what thing you calculate, dares to get a share of the action Holy Spirit Baptism ?!” Excited incomparable roaring sounds resound through, this piece of world thorough riot gets up. Mu Chen, we also leave.” Xia Youran looks at that is just liking the locust transits same to crash in the Holy Spirit Mountain person's shadow, is the impatient [say / way]. Mu Chen nods, turns head to look at Luo Li, Ling Xi as well as Headmaster Tai Cang their eyes, says with a smile: I went.”

Is more careful.” Luo Li and Ling Xi all are the urging said. If meets the extreme critical situation, then the crumb I give your jade symbol, I will save you.” Headmaster Tai Cang look serious [say / way], although, if his stronger rushes in Holy Spirit Mountain to pay some prices, but he does not have the means to look at Mu Chen dead, then regarding their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, can be a major attack. Mu Chen nods gently, has not said anything, he knows that specialness of Holy Spirit Mountain, there is Headmaster Tai Cang strength, impossible turnover easily, however the latter can actually say these words, obviously is to his extreme regarding as important. The Xia Youran tender body moves, has plundered, changes into the rainbow light to fire into that together from section of mountain range that in space crack searches, but Mu Chen also instantly leaves, follows closely on. Two from passing over gently and swiftly the overwhelming flowing light, then directly mutually followed, has crashed in that space crack, figure was then getting more and more tiny, finally thorough disappearance entered. Buzz. But emerges that Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein] along with the increasing number of people, sees only that piece of space is little becomes must be transparent, just likes mirror same, but in the mirror, is piece of vast endless ancient mountain range, at this time, in that mountain range peripheral zone, has the innumerable [say / way] shadows to reappear, that formerly intruded person. That overwhelming silhouette, breaks the peace that in the Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein] permanent existed forever instantaneously. But in the world of this outside, all big shots is also flies high to stand, the look closely gazes at that to hide ancient mountain range in space, they know, then, in that will perhaps erupt the extremely frigid and brutal battle. All, only supply Holy Spirit Baptism that” few people enjoy for that! Does obeisance to ask the monthly ticket!!! ps: Over the two days stole a moment of leisure to play peerless Tianfu a little to spit blood, could not pull out Lin Dong, but how played inside Lin Dong compared with Xiao Yan that many, ¨.)