The Great Ruler - Volume 9 - Chapter 896
Chapter 894 Beside present death Vestige, has many influence stays as before, moreover in that distant place, even also unceasing has some influences in catching up, wants to come is plans to try to be able the minute in this Rank 1 Vestige to one cup of thick soup. ! However, when some influence unceasing intrusion death Vestige, suddenly, in that death Vestige has the fierce fluctuation to transmit, wind breaking resounds through the world, then numerous influences are the vibrations saw that the overwhelming light howls, a weaponry, is really somewhat is like that magnificent. That is the Great Luo Heavenly Territory troops... They came out unexpectedly, it seems like that the treasure in this death Vestige fell in their hands...” But along with the appearances of this large quantities of troops, outside death Vestige, has the innumerable [say / way] to admire that immediately the envy the talking in whispers sound gets up, these vision are somewhat are jealous, because of wariness Great Luo Heavenly Territory that powerful strength, thus does not dare to reveal. In the front line of Great Luo Heavenly Territory that numerous troops, Mu Chen flies high to stand, his vision looked at beside this Vestige, then looked in death Vestige, he in the rear area, Profound Heavenly Palace as well as Divine Pavilion closely is following. „Do we want to release people?” Nine Nether follows side Mu Chen, asked in a low voice. „If not put, that Liu Yan feared that must go crazy.” Mu Chen smiles, at once his vision glittering, is the sleeve robe wields slightly unexpectedly, boundless fighting intent sweeps across, covers that Profound Heavenly Troop directly, then be relentless has flung. ! fighting intent explodes to break to pieces, immediately everywhere pitiful yell sound gets up. Then that numerous influence is dumbfounded looks at that is just liking the innumerable Profound Heavenly Troop soldiers who flowers showered on the earth below by a goddess of the sky same was thrown. After this Profound Heavenly Troop loses, the Mu Chen once again sleeve robe wields, boundless fighting intent directly the Xiao Tian package in stupor. Then changes into stream of light it, if quickly like lightning is shooting to the northwest direction. When that said when fighting intent was consumed completely, wants to come that Xiao Tian also to be lost several hundred li (0.5km) far. Walks!” Does after the aspect one group is chaotic, Mu Chen waving without hesitation, figure plunders, the Great Luo Heavenly Territory troops also arrive at extreme speed activate in this time, short counts breaths. Then was disappearance of overwhelming in the horizon side.

But along with Mu Chen their departures, that death Vestige spread the fluctuation once again. Profound Heavenly Palace and Divine Pavilion troops same flushed, that Liu Yan sees Profound Heavenly Troop that whins all over, looked again to direction that Xiao Tian was lost, a face paleness. Draws in Profound Heavenly Troop. Rescues again Xiao Tian!” [Say / Way] that Liu Yan clenches jaws, this Mu Chen actually really sly, then, pours is makes their Profound Heavenly Palace be thrown into confusion directly, cannot withdraw the body to go to pursue. Another side of that the Divine Pavilion troops are also the imposing manner dispirited, Fang Yi, Heavenly Alligator Master and the others all complexion gloomy, the tour of this time death Vestige. That Great Luo Heavenly Territory obviously is became the biggest beneficiary, this matter spreads, without doubt will make their Divine Pavilion the joke in this Great Battle Hunt. Cannot such let off them! Our reinforcements can arrive quickly. We pursue to tie down them, surely will want them to eat will spit completely!” Fang Yi appearance gloomy [say / way]. Heavenly Alligator Master and the others hearing this, has not been similar to like that immediately responded him in the past, but went to nearby Zhan Tai Liuli the vision, that meaning is obvious, they want to listen to the idea of Zhan Tai Liuli. But sees their lines of sight. Zhan Tai Liuli also slightly hesitates, at once small head jogging. Said: We will no doubt have the reinforcements, who can know that Great Luo Heavenly Territory also does have the reinforcements to arrive? My injury as in, unable glass-like(Liuli) armed forces fighting intent all activate, but Heavenly Alligator Army and other armies, is because formerly was captured, thus the despondency, basic unable forms the battle efficiency, if we must pursue, stratagem which ensures success not big...” Heavenly Alligator Master their hearing this , can only nod, after all indeed was similar to Zhan Tai Liuli said that at present them the situation is not good, as for that Profound Heavenly Palace, they cannot take care of oneself now, cooperated with them has a joke backfire obviously. Like this asked them swaggering to leave?” Fang Yi angry [say / way]. Brother Fang does not need to worry, Great Battle Hunt also not end, present confrontation only small slip, moreover our trip have not harvested not necessarily completely, at least, I also obtained the inheritance, not?” Zhan Tai Liuli lightly [say / way]: So long as gives me some time to inherit the comprehension again, I think, next time when see again/goodbye surface, my should became on able true Battle Array Master, at that time, I will cope with Mu Chen.” Oh? Hears Zhan Tai Liuli this words, Heavenly Alligator Master and the others simultaneously changes countenance, vision somewhat vibration is looking at Zhan Tai Liuli that simple and beautiful cheeks, after the moment, [say / way] that just now cannot bear: Zhan Tai Great Commander did able become Battle Array Master?” This no wonder they so are shocked, after all now in this world, Battle Array Master is really scarce, moreover might that they have, is lets the innumerable powerhouses for it wariness, Battle Array Master, regarding their Divine Pavilion, without doubt will be the weapon of strategic rank, it will frighten the effort, even if will be their this Mountain Master, will be unable compares favorably with it. He He, Zhan Tai Great Commander is really the having god-given wisdom rare talent, perhaps from now on the future, our Divine Pavilion must present this Northern Realm first Battle Array Master, this time Great Battle Hunt, Great Commander will definitely blossom in radiant splendor, frightens the four directions.” Heavenly Alligator Master and the others after recovering, hold the fist in the other hand to congratulate immediately, the smiling face compared to before, but must appear warm. Because they are very clear, once Zhan Tai Liuli became Battle Array Master, she status in Divine Pavilion will obtain the big enhancement, when the time comes, perhaps is Fang Yi, must be covered up by its light beam under.

But Zhan Tai Liuli under this strength, had has let their official qualifications. Nearby that Fang Yi same has been startled being startled, at once can only swallow in the heart to the Zhan Tai Liuli disaffection, if past time, his also able bragged on status high Zhan Tai Liuli some, after all latter strength was not indeed strong, that Fourth Rank Sovereign strength, depended upon the Divine Pavilion inside huge resources to pile up, was good to facilitate her able smoother control army by this. But the investments of these resources. Behavior is assists Zhan Tai Liuli to become Battle Array Master, but now, investment success of Divine Pavilion. Therefore Zhan Tai Liuli status, has to overturn the heavens the duplicate change. Zhan Tai Liuli looks at the complexion that people that will shortly be fluctuating, shows a faint smile, said: Therefore does not need to worry, this time enmity first for the time being records, the Great Battle Hunt key point, may not here...” Heavenly Alligator Master and the others also nod. Indeed, Great Battle Hunt key point not in this. But in the both sides most high-level point, so long as their Divine Pavilion's Master able completes the breakthrough in this time Great Battle Hunt, that its strength inevitably able distant surpasses the hosts of other top influences, but when the time comes. Their Divine Pavilion becomes the Northern Realm most formidable top influence on able taking advantage of this, could not say that also able goes a step further... Read this, the angers in their heart also gradually returned to normal, when time Great Luo Heavenly Territory was extinguished by their Divine Pavilion, this Mu Chen and the others, life and death also in them in an instant. Walks.” Zhan Tai Liuli saw that comforts the people, meaning that also has not continued to stay, her only faint looked at one to be still thrown into confusion draws in Profound Heavenly Palace of scattered Profound Heavenly Troop soldier everywhere, then changed into the light to go to the northern direction. In its rear area. Divine Pavilion huge troops, rapid following of overwhelming . Liu Yan looks at going far away that Divine Pavilion is not uttering a word, complexion is also somewhat gloomy. However finally is goes to the place that Mu Chen they vanish cloudy and cold vision, dense [say / way]: Mu Chen, you this time offend such depth Divine Pavilion, they with your let go, when the time comes your two tigers will not contend inevitably, when is my Profound Heavenly Palace reaps profits!” This Great Battle Hunt. Your Great Luo Heavenly Territory must die without doubt!” ... When Liu Yan gloomy curse, Mu Chen already led Great Luo Heavenly Territory to be far away from the death Vestige that place is apt to get into trouble rapidly. Then after when thorough security, the army just now gradually slows down the marching speed, finally sought remote mountain range, hid the huge troops all. Perhaps in that death Vestige, they experienced struggles, although have been similar their this powerhouses also to be able to bear, but the armies of their subordinates, are somewhat are actually utterly exhausted, the difficult support continued crazy hurrying along, therefore this time they, was the temporary recuperation.

On the mountain peak of army recuperation, Mu Chen, Nine Nether, Splitting Mountain King and other high-level gatherings, were calculating the harvest of tour of this death Vestige, but result that took inventory, obviously was makes all people unable to bear happily. We in death Vestige, numerous all sorts altogether refined 80,000 Death Source Pill, if added on that batch of ransom money that Divine Pavilion gave again, before as well as us, Death Source Pill that obtained, our in the hand, altogether is having about 200,000 Death Source Pill at present.” When Nine Nether in sending out this huge number, even if early is prepared, but Splitting Mountain King they are the exclamation of not being able to bear make noise as before. This 20 ten thousand Death Source Pill, break together Earthly Sovereign hidden treasure seal sufficiently, it seems like our mission, able finished ahead of schedule.” Splitting Mountain King said with a smile. Has been lucky King Mu, otherwise, this time our not only unable obtains so massive Death Source Pill, perhaps will also lose many troops.” Spirit Sword King looks to Mu Chen, said. Other people also nod, even if Blood Eagle King that the past and Mu Chen did not satisfy the need is also the nod smiles at this time, perhaps the experience this match, linked their these established various kings, has to be many some respect to Mu Chen in the heart. But regarding their thinking highly, Mu Chen also with a smile politely responded. Our trip first in this recuperation time, but I also want to seize the chance to reorganize in thing that in that death Vestige obtained.” Mu Chen smiled to the people, said: Therefore Hopefully able helps my protector.” Oh? The Nine Nether look moves, resembles had realized, in beautiful eyes passed over gently and swiftly wipes the astonished color, said: What did you obtain in that death Vestige?” Mu Chen hearing this, shows a faint smile, at once said in a soft voice: This time closes up, should able becomes Battle Array Master...” Such remarks, Splitting Mountain King their complexion is suddenly stiff, after long time, just now deep inspiration, mutually looks at each other one, saw from the opposite party eye wipes the color of vibration. Their can Great Luo Heavenly Territory, present Battle Array Master finally?! ( to be continued )