The Great Ruler - Volume 6 - Chapter 569
…… 616 Chapter The yellow sand wreaks havoc, person's shadows from the sandstorm, then stopped beyond distance battlefield roughly several hundred meters gradually, but that takes the lead a person, is Mu Chen. This time he, be with smile on the face is looking at present this stretch of intense battlefield, at once a line of sight revolution, stares at that to open eye Lin Zhou and the others of gradually, said with a smile: Team Captain Lin Zhou, was good to be skillful, we met.” Mu Chen!” Lin Zhou is also opening the eye, astonished looks is presenting Mu Chen here, at once his hurried [say / way]: „Do you do here? Walks quickly!” At present here will not be the good place, Lu Tian and the others not to let off here any team, Mu Chen rushed suddenly, to him, simply will be the disaster. although in that Wood Shrine divides in the palace, Lin Zhou is also knows that Mu Chen strength is not weak, but actually never thinks his able and compared with Lu Tian this fame extremely high master. Walks?” That Zhou Ya hearing this, is actually dense smiles, look gloomy is looking at Mu Chen, false smile [say / way]: „Were that words you said a moment ago?” Mu Chen has not actually paid attention to him, only gains ground, looks at Lu Tian that and the others in not far away sky that same is starting to note them to present, said with a smile: It seems like we do not have have not found the wrong person.” Courting death thing!” Zhou Ya mouth corner twitches slightly, he backhands a palm to pat in the Lin Zhou chest, the strength emits, shakes his palm flies ten several steps, was a blood has spurted. Bang! A palm shakes draws back Lin Zhou, the Zhou Ya look even more densely, next instant. Intrepid Spiritual Energy erupts to open from its within the body suddenly, but his figure, once again just likes ghosts and demons is flushing to go to the Mu Chen illness. Be careful!” Lin Zhou covers the chest. Urgently shouted to clear the way. Mu Chen only raise one's head is staring at Lu Tian and the others as before, has not paid attention to the illness to plunder slightly, but to Zhou Ya. Acts recklessly!” Zhou Ya looks at Mu Chen directly to disregard him unexpectedly, during complexion is pale immediately, grins fiendishly, in that palm white light even more rich, in the flesh and blood, as if has white bone to reappear. An astonishing strength, is patting to the Mu Chen anger directly under. That Lin Zhou and the others saw this, complexion is pale immediately. Rustling! However. In that whole face fierce Zhou Ya palm wind will soon fall when the Mu Chen body, golden light dodges to plunder from its behind together suddenly, handle golden yellow long spear sweeps away to come, if quickly rushed to the lightning-like bang above the Zhou Ya chest.

Thump! The low and deep sound resounds through. golden light fills the air. That Zhou Ya fierce face is almost instantaneously is becoming distortion , that complexion in blue red between takes turn, the body shivers fiercely, unexpectedly directly was distressed flying upside down. The Zhou Ya both feet, applies the tread, applies one when the yellow sand directly has been several hundred meters trace, when his body calmed down, his nearly most body. Was falls in the yellow sand. puchi. Several blood spurt from the mouth of Zhou Ya, is incarnadine front yellow sand. This region. Almost directly is peaceful in this flash. Lin Zhou their mouths are also little opening, their somewhat panic-stricken is looking at present this, was really the somewhat unable imagination formerly suppressed them completely does not have Zhou Ya of strength to hit back, will be hit unexpectedly instantaneously just likes dead dog same. Their lines of sight, after the Mu Chen body that handle golden color fights the spear|gun moves, then, they then saw again have stood in the Mu Chen body side, that wore the golden battle armor beautiful girl. The girl is having the graceful physique, the curve under battle armor, exquisite moving, let the person blood flow is changes quick, but her only was grasping golden long spear at this time only, that pair of long and narrow phoenix, only lightly swept a that to be shaken to fly Zhou Ya that look was very somewhat indifferently with not caring. Warm Wen Qingxuan!” That Zhou Ya mouth corner is hanging the bloodstain, he looked at that beautiful girl, in the eye is having to well up suddenly panic-strickenly, lost the sound track. Wen Qingxuan? Lin Zhou their heart shakes, this name to them, but is likes thunder reverberating in one's ears, team that after all in present Spiritual Academy Great Competition, Wen Qingxuan leads, but placed second, the position of that keeping aloof, to them, was really formidable. But after shocking a meeting, they were somewhat at a loss looked at Mu Chen one, obviously does not understand why Wen Qingxuan will appear in Mu Chen side, will get rid for him. Mu Chen has not looked at Zhou Ya one, he gains ground, is looking at not far away sky, there line of sight, has been locking to them. When these people see Wen Qingxuan, complexion is changes, in the eye that cannot bear has the color of thick wariness. Wen Qingxuan will she appear here? Why will get rid to us?” That ten several Team Captain call out in alarm in a low voice said that in the sound somewhat is startled, obviously, here, Wen Qingxuan has not the small deterrent effect. The Lu Tian look is also swift and fierce is staring at Wen Qingxuan, his sinking sound track: Wen Qingxuan, our mind yor own business, you today what is this?” Wen Qingxuan beautiful eyes has swept Lu Tian one, has not actually paid attention to him, only takes back long spear, Mu Chen letting. He He, thinks that this was Lu Tian Team Captain Mu Chen shows a faint smile to Lu Tian, said: „Below Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy Mu Chen, here, mainly must ask Lu Tian Team Captain to help busy today.” Mu Chen?” The Lu Tian look concentrates, regarding the Mu Chen matter, he also heard, moreover his same also knows that between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan have enormous grudge.

In the Lu Tian eye cold light reappears, but he actually maintains composure, lightly [say / way]: Oh? I as if do not have any friendship help words with you, perhaps somewhat is difficult.” This is very simple to Lu Tian Team Captain.” Mu Chen smiles. Oh? mentioned listens.” Mu Chen is staring at Lu Tian, the face smiling face on outstanding ability appears somewhat is temperate, he said in a soft voice: I want to make Lu Tian Team Captain announce information, terminates the relations of union with Ji Xuan.” Lu Tian complexion suddenly changes, look yin cold is staring at Mu Chen, ridiculed: This joke is not funny.” Mu Chen knit the brows, said: Lu Tian doesn't Team Captain want?” Mu Chen. I know that you and Ji Xuan have grudge, but I advised politely you to be honest, said that the sentence did not fear attacked your words. Between you and Ji Xuan, do not have the least bit commeasurability.” Lu Tian sneered is staring at Mu Chen, said: Compared with Ji Xuan, you also missed were too many!” It seems like broke off conversation.” Mu Chen helpless smiles. How has broken off conversation? You think that looked for Wen Qingxuan to support, can walk sideways here?” Lu Tian sneered, his palm wields at once, sees only that ten several strength is approaches in first layer Divine Soul Tribulation Team Captain. Eying covetously is staring at Mu Chen and the others. They after all with Lu Tian with locating a ship, naturally do not want to see Lu Tian to have an accident, although present Wen Qingxuan lets their extreme wariness. But Lu Tian behind, may have existence of Ji Xuan. That is in the present score list the most intrepid person. If able catches their this ships, wants to come in this center region, absolutely again some people do not dare to have their ideas. Rustling! Under that. originally to the troops who Lin Zhou these teams are encircling. Also plunders to return in this time anxiously, the vision that the person's shadow ample suspension sky, that is hostile, is staring at Mu Chen they. The Lu Tian both arms hold the chest, occupying a commanding position overlooks Mu Chen, that side although Mu Chen is having Wen Qingxuan and the others existences, but him is the team is only having over a hundred, strength achieves the first layer Divine Soul Tribulation master. Reaches ten several people, so lineup. The pressure can Mu Chen running over. Mu Chen, grudge between you and Ji Xuan, he naturally can look for you, I do not need to meddle, look in the Wen Qingxuan face, words that now you leave on own initiative, my may does not haggle over you to injure the Zhou Ya matter.” Lu Tian faint [say / way]. That may indeed be a pity.” Mu Chen helpless smiling, only that black pupil, actually becomes in this flash cold, his sole fierce stamps, black dazzling lightning almost will be shortly will erupt from its within the body. Rustling! wind breaking resounds through, Mu Chen silhouette as if changed into dazzling lightning, the next flash, appeared in the Lu Tian front directly, a palm laid out suddenly. Bang!

dazzling lightning formed under the Mu Chen palm, holds the wind to pass over gently and swiftly, including air by blast, even space also somewhat distortion sign. Lu Tian already was guarding obviously also against Mu Chen, therefore attacks regarding him suddenly, actually does not see flurriedly, instead is sneered, said: Had already heard your Mu Chen name, my today must come to see actually, actually you can somewhat the ability!” Lu Tian same is a palm lays out, sees only its palm white light to flash before, has the shape somewhat fierce white bone gauntlet (glove) together to flash before unexpectedly, on this white bone gauntlet (glove), is covering entirely the spur, the point of spur, glittering the light of quiet woods, obviously is might extremely powerful Spiritual Artifact. This Lu Tian but actually is also deceitful, just now summoned this fierce gauntlet (glove) in this opportunity, but this time Mu Chen, even to receive the palm is without enough time. Once he receives the hand forcefully, that following Lu Tian will erupt the swift and fierce offensive, suppresses him thoroughly. However, Lu Tian had not actually seen, when his bone fist appears, Mu Chen corner of the mouth actually slightly raises, at once its palm same is light beam dodges, the next instant, has side plain stone seal to reappear unexpectedly. stone seal presents the color of dark azure, above has the ancient trace, above that stone seal, is occupying stone tortoise. This Mysterious Tortoise Seal appearance, has a fearful serious strength to fill the air immediately, even including the space is the somewhat distortion signs, surrounding Spiritual Energy, flees and becomes separated in abundance. In the Lu Tian eye the originally dense smiling face also suddenly coagulates, displaces, is a color with amazement. This Spiritual Energy fluctuation, this presents stone seal in Mu Chen hand, unexpectedly is Divine Artifact?! ( Told everybody good information, peerless Tianfu must open the god to fight finally. The gods fight should to be launch by our Tianfu and Tang Men, battle official opening of both sides, actually will be which one side will be fiercer, we were also quick can know. Does not know that we now in peerless Tianfu, what the battle efficiency is highest is which my dear friend? As if the battle efficiency of Tang Men world generally be peerless Tianfu to be higher than us, this time god war, we are a little are not quite as if optimistic. Everybody has the words of game account number, may tries. ps: The game downloads the address, turns on phone browser, input jstf.szkuniu. to be good. Opens the prestige, searches giant silkworm potato, reply downloading address also able obtains.)