The King's Avatar - Volume 17 - Chapter 1648
In peak condition that hits once in a thousand years, finally is considered that could not control, was regarded as the mechanical damage. Trades to be any person perhaps to think very embarrassed, surname that let alone Sun Xiang this is proud proud. Ye Xiu in spite of being very busy must send message, really not only to spit trough, this is quite formidable Spirit attack. Facing such spoken language, will Sun Xiang be what kind of? Goes crazy? Depressed? Pro-player were guessing, only thought that any type was not accidental, in reason. Finally the response of Sun Xiang in the end, has stemmed from the anticipation of all people. One Autumn Leaf, Dragon Breaks the Ranks! But rushes launches the attack, but is...... Escape! Sun Xiang that is proud proud, after pushes to the peak the One Autumn Leaf's condition, suffered like this embarrassedly, finally he does not have, therefore falls into the confusion, does not have, therefore goes all out to prove itself, the choice of his in the end is makes One Autumn Leaf run away. The reply of this in the end, making all people tarry. Projects on this degree, the words runs on a bank in this share, that proud has Sun Xiang that is proud, chosen running away finally unexpectedly? Let alone is he, trading is ringside any Pro-player, in this case, many thinking has spelled, spelled maliciously! Even if in the end will lose, but does not want to think of as worthless like this. However the Sun Xiang choice runs away. This means that he has approved the determination of Ye Xiu, acknowledged oneself controls not good this One Autumn Leaf in peak condition. He has put down proud, has put down the self-respect, all, are only for the victory! Because runs away at this time without doubt is the wisest choice. Not can only be separated from the chaotic aspect, and can after the Ability time arrives, eliminates on One Autumn Leaf some conditions, making One Autumn Leaf maintain at the condition that Sun Xiang can control adeptly. Then fights again!

The applause resounds, came from Pro-player. The momentum is not big, but the gold content is full. Sun Xiang is not one asks for the happy player, does not have any good personal connection in the circle, the player who 7th Season makes a debut, in the rank also to compare. He takes Best Rookie, has received all kinds of praises, but this time, is his first time so receives from pro scene, so grand respect. Perhaps because he achieved too many people not to have the matter that the means achieved. Proud, self-respect! Each Pro-player has, but is each player can choose to put down under such embarrassed bureau. Everybody has certain finding to Sun Xiang, therefore knows that this young people make these step to have is not easy. However at present, he has put down, whether can therefore harvest the victory regardless of the time being, only this point, enough has made the person change countenance. Such Dragon Breaks the Ranks, appears not easy compared with Dragon Breaks the Ranks of Charge trap. Ye Xiu is very similarly accidental. The change of Sun Xiang this Season is obvious to all, but he has not thought he can his proud and is proud to tidy up to this degree. Even if opponent, Ye Xiu also cannot help at this time is the Sun Xiang drum applauds, drinks a color. However, that is all. Concerns the victory, Ye Xiu may one step not make concessions. Shining Cut!

Pursued One Autumn Leaf's stature, Lord Grim was pursuing, Ye Xiu has not planned to let Sun Xiang easily the opportunity of panting for breath. Two Character run out from chaotic fighting suddenly. NPC (non playable characters) has aggro on two Character, but is far from Focus wholeheartedly, they fight had not stopped. At this time two Character are separated suddenly, they also conveniently come on to strike, overall has not actually organized to have in view of the attack of surname specially. For those the ambush in mountain wall above NPC (non playable characters), regarding leaving two Character of regiment overtakes the attack immediately, at this time they are in the field are most positive most occupy superior main attack. Is capable of preventing regarding their attack nobody, Ye Xiu and Sun Xiang also can only be is avoiding the above attack while grass makes the Character combat. Lord Grim in the end pursued One Autumn Leaf, but Sun Xiang has made the dragging of maximum degree. Was being pursued by Lord Grim in the end, he has not carried on the internecine strife rashly, condition peak One Autumn Leaf, has adopted the defensive stance unexpectedly completely. Was too calm! Too sane!” Radically not like Sun Xiang!” Yes, beforehand knows that I am really impossible to guess correctly this is Sun Xiang.” Pro-player whoops, Sun Xiang, is in this time field the biggest anticipation, his change, this time manner, making the players feel fresh. This Season, Sun Xiang really when adjusting oneself, this makes all people be out of control to ponder, in the future they will meet Sun Xiang again, this will deal? Such can put down all, is only Focus in victory Sun Xiang, will be only more formidabe. Ye Xiu is also very stable.” At this time does not know that was who said one. The Sun Xiang unexpected action, making him focal point in the player eyes, their many have somewhat neglected Ye Xiu Focus from beginning to end. Sun Xiang has this and that change and adjustment, but in the end also takes back the zero point the aspect, but Ye Xiu not, therefore produces any mighty waves. Zero point on zero point, regardless of facing controlling to have mechanical damage Sun Xiang in peak condition, put down discards proud in peak condition pulls back Sun Xiang of zero point all, Ye Xiu implemented, was only to victory pursue with all one's heart, simply does not have any matter to cause him to change this point, vacillated this point. Even if he is also the Sun Xiang action changes countenance, but following, only will be firmer, wins the competition diligently. The fight is continuing, HP is consuming. However One Autumn Leaf when falling into tight encirclement, when Sun Xiang could not control Ye Xiu made the counter-attack to be lost some HP. Now Sun Xiang regroups after a defeat, fights again, but this disparity, does not have the means to level throughout, because Ye Xiu does not give him the least bit opportunity.

Two Character's HP maintain such disparity is falling throughout slowly, does not have the big rise, only then the tip trivial consumption, both sides hit obviously carefully discrete. The entire audience are Sun Xiang worried. When Ye Xiu said these words, their this thinks that Sun Xiang must lose in light of this, they have not thought that the competition will return to a such aspect. They perhaps are not the significances that distinctly clear Sun Xiang that Dragon Breaks the Ranks choice ran away at that time, but they can always see determination that at this time Sun Xiang vies for supremacy. Pursues!! The Samsara fans silk die to stare at that disparity, try harder and call, hopes that can be cancelled. However this disparity is actually this stubborn, such non- may overstep. One Autumn Leaf and Lord Grim HP are getting fewer and fewer, but until that moment that HP of side dissipates thoroughly, disparity as before. The single-elimination tournament first game, Ye Xiu won. He has established one finally from beginning to end including the myth of duel total victory Playoffs includes. =================== Greeting comes the old schoolmate in Yanjing outside, taking advantage of hotel computer code this Little Zhang. The computer has reminded asks itself to use the USB preservation document, after closing down, automatically will delete these contents. Writes this chapter of time is really anxious, fears death really prompt electricity anything......( To be continued.)