Tales of Demons and Gods Vol. 5 Ch. 488

Is Old Ancestor!” The black fog Land Dragon puts on a long face, , no matter our matters!” The profound water deep bird smiles bitterly was saying: Before we had not encroached upon Glory City, Old Ancestor order us to come, we do not dare, since!” Nie Li, rubbish with them, killed them to sa

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5206

The Great Evolution Pass Black Ink Clan army set out half of quantities, follows the order of Black Ink Clan Royal Lord, rushes to King City to go, but in flank tens of millions miles away of this army, the form is following together quietly. This person naturally is Ouyang Lie. Yang Kai and Gong

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9938

You see that Qi child, isn't clear? The means that Qu Xi uses are not the strong attack, but seizes City Lord Mansion, manages City Lord Mansion with the justifiable way, the elimination dissidents, he must become engaged with your daughter tomorrow, when the time comes, he is the king in Yu Ying c

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4181

The Hancheng lords said that these are also useless, is good, we tried to know!” Gansu Tang is not convinced, located directly toward the resources exchange of Cheng Family. Arrives here, has many people to line up there, waiting exchange resources. Some do unexpectedly so many people exchange

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4182

This Nascent Soul Stage words not only make these cities main very surprised and is very awkward. Obviously, they have not thought that these cultivator are not so silly, clarity that or this inside tent/account they have calculated, got it. Compares Cultivation World, even Cheng Family this stil

Against the Gods Vol. 16 Ch. 1643

Light dark aura walks randomly in the Chanyi whole body , dim Dark Profound Glow floats off in her surrounding, duplicate filled under her entire body each corner. This wipes the time that Dark Profound Glow continues to be very short, numerous Succubus just about to tries to find out by secret in

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9739

Elder, jade profound Daoist/actual person seeks an interview outside.” Immortal martial boundary/world disciple, the alignment sits in the room, spirit cloud Zi to report of processing matter, volcano there that spirit cloud Zi is coming out now newly, there by them with the known as seven 13 volc

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4360

Looks at so the inexpensive custom of reflection, the smile of Chu Feng corners of the mouth becomes somewhat contemptuous. Thinks on the same day in Red Cloaked Holy Land, is this inexpensive custom how rampant? Being supercilious how? He regards as himself the Spiritual God to be common simply,

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 44 Ch. 4364

Blood General dragon invited on own initiative. Truly lets some Lin Fei accidental/surprised, although he is only gold/metal pill's strength to the utmost, however as if also missed in front of these Nascent Soul Expert. Especially Lin Fei also has fought blood General dragon. Also flickered he.

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4180

If this Cheng Family really has the senior Alchemist refiner master, these resources that they obtain will not have really wasted. Provided the continuous resources for their Cheng Family, therefore they can so massive provides the resources to these cultivator.” Han looks at Cheng Family these ex

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9936

Then, Xia Tian marched on seven days of roads: It is not right!!” What's wrong?” Qu Yiyi asked. This is not going to war, but in the protracted time, is preventing their four to go back.” Xia Tian responded finally. Your meaning is, Qu Xi wants to sneak attack they four domains.” Qu Yiyi als

Venerable Yuan Vol. 12 Ch. 1185

When Zhou Yuan steps into space vortex that flickers, present space instantaneous appear(ance) change. His vision sweeps, sees only the place, is a giant incomparable hanging land, above the land, the mountains rivers spread to the end of line of sight, ancient palatial. But Origin Qi irrigation

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9937

Next day. The Qi child Yuan family/home high and low everyone, will all kill directly, does not remain, moreover in remaining these Expert the city and middle level, ordered to cut to kill completely, charge same, they colluded with the Yuan family/home, wanted to rebel. Is cousin, you doing? Yo

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9738

Their 3 Realms is an alliance now, naturally can deal with each other, before, but now their transaction thing but some are not quite same, thing that their 3 Realms must trade now, by Magical Artifact, medicine pill and various material give priority to, Strange Warrior World there can medicine pi

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5205

Before for a long time is very very long, this Black Ink Clan Royal Lord discovered an interesting matter. That is a Human Race everywhere mountain pass, effect on Human Race. Undeniably, this innumerable years ago, these mountain passes provided the greatest boost to Human Race, making scarce Hu

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 45 Ch. 4378

Jiang Chen gets a sudden inspiration, right! Eternal Dragon Race reverse scale, may have the effect. The source dragon is also one of the dragon, but eternal Dragon Race reverse scale is the true treasure, body of each eternal Dragon Race, only then piece of reverse scale, will be big those who ar

Peerless Battle Spirit Vol. 31 Ch. 3023

Betrayal? Fellow Daoist Qin Nan, you to my misunderstanding were really deep, seemed like me very long time ago to say with you, I took advantage of opportunity, but was. Now, this situation , I have naturally not been able to the end with seven big most precious objects they.” Dark green shakes t

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9934

Qu Yiyi has not paid attention to Xia Tian. The madame looked at Xia Tian: It seems like, you are not really simple.” Just talked he to understand after Xia Tian and Qu Yiyi, demon Tian Xia in that legend, does not have unearned reputation absolutely. Can Yuan family/home noisy great disturbanc

Almighty Student Vol. 100 Ch. 9935

In City Lord Mansion. The fourth child, is the aura sufficient?” The lord of wild territory also aggressive four shoot at this time, they come, is helps, absolutely why will not ask. Simple point. Is fights. Aura is sufficient, all her traces and positions have determined.” Yu Ying Wang Weiwe

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9737

Zhao Hai after in the air falls, arrived around a column, manipulated on that column, that column most withstand/top, on appears like combination lock same disc, entire disc was divided into beyond three, from outside to inside, on each one layer has from one to 99 numbers, the middle is Niu who c

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5204

Great Evolution Pass, in the discussing official business main hall, Royal Lord sits well that skeleton throne above as before, below more than ten Territory Lord are placed both sides. Entire Great Evolution gathers more than 30 Territory Lord now, 60,000-70,000 Human Race that to meet head-on ca

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2390

Day every action and every movement have its profound meaning, can destroy a civilized person regarding this being relentless, the benevolent this type of thing does not exist. Probably three years, he does not have the slight sound, is completely because he is also by the seal, takes three years t

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2395

Bang!” Bursts out from day within the body compared with the strength of it Wang Chong more powerful time, the powerful strength tore into shreds the trim to be void, flew the Wang Chong fierce earthquake. That strength is approaching the Wang Chong's time, even wants infiltrate to the Wang Chon

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2396

How possibly!” Sees this, all human soldiers show the look that shocks. Each steel city wall reinforced numerous inscription and law . Moreover the wall is heavy, in the past war, almost rarely had the army to drive out the steel city wall directly,- was not, but is not easy, although at present

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2391

Three years, the entire mainland world day and night, cooperates, builds the innumerable steel modules, this had today's scale. Stupid, he thinks that what the invincible force is? Can cope with this mediocre method?” But the distant place, the remote antiquity sees this, is only serious-looking

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2394

!” Only listens to an intermittent sad and shrill pitiful yell, unexpected, Black-Clothed Man were pierced the body by the crossbow bolt directly, flies upside down. In the short time, at least several thousand people were pierced by the crossbow bolt, miss the goal. However for all this, loss

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2392

xī yù yù!” The strong winds howl, fight the horse's neigh cry, although feels that terrifying pressure that the sky transmitted, however 67 million human Great Army respective guarding in oneself position, vision are firm, has not vacillated, but got hold of the weapon in hand. Everyone's vision

Human Emperor Vol. 24 Ch. 2393

As a result of without many scruples, growth Speed of Heavenly God organization goes far beyond at any time. The Black-Clothed Man quantity achieves the numerous of two hundred thousand now, but their strong strengths, make them display several times sufficiently in the human Great Army strength.

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4177

This Cheng Family really will also do business, you look at the spirit infant grass duty of that non- time limit number, ten spirit Ying grass to 10,000 contributions, but if ten spirit Ying grass buys in the market, needs ten thousand Low Grade Spirit Stone(s) probably, this seems like that 1000

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4178

Cheng Family now compared with many that the normal current price on market that the price of resources puts must lower, you said that can not attract so many people? If we are willing to put out so many resources to give everyone to exchange, we will also attract many people. In that case, we d

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4179

This......” even/including Han elder also said, everyone thought this bulk bargain had no way to do. But the issue is real right, do they who others said what to do take these resources? Sells? They are the low price receive, now Cheng Family quite the half price is therefore receiving the reso

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4359

After Chu Feng and Wang Yuxian and others said goodbye . Actually walked not far, then stopped. Chu Feng stops , because Chu Feng traces the World's Rare Objects compass, had some issues. Took to start this compass from previously Chu Feng again, this compass blows hot and cold, is unable to set

Chaotic Sword God Vol. 28 Ch. 2736

Extinguishes the place of access place soul, the Jian Chen body sends out Dark Star Clan aura suspended in the kilometer upper air, but strength, was camouflaged God King Realm late-stage by him. His suspended carefully observed in the kilometer upper air extinguished the place of soul, then follo

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 44 Ch. 4363

Whose do not know blood General dragon always non- string. Since the opposite party said that then can prove a matter. The opposite party were a gold/metal pill to the utmost. Whatever how just everyone goes to think, cannot think that this person is the what origin. Because this person was too

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 44 Ch. 4362

This beginning Nascent Soul Expert is an old man, the body has dead air/Qi. In other words his life span are not many. But at this time gloomy and cold looks at Lin Fei, was he began a moment ago. Good brat, to dare to disregard the words of old man unexpectedly, it seems like you did not regar

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9735

Master gave our these thing, everyone looks at this, everyone said how then we do want to do?” Wood sits in the conference room, look at in others of sitting, they meet in clubhouse there now, because Zhao Hai sent some Magical Artifact refinement method to them, some Magic and Cultivation Method,

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 98 Ch. 9736

In front of Zhao Hai look at these two small formation, these two small formation are not very big, only then the palm of the hand size, Zhao Hai in left small law in the formation, put in an eyeball of Insect Race, then started formation, flash of white light, that eyeball on appears in right law

Martial Peak Vol. 53 Ch. 5203

Even if waits and sees from afar, Ouyang Lie Master and Disciple can still detect that the unusuality of Human Race army, the Black Ink Clan powerhouses in Great Evolution Pass did not have the truth not to discover. In fact, they compared with early of Ouyang Lie Master and Disciple discovery. 6

Peerless Battle Spirit Vol. 31 Ch. 3022

Qin Nan has not continued to hide, the figure moved then appears above training field, the Han Zhaosheng seven people saw on his face simultaneously to reveal wiped the amazed color. They have not thought, comes the person is they keeps thinking about unexpectedly Qin Nan that. Dark green in thi

Venerable Yuan Vol. 12 Ch. 1184

Must the thunder sit cross-legged in void, his look teased is looking below Zhou Yuan, although he defeated by the opposite party, but was the latter falls into a hard place now. That leads to the gateway of final core place obviously at present, but Zhou Yuan is impossible to enter. So long as b