The Great Ruler - Volume 6 - Chapter 513
Chapter 515! Dazzling light beam fills the air from the spirit treasure mountain, just likes the light covers same, will put in order a mountain range to cover. Mu Chen their vision, is staring at the spirit treasure mountain half vacancy stubbornly, there light beam condenses, has person's shadow appearance slowly together unexpectedly. In this spirit treasure mountain, actually also has the person to exist? In Mu Chen their hearts surges panic-stricken, in this ruined innumerable year of Wood Shrine, actually also has the live person? But in Mu Chen their somewhat disturbed vision gaze, in the midair, that rolls light beam even more obviously, finally changed into light image unexpectedly, this light image seems a white hair old man, he flies high to stand, does not say a word, is makes outside the spirit treasure mountain that this originally makes noise, a silence. Nobody dares to speak again, formerly these distressedly were shaken the person who flies, cancels the mouth corner bloodstain, with amazement is looking at that light image, actually although their not clear this is anything, but by that Wood Shrine strength, remains casually anything, perhaps is not they able copes. Mu Chen, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan they are also whole body Spiritual Energy surge, in the eye is covering entirely the alert, has the situation greatly not to the appearance that immediately retreats. spirit mountain heavy, can not rush carelessly, must come according to the Wood Shrine rule.” In Mu Chen they alert, in midair that light image old man, has the sound to pass on finally, in that sound, the slight emotion, has not appeared cavity especially, but is this, instead makes in the heart be scared. It seems not live person ¨.” Mu Chen hears this sound, the look actually moves slightly, he looks up to that old man, is actually discovers the latter unemotionally, even including both eyes is the unusual cavities, does not have the mood of any humanity. Perhaps this is spirit shade that some Wood Shrine great person leaves behind Luo Li also in a soft voice said. Wen Qingxuan relaxed quietly, so long as is not these old monster true bodies is good, otherwise, their indeed can only have many runs is far. Has it to block here we do not dare to rush.” Xu Huang said in one side in a low voice that formerly these fellows had have bad luck they to look clearly, moreover now also has some fellows to be imprisoned, does not know that was waiting for they can be anything. It did not mean that cannot enter the spirit treasure mountain only must come according to the rule.” Mu Chen eye glow glittering, said slightly in a soft voice. What rule?” Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan they are somewhat are all vacant. Mu Chen shook the head, vision actually tight is staring at that light image. spirit mountain is divided into nine, is the top layer, the magical things is rare and precious, but each magical things, have the Fighting Partner protection only has in alone fighting defeats Fighting Partner, just now able takes the magical things, if challenges disciple of failure will receive pain of a half year of captivity, to do cultivation not to be industrious actually aims too high the penalty.” In the people is the doubts, that light image makes noise once again emptily. Originally is this grade of rule.”

Mu Chen they then slightly suddenly, but has been startled by that penalty at once, imprisons for a half year? If who is so bad luck, perhaps following Spiritual Academy Great Competition did not have their anything matter. It seems like this is Wood Shrine to encourage their hanger-on disciple cultivation rule just perhaps them has not thought that Wood Shrine will end up to turn out so ending finally, here, may not have a Wood Shrine disciple again.” Wen Qingxuan said. That i.e. ¨ these fellows must defeat the protection magical things Fighting Partner, if won, then can obtain Heaven and Earth Treasure in that stone platform if however were defeated Mu Chen to grin, formerly did not have crude beginning fortunately, otherwise when the time comes no matter who was remained accepted challenge matter that to them, very much take risked. Because they cannot affirm, that protection magical things Fighting Partner actually strong. First has a look.” Mu Chen hesitates saying that if punishes so is really heavy, but these Fighting Partner strength quite terrifying, perhaps he does not abandon , can only give up that long-awaited Nine Sun Spirit Mushroom, because he does not have six months to be imprisoned here. Wen Qingxuan they also nod, now can only have a look first. In Mu Chen they spoke saw only in the spirit treasure mountain, that stone platform light beam layer upon layer surged suddenly, on stone platform that in these have person of intrusion, a ray of light bunch projected from the ground, after the moment, light beam diverged, sees only Fighting Partner, was the clear appearance in the gazes of all people. These Fighting Partner, are all over the body jet black, just likes the black iron casts, on their body, inscribes mysterious rune, rune glittering lightly light beam, is faint, has vague and formidable fluctuation sending out slowly. Mu Chen their vision, closely are locking these black Fighting Partner, but these Fighting Partner whole body fluctuations especially vague, therefore they are also the unable thorough judgment these Fighting Partner strength . Moreover, these Fighting Partner strength completely are different, the constriction that more upward Fighting Partner, sends out is more formidable. Mu Chen looked at one, the spirit treasure mountain has been divided into nine, Ninth Layer and Eighth Layer nobody rushes, therefore there did not have Fighting Partner to appear, but Seventh Layer, was has two to intrude, Fighting Partner that downward, appears again in turn were more, the person who because in these intruded were also more. In the spirit treasure mountain, these were stranded the person in stone platform, many people are somewhat are startled, they heard formerly that light image words, if they challenge the failure, can be imprisoned here a half year? This price, was extremely serious, because in that time, Spiritual Academy Great Competition perhaps already end! I do not believe that this broken Fighting Partner strong! These many years later, you are fierce this might no longer!” Perhaps is the consequence of that failure is too serious, in that spirit treasure mountain Fifth Layer place, in side stone platform, interloper complexion pale roaring, at once he one step steps forward, boundless Spiritual Energy sweeps across, that Spiritual Energy vigorous degree, reached the Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase degree, away Fleshly Body Tribulation, has the one pace His sole treads, figure suddenly attack, a palm lays out, scarlet-red Spiritual Energy, just likes inundates Heaven Flame flame same, is attacking to go to that jet black ice-cold Fighting Partner anger. Scarlet-red Spiritual Energy wells up, in that Fighting Partner empty eye, seems has light beam to condense to come, the next instant, it is also one step steps forward, without any avoidance, that black iron palm, such horizontal position, with that person of fierce offensive regrets hardly in the same place. Bang! The low and deep great sound resounds through, light beam sweeps across to open, then, all people are saw again that interloper body has flown upside down several blood spurt crazily, complexion pale numerous landing.

An all person peace. In many person eyes is somewhat with amazement surges, actually a only move, the interloper failed, obviously, this Fighting Partner strength, should has achieved Fleshly Body Tribulation however this, but also only Fifth Layer Challenge failure, imprisons for a half year.” In midair that light old man faint voice of resounds, at once his sleeve robe wields, sees only light beam chains violently shoots, if quickly the winding like lightning in the person of that challenge failure, then did not give a thought to his sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the ground unexpectedly is little splitting, but his figure crashes directly , the next instant, the ground restores once again such as beginning however that sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, but also lingers in the midair. Countless person complexion are pale, person who especially these intruded. I do not challenge!” Some people cannot stand this penalty complexion pale roaring, at once they are turn around unexpectedly run. Sneaks away at a critical juncture, determines as challenge failure trapping time again in addition a half year.” Light old man lightly makes noise once again, at once his sleeve robe wields, innumerable chains sweep across, these turn around the person who escapes , before is similar, like that is out, was pouched in mountain body Right now, all people frightened have shaken the people who these originally try to escape have taken back the footsteps, sneaks away at a critical juncture again additional a half year, that is entire one year one year had been imprisoned in this no one air/Qi place, isn't that the ratio dies also uncomfortably? Spelled!” Cannot draw back, that can only go all out to wrestle, here after all has the courage and uprightness Bang! Bang! Vigorous Spiritual Energy erupt in this time, above that stone platform, person's shadows start to fire into these ice-cold Fighting Partner, therefore, the war breaks out. The boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuation, erupts on that stone platform, astonishing offensive, held nothing back to release. In short ten several minutes, has the person to challenge the failure one after another unceasingly, but the people of these failures, did not have one to be pulled in mountain body finally, direct captivity, that pitiful yell sound, sad and shrill incomparable, but was not all people was also defeated, some luck good people, because was lucky, has not fired into the high level, Fighting Partner strength that therefore they met did not calculate specially strong, therefore, after one has struggled hard, they unexpectedly were the successes has defeated some Fighting Partner. When they gain the victory, light cover that around their stone platform wraps, is little divergence. When the light cover diverges, some people are excited the tears to fall, startled, could not attend to including the spoils of war unexpectedly, ran away crazily, does not dare to approach here.

Mu Chen not extremely cares about the fights of other levels, his vision, only locks in Seventh Layer, there, only then they are intruding, in these two, a person has achieved Fleshly Body Tribulation strength, his strength, only had insisted under that ice-cold Fighting Partner attack together several rounds, then directly were then defeated. But another person, strength was stronger fierce, unexpectedly has achieved Spiritual Energy Tribulation strength, this strength, is an elite, sufficiently became the team leader. However, Spiritual Energy Tribulation strength, has not let him under the attack of that Fighting Partner occupies many together the small advantage, that Fighting Partner is having the rich fight experience, moreover understood unexpectedly formidable Divine Art, the boundless offensive, instead all suppresses him. This person experienced a genuine miserable war. This fight, has continued about half double-hour, he has exhausted all Spiritual Energy, but he cannot win finally as before, what fortunately is, when his Spiritual Energy exhausts unable moves, that together Fighting Partner same by him goes all out to cause heavy losses, the chest place has covered entirely the crack, walks, sways, will just like soon shattered. Tie, cannot win, unable obtains the magical things, but may exempt the pain of captivity.” In midair, that light old person faint looks at this, start to talk was judging. But hears this to judge that person is also relaxing of feeling relieved, is dragging the whole body wound, Spiritual Energy that the luck dries up, sway flew, then had been met by his teammate hurriedly. As the fight of this person ends, the fight on spirit treasure mountain is all end, these formerly intruded person, over 50% people, were pulled in mountain body, was imprisoned Outside the spirit treasure mountain, a silence, these originally look greedy teams, are the whole body cold sweat, some people are patting the chest unceasingly, they formerly were fortunately slow one step, perhaps otherwise, their present result, were imprisoned. Mu Chen is somewhat is also silent, Seventh Layer Fighting Partner, compels this Spiritual Energy Tribulation master merely, but Nine Sun Spirit Mushroom that he wants actually in Ninth Layer At present this game, actually rushes, walks? If challenges successfully, Nine Sun Spirit Mushroom can succeed in obtaining to be possible, if will be defeated that to be imprisoned for a half year Should he, how choose?!