Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4486

Compared with these people of dynasty, Cheng Yu may probably appear deft were too many. Initially the dynasty 20,000 people also used day to suppress an desolate ancient giant beast reluctantly. But Cheng Yu only has a person, Magical Treasure, moreover spent half the time of double-hour. Dispar

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4487

So is really fierce?” Heard a Cheng Yu such saying, the complexion of Profound Heaven Sect people had the change finally. According to the Cheng Yu's meaning, that is their entire Profound Heaven Sect is impossible to break through this big, will die under this big killing. In this case, this bi

World Defying Dan God Vol. 41 Ch. 4073

Can pull out with ease others' soul, and can suppress with ease, perhaps also only then Shen Xiang can achieve. Even beyond the day Saint Territory or the person in god territory, they still can only compare to these weak many souls easily successfully. The great strength of Shen Xiang's soul, as

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4847

Chu Feng, you listen my, cannot meet the tough head-on with toughness with them absolutely.” Felt the change of Chu Feng mood, Gu Mingyuan anxiously was anxious, asked to hold Chu Feng. Her hand just about to bumps into Chu Feng, Chu Feng has actually vanished does not see. Bang- Thunders crac

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4848

If, Gu Mingyuan, Chu Lingxi, and Ancient Wanshou Clan people, are pure was shocked by the relations of Chu Feng with these four colossi. Then path Wantong and others, but was the pure fear. Regardless of how they have not thought, the Chu Feng individual strength is not only tyrannical, unexpecte

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10673

Present earth source you already collection simultaneous/uniform four, if completely centralized on your one person, this was very fearful strength. ” Clone of source of that earth said. Did not need, to continue to be divided into two to be OK.” Xia Tian said. I also really the first time am b

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4614

The Lin Fei words truly gave to stimulate everyone. The people in 18 eagle cities are not good to speak. At this time in the booth this matter, which can also do. one after another began. Has to clash directly , some person one after another used treasure, hit without delay. That scene is impo

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4613

Lin Fei this saying may really give thoroughly them is angry. is difficult to deal with/ferocious of whose do not know 18 eagles, extinguish two eagles now continually, unexpectedly is thinking challenges the remaining 16 eagles. Even if these people in 18 eagle cities, gaze became is not quite a

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10158

After Yao Jianxing goes back, went to Sheng Si directly, the request that the acting as lookout merit and thunder decide, said to Sheng Si directly, Sheng Si thinks, said solemnly: This, tonight, you go to receive them, this matter must say to them, if they agree with join Blood Slaughter Sect tha

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10159

The Sheng Si look at iron uncle, slightly smiled said: iron uncle came, please come in comes.” The iron uncle complied with one, entered the living room, after Sheng Si invited the iron uncle sat down, he waves, the door closed automatically, the iron uncle somewhat surprised look at door, he like

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10672

Kill! The body of Xia Tian moves, the Fast Counter, killed directly to was away from his recent that person. Movement very quick. His body penetrated the body of opposite party instantaneously. Divides into two body of revering a certainly. Because his movement was too quick, therefore the oth

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1325

Outside Stone Dragon mystical place. Giant light screen float, including the countless luminous spot in unceasing glittering, the deep green and scarlet two colors like two big dragon unceasing mutual corrosion, bring frigid air/Qi. Many Saint are looking at the light screen, complexion is somewh

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5434

A year later, under the heart and soul recuperation, the Yang Kai injury has not basically been affected much. Sets out from that universe, about Yang Kai waited and saw the moment, the figure plunders, is spreading toward Royal Lord level Black Ink Nest. Although that Royal Lord level Black Ink

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10157

Chen Lijin study room, to Chen Ling gave a salute, then open the mouth and said: Young Master, Sheng Si came, that matter had reached an agreement with Sheng Si, he can receive this living time, 5200 gold were enough, he can prepare about 400 people to work, should be able to finish in a short tim

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10671

Red Phoenix (Hong Feng) evolved successfully. A genuine attack and defense body. Defense of formidable, changed and before , was completely different. Kill! They used just tactic again, two people killed to Xia Tian, the other two coordinated, but, this last person thoroughly had regained the c

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4540

Walks quickly! Did not walk without enough time, these Big Yellow bees were too simply fearful, my whole life does not want to see them again.” Yes, I, even if dies of exhaustion does not want to be killed by poison by them.” Fears anything! At the worst dies, is difficult to be inadequate we

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5433

Sheep's head Royal Lord died! What can determine, dies in his hand, Yang Kai actually does not know how own is cuts to kill him, cuts his head. His not clear, why own will also be taking the head of opposite party. Now this situation, simply does not have the means to conduct the effective ponde

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 28 Ch. 2773

Sen Ran (dense) hesitated the moment outside Two Worlds Mountain, regarding entering the Two Worlds Mountain behavior, in his heart as if somewhat hesitates. But finally he under clenching teeth, broke in Two Worlds Mountain outrageously, then uses the secret technique to investigate the position

World Defying Dan God Vol. 41 Ch. 4072

Shen Xiang still pretends that is poisoned is very painful, tumbles to yell in the ground unceasingly, Mu forest stands, shakes the head to smile. In you poison, is not too fatal, you cannot die for a short time!” Mu forest said with a smile: So long as you coordinate me, holds up the day blue a

Against the Gods Vol. 17 Ch. 1776

In the previous quarter, most people, believes firmly that as before Yun Che and Qianye Ying'er in half jokingly...... most, is one type is extremely unwise, even quite violates the demonstration of stupid and childish. Because, that is Dragon God! When Northern God Territory previously with the

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 28 Ch. 2774

Under the vision gaze of Jian Chen, Sen Ran (dense) felt immediately the own whole body is not comfortable, because he always thought that this vision, seemed looking a deceased person is common, this makes Sen Ran (dense) feel ill. Naturally, he does not believe absolutely own at this moment in t

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4482

Are you wish make me put your Profound Heaven Sect the Cheng Family experts? The best way I had told you, is you do not want. I can branch out some experts to protect you to you, is I to your Profound Heaven Sect biggest justice and humanity. If you are unsatisfied, can not accept greatly, or I

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4483

Is this real? Tens of thousands Crossing Tribulation Stage aren't cultivator able to capture in one month?” Although Yong Hezi in the heart shocks, but is actually some does not believe. Does their Profound Heaven Sect original protecting send big unable to achieve this point, Cheng Yu really can

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4484

This......”, but Cheng Yu such condition also makes the Yong Ningzi Senior Brother younger brother two people somewhat hesitant obviously. They also worried that after Cheng Yu these desolate ancient giant beasts took, ran, even if when the time comes Cheng Yu did not arrange big to them, they di

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10670

Right. Since Emperor white is willing not to come out by the seal here, that showed that he definitely asked the helper to come, handled this day clansman together, then he broke through the seal again. Here five certainly revering, for the person who to extinguish to kill. Person of coming no m

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10156

initially thanks Yubao will buy the person to Nan'an Work place here, is because Nan'an Work place here does not have gang control, on the other hand, will want to buy the person simply a little, it is for this reason that therefore thanks Yubao will then buy the person to Nan'an Work place there,

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4612

Heavens, some people sounded unexpectedly 18! ” Some did this people initiate the challenge to 13 eagles? This many years, I had not listened to the battle drum to make a sound 18!” Right now is interesting, some people initiated to 18 eagles challenged, do not know this person really had stren

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1324

When Chi Liu die that moment, everyone in this region is detected aura that his vanished together, vibration that this triggers, is almost heaven falls and earth rends, almost all people call a halt in this time, some vision delay looks at remote place that piece to start to form the magma sea area

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10155

这 是 一 个 不 大 的 房间, 里面 也 没 怎么 收拾, 看起来 有些 脏兮兮 的, 三 人 in the room 摆 着 一 的 张 破旧 的 八仙桌 上 坐 了 下来, 健壮 的 风 功, look at 姚 见 兴 一 身 的 打扮, 不由得 笑着 said: " 行 啊 姚 老弟, 看样子 你 的 the days passes by 是 correct/pretty good, 不过 姚 老弟, 不 是 我 说 你, 你 在 怎么 说 也 是 一 个 毛 神, 怎么 能 自 卖 自身 呢? This is disgraced , if not really good, y

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4611

13 eagles. A quite simple name, in this day hall Small world, 13 eagles was also very famous, was in 18 influence one. 13 eagles have several hundred years in heaven Small world. 13 eagles, each dozens years will basically have traded one time, because of here, 13 eagles allow anybody to challen

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10669

bo! The right hand of Xia Tian wields. The golden light flashes before. Broken! That moment that Golden Blade presents, front all, burn down instantaneously. With irresistible force. Smashing! The gray bamboo that the front destroys the hardest defenses, cut off by Xia Tian like this, all, w

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10668

The cold ice scatters in all directions to go! Cut to fly, the bamboo that the surrounding bamboo flew received the huge star attraction, flew toward periphery. Proliferation. This might unceasing proliferation. Meanwhile. The bamboo because of the speed run, in the moisture contact with air,

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10667

Here person was really many, Xia Tian saw, oneself here flight time, wanted to look for one no one's place is very difficult, because here resources were renewable, so long as you did not go to the casual big piece to destroy here bamboo, you can mine the bamboo heart year to year here. These bamb

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10666

Delivers him a regulation. Hears here time, the shadow is also the feeling very speechless, naturally, he felt speechless for the day clansman, the day clansman will have a dream does not think, the person of doing mission they found, will help the day clansman who they got rid of them to look. M

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10154

flash of white light, Sheng Si and Yao Jianxing their family's figure on appears on Transmission Formation, five people flew later upwardly, when they departed this piece of underground Space, has stood that in the room, later several people come out from in the room, stand living room there, Shen

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10665

This mission name is the day clansman who vanishes. Moreover temporarily gives the prompt that some day of clansmen vanished, but is incomplete, but is this simple prompt, making Xia Tian see the shadow of source of earth, but also happen to was the fifth side. If he has not guessed that wrong, t

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5432

Suddenly, Yang Kai stared in a big way the eye, decided is looking at that dazzling light ball, vertical was the eye by exciting tears welling up, has not closed. He saw somewhat inconceivable one. In light ball, the galloping-horse lantern flashes through some scenes generally. He saw in these

World Defying Dan God Vol. 41 Ch. 4071

Shen Xiang this time goal has one, first is the law Wang Sheng disciple, is clone of god thunder Dharma king. law Wang Sheng disciple is the main body, moreover knows traitor within who the hundred flowers world and Nine Firmaments world ambush. Shen Xiang main purpose, to seek these traitors wit

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4479

The Cheng Yu's words had signaled that his standpoint is very firm, the meaning was also quite obvious. No matter how Profound Heaven Sect prepares to decide, but Cheng Yu must certainly carry off five desolate ancient giant beasts. The Cheng Family lord, I know , if we even to block, still wit

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4480

That Cheng Family lord can send to arrive at Profound Heaven Sect the Cheng Family expert to assume personal command for a long time. Has the Cheng Family expert, expert who in addition our Profound Heaven Sect, enough deals with the dynasty!” Yong Hezi said. This is impossible, my Cheng Family