The Great Ruler - Volume 9 - Chapter 859
Chapter 857 Under the mountain peak, five armies occupy, in their sky, welling up that five boundless fighting intent distinguish right from wrong is swinging, this time five armies are in the recuperation, therefore that fighting intent combative nature seemed restrained, seems must appear docile many. However actually knows regarding Mu Chen of fighting intent understanding extremely that this docile only superficial phenomenon, the fighting intent source, is the union of each soldier own Spiritual Energy and will, when so long as these soldiers are full of the fight **, that fighting intent will thus thrive immediately with the change of their will, is full of the aggressivity. The Mu Chen black pupil is staring at that five distinguishing right from wrong boundless fighting intent, the color of appearance hesitation, now Nine Nether Guard fighting intent, has been controlled by him reach a high degree of proficiency, the insufficient Nine Nether Guard quantity is limited, with the promotion of Mu Chen strength, his faint feeling, as if Nine Nether Guard condenses the fighting intent that becomes, is somewhat unable satisfies him again... However this well-trained army, is not in one single day trains on able, each soldier, needs the quite long time to carry on wearing between Spiritual Energy, after the Spiritual Energy will is to even agree with, just now able fuses in fighting intent together, otherwise, that only is merely in a state of disunity, but their fighting intent, does not have the slight strength. The 1000 motley crew's with 1000 the soldiers of fighting intent able fusions compare, the latter is almost the to crush former. Therefore, even if Mu Chen felt that Nine Nether Guard somewhat unable satisfies him again, he also not too many means that regarding Battle Array Master, if no huge elite army to make the support, that is can not make bricks without straw. The Battle Array Master strength, came from army. However at present, Mu Chen had a good trial opportunity, that is placed in front another four armies, Splitting Mountain Palace Splitting Mountain Army, Blood Eagle Palace Blood Eagle Guard, Spirit Sword Mountain spirit Sword Servant as well as Great Cliff Cave great army... If his able by own strength, obtains some resonances with these four armies, then this indicated that he has the possibility is also controls very much fighting intent of these four armies. But arrived really that step, the Mu Chen strength, definitely will be an astonishing degree, he depending on taking advantage of Nine Nether Guard fighting intent, contends on able and Xu Ba this Sixth Rank Sovereign powerhouse, if able one step with the aid of fighting intent of another four armies, perhaps Seventh Rank Sovereign, he is happy does not fear. Naturally, Mu Chen is not a fool, he also knows, perhaps by his present strength, is not enough to control five elite army boundless fighting intent, only if his real able becomes Battle Array Master, otherwise, is only that vast fighting intent, shatters to go to his will on able. The one breath cannot eat the fatty, this matter, must treat successful its. However... Controls although not to be impossible, but if able obtains the resonance, that at least showed that he is having that and other potential, perhaps such, he is away from that mysterious Battle Array Master, on able about one step. The matter of only this meddling various kings army, wants to come is somewhat oversteps, but Mu Chen also has the means solution trouble.

Thinks of here, Mu Chen was deep breath that could not bear icy cold air, then no longer hesitant, both eyes closing slowly, but his mind, then under this jet black nighttime sky, just liked wave same rippled. Line of sight darkness, but mind sensation, actually vast, under the Mu Chen sensation, around that mountain peak, five boundless fighting intent sea quietly is rippling, is faint, seems has innumerable fighting intent to roar to spread, is shaking the space. That five fighting intent sea, have give the Mu Chen extremely compatible feeling together, that is fighting intent from Nine Nether Guard, but another four, actually respectively occupy, just likes dragon tiger same. Mu Chen hesitates slightly, the mind is the proliferation, is arrives at outside that four boundless fighting intent sea directly, hesitates slightly, was probing the contact in the past. Bang! However the Mu Chen mind just contacted that four fighting intent, then directly was returned by the rebound of forcibly, moreover faint also brings in the resistance and attack of that boundless fighting intent unconsciousness, shakes somewhat to be turbulent the Mu Chen mind actually. The first contact ends in failure. Mu Chen brow tight wrinkle, these fighting intent appear the thought of extreme resistance unfamiliar is close, if were not in the Mu Chen thought had formerly not doped any aggressivity, perhaps at present was started to launch to attack by four fighting intent. These fighting intent, were extremely sensitive. Mu Chen has hesitated the long time, the brow of that tight wrinkle also slowly loosens, regarding fighting intent, he after all also quite familiar, he knows that wants to control fighting intent, comes not to affect. The mood of under Mu Chen returning to normal gradually fluctuating, after static treating must his true mind like still water, just now once again spreads the mind, but this time, he not desirably contacts that four boundless fighting intent, but whatever the mind spreads in the nighttime sky, then just likes wave same, little ripples, finally with that four boundless fighting intent, touches finally once again. Buzz. Instance that touches, body of Mu Chen fierce shakes, in his mind, seems has the innumerable [say / way] to slaughter the roaring sound to resound through suddenly, wild fighting intent, just likes must capture his intelligence. However this fighting intent roared, has not created the big hindrance to Mu Chen, present he, regarding the understanding of fighting intent after is not new military recruits, therefore defended the mind immediately, to that fighting intent impact, so after long time, that roaring sound, on weakening gradually, until thorough dissipation.

At the same time of these roaring sound dissipations, Mu Chen that proliferation, but the mind thought that just liked changed into a sea-monster, following the brook, swam boundless sea inside piece by piece. His thought that entered in that four boundless fighting intent sea finally. He felt that as if intruded in wild volcanos, four fighting intent, the wild degree all differs from, moreover is flooding not the same attribute. For example Blood Eagle Guard Blood Qi is heavy, Splitting Mountain Army murders heavily, the Spirit Sword solid spirit is heavy, but that great army is appears sincere... This species, is the characteristics that because since this armed forces Team Captain long time has shown are related, or in some sense, is the style that an army excels. The thought of Mu Chen, mixes in that wild fighting intent sea, that innumerable chaotic fighting intent shake sound, unceasing feedback in heart of Mu Chen, this, if trades to be an average man, perhaps now directly has been washed away the intelligence by these fighting intent, is impossible to continue maintains sober. However what fortunately is, Mu Chen not in the ranks of this average man. Moreover, after the thought mixes in that four boundless fighting intent, going that Mu Chen has not finished in a hast obtains the resonance with these fighting intent, but to own that together thought that along with wave by hovering of wave in the fighting intent sea. Just likes sneaks a river fish in sea school of fish, lets itself, as far as possible with here all, appears same. Naturally, what is most important, Mu Chen has not hidden existence of his thought unexpectedly intentionally, when his thought ripples when that four boundless fighting intent sea, these fighting intent thoughts, realized him. These fighting intent thoughts, are the soldiers from four army. Therefore, when they in that thought of realizing Mu Chen integrating, under the mountain peak, in four armies, has the innumerable soldier astonished opening eye of immediately, the look full is stunned. same mentioned, when if they when discovering this type did not belong to the thought of their army, they definitely will launch attacks intruder obliterate, but now, the entrant, is actually Mu Chen... For serveral days, Mu Chen was leading Nine Nether Guard with their common onset and retreat, but they in the hand of Mu Chen left Spirit of Fighting Intent regarding Nine Nether Guard to congeal of able, the astonishing strength that erupted was also holding enormous envying, therefore when at present they when realizing the thought of Mu Chen, did not have the conditioned reflex resistance unexpectedly, but in hesitant, and discovered after Mu Chen as if did not have what extreme movement, then accepted existence of Mu Chen that together thought that after all no matter how, Mu Chen and they were the Great Luo Heavenly Territory people, was considered as on is the partner.

However common soldier although expressed acceptance, but in these four armies, but also has Commander of many four king subordinates, they as the army high level, naturally cannot regard , if no thing, therefore after hesitant one next, they were information truthfully transmit to their commanders-in-chief, four kings. !! When receives information, the Splitting Mountain King four people were almost the same time plunder the upper air, their same was complexion astonished looking to that mountain peak. Nine Nether also appeared in this time in the upper air, but saw her to appear, the Splitting Mountain King four people then looked to her: Nine Nether King, is King Mu this?” The although four kings are polite, but Nine Nether or able feel their some doubts, after all Mu Chen this greeting does not hit one to meddle the behavior of opposite party army, seems appears a little rash. Nine Nether has smiled bitterly, just wanted to say anything, is has thought together to proliferate from this nighttime sky, the Mu Chen sound, reverberates under this nighttime sky. Taking advantage of four Wang Jun dui with by cultivation, if successful, could help four armed forces to sense Spirit of Fighting Intent.” Mu Chen that gentle sound hands down from generation to generation, made in four Wang Yan directly instantaneously faint light violently shoots, on that face has almost the bright smiling face to reappear all of a sudden. He He, if King Mu can have a liking, although that takes away.” Usually uncommunicative Great Cliff King was smiled, for serveral days they who could not bear moved together, but was experiences Spirit of Fighting Intent regarding an function of army, therefore was being jealous for serveral days, but how the subordinates not to have Mu Chen this grade of talent, therefore also merely can only worry dry, but at present hears Mu Chen these words, circling by the strength in meditation of four kings, the eye hides cannot bear rapid twitching. If not the worry causes other people discontented, perhaps they want unable to bear said that or you manipulate my this army, so long as you can leave Spirit of Fighting Intent to to congeal, how to toss about as you like... Nearby Nine Nether saw that wishes one could to give the Mu Chen four kings the army all of a sudden, is the red lip that cannot bear curls upwards, at once she is slim eyebrows micro pressed looks to that silhouette on mountain peak. However... This fellow, talking big below too to be also big, Spirit of Fighting Intent, where had such good to congeal... R1152( ……