The Great Ruler - Volume 5 - Chapter 434
Chapter 435 War of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and Demonic Dragon Palace, finally ending quietly above Northern Heavens Continent. But this war, vibrated entire Northern Heavens Continent without doubt, no one has thought that Demonic Dragon Palace will launch an attack to Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy suddenly, moreover all sorts of accidents after that is also only the useful winding peaks and paths just now able described. Because originally the layout occupied winning side Demonic Dragon Palace perfectly, with a appearance of mysterious woman, thoroughly was actually ended the winning side, later is utterly routed, in six big Sovereign together with the Black Dragon Sovereign palace, the casualty is serious, six big Sovereign, were cut to kill three finally, only the remaining three people, the severe wound runs away. After this, that mysterious woman is the powerful gets rid, has achieved Ninth Rank Sovereign strength Old Ancestor Wu Liang that strength, startled draws back to go, like that the astonishing skill, making on Northern Heavens Continent all big shots keep silent, dumbfounded. The Demonic Dragon Palace rout, the momentum suffers a disastrous decline, although was also still having three Sovereign them, is having as before also formidable strength, but if must come to compare with Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy again, did not have the capital of past that contending again. After that fights end, sphere of influence contraction of Demonic Dragon Palace rapidly, they crazily the domain that gives up these founding laboriously, is retreating to the supreme headquarters, because their able feels that Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will not let off these time to exterminate their opportunities absolutely thoroughly. But just like also they expect, in that fights the later second day, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy many Elder, all high level all sending out, that momentum, heaven startling moves. Looks at all influence heart to shock, in recent years, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy only static standing erect above this continent. Because of the temperate temper, makes person unable realize that throughout it is having how fierce fangs, therefore this is also lets the somewhat person seems somewhat neglects the true power that this colossal had. But at this moment, that type neglects, thoroughly by obliterate. Their clear feeling, when Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy starts to expose fangs, is astonishing towering. Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy set out all powerhouses. Crazy is encircling a Demonic Dragon Palace everywhere old haunt, is facing powerful Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, this time Demonic Dragon Palace morale all loses. Retreats in abundance, even betrays Demonic Dragon Palace. This time Demonic Dragon Palace, already did not make a name, hides Black Dragon Sovereign is not daring to appear. Other people. Where also dares to meet the tough head-on with toughness with Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Therefore, in a short three day time, minute of palace of Demonic Dragon Palace on Northern Heavens Continent, was almost destroyed thoroughly, but after three day, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy powerhouse army, then arrived in the Demonic Dragon Palace den, hid the ancient times palace under earth. Attacks here. The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy offensive just now was slowed down with irresistible force, because of here. Gathered the Demonic Dragon Palace final strength, in the meantime, they are having the biggest protection, that is one from antiquity Spiritual Array that the antiquity time spreads. This antiquity Spiritual Array, the great strength of extreme, wants its activate, at least needs five Sovereign activate, in the past Demonic Dragon Palace defeated, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy same attacks here, but at that time, even if were Northern Sea Dragon gets rid, was unable destroys this Spiritual Array, therefore has to withdraw troops to return, thus also brews the beforehand that bitter fruit. But had this learning from another's mistakes, this time, Headmaster Tai Cang decided obviously, wants thoroughly erases Demonic Dragon Palace this malignant tumor, therefore, even if Demonic Dragon Palace once again activate that antiquity Spiritual Array, but he issues the order as before, numerous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy powerhouses, are attacking that antiquity Spiritual Array crazily, tries to break through it. However this way apparently does not have the too big effect, even if in Demonic Dragon Palace, Sovereign only remaining three, this is difficult displays now this antiquity Spiritual Array might, but the might still cannot be underestimated, carelessly words of attack, only equally clear consumption strength. Headmaster Tai Cang sees unable to attack, but , can only make the person go Ling Xi to invite from Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, but same mentioned, Ling Xi usually did not pay attention regarding this matter, when can get rid Headmaster Tai Cang not too definite this Ling Xi, she was actually unexpected immediately caught up, that appearance hurriedly, combative, obviously regarding the hate of that Demonic Dragon Palace, was not weaker than Headmaster Tai Cang.

Ling Xi rushes, without demur, is starts to study that antiquity Spiritual Array, she in the Spiritual Array above attainments, although cannot compare Aunt Jing, but compares to the Mu Chen words, was were too many, even if therefore this antiquity Spiritual Array were quite fierce, but after all at this time antiquity Spiritual Array not by complete activate, therefore she immersed , after inquiring into the several days time , started to find out some rules. ... Under dim place bottom, is actually rippling the dreadful fluctuation, in that bottom deep place, has one giant palace that just likes Demon Dragon occupies, but at this time, outside that palace, is covering piece of huge light barrier, light barrier appears the somewhat pollution, ancient traces just like turtle mark same above tortoiseshell spread, is sending out a sincere feeling. In the sky outside that light barrier, Ling Xi flies high to stand, her beautiful eyes ice-cold is looking at that somewhat dim antiquity Spiritual Array, at once looks to Headmaster Tai Cang, said: Deferred to me to say prepared?” Um.” Headmaster Tai Cang nods immediately. Northern ocean senior, when we confuse this antiquity Spiritual Array, troubles you to get rid, seizes the chance to break it him at one fell swoop!” Ling Xi looks once again to nearby Northern Sea Dragon, said. Good.” Northern Sea Dragon nods slowly, that is staring at the look in Demonic Dragon Palace, is sending out coldly. Ling Xi lifts the white hands, drinks tenderly: Begins!” Bang! Her sweet and delicate voice falls, sees only the powerhouse within the body in rear numerous Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy immediately to erupt boundless Spiritual Energy, at once Spiritual Energy light rainbows sweep across, the passing over gently and swiftly horizon, shone this bottom just likes the daytime. The overwhelming light rainbow, just likes rainstorm same, falls to that piece of antiquity Spiritual Array certain places, then light barrier rapid flood the intermittent ripples fluctuate, ripple, ripple. Under this rippling, some traces in that antiquity Spiritual Array, was dim. Ling Xi lifts the white hands again, wields suddenly. Headmaster Tai Cang, Palace Master Mo You. Elder Zhu Tian and other Sovereign strength the people, get rid in this time, they lift in the hands. Spiritual Energy is just likes changes into holds up a day of column, drops from the clouds, inserting some dim ancient traces of maliciously to that antiquity Spiritual Array. ! The grating sound resounds, that antiquity Spiritual Array surges immediately fiercely, direction that Spiritual Energy great column drops, the ancient trace is getting more and more pale, but several Spiritual Energy great columns. Then is little submerging in which... buzz!

These Spiritual Energy great columns insert in antiquity Spiritual Array, as if obstructed their Spiritual Energy to transport same, immediately entire light barrier. Is becomes gloomily is unclear, the fluctuation of disorder spreads, sees only in that light barrier center place, split a tiny crack unexpectedly. Northern ocean senior!” Ling Xi beautiful eyes concentrates. Shouting to clear the way. Bang! Northern Sea Dragon one step steps forward. figure just likes moves same instantaneously, appeared in the place of that light barrier crack directly, then a fist rumbled, the space under fist started to crack, his heavily just liked ten thousand mountain fists, was so numerous falling in that together crack. Thump! Entire antiquity Spiritual Array, in this time fierce trembles, at once Headmaster Tai Cang they are pleasantly surprised incomparable sights. Cracks, are centered on the Northern Sea Dragon fist. Spread fast opens, short counts breaths, then has affected entire antiquity Spiritual Array. Bang! When the crack spreads extreme , that antiquity Spiritual Array is to bear does not live finally, Bang a great sound, the thorough explosion, the fearful shock-wave sweeps across to open, they were shaken including Headmaster Tai Cang draws back to go. Bang! Bang! But is in antiquity within the spiritual array Demonic Dragon Palace, then suffered the destruction impact, the palace avalanche, person's shadows explode everywhere blood fog under that shock-wave. The blood fog ascends, during entire Demonic Dragon Palace is in one piece to whin. Headmaster Tai Cang, Northern Sea Dragon their vision has swept below [say / way] ruins, is actually discovered that has not seen Black Dragon Sovereign and the others silhouette, immediately the brow is a wrinkle. In there, has Spiritual Array to fluctuate!” Ling Xi aims at the place of that most deep place suddenly. Northern Sea Dragon figure moves, appears in that deep place, the vision sweeps off, complexion then changes, that is a piece of abyss, but in the abyss, is filling viscous blood sea, strength of the astonishing Demon, unceasing sends out from blood sea. But at this time, above blood sea, ten several silhouette is condensing the strength of these Demon, but under the condensation of strength of Demon, blood red Spiritual Array, in their forming. When these ten several silhouette, Black Dragon Sovereign also places, this time complexion somewhat is pale, when he sees Northern Sea Dragon, complexion was white a point.

Breaks them, that is able passes through the space Teleportation Spiritual Array! They want to escape!” Ling Xi charming face changes, shouted to clear the way. Her voice has not fallen, Northern Sea Dragon has gotten rid, a palm lays out, black light suddenly attack, just liked is plume feathers has torn the space, if quickly like lightning pierced to go to that person's shadow bodies. In that plume feather contain extremely overbearing strength, when piercing their bodies, their within the body Divine Soul, breaks to go. Black Dragon Sovereign as well as another two still also surviving Sovereign saw that complexion changes, at once hatred is looking at Northern Sea Dragon they, the hand imprint changes, several Blood Essence emit, under foot blood red Spiritual Array, erupts to bleed the red light glow immediately, covers to enter their body. Ha Ha, Headmaster Tai Cang, you wanted to extinguish my Demonic Dragon Palace, did not have is so easy! I keep Qingshan when not to worry not to have the firewood fever, this time calculates that your luck is good, but, we also will certainly come back, waited for that time, was we conquers by killing your Tai Cang Spiritual Academy!” blood light filled the body, Black Dragon Sovereign they greatly had also relaxed, roared fierce. That also you can get away!” Northern Sea Dragon one step steps forward, figure glittering same appeared beside that blood light, then counted the palm to lay out, just liked penetrated the space, numerous falling above the Black Dragon Sovereign three people of bodies. puchi! Black Dragon Sovereign their blood spouts, whole body Spiritual Energy fluctuation dispirited to extreme , when in Northern Sea Dragon prepares to make up last palm, that blood light is fills the air to come, to cover them, finally space distortion , three person's shadows, are vanish to go directly. A Northern Sea Dragon look cold, withered palm maliciously cuts through that disorder space, then fierce pulls. The blood locates to splutter from that space crack, follows the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound indistinctly, Northern Sea Dragon coldly snorted, receives from that crack the palm, simultaneously appears, but also has three drippings with blood arms... „Did they run?” Headmaster Tai Cang plunders to come anxiously, said. I shook chaotically their transmission, an arm that also the severe wound they, in addition discarded, they are the dying people, even if able completed the transmission by luck, perhaps was the casualty is also serious, hard to bring about great talent.” Northern Sea Dragon shook the head, said. Demonic Dragon Palace according to having destroyed, even if Black Dragon Sovereign is also living, that is also the stray cur, to fear insufficient...” Headmaster Tai Cang smiled, the look finally is thorough relaxed, he knows, Demonic Dragon Palace this malignant tumor, finally in today, their thorough eliminated from Northern Heavens Continent. From now, on Northern Heavens Continent, will not have Demonic Dragon Palace again!( To be continued..)