The Great Ruler - Volume 9 - Chapter 813
Chapter 812 When Cai Xiao that has one to tease with the chilly sound of chill in the air in this day on spatial spreads leisurely, is makes this stretch of world suddenly peaceful, the innumerable powerhouses are dumbfounded. At present this is Cai Xiao, unexpectedly that Endless Fire Territory, the Flame Emperor daughter?! Rumble. The innumerable powerhouses cannot bear has swallowed saliva, the look with amazement, Endless Fire Territory, that was in Great Thousand World true colossal, Don't say their Northern Realm, even if took a broad view at entire Heavenly Luo Continent, perhaps did not have many influences to dare to provoke this existence. Moreover, that Endless Fire Territory founder Flame Emperor, is in this Great Thousand World true authority, although compares with other super influences, the time that Endless Fire Territory establishes slightly is short, but everyone knows, if must say in this Great Thousand World in not the most affable several big super influences, this Endless Fire Territory, is among the best absolutely. But these, overwhelming majorities because of the prestige of Flame Emperor, even if in these prestige prominent entire Great Thousand World Heavenly Sovereign, this Flame Emperor, able calculates that is the outstanding person. Therefore, the person is hearing in the presence of everyone, at present when the Cai Xiao father, unexpectedly is Flame Emperor in that legend, the heart just now such shock, then, that vision will then go to complexion ugly Senior Wan Dushe. This Senior Wan Dushe in Northern Realm, calculates sufficiently makes side Overlord, Earthly Sovereign strength, keeps aloof in the innumerable powerhouse eyes, does not have to touch, but when he in Flame Emperor with that legend compares, is the glow and bright moon. Therefore, in that vision. Unavoidably were many some sympathies, wants to come to think that this Senior Wan Dushe also indeed enough bad luck, this casual comes out to sway. Suddenly directly troublesome had found the daughter head of Flame Emperor... If this caused that perhaps the Endless Fire Territory anger, that Snake Temple also will vanish into thin air. But under vision of that everywhere sympathy, Senior Wan Dushe that originally pale face, then turns into the pale color, his look stiff looks at sky over Cai Xiao top of the head flame picture pattern, the scalp is troubling intermittently, because only then their this level. Clearer understanding, actually Heavenly Sovereign will be representing anything. That is true to high (Wu Shang)supreme. Cai Xiao beautiful eyes ice-cold is looking at that Senior Wan Dushe. sneered said: „Were you as if very much interested in me a moment ago? If you think if necessary, my may invited my father with you chats.” The Senior Wan Dushe heart shakes, on the stiff face squeezes a smiling face hastily, said: Formerly was I am crude for a while. Has no intention to offend the emperor female actually.”

In this Senior Wan Dushe sound, did not have again half silk has worked off anger, that stance put extremely lowly, wants to come to be frightened heavily, after all his strength by the Cai Xiao background, even if not can be regarded apex in Northern Realm these giants, let alone must such as cloud Endless Fire Territory compare with that powerhouse. „Doesn't your this enmity of cutting tail report?” Cai Xiao lightly [say / way]. Senior Wan Dushe hollow laugh, in his heart does not choke with rage that naturally is impossible, can be what kind of again hot? Does he dare to kill Cai Xiao to be inadequate really? At present these many people. So long as information passes on slightly, perhaps he to roadless may run away by Endless Fire Territory pursuit. Technique is inferior to the person, said goodbye.” The Senior Wan Dushe today honor was loses completely. Therefore he does not have the least bit thoughts to stay here, moreover he also really feared that has provoked Cai Xiao, her indeed Flame Emperor to please, strength to the powerhouse of that degree, even if Endless Fire Territory has the extremely remote distance with this Northern Realm, may want that Flame Emperor to be induced. able projection shuttle space will come. Senior Wan Dushe clenches teeth, turns around then to tow that half body wearing out space to vanish to go. That silhouette that turns around to go, obviously has a point in a panic distressed feeling. At this time, that anything Chi Xue enmity, obviously already was immaterial, moreover that fellow did not die, wants to come this time Senior Wan Dushe to think that a palm of the hand clapped him, has provoked such big trouble, remained is also damaging. In the world the innumerable powerhouses publicize Senior Wan Dushe that the mouth looks forward to depart distressedly, wants to come suddenly also a little difficult to accept a Earthly Sovereign strength super powerhouse, unexpectedly is also able distressed to this degree. Good fearful Endless Fire Territory... good fearful Flame Emperor.” Mu Chen same is the somewhat vibration is looking at this, at once his face with deep veneration, Earthly Sovereign is able calculates to do to keep aloof in his eyes, however this and other super powerhouses, when facing that Endless Fire Territory, was just likes saw the mouse of cat as before, thus it can be seen, Endless Fire Territory that super influence as well as Flame Emperor this true peak powerhouse, actually have the how fearful weight in this Great Thousand World. That Flame Emperor indeed is an extraordinary character.” Mandala is also lightly nodded, by her pride, has to acknowledge that Flame Emperor startled certainly colorful, even if this Great Thousand World various Xiong gathers together, but the Flame Emperor prestige, resounds through throughout. In another side of sky, that Liu Tiandao is looking at this, complexion is somewhat is not quite also attractive, originally he was counting on able and Senior Wan Dushe collaborate, compelling Mandala to associate with people, but expected has jumped out Daughter of the Flame Emperor suddenly, directly was compelled to flee Senior Wan Dushe distressedly, right now, was makes him fall into the awkward region on the contrary. Liu Tiandao, your helper as if no anything to affect.” Mandala looks in this time to Liu Tiandao, in the immature voice, is passing the meaning of thick taunt. Liu Tiandao complexion gloomy, when especially he in seeing Cai Xiao also comes the ice-cold vision projection, his mouth corner was also twitched that could not bear.

Looks at present this appearance, as if that Daughter of the Flame Emperor and Mu Chen relate great, if gets rid forcefully, unavoidably meets the new difficulties crop up unexpectedly. although their Profound Heavenly Palace strength stronger in Snake Temple, but his strength also stronger in Senior Wan Dushe, but this compares with Endless Fire Territory that colossal, obviously does not have the commeasurability as before. Therefore at present this aspect, makes Liu Tiandao somewhat in a dilemma actually. Great Luo Territory Master, you do not use too happily, it is said in this Dragon and Phoenix Heaven, you offended this person of offending light, wants to come Nether World Palace, Divine Pavilion not let go, once when the time comes Great Battle Hunt opened, perhaps your Great Luo Heavenly Territory must be ruthless.” The Liu Tiandao cold and gloomy vision looks to Mandala, sneered said. They, if when really my Great Luo Heavenly Territory is easy target, tries freely well.” On the Mandala small face ice-cold, said: My Great Luo Heavenly Territory was really extinguished, certainly will draw when the time comes also your Profound Heavenly Palace to be buried along with the dead.” Right?” sneered that Liu Tiandao is in sharp opposition, his big sleeve wields at once, said: I am actually attractive, look at this Great Battle Hunt, your Great Luo Heavenly Territory whether also able survives!” The ruthless words pile, Liu Tiandao knows cannot begin again, immediately can only the dense vision just like knife point same looked at Mu Chen one, that chill in the air, made the latter skin in flood the stabbing pain. However Mu Chen faces Liu Tiandao that to be full of the killing intent vision, complexion is actually tranquil, but that Liu Tiandao sees that also can only coldly snorted, figure move, among space distortion , then baseless vanishes to go. Along with departure of Liu Tiandao, within that oppression results in the Spiritual Energy pressure that the person nearly suffocates on this day, is thorough disappearance goes, relaxing of the innumerable powerhouses then feel relieved. Mandala lifts the small face, she looked at the place that Liu Tiandao was vanishing, the brow also wrinkled a wrinkle. Meets somewhat to be troublesome?” Mu Chen approaches Mandala, asked in a low voice, the although that Liu Tiandao words cannot completely believe that but he was able is also faint the feeling the brutality of that Great Battle Hunt, under that battle, even if were Great Luo Heavenly Territory this top influence, could not say that will go by obliterate. „The competition of that degree, is not Dragon and Phoenix Heaven these matters changes anything on able.” Mandala shook head , the meaning of her saying a word naturally was to say these battles in Dragon and Phoenix Heaven, how regardless of result, unable to have the tremendous influence to Great Battle Hunt. „The trouble, naturally is meets somewhat... after all each time Great Battle Hunt, will have the top influence to be annexed obliterate.” Mandala lightly smiles, in big eye has the chill in the air circulation, said: My Great Luo Heavenly Territory does not become that by the lamb of minute food, who wants to gnaw two, consciousness that must have instead gnaw.”

Mu Chen can only nod, present he, is the gradual feeling the brutality of this Great Thousand World, even if stronger than Great Luo Heavenly Territory this grade of influence, faces many to eye covetously. Sky another, Cai Xiao also comes, she is showing a faint smile to Mandala, respects, but the latter also signals by nodding, is facing this Daughter of the Flame Emperor, usually was also displays to average man coldly indifferent Mandala some politely. My following should must leave here.” Cai Xiao beautiful eyes looks to Mu Chen, the outstretch white hands with a smile, said: Cooperation is happy.” Cai Xiao after is not the Northern Realm person, therefore regarding her departure, Mu Chen is not accidental, but after these days contact, he also has the good feeling regarding the former, therefore he was glad to become friends with such a friend very much. Cooperation is happy, this time many thanks.” Mu Chen said that Cai Xiao not only help him a lot in Dragon and Phoenix Heaven, formerly also acted to solve the predicament for him, this is makes in the Mu Chen heart obviously the somewhat gratitude. Cai Xiao swung the white hands, said with a smile: Since knew my status, if I invited you to go to Endless Fire Territory again, how you did think?” Nearby Mandala's slender eyebrow has selected selecting, looked at Mu Chen one, but has not said anything. Mu Chen is also startled, at once shook the head with a smile, at present reminds him of actually in Lin Jing that Continent of Commerce met, she expensive is the Martial Realm little princess, the status is not lower than Cai Xiao, her also same sent out the invitation to him, only is rejected finally by him, reason that therefore he rejected, did not have what change. He needs, is not the asylum. But regarding the rejection of Mu Chen, Cai Xiao not only does not have many accidents, in that beautiful eyes the color of appreciation was instead stronger, she smiles to look at Mu Chen, said: I understood, I anticipated very much our next meeting, I want to know very much that time you, will arrive at any degree.” The voice falls, she not again loathsome, waves directly, then is free and easy turning around goes, the graceful beautiful figure, changes into disappearance of time flies in the horizon. Mu Chen looks at silhouette that Cai Xiao is departing, the palm is also gripping tightly that slowly cannot bear, if next time see again/goodbye, cannot depend upon her help again, therefore, his cultivation, just started. ( to be continued )