The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 665
Chapter 666 Above the horizon, the flowing light passed over gently and swiftly. The Mu Chen body rainbow glow, has delimited the sky, the injury of his back, in this time all healing, that type restored the degree, is somewhat is startled including him, obviously, this fearful resiliency, is Undying Fire reason that because in his Spiritual Energy fuses. If before this trades does, this time Mu Chen inevitably needs after the controlling one's breathing recuperation, just now able once again starts off. This Undying Fire is really mysterious.” Mu Chen could not bear acclaim one, at once he excessively is looking at the remote rear area, quite a little sighed that obviously he suddenly unexpectedly could not be in Martial Realm little princess's status recovers from Lin Jing. What's wrong? Also didn't give up?” Nine Nether appears in the Mu Chen side unusually, beautiful eyes somewhat is staring at him, said: How many that Martial Realm does not know on stronger fierce compared with Great Luo Heavenly Territory, will you reject unexpectedly?” Mu Chen shows a faint smile, said in a soft voice: Perhaps has joined Martial Realm, my able has been sheltered, what person will not have to dare to provoke me, but such how?” Unparalleled powerhouse who I said that is not this comes.” Here, the both eyes of youth have narrowed narrowing the eyes slightly, said with a smile: And... Since that Martial Ancestor able achieves this degree, why I can't achieve?” Ambition indeed is not small.” Nine Nether slim eyebrows selects lightly, said. Ha Ha, now although somewhat overreaches oneself, if this courage does not have continually, what unparalleled powerhouse that also did discuss?” Mu Chen laughs, in the black pupil, has the self-confident appearance to fly upwards actually. Nine Nether hearing this also smiles, at once her pupil looks out into the distance, said: Next urban should has Teleportation Spiritual Array to Heavenly Luo Continent, when the time comes we can end this be two months of hurrying along.” Mu Chen relaxing of quietly, travel-worn of these two months, may not be relaxed, but finally was able end. The Mu Chen palm grasps, formerly that spatial bracelet that seized from the Liu Ming hand is flashes before. His Spiritual Energy emerges, in the hand light beam glittering, two light beam were then appearing in his hand. That two light beam inside, a round hot sun, a withered leaf, static suspension . Is sending out the strange Spiritual Energy fluctuation. Mu Chen look blazing is looking at them, the somewhat smiling face that mouth corner cannot bear rouses, in the heart is also has one to reappear excitedly, this cultivation Great Sun Indestructible Body three materials, were given to collect by him finally. indeed is not easy. In the Mu Chen heart sighed, if has kept Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. Perhaps he always unable collects these materials.

When do you plan cultivation Sovereign Body Skill?” Nine Nether is also staring at that two light ball, at once asks, if Mu Chen indeed must compete that Great Luo Heavenly Territory the position of Commander, then definitely will experience one to compete frigidly, but his these competitors, can be the outstanding people in Great Luo Heavenly Territory without exception, like that strength. Will not compare that Liu Ming that depends upon the resources to pile up to be weak. Therefore, if Mu Chen wants to compete successfully, most at least he must come out his Sovereign Body Skill cultivation, otherwise, really suffered a loss. cultivation Sovereign Body Skill is not 12 day may become, has waited till Great Luo Heavenly Territory, I start cultivation again.” Mu Chen hesitates saying that he cultivation Great Sun Indestructible Body is not the simple thing. No one knows that in cultivation will have any situation occurrence, now they alone outside, if when the time comes brings in troublesome, causing cultivation to be defeated, he may indeed lose seriously, three materials that after all he prepares, if cultivation failure. That can along with it burning down. Nine Nether small head lightly. That picks up the speed.” Nine Nether is looking at the distant place, in long and narrow beautiful eyes , has to fondly remember to well up, she also leaves Great Luo Heavenly Territory many years. Does not know that actually now her Nine Nether Palace was how. Their whole body has boundless Spiritual Energy to gush out once again, at once figure changes into the flowing light, by a speed illness like lightning plunders, but the horizon, suddenly, had vanished in the horizon. ... Heavenly Luo Continent, Heavenly Profound Palace. Heavenly Profound Palace is situated north Heavenly Luo Continent occupies the place, as on the Heavenly Luo Continent top influence, Heavenly Profound Palace is also having the extremely high status in this piece of on the continent, the area that the subordinates control, vast endless, if only by area, even if ten several Northern Heavens Continent adds, is difficult. In this vast area inside, Heavenly Profound Palace is only control, its under although also has existences of other influences, but attaches to Heavenly Profound Palace to survive completely, moreover every year, must turn in massive Sovereign elixir, to do to consecrate. But at this time, in the place of that Heavenly Profound Palace center, towering results in the palace that unable described to stand erect, the cloud layer wound around in its periphery, golden light bloomed, just liked is the fairyland, the dignity and faintly recognizable. In that palace most deep place, is the place of Spiritual Light filling the air, in that Spiritual Light center, as if has a light lotus, above the light lotus, has person's shadow together calmly to sit cross-legged. That person's shadow just likes the rock, his breath, extremely orderly, but every time with the expiration and inspiration that he breathes, this main hall inside, then has the sound of wind and thunder to get up, vast Spiritual Energy howls to move, just likes the spirit sea. Suddenly, that immerses person's shadow both eyes in cultivation condition opens suddenly, light beam in that just liked punctured the space, together the color of startled anger, fierce reappearing. He stretches out the palm, sees only in his hand to have a plain jade pendant, but now, light beam of this jade pendant, gradual dimness.

„The Ming'er Divine Soul seal is weakening... The indeed big courage, dares some people to injure my Liu Tiandao son unexpectedly!” In this person's shadow eye surges swiftly and fiercely, the low and deep sound, made in the main hall the strong winds writings. He counts on the fingers a ball, that plain jade pendant is flutters, that person's shadow seal technique change, Spiritual Light the jade pendant package, then wants the position that surveys Liu Ming to be. However, his survey has continued the moment, that jade pendant does not have any response to transmit as before, does not have any information to spread. unable survey? How possible?!” That person's shadow calls out in alarm makes noise, at once his fierce standing up, whole body Spiritual Light restraining, that is one wears the middle-aged man of blue robe, the male look profound like the starry sky, is sending out the strength of fearful oppression. This person Heavenly Profound Palace Palace Master, is having the top powerhouse of illustrious reputation on this Heavenly Luo Continent, Liu Tiandao. But this time he, complexion is somewhat gloomy, vision slightly glittering, this time Liu Ming was bogged down in difficulties in some inevitably, moreover person who gets rid to him, strength also inevitably extremely fearful, otherwise, is impossible to isolate his survey. this king must come to see actually, is actually who dares to get rid to my son!” Liu Tiandao dense coldly snorted, his sleeve robe wields at once, sees only to have huge Eight Diagrams light disc to flash before, at once he counts on the fingers a ball, that Divine Soul seal crushing, saw only together light beam to project directly, crashes in has gossipped light disc inside. buzz!” Eight Diagrams light disc rotates immediately, innumerable mysterious light pattern gush out, wraps that golden light together, space slightly distortion above Eight Diagrams, seems nosing in the penetration space anything. There space more and more distortion , what finally is fierce has torn small space crack, but Liu Tiandao saw that one step strided, figure vanishes instantaneously does not see. Continent of Commerce, Liu Ming by the place of suppression. Here space sudden distortion gets up, after the moment, the person's shadow treads to empty together, appeared on this day on spatially, his sharp vision was taking a fast look around this stretch of world, finally congealed above that earth. In his eye, has Spiritual Light to condense, as if penetrated the earth, saw a Spirit Light Mountain peak in that earth. appearance of heaven and earth? Unexpectedly is the hand that Earthly Sovereign leaves?” Liu Tiandao complexion changes, at once in eye has the anger to well up, his coldly snorted, the sleeve robe wields, sees only below earth immediately to split to start. Along with the fission of earth, that towering Spiritual Light great mountain, is reappears. Liu Tiandao figure moves, falls on that Spiritual Light great mountain directly, at once his both hands tie seal, rainbow light projects, finally covers this Spiritual Energy great mountain.

He plans to melt this Spiritual Energy great mountain Spiritual Energy, restores the shape of most source it. However, with the passage of time, Liu Tiandao complexion is gradual somewhat is ugly, because he discovered that his ablation has not taken the too big effect. Because in that Spiritual Energy great mountain, seems has a strength to resist, that strength inside, has that getting rid the thought of mysterious powerhouse. indeed good very ruthless method.” The Liu Tiandao complexion ice is cold, that person of getting rid as if decides to the Liu Ming suppression here, but by latter's strength, suppresses like this, must die without doubt. Liu Tiandao although is also having Earthly Sovereign strength, but suddenly unexpectedly unable melts this Spiritual Energy great mountain, perhaps if shattered, can injure to forcefully is suppressed in following Liu Ming. It seems like this time, Liu Ming as if offended some should not the person of offending. Who no matter you are, even if my son is also wrong, is not one's turn you to suppress.” The Liu Tiandao look fluctuates, at once his coldly snorted, flicks the sleeve turns around to go, since this mysterious powerhouse wants to spar with him, he accompanies. When he in Divine Artifact the palace brings, does not believe this Spiritual Energy great mountain inside residual will able to contend with him. Along with departure of Liu Tiandao, this stretch of earth, once again bang restoration, that great mountain, was buried once again under the earth... But regarding these matters, is Mu Chen and Nine Nether of lead does not have to know, they in rushed to the next city at the maximum speed, then started Teleportation Spiritual Array. In that instant that Spiritual Array starts, Mu Chen is also takes a deep breath that cannot bear, in both eyes, has the thick anticipation to well up. Heavenly Luo Continent, I came. The road of my powerhouse, will start from here. ( Today first one.)