The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 655
Chapter 656 Endless light beam covers in the giant auction market, but at this time so, is unable covers up that fiery vision, this Void Great Sun Fruit the rare and precious degree, has been far in excess of beforehand Heavenly Flame Jade Essence obviously. Mu Chen same is that look blazing one, but he has adjusted the mentality quickly, takes a deep breath, body tight is staring in the field, at once his look concentrates slightly, because he sees, in front these loft, the faint somewhat sound spreads, this command his heart sinks, it seems like really such as he expects, the fellows of these weight ranks, had a liking for Void Great Sun Fruit. This able made Spiritual Energy might promotion Heaven and Earth Treasure, regarding any Sovereign Stage powerhouse, was suitable had the attraction. On the auction stage, Mo Qing is looking at the sound under field, this lightly [say / way]: „, Starts to bid.” His voice falls, under the field becomes is instead peaceful, seven thousand Sovereign elixir are not the small numbers, therefore the person of able competition does not calculate too, now from the beginning, naturally must observe the situation. However this type peaceful has not continued to be too long, finally was broken. 7300!” Person who bids, is a plane item of stern middle-aged man, in its whole body, has the tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuation, obviously also has good strength. 7500!” However his price maintained shortly, immediately is then broken. 7800!” Tendering one after another, breaks immediately tranquilly, the entire auction market is in a tumult, has the thoughts powerhouse unable to endure patiently to Void Great Sun Fruit again, in abundance tendering. Short is about several minutes, that price, is reaches as high as 8500 drops of Sovereign elixir, this price, looked at many person eyes to be red, after all so huge Sovereign elixir, may made their cultivation speed up the several fold. But price to this situation. In the auction market also person of able tendering is the rapid reduction, but everyone is clear, the following these, are the genuine big alligators. 9500.” When somewhat is lazy, when actually passes the beckoning charming gentle and charming sound is resounding, almost all people are suddenly raise one's head, looks to a front small pavilion. There tissue was lifted, reveals has attracted enchantingly the cheeks.

Is Immortal Fox Sect Xin Huxian.” She unexpectedly also to thisVoid Great Sun Fruit interested. ” Looks at that charmingly to let person heartbeat charming face enchantingly, in the auction market has some talking in whispers sounds to spread immediately, wants to come has heard at present the reputation of enchanting female. After this becomes the enchanting female of Xin Huxian bids, in the auction market was actually tranquil, even many originally have the wish powerhouse continually. Also hesitates has not been increasing price again, obviously does not want to offend this female from Immortal Fox Sect. Mu Chen sees this, in heart helpless sighing, then bright sound track: 10,000.” This sound as well as price, immediately cause, innumerable [say / way] astonished vision projection in an uproar in the auction market come, finally stopped on Mu Chen. In the eye is full of astonished color, obviously was guessing that the Mu Chen origin, ten thousand Sovereign elixir, are no one able casually takes after all. But is facing that innumerable [say / way] astonished vision, Mu Chen is complexion is tranquil, vision only is staring on the auction stage Void Great Sun Fruit, has not paid attention to other people. On that loft, that Xin Huxian sub- peach blossom cancels the person to seize the soul pupil. Also shifts in this time gently, flows on the body of Mu Chen, in that pupil has surprised. Mu Chen felt that her vision, this slightly the leaning head, slightly reveals the apology to her smiles. Xin Huxian sub- returns with the enchanting charming smiling face, the beautiful pupil dodges, does not know that in the heart is thinking anything. However looks at this stance, unexpectedly not idea same that continues to increase price again. He He, since Xin Huxian Void Great Sun Fruit does not have the too big interest to this „, that by.” In Xin Huxian is silent. The laughter, never in loft of distant place spread together, formerly sees only that appearance outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted youth to go out gradually, with a smile sub- has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to Xin Huxian. giggle, the girl financial resource are superficial, does not have the means with compete, since including Profound Heavenly Palace Young Palace Master interested, I withdraw.” Xin Huxian looks at this feminine youth, sip the red lip is showing a faint smile, said. That feminine youth mild-mannered and cultivated raising slightly, this goes to the direction that vision Mu Chen is, on outwardly submissive but inwardly evil-hearted face, is having the lightly smiling face, said: 11,000.” Brow of Mu Chen, when this feminine youth appears then wrinkled. This bastard, indeed lets person disgusting.” Lin Jing sees this, could not bear help Mu Chen coldly snorted, because that feminine youth formerly unexpectedly dares to sexually harass her reason, therefore she abhorred this person, at present saw that he must stop the Mu Chen good deed unexpectedly, on that charming face has the thin anger to emerge. Mu Chen, you bid to run over him freely! although on me does not have Sovereign elixir, at the worst took to select thing to come out to sell.” Lin Jing white teeth bites lightly, [say / way] bitterly.

All right, words that he wants to play, that accompanies him to play.” Mu Chen tranquil smiles, in eye is also has wipes cold intention, status of although this feminine youth in Profound Heavenly Palace is uncommon, but he really does not believe that this fellow able casual puts out tens of thousands Sovereign elixir to pound him. Sovereign elixir, is not the plain boiled water! In any case no matter what, this Void Great Sun Fruit, he exerts its utmost. 12,000.” Mu Chen by the chairback, the steady sound, spreads in this giant auction market, caused that many people suck the tongue secretly, the look is unusual, wants to come also to treat as Mu Chen does not know that which from came the patriarchal clan juniors. In the pavilion, that feminine youth both eyes narrow the eyes, the look deep place passed over gently and swiftly wipes the yin cold, formerly Mu Chen meddled, in his heart is somewhat is not feeling well, because he will not be how possibly able to look, Mu Chen with that white clothing young girl, does not get to know each other well. Moreover strength of this fellow also will enters Sovereign Stage, perhaps if before because of somewhat wariness his side that pretty black clothed female, he early were not makes the person lose this fellow, which expects this boy to return not satisfied with small gains now, actually wanted to compete with him. Young Palace Master, your this time comes to the commercial city, most needs may not be this Void Great Sun Fruit.” When this feminine youth attempts wants to increase price once again, his behind that black robe old person, suddenly said. I know.” feminine youth brow wrinkled, is the big hand wields as before, the sound spreads: 13,000!” I must have a look actually, the fellow who this does not know the immensity of heaven and earth which from braves, installs the type with me!” feminine youth mouth corner holds is wiping sneered, in his opinion, Mu Chen is blusters. 15,000.” Insufficient, when his sound has not fallen thoroughly, Mu Chen increases price once again tranquilly, moreover directly rose suddenly 2000 drops of Sovereign elixir. So talent, made in field a piece call out in alarm immediately, even continually that Xin Huxian, was beautiful eyes amazed looked to Mu Chen, this youth, talent and breadth of spirit, were actually uncommon. feminine youth face faint somewhat cyan, that look is also suddenly stern gets up, his gloomy is looking at Mu Chen, however latter as before only is actually staring at Void Great Sun Fruit on auction stage, looked radically has not visited him. feminine youth mouth corner twitched, under represses killing intent in heart, wants to increase price once again. Young Palace Master!” The behind black robe old man, knits the brows the sinking sound track.

The feminine youth palm grips tightly, nips, finally can only the sound in mouth swallowing, only that look, gloomy even more is fearful, he said densely in a low voice: Elder Mu, writes down this fellow, my thing, is no one able casually snatches.” Black robe old man slightly nod, the mouth corner smiling face is somewhat is also brutal: Young Palace Master felt relieved that considers his good intention expenditure massive Sovereign elixir, helping you buy Void Great Sun Fruit.” feminine youth gloomy complexion, this slightly is more attractive, he smiles cold and gloomy, no longer talks too much. When Mu Chen the price mentioned when 15,000 thousand Sovereign elixir, finally is nobody dares to compete with him again, wants to come to be frightened by its boldness, finally therefore, after the short waiting, this Void Great Sun Fruit, succeeds was bid by Mu Chen. After that Mo Qing announced bid result, Mu Chen just now in relaxing of in the heart felt relieved, but he is realized at once a cold and gloomy vision, had turned the head immediately, look same ice cold was staring at feminine youth in that loft. If no this fellow to meddle to disturb, Mu Chen does not need the price to mention that obviously this situation, in that case, his also able has the ample force competes following Undying Divine Leaf, but he has consumed massive Sovereign elixir now, if then must compete for Undying Divine Leaf, will then appear somewhat will lack the ability to do what one would like. That fellow, possibly got up to you have killed the heart.” In Nine Nether long and narrow beautiful eyes was also the passing over gently and swiftly chill in the air, suddenly said. Mu Chen slightly nod. The although that fellow black robe old man is having Fifth Rank Sovereign strength, may want to exceed Nine Nether is also the extremely difficult matter, but after all latter genuine Divine Beast. As for his me, strength should is in First Rank Sovereign, if must begin, Mu Chen does not fear him but actually. In the Mu Chen heart is rotating the thought that at once then takes back the mind, the vision looks to the auction stage, that Grandmaster Mo Qing of this time took the ninth auction goods. But indeed does not leave Mu Chen expects, that ninth something by auction, is his cultivation Great Sun Indestructible Body last material. Undying Divine Leaf. ( Suddenly discovered that fought broken collection to break 1 million, this should was the novel of beginning first broken 1 million collection, thank everybody's support continuously. Moreover, recommends a novel, moves Sacred Book Storehouse Pavilion, over the two days was looking that everybody also may tries, has a look to satisfy.)( To be continued. If you like this work, welcome you to come the beginning to cast the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket, your support, is I biggest power. Mobile phone user welcome to m. reading.)