The Great Ruler - Volume 6 - Chapter 517
Chapter 519 overwhelming deep green Spiritual Energy, all over plunders from that towering great tree, finally has howled the horizon, in rapid gathering from the palm of Mu Chen. Deep green light beam, seems huge vortex, seems like temperate, but actually sends out one type to make one feel the fluctuation of palpitation. This is... divine technique?” Wen Qingxuan beautiful eyes tight is staring at Mu Chen, these aquamarine Spiritual Energy, are not Mu Chen own cultivation comes obviously, but from these innumerable trees, Mu Chen has replied on this strength, but same mentioned, only has true divine technique, might draw support from these to have in the strange strength in world. should is small divine technique.” Luo Li said in a soft voice. So-called divine technique, has the division of rank, but mentioned sketchily, was divided into three ranks, small divine technique, great divine technique as well as Great Perfection divine technique... this method, said accurately that should was the Sovereign powerhouse the method of able true use, but strength was the Lower Three Tribulations degree, actually was also able activate, the might that but showed impossible to compare with the Sovereign powerhouse and that's the end. This divine technique actually somewhat likely is the Wood Shrine method.” Wen Qingxuan looking pensive, this strengths from ten thousand wood, It looks like Wood Shrine some methods very much. Luo Li also gently nods, it seems like Mu Chen should does not know when obtained this to come from Wood Shrine small divine technique, moreover looked at this appearance, he also succeeded its cultivation unexpectedly. „... divine technique might although is good, but actually needs to display the time, that Fighting Partner will perhaps not give him this time.” Wen Qingxuan said that from formerly performance. That Fighting Partner is having extremely rich fight experience, moreover it will not have the fear, will not have the mood, therefore, it will only rely on the fight instinct to get rid. But sometimes. This type by existence that the instinct fights, is more fearful. buzz!” Deep green light beam, just likes sea, ripples in the Mu Chen whole body, huge aquamarine vortex, is revolving above his palm high-speed, vortex edge, as if the space was delimited the lightly trace. In the Fighting Partner eye, the purple light explodes dodges, obviously. It from deep green vortex in Mu Chen hand felt the instinct danger, therefore it did not have any hesitation, the palm grasped, rear black lance violently shoots came, to fall to its hand. Next instant. It just likes rushes to lightning-like once again has plundered. Rustling! spear shaft vibrated, cuts the air, the spear point place, black light(Hei Guang) lingered, sharp incomparable. Just like Wen Qingxuan expects, Fighting Partner has not waited for Mu Chen thoroughly kills to display greatly this, but beginning without hesitation, must Mu Chen ahead of time obliterate. The Fighting Partner speed is too fast, under dodges, then appeared in the Mu Chen front. spear point, points to the Mu Chen heart straightly. Black spear qi, enlargement rapidly in the Mu Chen eye pupil, in his eye, has light beam glittering, that light beam, is actually passing cut-throat. Scoff!

spear qi plunders. Unexpectedly, Mu Chen actually does not have any to dodge, he has not displayed any defense, but is fierce has found out the palm, above the palm, black dazzling lightning crazy glittering, his arm, seems becoming in this time radiant such as the silver gets up. Psst! The palm of Mu Chen, pierces instant that comes in spear point, directly that sharp spear point grasping in hand, grating makes a sound to resound, then has the unceasing dropping of dark red bloodstain from the Mu Chen palm under. Even if were Mu Chen Divine Lightning Body cultivation to the five patterns lightning body degree, but did not have the means to disregard the Fighting Partner so swift and fierce attack obviously. Outside the spirit treasure mountain, has resounded screams, many person complexion are the somewhat changes, no one has thought that Mu Chen will meet the Fighting Partner so swift and fierce attack with the palm hardly, he did not fear that was discarded a hand directly? Now the time sufficed.” Luo Li lightly [say / way], but Wen Qingxuan saw that young girl slender slim eyebrows has shaken shaking slightly. Is actually decisive enough.” Wen Qingxuan nods, comments. Mu Chen dripping with blood palm tight holds that handle sharp spear point, in the palm transmits the severe pain, that dreary cold sharp strength, almost must break his entire arm, but well in him Divine Lightning Body activate to extreme , this arm, in temporarily, became his whole body strongest part, otherwise, his entire arm shortly will be shaken the smashing by that wild spear qi. Bang!” Above his right palm, huge aquamarine vortex starts distortion rapidly, Mu Chen is looking at front Fighting Partner, actually suddenly smiles, said in a soft voice: Please taste your Wood Shrine good thing.” small divine technique, Heavenly Wood Divine Disk!” The dreary cold sound, in resounds through from the heart of Mu Chen. Buzz! Deep green vortex crazy distortion , that high-speed revolving, has torn the space unexpectedly directly, but vortex edge, starts the substantialization, finally changed into unexpectedly near hundred zhang (333m) huge azure-colored wood light disk, the light disk edge, full is the fierce denticle, because of high-speed revolving, that side reason place, seems has wipes the profound ray to past. Sharp air/Qi that unable described, sending out quietly. Mu Chen look dreary cold , his is contaminating the bloodstain palm, as before tight holds spear point, at once the palm deducts suddenly, that modeling somewhat is together fierce, appalling azure-colored wood denticle light disk changes into together the blue light, has torn the space, appears above the Fighting Partner top of the head, then plunders. The blue light carries may crack all things to plunder sharply, that not defensible imposing manner, making all people outside spirit treasure mountain turn very quiet, they know, if were hit by the attack of this terrifying together, even if that Fighting Partner indeed gold iron cast, met cuts in half instantaneously. Rustling!

The azure-colored wood light disk chop down speed is extremely fast, under flickers, Then appeared when the Fighting Partner top of the head, but, soon will be passing over gently and swiftly the Fighting Partner crown, dazzling black light(Hei Guang), erupted suddenly from its within the body, in its back, has one pair unexpectedly just likes the metal wings towering ejection. The metal wings inspire suddenly, its body, is strange disappearance goes unexpectedly. Rustling! azure-colored wood light disk passing over gently and swiftly air. Finally shot the ground, ground any trace of rupturing, only has not left behind one to be extremely long, but extremely slender profound trace, that trace. Smooth incomparable, but also as if no end, the smooth place, is sending out strength of the fearful piercing. Mu Chen this must kill strikes, actually failed. Outside the spirit treasure mountain, all team hearts maliciously beat in this time, that intense fight, attracted their mind, when they when seeing Mu Chen this perfectly strikes is avoided as before, in the heart as if there is feeling that a fist fails. Uncomfortable. Is a pity.” Some people regret sighed lowly, Mu Chen formerly getting rid, grasped was extremely perfect, but no one has expected, that Fighting Partner same also hid the method. This thing. Where Fighting Partner, simply is more fearful than the soldier of having fought many battles. But obviously, lost this opportunity, the Mu Chen stratagem which ensures success, becomes extremely low. Xu Huang their complexion is somewhat is pale. Wen Qingxuan also gently sighed, only has Luo Li, was still peaceful. In that innumerable [say / way] regrets in the vision, Mu Chen stands in former place, his complexion passed over gently and swiftly wipes the paleness of lightly, his vision to all around glance. Fighting Partner silhouette vanished, but Mu Chen able felt that a wisp of heavy line is shuttling back and forth, only that speed is too fast, quickly to linking him is somewhat cannot follow. This Fighting Partner strength, even if in first layer Divine Soul Tribulation, absolutely is very hard to deal with that type. The muscle of Mu Chen whole body, ties tight in this time, just likes draws the full bowstring, his able felt that is faint cold killing intent that from the surroundings space in transmits, he knows, then Fighting Partner eruption, will be astonishing killing move. Both eyes of Mu Chen, in this time closing slowly, his able are feeling wind direction flowing of outside, then, that just likes hurricane same circles again in Spiritual Energy of its whole body, unexpectedly was little restraining, he will defend unexpectedly is the cancellation goes. Is looking at this action, Wen Qingxuan charming face slightly changed, Mu Chen under this condition, once were held the flaw by Fighting Partner, that absolutely is earth-shaking strikes, but that strikes, perhaps will let the opportunity that Mu Chen does not stand up from failure. „Is he doing? Courts death?” Wang Zhong they is also looking at this, the brow tight wrinkle. Wu Yingying beautiful eyes same tight is staring at that silhouette, nips white teeth, said: „Did this bastard, how turn into the fool suddenly?” wū wū.

The rumor, as if became in that piece of draw platform center somewhat rapid, those present, able induced to that [say / way] fuzzy shadow, extremely scarce, even including Wang Zhong, Wu Yingying their this strength, can only the indistinct feeling the black ray, be possible actually unable to induce together the direction of that shadow. ! Rumor even more rapid, as if in some flash, has the slight air report to resound. The Mu Chen front, invisible air ripples, a shadow just liked moves same to appear in instantaneously its front, its two fingers and tune, extreme swift and fierce Spiritual Energy surged, as if a handle was sending out the thick killing intent dreary cold dagger, pointed to Mu Chen forehead. This offensive, comes sudden extremely, extremely swift and violent, so is away from, even if with is the Divine Soul Tribulation master, basic unable avoidance. A bloodstain, seeps from Mu Chen forehead, that is because strong wind is the result. Ended...” Xu Huang their complexion is pale. Other people are also regret sighed. The Wen Qingxuan white hands grip tightly, on snow white flesh, has the tiny blue vein vein to reappear, in her hand, has golden light unable to bear is surging. The Fighting Partner referring to wind, almost drew close to Mu Chen forehead, the next instant, can pierce his entire head. However, in this flash, both eyes that Mu Chen shuts tightly, opens suddenly, in the black pupil, does not have slight startled, instead has wipes to regard the prey coldness and taunt. In that countless people gaze, his palm, fluctuated suddenly seal technique. Bang! His earth, vibrated suddenly, at once sees only together the blue green light glow, arrogantly under suddenly rush, just likes round light cuts suddenly, pastes the Mu Chen front to plunder, just passed over gently and swiftly the body of Fighting Partner... Body of Fighting Partner, coagulates in this time suddenly, fearful strong wind that the fingertip condenses, vanishes into thin air instantaneously. Clip clop. Its finger, in the Mu Chen forehead place, but the strength completely is loose, because of its body, has divided into two in this time, that fission place, smoothly like mirror. In the midair, that [say / way] fierce azure-colored wood light disk, this is shivering, dissipation slowly goes. Mu Chen looks at Fighting Partner that front light beam completely is losing, lightly smiles, said in a soft voice: Present attack, real.”