The Great Ruler - Volume 9 - Chapter 825
Chapter 824 The Mu Chen front space surges, just likes wave same swings the ripples, together petite silhouette appearance slowly, when saw that this silhouette appears, Mu Chen that tight body was also the thorough relax relaxed. Mandala appears in the Mu Chen front, her small face ice-cold, the golden big eye is bringing indifferently looks at that rush to come the Spiritual Energy anger lion that at once small hands stretches out directly, racket gently above that angry lion. Bang! A only optional racket, that Fifth Rank Sovereign will feel merely extremely troublesome Spiritual Energy anger lion actually directly is just likes frail glass same explodes to break to pieces. Mandala small face expression, small hands has not grasped slightly, that luminous spot then gathers in her palm, changes into one group of Spiritual Energy ball of light, that wild Spiritual Energy in her hands, is docile just likes sheep same. She is holding appreciatively that Spiritual Energy ball of light, at once the pupil lifts, ice-cold looks to complexion in this time instantaneous pallid Qiu Taiyin, the lightly [say / way]: Mysterious Heavenly Lion Seal? This Profound Heavenly Palace is in sole possession of the thing, how to appear in your hands?” Around square all sounds in an uproar vanish in this time, the innumerable [say / way] surprised uncertain vision are locking Qiu Taiyin, present Great Luo Heavenly Territory and Profound Heavenly Palace are foes, but Qiu Taiyin has this Profound Heavenly Palace special thing, how can not let suspect? Qiu Taiyin looks at Mandala that not to have the expression small face, the body is shivering, his complexion that cannot bear is pallid, when formerly offered a sacrifice to Mysterious Heavenly Lion Seal he already regret blue intestines, how he has not expected, he by the Mu Chen air/Qi to the degree that this type will vanish continually sanely. Territory Master... Lord Territory Master. That Mysterious Heavenly Lion Seal was in subordinate mission suppresses has killed the Profound Heavenly Palace powerhouse, thus must come.” Qiu Taiyin braces oneself to say. Right?” Mandala golden color big eye looks to Qiu Taiyin, but detection her vision. The latter feels flood coldly all over the body. Wants activate this Mysterious Heavenly Lion Seal, that needs the unique activate method, but this method, even if in Profound Heavenly Palace also only has some Elder able to have, formerly said according to you that you were suppress have killed Profound Heavenly Palace Elder?” In Mandala's immature voice seems has the ice-cold chill in the air to fill the air: „ That does not know actually what you suppress kill is which Elder Profound Heavenly Palace? Moreover why didn't this big merit why report? If your indeed suppressed has killed Profound Heavenly Palace Elder, even if your today lost. I will also permit your titled as King. „ The Qiu Taiyin body shivers, cold sweat unceasing braves. Almost moistened the clothing, he felt that the gaze of Mandala that golden color pupil, that command he felt the incomparable fear.

The world is silent, countless people gaze is staring at Qiu Taiyin. That terrifying pressure, made the Qiu Taiyin reason in the rapid collapse. Bang!” When Qiu Taiyin finally unable to bear that pressure, he finally is out-of-control roared, in within the body Spiritual Energy crazy eruption, figure changes into stream of light at once, if quickly rushed to lightning-like was escaping to Great Luo Heaven. Mandala ice-cold looks at out-of-control to run away Qiu Taiyin that small hands only wields gently, sees only this piece of space to coagulate in this time, but body of that Qiu Taiyin. Then just likes by housefly same that amber of dropping wraps, cannot move... Mandala counts on the fingers a ball, Qiu Taiyin is the direction of fire titled as King stage maliciously. Then the entire body was inserted in the earth, moreover Spiritual Energy of his within the body, by Mandala all shaking powder, could not be moved again slightly. Brings, it seems like Profound Heavenly Palace has placed many moths in my Great Luo Heavenly Territory, perhaps I want he to know.” Mandala lightly [say / way]. Immediately has the enforcement force illness to plunder to come, was shaken loose Qiu Taiyin to carry then that within the body Spiritual Energy rapidly to carry off. The innumerable powerhouses are looking at that carried off Qiu Taiyin. Has a look in the sky again small face ice-cold Mandala, suddenly the atmosphere does not dare to leave one, because their able feels Mandala at this time angry intention in heart. Mandala overlooks this day within all powerhouses exhaltedly, the lightly sound is resounding through in the ear of everyone: Great Battle Hunt will soon arrive, your should understands this on behalf of anything, even if our Great Luo Heavenly Territory is this Northern Realm top influence, but may as in Great Battle Hunt by the minute food, but once Great Luo Heavenly Territory does not exist, then you will also lose all status and asylums.” Innumerable powerhouse hearts one cold, in Northern Realm this competition brutal place, if no asylum of this huge influence, wants cultivation alone, is the danger are too really many. Therefore, if not want to lose the asylum, finally becomes by prey that others hunt and kill at will, that puts out your loyalty, so long as loyal in the Great Luo Heavenly Territory person, this king naturally cannot treat unjustly in him.” Respectfully follows the Territory Master instruction.” That innumerable powerhouse respectful voice should with, that sound, be full of the awe, their able stands erect in this Northern Realm, with the aid of many resources cultivation, basically from has stepped into Earthly Sovereign level the protection of super powerhouse in Mandala this. Mu Chen is static is looking at this, in the heart is also feels somewhat to vibrate to the strength that Earthly Sovereign this and other super powerhouses have, only has such powerhouse, just now able stands erect, shelters a side.

Mandala that golden color pupil changes Mu Chen, said: Since the titled as King sacrifice had result, I announced that starts from today, Mu Chen will be our Great Luo Heavenly Territory tenth king.” In world innumerable [say / way] envying item of shooting light to Mu Chen, so the age, unexpectedly becomes the Great Luo Heavenly Territory king on able, this grade of achievement may somewhat be really uncommon. various kings is also sighs nods, that Blood Eagle King is staring at Mu Chen, in the eye full is wariness as well as an nuisance, he never will expect obviously the Mu Chen growth so to be quick, if the one had only known, he initially will inevitably not look for the trouble of Mu Chen. Provokes such one to have the potential enemy, obviously is the extremely stupid matter. You become the tenth queen, has is constructing the influence the qualifications.” Mandala looks to Mu Chen, same mentions, so long as became the king, that will obtain the large amounts of resources in Great Luo Heavenly Territory, but this resources, support Mu Chen to form one sufficiently with the other nine king suitable influences, naturally, this need time develops. In the world many vision gather on Mu Chen, especially Nine Nether Palace numerous troops, each one eager gives to stare at him, in that full is disturbed with does not abandon. Once because Mu Chen has established the influence, that must be separated from Nine Nether Palace, will get rid of the Nine Nether Palace Commander status, the influence and Nine Nether Palace conjunction how no matter when the time comes he forms, with compare to want the somewhat difference compared with the present for the whole family after all. Mu Chen although arrives at Great Luo Heavenly Territory merely one year, but Nine Nether Palace all people know, if not the wars of Mu Chen that life and death, their Nine Nether Palace status will not be improved so rapidly. He He, Mu Chen indeed is fierce, such quickly wanted titled as King.” The Tang Rou disposition was purer, at this time is cheerful smiled, was Mu Chen is happy. Nearby Tang Bing hearing this was white mindless younger sister one eyes, then the white delicate arms held of the chest, somewhat angrily, looked that did not look is imposing at this time much Mu Chen, because she knows that lost Mu Chen, regarding Nine Nether Palace, but was not the small attack, although she also understands that this no wonder Mu Chen, after all the status between king and Commander has the huge disparity. Actually Nine Nether indifferent, not only did not worry, instead charming face with a smile is looking at Mu Chen, relations between she and Mu Chen extremely profound, Bloodline Bond made them just like a body, therefore she did not care about Mu Chen to construct the influence. In the sky, Mu Chen same is because Mandala's words have been startled being startled slightly, at once he looked at Nine Nether Palace there, that together way anxiously he is looking at the vision, immediately smiled, said: I did not need to form an influence again, kept Nine Nether Palace, this didn't should affect me to obtain these resources?” In Nine Nether Palace in this year actually he clearly forms the influence is the how tedious matter, if he will concentrate in this, definitely will affect his cultivation, therefore he will be obviously impossible to be penny-wise and pound foolish, for a -called influence, own future ruining.

Moreover the strength in Nine Nether Palace, his almost may transfers, no matter he must be used to make anything, Nine Nether a little will not stop, therefore he does not need to separate obviously. Mu Chen thinks naturally regarding this, but actually does not know after this saying spreads, immediately causes many powerhouses to be dumbfounded, obviously for these years, they first time saw that some people give up constructing the influence, so long as after all have established the influence, that had own army, but that army in some sense, completely belongs his. Nine Nether Palace that side same is a dumbfoundedness, the cheers that but quick suddenly was then resounded by that break to go, all Nine Nether Palace troops are the look earnest and excited is looking at Mu Chen, obviously their same has not thought that Mu Chen will give up forming the influence the opportunity, keeps their Nine Nether Palace as before. Tang Bing is also shocked, that pair of beautiful eyes cannot bear looks to Mu Chen, then the small mouth has dug digging, said: indeed fool.” However on the mouth was saying, but how joyful color in her beautiful eyes actually cannot conceal, this fellow, but also calculates the somewhat conscience, does not waste her for his cultivation, thinking of every means is assembling Sovereign elixir. Nine Nether is also graceful smiles, although she is not surprised many regarding this answer, but that looks to the beautiful pupil of Mu Chen, obviously even more is also gentle. In the sky, Mandala same is being astonished looked at Mu Chen one, at once says with a smile: „, although you give up constructing the influence as you like, these resources superimpose to Nine Nether Palace on, naturally your also able optional use.” Mu Chen nods, at once he approaches Mandala, [say / way] quietly: Compared with these thing, what I care is the reward of my this mission... Hey.” The words arrive finally, Mu Chen smiles, has rubbed the finger to Mandala, now he most wants to obtain, naturally is that ten Divine Beast Blood Essence that his cultivation dragon and phoenix Scripture needs. Mandala looks at Mu Chen that a face is drooling, when does not know whether to laugh or cry, can only fling to him an ill-humored supercilious look. Relax, must have your.” ( to be continued )