The Great Ruler - Volume 5 - Chapter 409
Eternal Immortal Body, in the world in 99 Ranks of Sovereign Body Skills, is fourth! Mu Chen look delay, that palm in slightly is shivering, the feeling of trembling unable stated clearly well uped, his unable imagination, in this mysterious black paper, was actually containing so fearful thing Sovereign Body Skill that in the world is listed fourth, if this let out information, Mu Chen can affirm that perhaps cannot preserve him including Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy! Because this enticement was too big, the innumerable Sovereign powerhouses will turn into lunatic same robs, moreover does not hesitate any price! A only volume name that although he obtains at present is Great Sun Indestructible Body remnant, but also is not true Eternal Immortal Body, no matter what, so long as he succeeds this Sovereign Body Skill cultivation, he has pursued that Eternal Immortal Body the qualifications, but some day really waits him to succeed its cultivation, he has self-confidently, Luoshen Clan, the clan of mysterious his mother is, he had went to the qualification of wanderer! Is facing this enticement, even if by the Mu Chen disposition, the eye is is a little scarlet-red, the breath that cannot bear aggravates. Sigh. Mu Chen unceasing deep breath air/Qi, after for a long time, just now little reply, he a little absent-minded sits on the ground, has licked the dry mouth, that black pupil deep place, has the flaming flame to burn, that is yearning and pursue to strength, only then had enough strength, he able protects him the person who wants to protect, he able true standing in front of Luo Li, for girl who that he likes, under keeps off all storms! The clan of mysterious firing into her mother who his also may disregards is, leads her, returns to father's side, making their one reunite once again! Eternal Immortal Body Mu Chen palm gripping tightly slowly, in eye the flame surges, in his heart seems has the low roar to resound, he must obtain it! Present he need many information!

Mu Chen sinks to aura sea the mind once again, is inducing that mysterious black paper inside the contain ancient information, but this time , has some complex and obscure information appeared in its mind. Immortal Catalog Primordial Divine Law Mu Chen both eyes narrow the eyes, in the heart has some clear(ly) to become aware to ascend, really his expects, his within the body page of mysterious black papers, is some type of incomplete thing, according to certain ancient information that this above records, mysterious black paper should leaves the womb in that so-called Immortal Catalog this is true Primordial Divine Law. Originally the mysterious black paper then separates from Immortal Catalog . The ¨ words according to this logic, are similar the mysterious black paper of my within the body, should altogether have four pages Mu Chen to look the color of hesitation that in other words, wanders about destitute in the world immortal blueprint, but also has three pages not in his hands. But in that three pages of immortal blueprints, should is also having three similar Great Sun Indestructible Body Sovereign Body Skill method of cultivating. If able these four Sovereign Body Skill all cultivation successes, then in that legend Eternal Immortal Body, will arrive at this in society once again! It is said this grade of Sovereign Body Skill, the eternal life is immortal, Unkillable and In-extinguishable, that strength world ghosts and gods are to all fear it. Unkillable and In-extinguishable Mu Chen muttered, this was also too fearful, in this world had existence that so went against heaven's will really? „To collect another three pages of immortal blueprints, what kind difficulty.” Mu Chen helpless smiles, from these information he knows, that Immortal Catalog not only itself records Eternal Immortal Body method of cultivating, but also itself, is heaven startling moves the place antique relic, is having the destruction plane terrifying strength. But present Immortal Catalog, has been divided into four, changes into four pages of immortal blueprints, but these four pages of immortal blueprints are not simple, they inherited the Immortal Catalog strength each one is having the special and formidable strength, even if some Divine Artifact, unable with it comparing favorably. What special strength Mu Chen has not to know as for other three pages of immortal blueprints, but his within the body page of immortal blueprints, as if are called „the page of seal, is having strength of sealing , this is also why initial Nine Netherbird, afterward Great Meru Demonic Pillar attempted in within the body, but was suppressed the seal reason finally.

In other words, if Mu Chen collects really these four pages of Immortal Catalog, he not only will obtain that Eternal Immortal Body method of cultivating, will also obtain one from relic that inherits antique! although present Mu Chen regarding the thing not extremely clear concept of this rank, but also is the able indistinct feeling that so-called antique relic shocking place. Now this page are Immortal Catalog by the Blood Essence activation of Heavenly Sovereign, later I perhaps also some able activate its strengths?” Mu Chen licked has licked lips Palestine, these many he has solved the secret of this mysterious black paper finally, how harshness but he does not want to activate this immortal blueprint actually condition, needed Heavenly Sovereign Blood Essence unexpectedly, that great person, but guarded super existence of side world, its Blood Essence, where can the common person think? If this time were not his chance arrived, perhaps again gave his several years time, wants to come difficult to solve the mystery in this mysterious black paper. Thinks of here, Mu Chen was grins to laugh foolishly that could not bear, has not thought that the tour of this Holy Spirit Mountain, has not arrived at the place of baptism, obtained this chance, it seems like that this time indeed has not come wrong. Mu Chen completely relaxed standing up, Great Sun Indestructible Body this Sovereign Body Skill method of cultivating, after must wait till promote entered Sovereign, just now able cultivation, present he, even if were defending this equipollent treasure , can only the static waiting, but Mu Chen was not anxious, this thing in within the body, no one could win. But Mu Chen also anticipated one broke through to Sovereign that day, this Great Sun Indestructible Body although has not appeared in that 99 Ranks of Sovereign Body Skills, but able became Eternal Immortal Body of Sovereign Body Skill cultivation premises, if it were weak, Mu Chen also indeed kills does not believe. Also should exit.” Mu Chen smiles, his cultivation day of time, has wanted to come to catch up here now majority to the place of that baptism, oneself must quickly, although present he be returns home with a full load, even if did not have Holy Spirit Baptism , his also able accepts, but this time he has represented Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy after all, if he does not display here, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy face countenance is unattractive. Thinks of here, Mu Chen also no longer stops over, slightly makes the reorganization, then plunders from that mountain body crack, he stays in the midair, looks around, then recognizes the accurate position, turns around to plunder to go to the Holy Spirit Mountain [lineage/vein] most deep place illness directly. Hurries along once more, midway Mu Chen has not made any stay actually again, even if some spirit treasure is born, he does not have any moving, picks up the speed, directly soars the place of baptism to go, time of this day passes by, perhaps has many powerhouses to rush to there, after all, in this Holy Spirit Mountain, only has the place of that baptism, in the people eyes, is the genuine heavy treasure.

But in hurries along along the way, because many troops destination same reason, he poured also obtained some information, in present Holy Spirit Mountain, although only passed short on the 1st, but actually early was in the irritable stage, all troops as well as the powerhouses do not know that spelled to fight many times, does not know that has many powerhouses, was buried in this piece of endless mountain range. But in these information, Mu Chen also heard some were related he information, that yesterday he seized the valuable the matter, because in that seized in the treasure, he abandoned a Wu Dong arm, this was also makes his reputation pass on this Holy Spirit Mountain, many originally cherished the powerhouse who despised also to restrain that mentality to him, no matter after all Mu Chen has used any method, but his after all only Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase strength, but that Wu Dong, actually experienced a time Fleshly Body Tribulation expert, although crossed Fleshly Body Tribulation time failed, but the common Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase person, was absolutely. Does not have the courage to clamor in front of Wu Dong. However now, Wu Dong had been abandoned an arm by Mu Chen, on young generation of top character besides these few Northern Heavens Continent, who also dares to belittle in him? Regarding this specific name sound, Mu Chen does not care actually, his also rather others many underestimate his some, this, when begins truly, the latter will therefore naturally pay the serious price. But in addition, Mu Chen also knows from these information, now in this Holy Spirit Mountain, all powerhouses gathered to the place of baptism, innumerable powerhouses to mount the place of that baptism nine tall ladders, have launched bloody murdering. Mu Chen raise one's head, looks to the remote place, brow wrinkled, does not know how Senior Sister Xia, by her strength, should won't present what matter? Regarding Xia Youran, Mu Chen clearly very much has the favorable impression, latter gang his many busy, his naturally Hopefully she does not have any matter. Rustling! Mu Chen takes a deep breath, under foot illusory dragon image reappears, during the long and loud cry, the speed rises suddenly suddenly, at an astonishing speed, passing over gently and swiftly horizon, fast is hurrying to that Holy Spirit Mountain most deep place. Since entered here, that Holy Spirit Baptism , he absolutely will not drop! ( to be continued )