The Great Ruler - Volume 5 - Chapter 420
Chapter 421 obliterate In the world, is silent, as if including wind in this instant coagulation.[ This article came from ] On nine tall ladders, all people are stared in a big way the eye, the complexion delay are looking at that the feeling that unable described flooded in their hearts, making them suddenly actually not know that actually should display what look. This, was really extremely inconceivable. Xia Youran ruddy lip opening slightly, she looked at that forehead place to appear dull has wiped black hole Mo Xingtian, covering that at once small hands cannot bear red lip. In its side, Xi Qinghai, Su Buxiu they are also the same look, shock in eye, is demonstrating the panic-stricken desires in their heart certainly. As for that Liu Ying, is the look delay, at once felt passes the chill in the air of heart, he is looking in the sky that [say / way] ** the youth of upper body, the look deep place, is having to wipe the thick scared look to well up, this strength seems the Heavenly Completion Stage Initial Phase youth, made him feel one frightened mood. That is... Mo Xingtian. Top character in their Northern Heavens Continent young generation, however now, unexpectedly defeats in the hand of this youth, this passes on, actually to bring in the how big vibration on Northern Heavens Continent. On the horizon, purple intent in Mu Chen eye also in this time removing fast, a weak feeling, fills the air from his within the body, but he is actually tightly clenches teeth, did not get down by oneself but actually, that eye, actually as before is ice-cold incomparable is looking at distant place that [say / way] coagulation silhouette. In its finger place, quiet black color in removing fast. Formerly that together hid the attack in purple flame light rainbow, is the black lightning poison finger. This unexpected attack, finally was end this danger incomparable fight. Mu Chen look indifferent is looking at the body of Mo Xingtian. He is opening the eye as before, on that face, is remaining some panic-strickenly, in its forehead place, the black blood flows from the blood hole, at once that quiet black color, fast opens from the Mo Xingtian forehead place spread. Has affected his whole body. Black lightning poison has invaded the body of Mo Xingtian, this injury, no matter Mo Xingtian has strong strength. Sufficiently was killed violently.

On Mo Xingtian body, has the crack to reappear suddenly, at once Bang, his body then explodes in the sky. When that blood fog ascends. Together Spiritual Light, suddenly attack quietly. Mu Chen under foot dragon image reappears, figure dodges, then appeared in the distant place sky, at once one grasps, Spiritual Energy formed light barrier, then together tried to run away Spiritual Light that to grasp that in the hand. Spiritual Light inside, together just likes the substantive baby. This is Mo Xingtian Divine Soul, but at this time. On that Divine Soul face, has covered entirely the panic-stricken color finally. Now here, but can also some people save you?” The Mu Chen look does not have the slight emotion looks at that to be grasped Divine Soul in hand by him, faint [say / way]. Mu Chen, you have won, do you also want to do?!” Mo Xingtian Divine Soul makes the somewhat incisive sound, in the sound is difficult to cover the fear, this time he, obviously again also unable maintained the past calmness, Divine Soul fell into the Mu Chen hand, the latter is able true obliterate he. These years, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy student does not know how many have dead in your hands, you said that I do want to do?” Mu Chen smiles, only that smiling face actually not slight temperature. You have killed me, our Demonic Dragon Palace will not let off you!” Mo Xingtian fierce [say / way]. Right?” Mu Chen smiles, in the hand Spiritual Energy ascends, destroys to break Mo Xingtian this together Divine Soul directly, regarding the latter, he is also wariness quite, if this time has not prepared Undying Fire this trump card, perhaps he will defeat in the hand of Mo Xingtian, but when the time comes, Mu Chen may not believe absolutely by the Mo Xingtian temper, will let off him. But now holds this fellow with great difficulty, Mu Chen is not willing to leave trouble for the future, in the future will lead to the catastrophe. Boy, you dares!” However, in Mu Chen must make a determined effort to break Mo Xingtian Divine Soul, suddenly together startled lightning-like the sound of shouting angrily, on this day between resounds through, at once this piece of space distortion , seems has the Spiritual Energy great hand together from searched, one has been grasping to Mu Chen. Mu Chen complexion immediately changes. Black Dragon Sovereign, you when really my Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is good to bully inadequately?!” When that Spiritual Energy great hand penetration space, will directly grasp to Mu Chen, another side space is also distortion , the Headmaster Tai Cang anger sound resounds through, the same Spiritual Energy great hand finds out together, both regret hardly in the same place, the horizon Spiritual Energy storm howl, two are in charge, is the annihilation goes. Demonic Dragon Palace old dog, when really I feared that you are inadequate?! today this person, I also killed!” Mu Chen figure draws back floating, complexion is also gloomy gets down, at once his palm grasps suddenly, Spiritual Energy erupts, directly was the numerous bombardments of being relentless above that Mo Xingtian Divine Soul. !

The sad and shrill pitiful yell sound penetrating, that Mo Xingtian Divine Soul explodes directly in this time, in the Mu Chen hand, changed into everywhere luminous spot directly, but simultaneously, that sad and shrill and frightened pitiful yell sound, but also reverberation in sky. In the world all people felt that in this time a chill in the air, from the foot heart direct impact crown, that looks to the eyes of sky youth, is filling panic-strickenly. They have not thought that Mu Chen is unexpectedly decisive to this degree, without hesitation was a palm broke Mo Xingtian Divine Soul, his thorough obliterate. They look at that to scatter from the Mu Chen palm, but luminous spot, in eye absent-minded, that Mo Xingtian, like this by thorough obliterate? On that Northern Heavens Continent in young generation topest character... Did this, vanish? Liu Ying, Dong Yuan and the others complexion is pale, in the eye has the thick fear to surge, this Mu Chen, started indeed to be too ruthless, that was Mo Xingtian, actually like this said that killed kills... Is this really the student who in Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that ivory tower able trains? This type resolute with very ruthless, compares some year to year to lick the person of blood also in the cutting edge to simply especially really it. Nearby Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu are also holding breath the cold air/Qi, is a few words cannot say, obviously was frightened. Xia Youran also looks at that to reveal stern in this time, the very ruthless youth, this time he, with when her front of outstanding ability gentle completely different, but that makings, were make Xia Youran charming face are micro red, in beautiful eyes the extraordinary splendor flashed. This time Mu Chen, powerful obliterate Mo Xingtian, that gaseous state, was somewhat is without doubt eye-catching. But the trim world, is quietly. Mu Chen broke Mo Xingtian Divine Soul, at once a palm move, Great Meru Demonic Pillar suddenly attack comes, to enter his within the body, but also brings the black demon spear|gun that a handle was dim, is Mo Xingtian that handle Supreme Spiritual Artifact, Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear. Mu Chen grips this handle black demon spear|gun, along with Mo Xingtian by obliterate, this black demon spear|gun did not have the sound, in addition formerly by a Great Meru Demonic Pillar suppression, at this time in his hands, unexpectedly is not dared to have slight resist. He receives backhandedly this Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear, handle Supreme Spiritual Artifact, may absolutely not be the common thing, this cannot buy in their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy Spiritual Values Hall, now succeeded in obtaining, Mu Chen naturally cannot hand over, after all Great Meru Demonic Pillar although is fierce, but Mu Chen does not dare true activate after all, present he, but also unable its control, but this Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear is different, Mu Chen had it, obviously also has not the small promotion regarding the battle efficiency. Received this spoils of war, Mu Chen that faint vision, then went to Liu Ying, Dong Yuan, the Zhou Xuan three people. The Liu Ying three people look at the Mu Chen vision immediately, the heart one coldly, withdrew unexpectedly one step, although they are clear present Mu Chen perhaps are the spent forces, but actually actually cannot live to slightly with its thoughts of beginning, Liu Ying, is look wariness is alarmed and afraid, does not dare to get rid to pick up a bargain.

Three, please wait for next time Holy Spirit Baptism .” Mu Chen lightly [say / way]. Liu Ying three people of complexion change, they look at the Xia Youran three people that an opposite eyed covetously, finally can only unwilling clenching teeth, not speak the opposition, at this time Mu Chen carries is cutting to kill the prestige of Mo Xingtian, really had frightening. Mu Chen looks at the vision once again to Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu, they see that are also a little disturbed, after all their these hasn't time striven, if Mu Chen is not willing to share the strength of baptism with them, they have measured, felt one as if too do not dare to get rid, can only confess bad luck. Senior Sister Xia, Brother Xi, Brother Su, the strength of baptism must arrive immediately, prepares.” In they are disturbed, Mu Chen actually shows a faint smile, that stern dissipation in eye goes, face of youth, once again appears handsome and temperate. Xia Youran is actually graceful smiles, she also calculates after all understood the Mu Chen temper, knows the latter will not make the abandon one's benefactor after achieving one's goal matter, therefore does not have any accident but actually, but Xi Qinghai and Su Buxiu is a little joyful relaxing, at once is casting the grateful vision to Mu Chen. Mu Chen figure plunders, a horse immediately, fell the places of nine tall ladder first roofs, the Xia Youran three people were to also plunder, position compared with Mu Chen there, slightly lowered a stair, here, position on high, the strength of baptism can accept were more, but that best position, belongs to Mu Chen obviously, this point they did not have any opinion. Mu Chen sits cross-legged, then gains ground, is looking above the upper air that huge ball of light, there light beam even more rich, finally seems has the sound of little biography clear bell chant to swing. Thump! light beam has reached the prosperous point, countless person look blazing gaining ground, sees only there, the golden raindrop, the landing of overwhelming , the entire world, becomes in this time light and lively, just liked is washed and rinsed same. Holy Spirit Baptism , arrived finally! ( Late one hour, has done obeisance to ask monthly ticket!)..)