The Great Ruler - Volume 9 - Chapter 893
Chapter 891 Bang! The gorgeous Battle Pattern light beam from the horizon howls, looks from afar that as if passed through a void handle to extinguish the world god spear|gun, that wild strength, even if were these Sixth Rank Sovereign on the scene, complexion for it drastic change. In that Battle Pattern light beam, they also realize the fatal threat. In that everywhere shocking vision, that Xiao Tian is also complexion pale looks at that to cover to come the gorgeous light beam that in his eye same is full of difficult believing, his unable imagination, Mu Chen able is relying on five inferior brand armies unexpectedly, leaves so the terrifying fighting intent offensive on activate. In that gorgeous light beam the contain fighting intent strength, obvious has surmounted this python Spirit of Fighting Intent! Your impressive on the outside but lacking substance, gave up any idea of that deceives me!” Xiao Tian roared fierce, originally thinks stratagem which ensures success in confrontation of grasping, result actually reverses so the appearance, he was somewhat difficult accepts obviously, immediately both eyes were red, both hands tied seal like lightning, violent voice loudly shouted resound through the sky. Profound Heavenly Troop, vigorously a war!” Bang! In its rear area, that several thousand Profound Heavenly Troop armies, erupts the sound of roaring, then boundless fighting intent shoots up to the sky, Battle Pattern above that python Battle Spirit body also even more bright, finally, jumps loudly directly broken void, violently shoots. Python Battle Spirit absolutely does not have the sign that any must avoid, it straightly on, just likes great dragon soars is spatial, the next flash, was then gathering boundless fighting intent of Profound Heavenly Troop all soldiers, with gorgeous light beam that covers, bumps into outrageously! Hissing! Hit instant that. That piece of space is jumps to break to pieces directly, giant cracks just like are the spread of big dragon same, that. Just like is the shape of somewhat earth-shattering. But when the day collapses, together sad and shrill howling sound fierce resounding through, countless person vision projection goes, then is sight with amazement, that giant python Battle Spirit, was passed through to go by that gorgeous light beam in this time unexpectedly directly, terrifying fighting intent washes out. Bright Battle Pattern above python Battle Spirit body, is dimly jumps to break to pieces to open instantaneously... Xiao Tian complexion. In this time immediately miserable no one color. Fang Yi of that distant place, Liu Yan and the others, are complexion is uglier, that look deep place. Also passed over gently and swiftly has wiped the color of vibration, because they discovered when this time Mu Chen, as if began compared with before and Xiao Tian, became stronger. In most starts him and Xiao Tian fights able uses so the terrifying method, perhaps the latter already had restrained the heart of provocation. This bastard, will hide really!” But regarding that countless people shock vision, Mu Chen actually does not pay attention, his complexion ice cold gaze that by python Battle Spirit that the gorgeous light beam passes through. Then the palm suddenly grasps. Bang!” Gathers together with grasping of Mu Chen palm, Sees only that [say / way] passed through python Battle Spirit, finally is the impact of unable to bear that terrifying. One, is explodes to break to pieces loudly unexpectedly, finally changed into everywhere luminous spot. puchi! When Spirit of Fighting Intent was blasted open, Xiao Tian blood spraying, complexion is pale, in its rear area. In that Profound Heavenly Troop , has numerous soldier mouths to spurt the blood. Some people even directly from the sky plants to fall, fighting intent that originally rushes instantaneously becomes the dispirited...

Obviously, disruption of Spirit of Fighting Intent, was makes this Profound Heavenly Troop suffer the extremely heavy heavy losses. Mu Chen flies high to stand, his look indifferent looks at that to be utterly routed Profound Heavenly Troop that along with the disruption of Spirit of Fighting Intent, that Profound Heavenly Troop fighting intent, no longer had the threat obviously. Xiao Tian cancels the mouth corner bloodstain, he is looking at rear dispirited Profound Heavenly Troop, at this time Profound Heavenly Troop morale all being defeated and dispersed, no longer was obviously impossible to form fighting intent, this war, he has defeated thoroughly. Bastard!” Xiao Tian cursed angrily one, then figure fierce suddenly retreats, simultaneously his retreating order was also issues, Profound Heavenly Troop difficult condensed fighting intent, that this time he, did not have again with the qualification that Mu Chen contended with. However this time Mu Chen, did not plan obviously puts him to run away, latter look ice-cold, the sleeve robe wields, the fighting intent light beam is pierces together void, if quickly rushes to lightning-like overtook Xiao Tian, then bang maliciously above its body. puchi. By hitting hard, that Xiao Tian mouth spat the blood once again, including both eyes was dim, the appearance of suffocation, nearly will be on the verge of death. The Mu Chen palm grasps, separates the suction that Xiao Tian directly, then Spiritual Energy changes into the rope, ties up firmly Xiao Tian, but after solving Xiao Tian, the Mu Chen mind moves, boundless fighting intent as if light barrier lets fall, Profound Heavenly Troop of that rout, has covered unexpectedly all. Lost Xiao Tian Profound Heavenly Troop, almost just likes the fish that treats butchers, absolutely does not have the strength of any resist, therefore is facing covering of fighting intent light barrier, their unable rushes radically, before let alone also wants to launch is similar, like that the astonishing offensive. An army, lost commanding, unable condensed under fighting intent, their only extremely ordinary soldier, then including Sovereign Stage no strength, only ants. Even if the quantities of these ants are not small, but does not affect as before. Mu Chen gets rid to seize Xiao Tian, surrounds Profound Heavenly Troop, merely among only electric light flint, when he has completed these, Fang Yi of that distant place, Liu Yan and the others just now recover, then that Liu Yan complexion was pale. Mu Chen, gave me to put person, otherwise my Profound Heavenly Palace was unable to co-exist with you!” Shouting to clear the way that Liu Yan clenches jaws, Xiao Tian or Profound Heavenly Troop, were their Profound Heavenly Palace fee completely the resources have built, regardless of lost anyone, regarding their Profound Heavenly Palace was the extremely heavy attack. However regarding his violent voice loudly shouted, Mu Chen actually only lifted the eyelid, the faint smile [say / way]: Listens to the meaning of willow tree Young Palace Master, now our friend?” Liu Yan stagnates, at once look mean is staring at Mu Chen, dense [say / way]: Actually do you want how is it?!” First makes your Profound Heavenly Palace person call a halt.” Mu Chen lightly [say / way]: If you want fight in which both sides perish, I first also had this Profound Heavenly Troop extinguishing this fellow.” His sound although is light. But is still has the chill in the air to send out, that is true killing intent. You have a dream!” Liu Yan dense [say / way]. Mu Chen hearing this, rubbish. two fingers and tune, Spiritual Energy just likes sword light in the fingertip turnover, then, passed over gently and swiftly that Xiao Tian shoulder, immediately the pitiful yell sound gets up, during the blood sputtering, the right arm of that Xiao Tian flew directly. You!” The Liu Yan tooth must bite to bleed. His both eyes torching is looking at Mu Chen, however latter as before only eye light looks at each other with him. At once lifts two fingers once again. Stop!” Liu Yan exclaimed lowly, this Xiao Tian was their Profound Heavenly Palace may only becomes the Battle Array Master person, the potential was enormous, if here by Mu Chen abandoning. He does not have the means and Liu Tiandao confession. Mu Chen ice cold is looking at him.

Liu Yan clenches teeth, lifts the palm, immediately rear area in that intense tangled warfare, the Profound Heavenly Palace powerhouse is also receives the hand to draw back, but the Profound Heavenly Palace troops withdraw, Nine Nether they are the pressure greatly reduce, even under counter-attack, does somewhat to be caught off guard the Divine Pavilion powerhouse directly. Liu Yan, you!” Fang Yi sees that. complexion also changes. I do not think that my Profound Heavenly Palace anything has not fished, finally has compensated a fighting intent talent as well as elite army!” [Say / Way] that Liu Yan clenches jaws. You think that like this he easily will release people? This Mu Chen sly like fox, you along with his wish. Instead falls into during his control.” Fang Yi sinking sound track. He He, Fang Yi, you are also deceitful, you planned that stirs up Profound Heavenly Palace to put together mutually wounded, then your coming out with us reaps profits?” Mu Chen lightly smiled said. The Liu Yan vision dodges. Liu Yan, do not listen to him to sow dissension. At this time their Great Luo Heavenly Territory could not support, so long as we tried harder again. Solves Great Luo Heavenly Territory various kings on able, when the time comes depends on him, even if five armies, is whatever we rub to pinch!” Fang Yi saw that the Liu Yan look flashes, heart jumps immediately, said hastily. Feared when the time comes is your Divine Pavilion laughs last!” Mu Chen interrupts once again, results in the corner of the eye sharply to jump the Fang Yi air/Qi, that dense vision, wishes one could to tear to shreds Mu Chen. [Say / Way] that Liu Yan takes a deep breath, gloomy sinks at once: Good, Mu Chen, so long as you are willing to release people, my Profound Heavenly Palace this time does not meddle, but I must warn you, if you dare to play me, my Profound Heavenly Palace will not let off you absolutely!” Mu Chen smiles, said: „The willow tree Young Palace Master really heavy sentiment, after wants to come, you can be good Palace Master, I will release people, but also looks at you to wait again, after I solve here trouble, the person will definitely give you.” He naturally cannot associate with people to the present stupid, when the time comes lost the hostage, perhaps this Liu Yan insane same bites, formerly threat of Mu Chen, obviously already soon his airing. Liu Yan dense is staring at Mu Chen, then does not give a thought to the persuasion of Fang Yi, flings the sleeve to draw back directly, then gathers in Profound Heavenly Palace many troops together, distant ice-cold gaze. But along with all evacuation of Profound Heavenly Palace troops, this stretch of chaotic battlefield had the reversal change immediately, originally also occupies the winning side Divine Pavilion troops, immediately by Nine Nether, Splitting Mountain King and the others pressed in leeward. After must discuss lineup luxurious degree, obviously Great Luo Heavenly Territory gets the winning side, but that side Divine Pavilion, because lost the Zhan Tai Liuli this certainly big boost, obvious strength weakened much. Let alone, at present Great Luo Heavenly Territory, but also has one just to beat Xiao Tian Mu Chen, controls the fierce people of five armies to eye covetously. Fang Yi sees this, complexion is pale somewhat to be scary, but in its behind, the Zhan Tai Liuli ruddy small mouth slightly raises wipes the ridicule curve. How long however Fang Yi pale complexion has not continued, his pupil then suddenly reduces, because he realizes that the vision of Mu Chen that faint smile, started to go to him in this time. But his vision, makes Fang Yi face ugly immediately, the mouthful sends painstakingly, obviously, Mu Chen next lock-on target he. At present Divine Pavilion many powerhouses are diverted by Great Luo Heavenly Territory various kings, in his side, only then Zhan Tai Liuli of severe wound, by his strength, is wanting to contend to control five army fighting intent Mu Chen, obviously indulges in fantasy... This time, he lifts the stone unexpectedly, will give to pound in the difficult position. ( Today two, go out first, in the evening comes back to write the second chapter. Moreover, everybody a pushing apple area, the gizmondo do not say again an area was pushed to explode directly, you such want to kill me ..... Embarrassed... I give everybody to send a diamond gift parcel here, deft baby shoe may a bit faster. ek6xqcscks

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