The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 671
Chapter 672 From now henceforth, he is our Nine Nether Palace new Commander!” When Nine Nether that holds some ice-cold sounds are resounding through, in the entire main hall is suddenly peaceful has flickered, again then all vision are fierce upholds, all gathering has stood in that in Nine Nether behind, did not say a word, on look especially tranquil youth. Who is this person? As if age not big appearance...” „Did this Spiritual Energy fluctuation, as if also just promote enter the Sovereign Stage appearance? Can this also be competent the position of Commander?” Can it be that to find a person to make up the number casually?” „......” Talking in whispers sound spreading of some doubts quietly, these look to the Mu Chen vision, is full of the question, although this age able is having this strength not to be indeed simple, but Great Luo Heavenly Territory the position of Commander, simply does not look at your talent, but looked true strength that you have now. But obviously, constriction that then sends out from Mu Chen, is very difficult to believe. Asura King unemotionally looked at Mu Chen one, has not spoken, in its behind, that named Xu Qing man, the look looked at Mu Chen one actually. Blood Eagle King also narrows the eye to stare at Mu Chen in this time, that look just likes poisonous snake same makes the will of the people hair cold, he took a fast look around Mu Chen, mouth corner could not bear has cast aside casting aside slightly, said: Who is this person? As if isn't our Great Luo Heavenly Territory person?” From now on and that's the end, I am the Nine Nether Palace leader, naturally is the right appoints Nine Nether Palace Commander, this point, wants to come you unable to manage?” Nine Nether lightly [say / way]. The Blood Eagle King eye hangs, said: although that said that but Nine Nether Palace after all is also the Great Luo Heavenly Territory subordinates. But our Great Luo Heavenly Territory Commander, strives for success after the numerous bloody battles, if you appoint individual to have this status at will, what that does regard other Commander is?” Commander strength that if you appoint was bad, did not say that also will laugh at my Great Luo Heavenly Territory no one by other influences, therefore appointed Commander this matter, feared that cannot your decide.” In Blood Eagle King behind. That Wu Tian as well as Cao Feng are staring at Mu Chen, the former is careless, the latter look is somewhat is gloomy, when he has remembered in the past him Nine Nether brings back to Nine Nether Palace , the Commander position has given him. But afterward Nine Nether left for many years, he also has finally gotten rid of Nine Nether Palace, because lost Nine Nether Nine Nether Palace, cannot compare Eagle King Palace by far, only he has not thought. Nine Nether can also come back unexpectedly again. Moreover this time, her side, but also has brought back to a youth...

„To substitute me with him?” In the Cao Feng eye passed over gently and swiftly wipes the cloudy and cold color, his gloomy sinks is looking at Mu Chen, the look just likes overlooks, this strength. Compared with him, but also missed were too many. It seems like the Nine Nether vision, was actually getting more and more bad. In main hall. Other seven kings, some people nod gently, indicated that approves of the Blood Eagle King words, but these people, mostly relate with Blood Eagle King somewhat, initially also they collaborated to try on to discuss dismiss Nine Nether Palace. Nine Nether sees that in beautiful eyes the ice-cold meaning is thicker, but actually not many accidental color, she also expected this matter not to be impossible extremely to be able obviously to solve simply. On the three lotus thrones of that roof, Heavenly Eagle Emperor and Spirit Pupil Emperor keep silent. Whatever the people disputed, but that Sleepy Emperor, then has had a drowsy look. A drowsy appearance, as if huge matter unable awakens him. Tang Bing and Tang Rou also lightly bite white teeth, obstructs the Nine Nether person regarding these, in the heart hates. Mu Chen shows a faint smile, on him the first half step, the vision looks at that look to be sharp just likes able penetration person body same Blood Eagle King, said with a smile: That does not know that Sir Blood Eagle King thinks how I do have the qualifications become Commander?” Blood Eagle King only glanced Mu Chen one, backs on stone chair, the eye is dangling, does not have including the interest of speech, obviously does not think that Mu Chen has the qualifications to talk with him. Also indeed, he is one of the Great Luo Heavenly Territory nine kings, existence of Fifth Rank Sovereign, subordinates powerhouse like clouds, can decide the life dead in a flash, if not Mu Chen behind has Nine Nether, perhaps he already waved just its obliterate, to pay how also attention in him. The Blood Eagle King so affection, causes in Nine Nether beautiful eyes actually the chill in the air, but Mu Chen but actually as before is a tranquil smiling face of face. Wants the certificate you to have this qualifications, very simple...” In Blood Eagle King behind, Wu Tian that four Great Commander, crack into a smile suddenly, reveals dense white teeth, said: Wanted you to be able to beat Commander on may.” In his eye, has not covering up killing intent to surge, regarding Mu Chen, he does not see obviously pleasing to the eyes, because he does not like some people being too close his Zhong intent that pair of attractive two beautiful sisters. Mu Chen hearing this, has smiled actually, that pair of black pupil looked to Wu Tian, said with a smile: Pours a indeed good idea.” The voice falls, his figure moves, appeared in that vast main hall, item of ring of light regards, said: Which Commander can be willing to grant instruction?” He does not have extremely humbly, because he looked, these so-called humble polite points with do not have here, here, only then the strength, is the true right to speak, otherwise, his words, nobody will pay attention.

Courage is actually not small.” In that Splitting Mountain King behind, then with for of Zhou Yue four Great Commander have selected the brow, intention that but he do not meddle, because everyone can look, this is Nine Nether King and battles of Blood Eagle King two schools of troops, he is Splitting Mountain King one school, naturally impossible to meddle. Moreover, regarding Blood Eagle King that side, he does not look very much pleasing to the eyes. Other various kings, having a relish is looking at this, even if these is sect that Blood Eagle King is on good terms, does not have forcefully over, although they do not care about Mu Chen, but crosses the tribulation to return regarding the present obviously successfully, Nine Nether that strength rises suddenly is a little wariness. He He.” That Wu Tian smiled, full mouth dense white teeth just likes wild animal same, he is looking at Mu Chen facetiously, why as if also will be the somewhat not too clear present youth has this courage. although his able entered Sovereign Stage in this age on promote, indeed explained that his talent was good, but in this world, the talent of die young was too many were too many, but most likely, was because this type haughty and to die/to fall. This Wu Tian naturally is induces, the Mu Chen promote entered Sovereign Stage obviously and not long, his Spiritual Energy fluctuation, these promote has not entered a Sovereign Stage many years of powerhouse to be like that abundant. Zhao Zhong, actually you have a look at him to have the qualifications become Commander.” The Wu Tian leaning head, was saying with a smile to a rear man slightly. His although wants to fall present youth obliterate very much personally, but he after is one of the four Great Commander, is the reputation is also prominent in this Great Luo Heavenly Territory, such gets rid to cope with a youth of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth, is really somewhat falls wealth. Nearby Cao Feng is also both arms holds the chest, is looking at Mu Chen indifferently, his same has not gotten rid, because his idea and Wu Tian are exactly the same. In their behind, on the male a little pale face of that named Zhao Zhong reappears to wipe the dense smiling face, his same is Commander of Blood Eagle King subordinates, the although fame is inferior to Wu Tian, Cao Feng is like that prominent, but also already promote entered the First Rank Sovereign many years, moreover he has fought many battles, among the words and deeds is to make person palpitation killing intent reveal, obviously has experienced the war of true life and death. That Blood Eagle King has not spoken from beginning to end, as if has given Wu Tian, the vision that all rights to speak only that corner of the eye leaks, just likes was waiting for watches a monkey play. That Zhao Zhong figure moves, appeared center that main hall, his vision is staring at Mu Chen, the mouth corner smiling face appears somewhat is fierce and brutal, in recent years, the similar Mu Chen young talent he saw like this was too many, moreover died in his hand much. Boy, I and person begins to be never forgiving, if you now roll out, perhaps can also be short by some painstakingly, or you change to throw under our Blood Eagle Palace, always compares in that soft woman palace comes well.” Zhao Zhong smiles to Mu Chen densely, said. This hateful bastard!” Tang Rou hears this fellow to insult their Nine Nether Palace, immediately charming face is red, Tang Bing is also charming face even more ice-cold, instead Nine Nether remains unmoved actually, that pair of beautiful eyes, only is looking at the Mu Chen back.

The face of Mu Chen, is still tranquil, he hears opposite party taunt the words, instead smiled. Summons your Sovereign Body Skill.” The Zhao Zhong licking lips Palestine, said. Did not have cultivation to come out.” Mu Chen said with a smile. In the main hall, the people stagnate, at once the look is strange, was this boy, actually too stupid is too crazy? Did not have cultivation to come out including Sovereign Body Skill, dares to be here dissolute? Even changes including Tang Bing and Tang Rou charming face, obviously they do not know that Mu Chen actually did not have cultivation to come out including Sovereign Body Skill. That may indeed regret.” Zhao Zhong sighed one lightly, the mouth corner smiling face, is actually more and more fierce, his fierce one step steps forward, immediately has fearful Spiritual Energy to sweep across, a huge incomparable Spiritual Energy light, then reappears from its whole body. Words such being the case, you die.” Extremely cold Body Skill!” Ices blue huge Sovereign Body Skill, flashes before suddenly, the cold air sweeps across, made the air is ices up the coagulation, this Zhao Zhong after hearing Mu Chen did not have cultivation to leave Sovereign Body Skill, the meaning of not only not having been forgiving, instead very ruthless, came summoning Sovereign Body Skill, must give the Mu Chen heaviest attack at the maximum speed. although he cultivation Sovereign Body Skill is not considered as strange, not during that 99 and other rank, but is used to cope with one not to have the boy who to congeal comes out including Sovereign Body Skill, was enough. Mu Chen raise one's head, he is looking at that huge Sovereign Body Skill, in the black pupil, is still tranquil, only that tranquil, just likes has the cold current to surge. „Is Sovereign Body Skill... very fierce? I help you build up and that's the end.” Mu Chen single-handed knot seal, his same not any hesitation, together Spiritual Energy light beam from its crown suddenly rush, light beam inside, black light pagoda, partly visible.