Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4198

Although the second something by auction is space small Magical Treasure, but it is real space Magical Treasure, can put in the living creature to Magical Treasure. This most times, will bring some vital function. The space Magical Treasure itself is the rare thing, even if its space were small,

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4200

City lord, this may not necessarily not relate with us!” Accompanies discrete saying. This words what intent?” The middle-aged people knit the brows to say. City lord, this Cheng Family development was too quick, although our influences leave this Cheng Family to be very remote, is with the u

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 28 Ch. 2738

At this time, Jian Chen also arrived here, he displays the function of mask to camouflage aura of Dark Star Clan clansman own, but on his face, presented a black mask, does not know that is built by the what kind material quality, has to shield the Spiritual Consciousness ability. He has not hidde

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4375

Hears this sound, horse Chengying and others is the body one tight. Because of this sound, so familiar-sounding, but to them, this sound, is actually the sound that they most do not want to hear. But waits and sees along the sound, facial features that previously also lit up with pleasure, then p

Human Emperor Vol. 25 Ch. 2406

Bang!” In everywhere Buddha sound Zen sang in the sound, a lord of palm Buddha that giant Buddha, six giant diamond arms held up simultaneously, bloomed like the Buddha lotus, welcomes to the purple great hand that the sky dropped, that terrifying Heaven was only hot!” Merely one flickers, two

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4374

Your this small did bastard, what make?” Why your control to this great formation, will exceed the old man?” Guest official Elder with weak sound, hysteric bellows. A pair of old eyes is perfectly round that stares, in the eye is completely puzzled. Isn't clear?” Such being the case, I let

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 44 Ch. 4375

Entire southern cloud Jun could be said as the thorough stir. Tian sends out. When let countless people shock, what raised were more was inconceivable. In this situation also some people dare to extinguish unexpectedly kill Tian Nascent Soul son day Young Master Luo. Did this break ground in ti

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9959

! A Yu Shi palm of the hand hit directly on the face of Qi child. Do you do?” Qi child angry looks at Yu Shi, but he has not hit back, because Qu Xi looks in side, he does not care about Yu Shi, but he must give the Qu Xi face. He cannot provoke Qu Xi. Qu Xi is his lord present partner, he doe

Venerable Yuan Vol. 12 Ch. 1191

The Saint spreads out the barrier core place. Figure withered Zhou Yuan and Jia Tu face each other across a great distance. But at this time imposing manner of both sides is actually appear(ance) the heaven and earth turning upside down change, that Jia Tu lost the previous calm, that Yin clear u

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5215

However quick, Human Race then realized, this falls 8-Rank, not necessarily is Garrison's Chief one, 8-Rank Open Heaven that because battles on battlefield at this moment, many 8-Rank black ink disciple. Perhaps that falls is not south Northern Army Garrison's Chief, but is 8-Rank in enemy! Has n

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 45 Ch. 4384

Never expected that in the Ancient Dragon star really also has such a place?” Jiang Chen is curious looks at golds is also deep and clear. Right, there is entire Ancient Dragon star Forbidden Land is, moreover year to year is unvisited, four big Dragon Race expert dominate, no one can easily en

Peerless Battle Spirit Vol. 31 Ch. 3029

In this time, eight and are opening the deep place of big chance. Ji Xuan and Gu Fe are puffing, no vivid sitting in the ground, the look stares is looking at the front, they maintain this posture, has more than double-hour. Enters this place one month to have, the two people luck not, encountere

Against the Gods Vol. 16 Ch. 1652

......” By Plundered Soul Yun Che natural unresponsive. The Zhou Xuzi eyebrow corner/horn play jumps. Heard early North Territory Devil Empress beautiful such as the charm demon is reincarnated, its nature flatters the show bone to inter the body, technique of unparalleled in the world controllin

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9958

Yu Shi brow tight wrinkle. It can be said. This is to make her see her killing father personal enemy, that harms the present her, person who deceives her sentiment, and must sit together eats meal. This was the cruelest matter. If beforehand Yu Shi, she will be will definitely not go. Because

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5214

On deeply worried chaotic battlefield, there is a big sun to batter, supplements with the strengths of two Elite squads, dislodges a giant channel on big battlefield forcefully. In the channel, all Black Ink Clan completely all perish. Follows close on Yang Kai behind two teams of 7-Rank, kills t

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4196

If this 250 million prices are in addition slowly, perhaps this is also not enough to frighten so many people. But this person mysterious, hides in the theater box, which character also does not know. Before some people opened the mouth are 10 million have made one exclaim in surprise its breadth

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4197

Hū! Hears Hong Cheng zhu decision, these cities main relax finally. Before because, Hong Cheng zhu insistence, entire they become the people's public enemies to be common probably, making their pressure very huge. Moreover, they do not want to be treated as the joke to look by these people. H

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4373

These disciple have not deceived Chu Feng, this guest official Elder cultivation realm, is not very strong. He can defeat Chu Feng, relied on is completely the main formation strength. By cultivation realm, this place strength is only strongest at present, is Supreme Elder that flies to fast on c

Human Emperor Vol. 25 Ch. 2405

Bang! In an instant, like untying some type of seal, in the day behind, the light shadow fluctuates, presents the innumerable multi-colored sunlight instantaneously, several thousand zhang (3.33 m) high huge phantom appear in the day together fully suddenly behind, is dignified and sacred, moreove

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4372

Stimulation of movement Celestial Master's Whisk that Chu Feng non-stop. Also starts to seek help from that god deer. But Celestial Master's Whisk and within the body god deer, did not have the response. Quick, the Chu Feng then mortal body completely destroys, the soul also suffered that to ref

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9740

Before long several immortal martial boundary/world elders all arrived at spirit cloud Zi here, after saluting upon meeting mutually, spirit cloud Zi please several people sit, later he to several people of open the mouth and said: Just jade profound Daoist/actual person came, he said to me, he he

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9741

Zhao Hai look at spirit cloud Zi, said solemnly: First, gives Transmission Formation that you immortal military establishes, is only connected your immortal martial boundary/world twelve place volcano, not with our Transmission Formation continually in together, but I can summon yard there Transmi

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9742

Zhao Hai one hear of he said, to is somewhat curious, why puzzled said: Insect Race nearest/recent will have the intense attack? Did you receive what information to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai also is really very curious this little, he now regarding the matter understanding of purgatory here was inf

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4195

Hong Cheng zhu, to 98 million, this is not a small number, you determined that can also add upward?” The Hancheng lords asked. Although this accurate pill of immortality level cultivation base pill is truly precious, but after arriving at the so soaring price, is not the average person can withst

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 44 Ch. 4373

Lin Fei had not felt oneself made the mistake what. His thing has taken in any case, after having this direct access to the highest authorities acknowledged as teacher to make, so long as the county city that goes to be, naturally can do obeisance into ten big Immortal Gate passed Catholicism. Th

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9956

Second Brother, why?” Dominates City Lord to look at the wild slender lord who the distant place escapes. In his look is the desperate colors. However. The wild slender lord has not then looked at his one eyes. Ran. This is his life and death brothers. Sworn brothers. Person who once risked

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9957

Hears this sound time, the wild slender main body trembles. He knows the master who this sound who is. It is not others. Qu Xi. How can you here? How do you also want?” The wild slender lord has not turned head, he has not really thought, Qu Xi will suddenly appear here. Qu Xi here, that bitt

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5213

The matter gets up hastily, his response but actually also rapid, strikes the inadequate, fuzzy form then starts to desalinate immediately, this desalination is quite unusual, as if wipes to disappear own existence thoroughly, is Spiritual Mind is hard to detect the trace. Yang Kai is actually cra

Venerable Yuan Vol. 12 Ch. 1190

Blue Profound Saint Pattern has four, all strips from Blue Profound Saint Seal above under. But Zhou Yuan first time time of seeing that most mystical 4th pattern, should be conducting the back of Blue Profound Sect Old Xuan, but after that under the mistake arising out of chance circumstances, fo

Against the Gods Vol. 16 Ch. 1651

Pā! Pā! Pā! Chi Wuyao claps slowly: Is Eternal Sky Divine Emperor, this Empress these children really does not hide the truth from your eye worthily.” Eternal Sky Divine Emperor can detect Jie Xin and Jie Ling, Chi Wuyao not accidental/surprised, because they leave is very near, and has not deli

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 45 Ch. 4383

A Jiang Chen brow wrinkle, this sound somewhat is actually familiar, is golden Dragon Race Patriarch? Does he do? The Jiang Chen mind moves slightly, but after all here is others domains, the person under the eaves, must give others after all a Patriarch face. Patriarch your honorable self, Jian

Against the Gods Vol. 16 Ch. 1650

North Territory border. Here, is Northern God Territory from place of Eastern God Territory recent darkness. dark aura is especially thin, because of too near Eastern God Territory, the thousand li (500 km) all does not have the Devil trail, even Devil Beast is quite rare. On the other hand, East

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5212

Rides to work as thousand, imposing manner like rainbow. The place visited, as easy as crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, chaotic battlefield above, Yang Kai by one's effort, opens a channel forcefully. The profound wind team follows, eight 7-Rank Open Heaven each one complexions admire

Peerless Battle Spirit Vol. 31 Ch. 3028

Time points pasts. Ten days later. The entire Changshengdian, was covered by divine light, seems extremely dazzling, looks like on the summit to stand Golden Crow. Incessantly so, in the vault of heaven, had changed into a darkness, purple color thunder light, glittered in unceasingly, exuded th

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4192

However, these words was made the ignorant person by Grandmaster treasure pill actually and sits these people on auction seat incessantly, the masters put in order ignorant. Obviously, he has not expected the matter to have such accident/surprise unexpectedly. This...... feared that is not quite

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4193

Although Grandmaster treasure pill had appraised this cultivation base pill a moment ago, everyone also believes that this cultivation base pill truly was accurate pill of immortality level. However before offer, I am necessary, there is the responsibility to first explain clearly to everyone th

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4194

Really was too terrifying, these people also were really rich, how long time this, has patted to 30 million, this way, this cultivation base pill not over one hundred million?” Saw that this cultivation base pill rose 20 million all of a sudden, everyone stared in a big way the eye. Although the

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9955

Qu Xi is here only one has to investigate extremely the person of strength, her investigation extremely strength is also here only one can change the war the ability. Bang! Bang! The strong impulse periphery will also destroy unusual is serious. It is not right, I discovered, the poison of Yu Y

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4366

But is not really wonderful.” Sees this situation, although Chu Feng the surface is calm, but the innermost feelings had actually planned how should flee this place. Although after this male cultivation realm promotes, that Sixth Rank Supreme Venerable cultivation realm is very unstable, but tha

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4367

You had better be able kill me today.” Otherwise, your on the scene has one is, no one want to feel better.” Saying that Chu Feng clenches jaws. Is obstinate argumentative, I thought how long you can support.” That horse Senior Brother stimulates to movement the sharp blade again. Meanwhile