The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 618
Chapter 621 When fight platform when Luo Li and Xue Tianhe are, wild Spiritual Energy shoots up to the sky, another fight platform, actually appears quite tranquil. The Wen Qingxuan white hands grip the golden color to fight the spear|gun, golden battle armor wraps that is having to exquisite the plentiful tender body, extends the moving graceful arc, her pupil is also looking at Luo Li and Xue Tianhe fight platform, during she feels astonishing Spiritual Energy that they are encountering to erupt, the look is also somewhat serious, this Xue Tianhe indeed is not simple, can fight unexpectedly this with Luo Li... He He, it seems like you very much care about that side fight.” Ji Xuan crosses the hands behind the back to stand, his same looked at a that side fight, at once shows a faint smile to Wen Qingxuan, said. Wen Qingxuan look at him lazy, at once smiles, said: What's wrong? Ji Xuan, haven't you planned to get rid?” I and you do not have no grudge, if we fight, definitely will damage, therefore, I suggested our may , etc. their fight end.” Ji Xuan said with a smile. You are the worry consume oversized, who no matter when the time comes they win, you will have troublesome some?” The Wen Qingxuan ruddy small mouth turns upwards wipes the ridicule curve, said. Ji Xuan is startled slightly, says with a smile: At least such words, your opportunity can also be bigger.” „The indeed disgusting fellow, no wonder Luo Li does not like you.” Wen Qingxuan lightly [say / way]: No matter your plans deep, but compares with Mu Chen, you do not have him to be good.” Heard this words, the brow of Ji Xuan wrinkled finally, said: In Spiritual Road, Mu Chen defeated in my hand, but this time Spiritual Academy Great Competition, he linked with the qualifications that I fought does not have, you thought that I couldn't compare that defeated?” How this you win twice, your should is clearest.” Wen Qingxuan sneered said. Everything only looks at result, in this world, the loser does not have the qualifications to argue.” Ji Xuan faint [say / way]. Facial skin actually true thickness.” The golden color in Wen Qingxuan white hands fights spear|gun to rise suddenly, locks to Ji Xuan. On her beautiful cheeks has to wipe the ice-cold color to reappear: In the elimination series, you dares to tempt Mu Chen to come with me, the present words, give me also to come the debt!” Bang! The Wen Qingxuan ice-cold sound falls, an astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuation erupts immediately, that powerful degree, crossed third layer Divine Soul Tribulation obviously. It seems like you do not support my proposition.” Ji Xuan lightly [say / way]. Rustling! Replied that his is, is together the golden light radiant spear|gun rainbow, the spear|gun rainbow just liked the beam passing over gently and swiftly horizon, only flickered merely. Then appeared in front of Ji Xuan. Ji Xuan is looking at that if quickly rushes to the lightning-like spear|gun rainbow. The body trembles slightly. But has not had any avoidance, but stands former place, whatever the spear|gun rainbow raids, finally in that everywhere screams. Pierces his throat. However spear|gun rainbow go over, has not brought any blood, Ji Xuan silhouette, is the little dissipation goes.

afterimage?” Some people call out in alarm, in the eye somewhat vibrates, this Ji Xuan speed, actually quickly to this degree, when they have not noted him to leave, obviously. The Ji Xuan speed, has surmounted their line of sight. In space!” Some quick people hear sound raise one's head, sees only sky over that golden fight platform, Ji Xuan crosses the hands behind the back to stand, the light breeze sways the white robe to flutter. Actually appears especially natural. The spear|gun rainbow fails, in the Wen Qingxuan eye any accident, she has not actually known that this offensive how Ji Xuan, therefore she extended the slender slender white hands, tied seal suddenly. clear cry the sound of long recitation, resounds through the world in this time together suddenly, only sees behind Wen Qingxuan, a pair of golden light phoenix wing, extends unexpectedly in this time, the phoenix wing is giant, roughly ten several feet, the golden wing just likes the gold casts, dazzling. Rustling! A Wen Qingxuan phoenix wing leaf, strong winds get up suddenly, her silhouette almost vanishes in the strong winds instantaneously. In the sky, the pupil of Ji Xuan also suddenly shrinks in this time, but also does not need he to take an action, the strong winds then well up from its behind, golden light fills the air, Wen Qingxuan appeared in his behind directly. I think your speed to be able quick!” The Wen Qingxuan ice-cold clear sound conveys, simultaneously in the hand that golden long spear is changes into rainbow light violently thrust. Rustling! Ji Xuan look micro cold, single-handed knot seal, figure trembles. spear qi pierces once again, however as before is afterimage. Ji Xuan figure appears in the sky kilometer away once again, but his silhouette just appeared, together spear qi just likes the tarsal bone maggot punctures from behind. Rustling! Rustling! In the sky, two person's shadows just like the ghosts and demons are fluctuating the position, afterimage are pierced, all people are dumbfounded is looking at this, their unable realized radically their motion path, can only in the instance that they get rid, just now able catches their silhouette. This speed, already just like ghosts and demons. Is facing their speed, even if Wu Ling their these top players, the look is piece of serious, because they know, if trades to be them, no matter is facing any in Ji Xuan and Wen Qingxuan, perhaps can only stand coming under attack. although their confrontation, do not have heaven startling moves the momentum, but that fearful speed chase, is looks at the person to be fearful and apprehensive as before. Rustling!

Ji Xuan silhouette appears in sky once again somewhere, but this time, his complexion somewhat gloomy slightly, his speed is his superiority, but he actually discovered at this time, even if he arrives at extreme speed activate, is unable gets rid of Wen Qingxuan unexpectedly as before. Latter same has is not being inferior in his speed. „!” violently thrust that golden light spear qi never says die comes, cunning. Snort!” Ji Xuan coldly snorted, the palm grasps suddenly, handle long spear flashes before, backhands violently thrust, two incisive spear point touch hardly when the same place, the sound of gold iron resounds through, an astonishing air wave sweeps across to start, just liked has started the storm in the sky. Faces speed astonishing Wen Qingxuan, before Ji Xuan can only give up him, obviously that type is trying to suppress the idea of Wen Qingxuan at the absolute speed. The storm sweeps across, that two ghosts and demons silhouette also but actually shoots to draw back. The Wen Qingxuan white hands grip the golden color to fight the spear|gun, her phoenix looks to Ji Xuan, sneered said: Finally ran to suffice?” The Ji Xuan surface sinks like the water, actually keeps silent, only boundless vast holy light Spiritual Energy comes in its behind crazy gathering, short instantaneous, then changed into round huge Holy Sun. Before , copes divine technique that Wen Busheng displays. However obviously Ji Xuan regarding regarding as important of Wen Qingxuan, distant Wen Busheng over, therefore his seal technique fluctuates immediately once again, sees only above that round Holy Sun, has radiant holy light to condense once again, is two rounds Holy Sun, rapid congealing presently! Three rounds Holy Sun! Three rounds Holy Sun suspension in Ji Xuan behind, that type of weaponry, look at the innumerable head skins to tingle with numbness, originally when fights with Wen Busheng, Ji Xuan hid these many strength unexpectedly, this fellow, really deep conceal does not reveal. Goes!” Ji Xuan any idle talk, has not counted on the fingers a ball, three rounds Holy Sun then shoot up to the sky, finally becomes the potential of head and tail being connected, howls, covers Wen Qingxuan directly. Fearful Holy Sun covers, that shock-wave, then makes below golden fight platform instantaneously, cracked spider web cracks. Wen Qingxuan small head lifts lightly, Holy Sun enlargement of rapidly in that pair of long and narrow phoenix, but she actually any fear, in the pupil, as before full has not been cold and proud. Is facing the Ji Xuan so astonishing offensive, she does not dodge unexpectedly as before does not evade. Bang! Bang!

Three rounds Holy Sun rumbling maliciously, radiant holy light filled the air to open finally, the trim world seemed flooded by that holy light, countless person eyes stabbing pain resulted in unable to open. Wild holy light, has wreaked havoc well in the sky long time, just now gradual divergence. Countless people stared at the eye in this time stubbornly, they do not know that actually Wen Qingxuan is why, able has bears Ji Xuan this fearful offensive that the courage is not avoiding. holy light little divergence, sky gradual becomes must be clear, again then... The eyes of countless person open suddenly, the sound of overwhelming holding breath cold air/Qi, along with it resounding. Pupil of Ji Xuan, same in this time fierce contraction. In the distant sky, has golden light to fill the air, golden light inside, huge incomparable Golden Phoenix, is extending the wings slowly, its golden light fills the air all over the body, just likes is the gold casts, it is having the exquisite carriage, whole body each spot, is passing inherent honored and arrogance, as if Venerable of life. That is...” In sky, continually even some Spiritual Academy Headmaster complexion cannot bear changes, at once mutters: That is... Golden Sacred Phoenix?” Golden Sacred Phoenix, Spiritual Beast list Earth Ranking ranks sixth. Legend this is having Spiritual Beast of genuine phoenix bloodlines, cultivation to extreme Golden Sacred Phoenix, has is enduring compared with Heavenly Sovereign fearful strength. No one has thought that Wen Qingxuan actually built up to melt Golden Sacred Phoenix Soul Essence! This trump card, makes any person shock sufficiently. In sky, Golden Sacred Phoenix slowly is fanning the phoenix wing of golden light circulation, on its huge body, has the slender beautiful figure to hold a gun to stand together, her pair of attractive phoenix, has the golden light circulation in this time, she is built on above Golden Phoenix, slightly is clear arrogantly lifts the head slightly, has revealed section of snow white slender graceful nape of the neck, at once she extends the white hands, will be tying black hair optional untying, immediately black hair falling like a waterfall, but , that instantaneous elegant demeanor, made the world is for one bright. This time Wen Qingxuan, especially eye-catching. Ji Xuan also tight stares is standing Wen Qingxuan above Golden Sacred Phoenix, the palm grips tightly slowly, during this match, imagines compared with him thorny. Wen Qingxuan phoenix also distant looks like, she stares at Ji Xuan, in the hand the gold is fighting the spear|gun to refer to coming slantingly, clear, but the cold and proud sound, has resounded through the world in this time. Ji Xuan, summoned ancient times Heavenly Dragon Eagle of your within the body, otherwise, you did not have the opportunity.”