The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 689
Chapter 688 Under the gaze of that countless people gaze, Cao Feng gradually, but every time treads with his step, then from his within the body fills the air, but Spiritual Energy fluctuation, will then be will rise suddenly at an astonishing speed. So short under three, his Spiritual Energy fluctuation, has surmounted First Rank Sovereign peak! That Spiritual Energy tyrannical degree, compared with in the Golden Pool peak, any match stronger that Mu Chen met fierce! When Cao Feng mouth corner holds was teasing the happy expression calming down step, his Spiritual Energy fluctuation, is thorough consolidating in Second Rank Sovereign, that formidable Spiritual Energy pressure, just liked putting in order big Luo Golden Platform has covered. This Cao Feng, is promote entered Second Rank Sovereign unexpectedly! Under that Golden Pool peak, has countless people to call out in alarm once again makes noise, no wonder this Cao Feng does not fear the challenge of Mu Chen, originally he already had also completed the breakthrough, smooth promote entered Second Rank Sovereign. Actually Tang Bing Tang Rou two sisters charming face cannot bear changes, because they are very clear, the boundary of Sovereign, the disparity between every single Rank extremely huge, but wants to make up for the disparity between this, is not an easy matter. Elder sister, won't Mu Chen lose?” Tang Rou has drawn Tang Bing small hands, asking quietly, if this Mu Chen lost, their Nine Nether Palace reputation feared that will suffer a disastrous decline, Blood Eagle King definitely will bring when the time comes up an old matter again, attempts their Nine Nether Palace thorough dismissal. Tang Bing hesitates slightly, at once bites white teeth to say lightly: Mu Chen that fellow is not a fool, I think that his should is early had also expected, means that if he has not dealt with, will not make that confident appearance.” At this time, she besides believing Mu Chen, same not any means. Actually Nine Nether hearing this, cannot bear smiles, said: Little Bing, you may finally be to his a little confidence.” Tang Bing charming face micro red, obstinate argumentative [say / way]: My this is considers for our Nine Nether Palace. Moreover he so was a moment ago wild before me, if lost, looked how I tidied up him!” On Nine Nether elegantly beautiful charming face has the chuckle to reappear, she is staring at that huge Spiritual Energy light barrier. The long and narrow pupil is staring at that two confrontation silhouette, said in a soft voice: Relax... Cao Feng, but also cannot block his...” ... Cao Feng stands in the place of big Luo Golden Platform center, his vision slightly somewhat overlooks is staring at Mu Chen, Second Rank Sovereign strength, making him have this grade of energy. In Blood Eagle Palace, he usually low key quite, usually in many matters were took responsibility by Wu Tian, looked like does not reveal the mountain non- dew, but perhaps besides Blood Eagle King. Few people know that actually his present strength, was not weaker than Wu Tian many, moreover he also understands to bear patiently compared with Wu Tian, if this time not because of Mu Chen. Perhaps he will also hide strength, till some, his able will arrange in front of him on the 1st three people of all throwing off... originally did not plan that reveals all strength...” Cao Feng whole body boundless Spiritual Energy ripples, just likes is causes the air to surge, swings naked eye obvious ripples, his faint is looking at Mu Chen, said: As Nine Nether Guard once Commander. I think that I need to try your this new Commander whether has sufficed maturity.”

Mu Chen brow wrinkled, he is staring at Cao Feng, [say / way] slowly: „After Hopefully, these words do not say from your mouth again, you do not have the qualifications again and Nine Nether Palace establish any relations.” His voice, then said: Moreover, I want to tell you a few words... Your this fellow. Indeed is the bastard of supercilious look wolf, therefore, this time, I want your hand, although I think the somewhat dirty hand. No matter what, you need to give Nine Nether Guard over a thousand brothers confession.” Mu Chen that tranquil sound spreads on this big Luo Golden Platform, was makes other five people stare completely staring, even continually that Xu Qing and Zhou Yue were the vision astonished. They are looking at present that face tranquil youth, their very difficult phenomenon, that was almost wild to the extreme words, can be seems like unexpectedly by such one temperate youth says. His saying, has regarded the fish on blade board Cao Feng simply, whatever he did butcher? He has not looked, present did Cao Feng, promote enter Second Rank Sovereign? Even if he formerly showed the good battle efficiency, but this in front of Second Rank Sovereign, does not have the qualifications of this grade of boast absolutely! Jie Jie... indeed was interesting.” That Wu Tian vision strange is staring at Mu Chen, cannot bear smiles to make noise strangely, this Nine Nether Palace new Commander, indeed stupid to this situation? That Cao Feng is also look extreme cloudy and cold is staring at Mu Chen, that on face fainily is nothing left, his mouth corner is vibrating slightly, facial expression somewhat gradually is fierce. He He...” In the Cao Feng gap between teeth has to brave the cold air the laughter to pass on, the Mu Chen words, are make his somewhat anger instead smile without doubt extremely, in recent years, he first time meets the so rampant fellow. He formerly also only wanted the spoken language to shame Mu Chen one, but expects latter's spoken language astonishingly, that appearance, has almost not treated as any threat him. New Commander that it seems like Sir Nine Nether looks, is very disappointing.” Cao Feng dense [say / way]. The Mu Chen brow wrinkles again, he is staring at Cao Feng, said: Two hands.” Acting recklessly thing!” Faces Mu Chen so to say a word, even if again cannot endure patiently by the Cao Feng strength in meditation, complexion fierce dense laughing, fierce suddenly attack, he must make into the disabled person this brat at once first first, then came to see him also to dare to speak this foolish talk. Rustling! Cao Feng contains ones anger to get rid, that speed just likes ghosts and demons direct appeared in the Mu Chen front, he did not have any hesitation, the direct fist rumbled, saw only billowing Spiritual Energy just likes sea galloping same sweeps across, overwhelming was going to the Mu Chen detonation. The strength that Second Rank Sovereign has, was erupted by his fist.

This fist, defeats any First Rank Sovereign match sufficiently. Wild fist seal carries sea Spiritual Energy to come, that Golden Platform therefore vibrates, obviously, this Cao Feng gets rid not any being forgiving. fist seal enlargement of rapidly in Mu Chen black pupil, but he is actually not any sign of avoidance, his both hands empty hug, both eyes suddenly become scarlet, the air/Qi of dreadful Demon, sweeps across. Bang! Great Meru Demonic Pillar appeared in the both arms of Mu Chen directly. Then was brandished by him suddenly, maliciously with regretting of that wild fist seal forcibly in the same place. Thump! Both bump into, that low and deep sound, erupts together immediately. Naked eye obvious shock-wave crazy wreaks havoc, even above that Golden Platform, presented slight cracks continually. That impact, including Xu Qing, Zhou Yue they narrowed the eye. Bang! Spiritual Energy attacks the place of crazy wreaking havoc, two silhouette fierce but actually shoots. Spin of Great Meru Demonic Pillar in the Mu Chen hand, numerous pounding on the earth, he supports Demon Pillar suddenly at once single-handed steadily, the body forcefully, then gained ground. Is looking at not far away face gloomy Cao Feng. Second Rank Sovereign, mediocre.” Mu Chen tranquil [say / way], although his merely only First Rank Sovereign strength, but his own Spiritual Energy has fused Undying Fire, the quality naturally is stronger Cao Feng. This adds on the Great Meru Demonic Pillar strength again, even if the frontage resists hardly, he will not fall many leeward. Now speaks this saying, did not fear that later doesn't have the face circle to come back?” Cao Feng ridicule smiles, that look is actually more and more dreary cold , at once his palm fierce grasps, sees only boundless Spiritual Light to sweep across to open. Handle dark-red long spear appears in his hand, that long spear like the blood, as if had been invaded same by the endless blood all over the body, is passing a gloomy air/Qi, in that spear point place, has blood red eagle-eyed. Appears extremely strange. That is Blood Eagle Palace Blood Eagle Spear, this is Middle Rank Divine Artifact, is the heavy treasure in Blood Eagle Palace, Blood Eagle King also indeed gives up, gave Cao Feng this Divine Artifact unexpectedly.” Tang Bing looks at this handle blood red long spear. Immediately heart one tight, said. On nearby Tang Rou small face, worries completely anxiously with. Blood Eagle Spear in the hand, that Cao Feng imposing manner is also becomes even more tyrannical, spear shaft shakes, immediately has the sound of incisive eagle cry to resound through the universe, blood light ripples, just likes must rip Split Heaven to be spatial. Rustling!

Cao Feng silhouette suddenly attack, changes into [say / way] afterimage unexpectedly, that spear image is changes into the blood red rainstorm, overwhelming to Mu Chen is covering to go, air/Qi of withering, sweeps across to open. Mu Chen withdraws half step, in the hand Great Meru Demonic Pillar howls to open, the huge barrel, sweeps away, that overwhelming spear image all receives. Dingdong! Both contact like lightning, has the spark to jump immediately shoots, each collision, has the astonishing Spiritual Energy impact on erupt, the space is also therefore becomes somewhat distortion . They have not adopted any defense, is one to attack completely to the stance of attack, extremely exciting person eyeball. Countless people open eye to look at that two fuzzy silhouette, their whole body has the spacious place of distinguishing right from wrong, how fierceness to opposite party the offensive, is difficult breaks through it. In the eyes of many person, has the astonished color to reappear, because they discovered that this touches hardly, strength originally wins in Mu Chen Cao Feng, has not taken the slight winning side unexpectedly. But this point, was realized by Cao Feng obviously, immediately his look even more cold and gloomy, his tip of the toe point, figure plunders the midair, in the hand Blood Eagle Spear to erupt ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) blood light, the sound of incisive grating eagle cry, resounds through the world together. Hawk spear|gun, the hawk crack is spatial!” blood light spurts thinly, sees only together hundred zhang (333m) huge Blood Eagle fiercely in violently shoots from that long spear, wings launches, directly with that swift and fierce incomparable spear qi fusion, by a extreme swift and violent stance, if quickly like lightning is covering to go to Mu Chen. Dies to me!” Cao Feng dense voice loudly shouted, resounds through the horizon. Mu Chen raise one's head, he is looking at that swift and fierce offensive, in the black pupil , has the sharp color to condense, his takes a deep breath, in hand Great Meru Demonic Pillar fierce layer on layer stamps, sees only above that ancient Demon Pillar, seemed has the ancient times demon mark little was bright. The air/Qi of Demon that flash, unable described, filled the world, as if ancient times demon regained consciousness in this time, countless people for it discoloration. In the Mu Chen eye rises suddenly scarlet, the low and deep sound, resounds through in his heart. Great Meru Demonic Pillar, Sweeping Demonic Mark!”