The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 674
Chapter 675 The main hall entrance, Nine Nether hears the Mu Chen muttering sound, on originally ice-cold charming face to wipe the smiling face to reappear actually, said: Is very quiet chirp, kills well.” I try hard.” Mu Chen nods. In their behind Tang Bing and Tang Rou look at each other in shock, but at once smiles bitterly, does not know such big confidence that actually really this Mu Chen which comes, that Wu Tian may absolutely not be formerly compared with Zhao Zhong that fellow able, he in Great Luo Heavenly Territory all Commander, is considered as on is top, if indeed to bumping, their unable imagines Mu Chen result. This fellow, but also the indeed young bull does not fear the tiger. Walks.” Nine Nether smiles gracefully, formerly that ice in main hall coldly actually dissipated to go, the white hands wield, wants to lead them to depart. Nine Nether!” behind has the sound to transmit suddenly, Nine Nether footsteps, is slightly excessive, sees only the Xu Qing half step of that clothes to come, latter's both eyes, bright and joyful is staring at her. „, Is Xu Qing, what matter has?” Nine Nether beautiful eyes lifts, smiled, seems like in the temperate expression, has some ice-cold of being aloof. Nine Nether was not accessible surname, although she and Xu Qing in the past reluctantly is the understanding, but these years came, in her opinion, Xu Qing differed with the unfamiliar person actually not many. Looks at Nine Nether that pair of long and narrow beautiful eyes, Xu Qing slightly is actually stagnating, Ping Yue that calm vanishes instantaneously, even was changes including the beat of heart quick, only that pair of eye, was getting more and more bright and blazing. Welcome you to come back.” Xu Qing only said finally in a soft voice. Thanks.” Nine Nether already not coldly indifferent, meaning that also not the gentle nod gently, then excessively do not exchange with Xu Qing much, turns around then to walk. This made originally have the courage to say once again anything's Xu Qing broke down face instantaneously, shrugging the shoulders that he self-ridiculed, but that was staring in that together beautiful figure vision, that wiped the color of admiration, did not have slight weakening as before. „, Where it seems like your fate very to goes compared with me.” In Xu Qing behind, has the sound of taking pleasure in others'misfortunes to transmit suddenly, he has turned the head, sees is only looking at him who that Zhou Yue smiles. At least I had not been expelled running.” Xu Qing returns by the color, Zhou Yue likes the Tang Bing matter, obviously many people know, after all initially this fellow hid in Nine Nether Palace, but was raised the sword to expel by Tang Bing. Like this said that our also indeed somewhat has same problem.” Zhou Yue also smiled, at once he is narrowing the eye looks at that to follow in Nine Nether behind slender silhouette, said in a soft voice: I have inquired, this with the person who Nine Nether comes back, is called Mu Chen... looks like this time, Nine Nether was the plan makes him represent Nine Nether Palace to attend the Great Luo Golden Pool battle, how did you see?” He He, cannot struggle here to come in any case.” Xu Qing said with a smile, he knows, no matter Mu Chen were actually simple or not, absolutely unable vacillated to his quota, because, he was having the absolute self-confidence to his strength, the heads of four Great Commander, may not say with the glib lips absolutely. Yes, this time some good plays looked actually, I want to take a look actually, this Mu Chen, actually able rushes to any situation.” [Say / Way] that Zhou Yue smiles. They smile, at once turns around to go.

... That Xu Qing is interesting to your indeed.” Several silhouette passing over gently and swiftly horizons, on returning to the Nine Nether Palace road, Mu Chen approaches Nine Nether, serious [say / way]. Shut up.” Nine Nether white this bored fellow. Tang Bing and Tang Rou smile. That Wu Tian and Cao Feng you have seen, what kind, has confidence? If you want to obtain the Great Luo Golden Pool quota, then at least must to beat their one of them.” Nine Nether beautiful eyes changes Mu Chen, the look earnest [say / way]. Now does not say.” The youth slightly do to hesitate, the face on outstanding ability has to wipe to make the smiling face that one feels at ease reappear, in his slender hand also gently grasps to gather together: Is about two months later, I will win.” Two months, his should able loudly will say that does not extinguish cultivation to succeed, but when the time comes, same had Sovereign Body Skill him, not the match of wariness any same rank. Even if that Wu Tian is having Second Rank Sovereign strength, but he will still not have slight fearing. Tang Bing and Tang Rou look at the self-confidence on youth face revealing, is somewhat is surprised, they have not calculated understanding extremely regarding Mu Chen, therefore is not clear, actually he must how be able in this short two months is having the huge progress, after all, present he looks like, indeed also has Cao Feng to have not the small disparity with Wu Tian. However in although heart somewhat doubts, but they after seeing Nine Nether nod gently, no longer said a word, they trusted Nine Nether, but Nine Nether trusted Mu Chen, therefore they also believed Mu Chen. Perhaps, his real able accomplishes. try harder.” Tang Bing and Tang Rou look at each other one, is in a soft voice was saying to Mu Chen that nearly exactly the same beautiful cheeks, are to have encouraged and anticipated in this time, this will be Nine Nether after the return, their Nine Nether Palace first war, will therefore be important. Is looking at encouragements and anticipation in two beautiful girl eyes, Mu Chen also gains ground, takes a deep breath, shows a faint smile at once, it seems like, that Great Luo Golden Pool quota, he must take. However, those who let his somewhat hope is, his finally may starts cultivation his long-awaited loudly day that did not extinguish body... That is he road to the unparalleled powerhouse. ... Blood Eagle Palace. Sitting of Blood Eagle King complexion gloomy above that throne, his both eyes shuts, but that fills gloomy killing intent that opens, is makes the numerous Blood Eagle Palace powerhouses in main hall not dare to say a word. Everyone can look, present Blood Eagle King, in heart violent anger quite.

Sir, recently we were annexing some motions of Nine Nether Palace, slows down?” A Blood Eagle Palace powerhouse, asked quietly. Slows down?” Blood Eagle King opens eyes, cloudy and cold looks, powerhouse who formerly spoke immediately whole body one cold. „A woman of indulging in fantasy, wants to let this King wariness?” The Blood Eagle King expression is dense, said. Transmitted orders, picks up the speed to contact major City Lord of Nine Nether Palace subordinates, so long as their switch my Blood Eagle Palace, this King may gives them many advantage, if not so, that looks down upon my Blood Eagle Palace, day, this King haggles over...” The Blood Eagle King big hand wields, sneered said. Yes!” Many high levels in Blood Eagle Palace, should say hurriedly. The Blood Eagle King vision changes Wu Tian and Cao Feng once again, the lightly [say / way]: „The struggle of this time Great Luo Golden Pool, the quota I have striven for you, Hopefully do not disappoint this King.” Wu Tian and Cao Feng hearing this is holds the fist in the other hand to say. Moreover...” Blood Eagle King mouth corner raises wipes dense smiling face, said: Nine Nether seems called the Mu Chen boy to regard as important to that evidently very much, since her confidence is so big... You in the Great Luo Golden Pool battle, gave to abandon him.” Wu Tian hearing this, with Cao Feng looking at each other, on their face has the cruel smiling face to reappear. Is having this intent.” ... Nine Nether Palace, cultivation room. Mu Chen calmly sits cross-legged, the face is tranquil, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation of whole body does not have the slight mighty waves, he has not started cultivation directly, but has sat in meditation about two double-hour, when his mood achieves truly after calm such as water, that micro close both eyes, just now opening slowly. His both hands tie seal, dim light plunders together from its within the body, finally suspension in front, changed into one page of mysterious black papers, that hides loudly was saying that does not extinguish the method of cultivating immortal page. Mu Chen static staring it, this page of ancient black papers, are being contain are letting the innumerable Sovereign powerhouses for the it crazy secret, that Eternal Immortal Body the value, makes Heavenly Sovereign difficult maintain tranquil sufficiently. His able obtains it, pours indeed is a huge lucky reason. After this page of mysterious black paper summons, but, Mu Chen seal technique fluctuates once again, three light ball plunder from its spatial bracelet, in three light ball, has the fearful Spiritual Energy fluctuation unceasing proliferation to open, is indistinct seems to have water spray crash-bang the sound resounds, that is because Spiritual Energy vigorous to a performance of terrifying situation. But in these three light ball, naturally is three cultivation materials that the Mu Chen untold hardships just now collect. Nine Sun Spirit Mushroom.

Void loudly day the fruit. Undying Divine Leaf. Three materials, all are rare incomparably, Mu Chen able collects them, does not know that has consumed many energy, but the day does not lose the person with high aspirations fortunately, now three materials, perform to fall in the hand. That originally somewhat is unattainable loudly day that does not extinguish body, is able true start cultivation. The Mu Chen slender finger light point falls, falls in that immortal page, sees only on that mysterious black paper, the dim light surges, finally just likes has the dim light mighty current to gush out, following the finger of Mu Chen, floods into his within the body. The boundless and ancient information, blasts out from the Mu Chen mind in this time, that mighty current, making his body slightly was shivering, but he actually forcefully endured patiently, was receiving in that boundless information unceasingly, there are about loudly day did not extinguish body complex method of cultivating. This receive, has continued for enough ten several minutes just now end. Both eyes of Mu Chen, open suddenly, black pupil tight is staring at front three Heaven and Earth Treasure, look serious, from formerly information, he knows that cultivation this loudly day does not extinguish body, he merely only then a time opportunity. Not only this because of rare and precious of material, more reasons, is once because is defeated, then the body is very difficult loudly to adapt to this saying that again does not extinguish body, therefore, even if collected the material once again, unable cultivation succeeds again. This loudly day that does not extinguish body, does not give people the second time opportunity, once is defeated, forever will miss, so harsh cultivation, making the Mu Chen heart tremble. However this trembling with fear, quick was then suppressed by Mu Chen, his takes a deep breath, in the black pupil, did not have the slight hesitation again. No matter this loudly day that actually does not extinguish body to have difficult cultivation how, he will not give up absolutely! Moreover, he will certainly succeed its cultivation! Because he has promised that girl! Mu Chen both hands tie seal suddenly, look is swift and fierce and firm. That starts! ( The second chapter. The third chapter, but should after 12 : 00. Moreover recommends a book to everybody, immortal herd Yun Lu, but also is good, suggested that everybody has a look.)( To be continued.)