The Great Ruler - Volume 7 - Chapter 700
Chapter 699 Nine Nether eventually walked, just walks that looks to the Mu Chen strange vision, was lets twitch that latter mouth corner could not bear, because of her vision, wants to be was looking anomaly that humiliated the little girl... However because of formerly Mandala's that a few words, his unable argued, therefore he can only depressed sighing, hold to close eyes as if to sleep soundly past Mandala to return to the room. You are because the immortal blueprint of my within the body does approach my?” Mu Chen Mandala place bed on cautiously, silent, asked. Mandala eyes open one, that just likes on the porcelain doll fine small face has to wipe the lazily look to reappear, said: Otherwise do you think me because of you?” „Do you know Immortal Divine Law?” Mu Chen vision glittering, said slightly. Mandala golden color big eye has narrowed the eyes swiftly lightly, just likes cat same, her although had not replied, but Mu Chen actually knew the answer, immediately the heart cannot bear beat fiercely. She really knows Immortal Divine Law, then she also knows Eternal Immortal Body inevitably! Is this little girl, actually what origin? Should not ask do not ask, then does not have any advantage to you.” However when the wish inquiry that Mu Chen cannot bear, Mandala actually passes away, the sound is immature, but has an inexplicable dignity. Mu Chen smiles, the vision dodges, said: You can tell me, do my within the body page of immortal blueprints, what advantage have to you?” Mandala silent a meeting, said: In your this page of immortal blueprints, is hidingAncient Datura Flower divine pattern, that is divine flower, is having the seal all things strength, but I need to suppress curse of my within the body with the aid of this strength. ” curse?” Mu Chen is startled. Meeting painful must live curse that might as well die.” Mandala's voice exceptionally tranquil. Said: It constantly is sending out the extreme pain, that pain, may achieves the Ninth Rank Sovereign strength powerhouse to suffer strength is frightened out of one's wits.” Does a Mu Chen scalp hemp, achieve the pain that strength the Ninth Rank Sovereign strength powerhouse suffers is frightened out of one's wits? „To try?” Mandala golden color big eye looks to Mu Chen. Suddenly smiles. She stretches out slender small hands, sees only it to see only to wipe the scarlet color break-up to plunder. If quickly has hit a target like lightning the body of Mu Chen. The Mu Chen body is suddenly stiff, at once fierce shivers, in that black pupil blood thread crazy climbs up, a face of outstanding ability. Instantaneously becomes distortion , in the throats has the hoarse sound to spread.

The severe pain that unable contains, as if seeped each corner of his body in this time. That severe pain, makes person go crazy sufficiently, but comes in this severe pain well quickly, vanishes also quickly, the time of but short counting breaths. Then is thorough removing. Mu Chen sits on the chair, the full cold sweat, his angry glare looks to Mandala, said: „Do you do?!” „Couldn't this bear? I frequently in to bear this pain.” The Mandala small mouth curls upwards. Said. Mu Chen is startled, he looks at that to sit on the bed, small hands is hugging the little girl of knees, why does not know, in the heart actually suddenly raised pitied, formerly that pain, his merely only to bear had counted breaths then somewhat unable to withstand, instead present she, is actually the time is in this pain . Moreover, under this pain, her also able appeared so tranquil, the tolerance, perhaps was so related with her strength, but also revealed her astonishing will. „Can the graceful tuo divine flower mark in this immortal blueprint, help your remove this curse?” Mu Chen asked. remove? How possible.” Mandala taunted smiled, said: Only can suppress at most, only if true Ancient Datura Flower, able falls this curse to unravel.” Mu Chen is silent, this anything Ancient Datura Flower, he listens not to hear, obviously its rare degree, compared with that three materials that his cultivation Great Sun Indestructible Body needs must. Relax, I will not snatch your immortal blueprint, it fused with you gradually, words that begins forcefully, perhaps also damage divine pattern.” Mandala sees Mu Chen to be silent, but also thinks that he was worried one rob the immortal blueprint forcefully, immediately casts aside the small mouth, said. Mu Chen innermost feelings relaxing of quietly, he looked at a Mandala, said: Your name didn't should call Mandala?” Name.” Mandala shows neither approval nor disapproval. Moreover...” Mu Chen is taking a look at Mandala up and down, said: Your this appearance should is also false? I do not believe that a strength so terrifying person, meets a indeed little girl.” Under the appearance of this little girl, mostly is an old monster, but thinks one hugged an old monster, is hitting one that Mu Chen could not bear to tremble, that was really somewhat difficult endures. Mandala sees Mu Chen this appearance, coldly snorted said: Do not estimate others with the age of humanity, if must say that age, that Nine Netherbird, did not only exceed your many.” „Aren't you humanity?” Mu Chen surprised [say / way]. Mandala stared at Mu Chen one, is actually disinclined to reply again that petite body rolls into the bedding, the lazily [say / way]: Your cultivation, so long as approaches you, my able the divine pattern strength suppresses curse with the aid of Ancient Datura Flower.”

What advantage do I have?” Mu Chen said with a smile. Mandala finds out small head from the bedding, strange looked at Mu Chen one, said: I do not kill you, isn't the biggest advantage?” Mu Chen mouth corner twitched, at once clenches teeth saying: Calculates that you suppress!” Mu Chen sits cross-legged in that bedside, no longer pays attention in her, both eyes shut, both hands tie seal, gradually entered the cultivation condition. But enters the cultivation condition along with Mu Chen, Mandala also drills the quilt, she was looking at Mu Chen, in the golden big eye the passing over gently and swiftly faint trace different light, muttered: Great Sun Indestructible Body, has not thought that appeared...” ... In the following several days time, Nine Nether wants to let experience Mu Chen of war of Great Luo Golden Pool obviously to make the rest slightly, therefore he was actually idler, only when he is idle, Nine Nether Palace actually continually acts. Because the war of Great Luo Golden Pool, Mu Chen made many face countenances to Nine Nether Palace, but Nine Nether was also the plan in one vigorous effort, thoroughly recalls the Nine Nether Palace prestige, after all present Nine Nether Palace in nine kings, is considered as basically on is the background is weakest, if Nine Nether Palace wanted to strengthen strength, that most at least must belong to the Nine Nether Palace domain to take carry back originally. These domains will turn in massive Sovereign elixir every year, but present Nine Nether Palace, most lacks, is Sovereign elixir, specially in Mu Chen has given the promise after Nine Nether Guard, that Sovereign elixir, is lacks tightly. Enough Sovereign elixir, the Nine Nether Palace intercrescence has not saved is difficult, let alone expands oneself? Moreover now perhaps many sect in entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory, are looking at their Nine Nether Palace, obviously others are want to take a look, to fiddle with such big sound Nine Nether Palace, actually finally can be able a only joke. But under the gaze of that many vision, Nine Nether was to send on the same day out the troops, directly soared these once to belong to the Nine Nether Palace city, but words that took away also extremely simple. Pledges allegiance to Nine Nether Palace. Nine Nether the action, makes many person somewhat stunned actually, some people shake the head to laugh in spite of trying not to secret, the woman after is the woman, the conduct extremely delicate, she thinks that such light words, can make these pledge allegiance to Blood Eagle Palace City Lord to change ways? But fact also indeed the expectations of other people, was notified the information more than 50 cities, was exploited fierce City Lord to express willingness by Blood Eagle Palace except for few several quite to pledge allegiance to outside Nine Nether Palace, other City Lord have not all given the answer, even several and Blood Eagle Palace walks near City Lord extremely, not only had not indicated that the meaning of pledging allegiance, instead hurried back the person who Nine Nether Palace sends directly, the stance of like that having depended upon, relative rampancy. Obviously, is depending upon Blood Eagle Palace this backer, they in Great Luo Heavenly Territory have not placed in momentum extremely weak Nine Nether Palace of this eye. Nine Nether Palace is firsthand, seems like slightly seems to be distressed, in entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory, many people secretly shake the head, but in that Blood Eagle Palace, is flooding taunt sneered, before one releases greatly, by Mu Chen in the foul odor that on Great Luo Golden Pool suppresses.

But in the entire Great Luo Heavenly Territory innumerable [say / way] unusual gazes, in Nine Nether Palace, is still tranquil. Nine Nether Palace, outside a main hall. Dense Nine Nether Guard static standing erect, air/Qi of the murdering with deep veneration, filling the air quietly on this day within, making the temperature reduce. Nine Nether stands before the main hall, she wears battle armor, the black silk like the waterfall, the slender jade leg is straight, she lowers the head to look at scroll in hand, above records these to notify information various responses of city. Nine Nether charming face tranquil is looking at these replies, not only does not get angry, the red lip instead is raises wipes the smiling face, at once she gains ground, is looking below body such as the youth of spear|gun, counts on the fingers a ball, that scroll has then shot in the latter hand. List here, then looked your.” Mu Chen grips that scroll, shows a faint smile, then he turns around, looks at present that is just liking the black cloud-like army, the lightly [say / way]: For serveral days the rumor in Great Luo Heavenly Territory you also heard, the somewhat person had the new lord, forgot to have the awe that regarding this person, our should what to do?” Kills!” Neat voice loudly shouted explodes the horizon, killing intent fills the air, in all Nine Nether Guard eyes has to be blazing is surging, endured these many years, they do not need to continue to endure finally. Others think our Nine Nether Palace truth by the mouth...” Mu Chen that flood the black pupil of chill in the air is taking a fast look around the audience, then his body raising slowly, the next instant, boundless Spiritual Energy just likes storm same sweeps across to open. But we must make them know today, our Nine Nether Palace truth, by fist!” Walks!” Mu Chen drinks to make noise coldly, his figure changes into stream of light suddenly attack, Tang Bing sees that is also the white hands wields, Nine Nether Guard as if black cloud-like soars. The malignant influences of that shooting up to the sky, cause entire Great Luo Heaven, many sect hearts jump, this Nine Nether Palace, must start to show the thunder method...