The Great Ruler - Volume 5 - Chapter 482
Chapter 483 Bang!” When that low and deep sound, contain prestige of reverberation allow some world in this great palace, the sound of that thundering, even more resounding, black thunder clouds gather at an astonishing speed sky over the great palace, black dazzling lightning in glittering, just likes black Lightning Dragon is turning over huge body. At present this, is makes all person complexion for it drastic change without doubt. Even links that Zhen Qing, is the face wells up with amazement is looking at that black thunder clouds, the prestige of world sends out, made Spiritual Energy of their within the body is the signs that somewhat shivered, this made them clear very much, at present the thunder in this thunder clouds, is not by simple Spiritual Energy, but was born in the thunder truly in world. The prestige of that bright world, is not their people of this level able activate comes out radically. Mu Chen face of outstanding ability, is covering entirely serious, his slender finger in rapid is shivering, the fingertip has slight in glittering, this is he after to practice Control Lightning Technique, the first time true displays it, same mentioned, divine technique quite difficult cultivation, moreover this Control Lightning Technique as if also quite uncommon, this thorough study of several months time, Mu Chen merely only slightly has also become aware, but he fortunately had the superiority that the average man was inferior, that was his cultivation Divine Lightning Body, his body experienced the temperance of many black divine lightning, therefore he regarding world thunder, Also has some familiar inductions. But draws support this, other source will display Control Lightning Technique in this time. Bang! The black thunder clouds are tumbling, black thunder gathering rapidly. Faint reveals the towering appearance. But under, that nine stars rainbow light, will be suddenly attack soon but. Bang! Mu Chen complexion serious. Both hands seal technique suddenly changes, sees only in the sky that black thunder clouds suddenly to contract, the next instant, the thunderous sound that made the head skin tingle with numbness, reverberated loudly in entire great palace inside, the time, the great palace just liked earthquake same. Fierce shivers, even, on this day within Spiritual Energy. In abundance flees and becomes separated, as if the suppression of prestige of unable to bear this world. All people all are raise one's head. Sees only in that black thunder clouds, the thunder clouds had been torn to open in this time, together hundred zhang (333m) huge black dazzling lightning. With bang great sound. Just likes Lightning Dragon that makes threatening gestures, arrives loudly, dazzling lightning howls, but the place, had been torn a long trace including the space, in the air, is filling the burnt smell. The black thunder pierces the world, as if no any thing able to prevent in its front, that is one destruction strength. This together thunder. black divine lightning terrifying when although was inferior to Nine Netherbird initially to cross tribulation brings, but that destruction fluctuation. Also makes the person sufficiently scared. The black thunder descends, dazzling lightning is shining the entire great palace, shines on the face of that Xia Hou, latter's face, is dense and fierce, this under dazzling lightning, appears extremely fearsome. The speed of black thunder is extremely fast, almost under dodges, then pierced the space, finally under the gazes of that all vision, snatches before that nine stars light rainbows hit Mu Chen, fell maliciously. Thump!

That flash that both bump into, dazzling bright dazzling lightning releases, made the people eyes is the stabbing pain empty has narrowed the eyes, they were felt again the shock-wave that was wild unable to describe has swept across. Ping! In the great palace, on the earth crack is spreading unceasingly, even if here earth is the special material quality makes, but actually as before somewhat unable to bear that type as wild as the dazzling lightning impact of extreme, even, that several depend on near great column, was cracks cracks, creeper vine that these filled, then when was contacted dazzling lightning is shaken the ashes. That fearful destructive power, looks at the people in great palace to be dumbfounded. ! In that shock-wave center, two fearful strengths are corroding crazily, but among black dazzling lightning glittering, occupies completely the winning side obviously, overbearing of black divine lightning, was not able casually can resist, after all, initially was Nine Nether, was once under this Black Divine Lightning Calamity, failed twice. Compared with Lightning Tribulation that this together black divine lightning unable and Nine Nether that although Mu Chen summoned experienced, but same, Xia Hou compared with that time Nine Nether, missed far. Xia Hou looks at that to occupy winning side lightning energy, complexion is also becomes pale, his look fierce is looking at Mu Chen, at once the seal technique emergency, the violent shouts to clear the way: Nine stars explode!” Bang! Bang! Falls with his voice loudly shouted, almost sees only that nine stars to explode in the same time, a fearful strength, sweeps across to open. However, in that strength attacks, in Mu Chen that black pupil, has cold light to emerge, at once he stretches out the slender finger, flies high gently a point. Broken!” The unnecessary language, under a character, actually has not been contain incomparable overbearing. Bang! Under its character, that black thunder, inflates immediately, Black dazzling lightning crazy glittering, was just liking got angry like a dragon flushed finally, dazzling lightning passed over gently and swiftly, fearful strength that nine stars exploded, is shortly the annihilation will go unexpectedly. How possible?!” Xia Hou complexion is instantaneous, roars. This type to bumping, obviously was black divine lightning has obtained the overwhelming winning side! Bang!

In Xia Hou roared, Mu Chen look indifferent wielded the palm, at once the people in great palace were see a bolt of black lightning to submerge nine stars, finally changed into together lightning rainbow, has torn the space, did not have to be possible by one type the potential of to dodge, has covered Xia Hou body. In latter's eye, has the color of fear to well up finally, from that black thunder, he felt the death flavor. I admit defeat!” He screamed panic-strickenly that the sound was becomes grating. However, is facing his voice, in the Mu Chen eye actually as before a piece indifferently, his temper, will not present this womanly compassion in this time obviously, he uses displays Control Lightning Technique fully, the consumption is huge, if comes away empty, perhaps will be very next time difficult to have the so good opportunity again, after all this Xia Hou is not the useless cat. Spiritual Energy Tribulation strength, makes him give Mu Chen to bring sufficiently at any time troublesome. Bang! Therefore, he does not have any softheartedness. The mind moves, the black thunder was bombardment maliciously without hesitation above Xia Hou body. Bang! When that flash of black divine lightning bang above Mu Chen body, all people are able hears that to be together low and deep makes the sound that the head skin tingles with numbness, again then, Spiritual Energy defense above that Xia Hou body is all collapse, his body just likes broken line kite same distressed but actually shoots, the blood spurts crazily. The body delimits together over a thousand zhang (3.33 m) long trace in that great palace, finally hits above a great column. Thump! The great column was dislodged cracks, the appearance of creakying. As if soon avalanche. The body of Xia Hou, collapsing of dripping with blood under the great column, the whole body skeleton was been as if broken by all jumping in this time, the stone presses on his body. Buries it. His aura, even more weak, obviously nearly died by the severe wound... Bang sound, gradual stands still in the great palace. Then the great palace, is actually maintaining that deathly stillness. Vision, flood thick panic-stricken, is looking at that together is just liking corpse Blood Image, who can think. Also obtains the absolute winning side before that moment Xia Hou, at this time... Actually turned into so the appearance. Tang Mei'er. Zhou Yuan they are opening the eye, they are looking at this dull, at once line of sight little changes that is gasping together also for breath, on complexion a little pale youth body, he unexpectedly... Gave to beat Xia Hou... That crossed the Spiritual Energy Tribulation master! But Mu Chen only Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase! This anomaly...” Tang Mei'er they can only sigh in heart finally gently, why they right now finally are thorough understanding Mu Chen able become Team Captain of Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy this team, even stronger than Luo Li, does not have any objection, originally, this seems like the strength not outstanding youth, has is making one feel the frightened fearful battle efficiency.

This in society, and many some jumps the ranks the fight person, but these people without exception all are the monstruous talent in talent, but looks at present this, perhaps this Mu Chen, is. Compared with Tang Mei'er their exclamation, that Saint Spiritual Academy team, is the face not slight scarlet, their difficult believing looks at the severe wound to faint Xia Hou that somewhat difficult believes this brutal reality as before... That Zhen Qing looks at Xia Hou that defeats, complexion same is a little cloudy clear uncertain, when looks once again to the Mu Chen silhouette vision, had some thick wariness and alerts, at this time, he had regarded the able real threat Mu Chen finally his match. Regarding these many vision, Mu Chen has not cared actually, he covers mouth to cough, face on outstanding ability reappears to wipe eerie white, Control Lightning Technique after is divine technique, the although powerful force, but that consumption also extremely fearful, according to the estimate of Mu Chen, perhaps present he, very difficultly again activate second Control Lightning Technique... This method, is the Sovereign powerhouse just now the able use, now was displayed by him, this might, indeed has not disappointed him. Mu Chen look indifferent looked is fainting past Xia Hou, palm, the suction confused swell, during the crushed stone fluttering, light beam flew from the latter chest place together, finally fell into the Mu Chen hand, was academy tablet of this Saint Spiritual Academy team. Mu Chen casts a sidelong glance academy tablet, at once the brow selects slightly, because above this academy tablet, is having 4200 percentages unexpectedly, moreover above that rank, high seventh! This was almost Mu Chen their 2-3 times of many. Mu Chen is grasping academy tablet, has hesitated, took out academy tablet, that 50% score, has plundered directly forcefully. Therefore among light beam glittering, in the Mu Chen hand the academy tablet score, turned into 3700 immediately. In the score rises suddenly, academy tablet in Mu Chen hand also erupts dazzling light beam, in that first 16 ranks, rank rapid disappearances of Xia Hou their this team went, but a new team, then at an astonishing speed, over teams, stayed in the ninth position finally! Spiritual Academy Great Competition ninth, Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Team Captain, Mu Chen. Mu Chen looks in the hand is becoming dazzling academy tablet, lightly smiles, their teams also entered the first 16 lists, in this case, his information, will be discovered by many other teams, obviously, these will also include Ji Xuan. The Mu Chen palm grips tightly academy tablet slowly, in the black pupil, has the cold color to condense. Ji Xuan, sees this familiar name, will you be what kind of?( To be continued..)