Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4843

Although this city, is that path Wantong sieging method, but he on has not actually sieged outwardly, person who even if guards here, is hidden in the hidden place. From the surface, guards front door the person of Ancient Wanshou Clan, here looks like the Ancient Wanshou Clan territory to be the

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4844

After Long Xiaoxiao also leaves, this place then only had Ancestral Martial Star Region talent juniors. My good younger sisters, you just to hear?” They said probably, my Little Brother Chu Feng he, has rescued their life.” Not is only their lives, is Long Family, Cloudy Sky Immortal Sect, Yu

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4845

I succeeded, I succeeded.” Haha, I conquered it finally, I successfully stepped into Supreme Venerable Realm, I was Supreme Venerable Realm cultivator.” In the meantime, Chu Lingxi that both eyes shut tightly, jumps suddenly, she jumps and jumps, that called a happiness. But after she turns ar

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10664

Trash! Also is the trash. Grandfather, sufficed!!” Business the young tiger cannot shoulder such tremendous pressure now, he felt, oneself must collapse, oneself really turned into the criminal of the world sect, now this feeling, keeping his mood from saying a word. He does not know how should

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10153

Sheng Si look at Yao Jianxing, slightly smiled said: old Yao, I just you told person, does have the understanding in nine layers market there, I refer to is not the ordinary person, but like you and I same cultivator, if any, you can make him work for me, naturally, you can not need to tell him my

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4610

This heaven Small world also really let the Lin Fei a little small heart movement. Oneself must brush the hatred value. In passing Catholicism brushes the hatred value naturally to come were few. But if runs up to heaven Small world, that situation was different, can brush many hatred values to

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10663

No one knows that is anything is supporting him, just he still spurted the blood there, as if lost half life, finally now, his unexpectedly crawls again. Also wants? Can consider?” The day clansman asked. Do I have the refusal?” Business Biao Si exclaimed. He is whooshing to a day clansman. N

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1323

Buzz! Terrifying sound wave torrent passed through directly void in this time, then falling in torrents to by the Chi Liu body that above Zhou Yuan tied down. That flickers, Chi Liu whole body all Origin Qi defenses were destroyed instantaneously, void layer upon layer shatter, but on Chi Liu fle

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4609

Three Elder returned to oneself mountain peak air/Qi flies into a rage. This is his first such anger, blames Lin Fei that fellow. If not Lin Fei that fellow, the how so embarrassed, poor point must tear to pieces the facial skin. He was clearer, was what was high to this fellow throw initially o

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10152

Yao Jianxing listens to Sheng Si to ask, actually stares, later his immediately open the mouth and said: Few masters invited feel relieved, if few masters you really wanted nine layers market there to go to the hiring, some people will not manage to prevent your, I have seen many times, others wen

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5431

The fierce combat moment time, regardless of Yang Kai that sheep's head Royal Lord, all the heart sinks, the complexion is dignified. Yang Kai so , because the present strength compares the beforehand sharp increase several times to have, however actually as before will not be the opposite party r

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10662

Open a box! The vision of people looked to business the young tiger, they wanted to have a look, what thing business young tiger outcome can start out. The space and time gold boxes of value 100 billion immortal crystals. bo! The ray flashes before. Incision. Unusual brightness. Everyone all

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10661

Business the young tiger, is the merchant king grandson, few Sect Master of the world sect, the world sect is the top influence of second side, existence that the powerful, common person is unable to attain, the merchant king in the second side, almost grasps complete living to kill the power . Mo

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10660

In a flash, everyone's vision all centralized above Xia Tian front treasure box, the thing rank that before Xia Tian started out may be very high, they also wanted to have a look, then Xia Tian then can start out anything. Moreover now has started to guess the Xia Tian status. Although wears the

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10151

Chen Lizhan in Chen Ling's study room, static reports him to see after Chen Ling Sheng Si words that two people spoke, after he said that Chen does Ling cannot help but knit the brows said: he really to say? Does he really have means solution this matter?” Chen Ling said that naturally was cultiva

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4539

Chapter 4477 meets the hempen garments youngster again The densely packed praying mantis, looks like sharp long blades to cut the expansive sky , the sound shouts oneself hoarse, very grating, Jiang Chen's Heavenly Dragon Sword, cuts under the sharp claws of praying mantis, almost cuts iron like m

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5430

At this moment, a Black Ink Clan feudal lord knits the brows to stare at the front sea celestial phenomenon, over the face doubts. He always felt that these years, this sea celestial phenomenon as if had some changes, seemingly became small, but this change accumulated over a long period of time,

World Defying Dan God Vol. 41 Ch. 4070

Shen Xiang has known about the background of god thunder Dharma king now, unexpectedly from god territory, no wonder purple according to and holds up the day to be frightened blue half dead. Their brother and sister are only Saint Territory, although very talented * light person, but the god terri

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4476

Cheng Yu's words, making Yang Elder face turn into the liver colored, he has not thought that the Cheng Yu's thought so will be firm. If Cheng Yu is not willing to make concessions today one step, obviously they only had the dead end. Didn't the Cheng Family lord, have other road to elect?” Alth

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4477

Cheng Yu is not willing to be free to them, this also makes elder two people very hesitant. Dies, while loses the freedom. Relative, this choice seems like very simple, but in fact, these two decisions regarding model/pattern elder them, any one are very painful. Dying was unwilling, was fettere

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4478

Dynasty's matter was solved, the Cheng Yu's mood is excellent, that desolate ancient giant beast that because at the Cheng Yu's request, model/pattern Elder subdues becomes his spoils of war directly. Although model/pattern Elder, when hands over this desolate ancient giant beast, does not prefer

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4842

In the crowd of space underground accumulation, starts to transmit the intermittent frightened scream, has the exciting call. Timid starts to run away immediately, only has the brave person, dares to keep this place to continue to watch. Reason that in the crowd will have such change , because of

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4608

After these disciples hear the Lin Fei words, is very excited and happy. At least this time, Lin Fei really stood this side them. Had no relations with the day their side, true for them over. Phoenix one by one is also at heart the gratitude very much, after know Lin Fei such words come out, in

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10149

Lu Wei helped the matter of inventory tell Liu Yong the Su will, Liu Yong looked Lu Wei also sat in here, he cannot help but extends thumb said: to Lu Wei brothers, was your line, without worrying to follow, otherwise could not help, I could not look on the bright side of thing at that time, with,

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10150

At that time Sheng Si and Chen Clan separated, the Chen Clan person, has not told Sheng Si the place that they lived, if Sheng Si walked in directly, certainly will cause the suspicion of Chen Clan person, therefore did not arrive at absolutely can not, Sheng Si will not walk in directly, he rather

Venerable Yuan Vol. 14 Ch. 1322

Zhou Yuan is situated in such as the meteorite to pound to fall, but below endocrater deep place, he grasps Heaven Primal Brush, the pen tip has boundless vast Origin Qi continuous gushing out, maintained that like crystal stone light cover. These from platinum origin qi that the pen tip gushes ou

Invincible Leveling King Vol. 47 Ch. 4607

Three Elder truly came, has many anger, came to Lin Fei directly. Originally he still in drinking tea well, passed Catholicism recently all progress very well, no what cared. What is happiest was three Elder can have great power finally, only what a pity was high every that fellow do not know run

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5429

The resources in Yang Kai hand might be called the capacity for alcohol. He in the past went to black ink battlefield from 3000 Worlds the time has provided for a rainy day, carried a lot of commodities on the body. Also has the harvest in black ink battlefield so many years repeatedly, particula

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10659

Flint, value 5 million immortal crystals, buy back price 4.5 million immortal crystals.” Front day clansman light saying. On face does not have any expression. Their day clansmen here, the rank is not high, needs here informed and experienced, the disciplining disposition is also one of them. B

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10658

Depressed. That revering this time is depressed, he felt that the surrounding person is all ridiculing him, spending 51 immortal crystals to purchase a smelly box, moreover gave to explode him. Really lost face. Hateful!!” He thinks Xia Tian just started out the good thing, but he opens is actu

Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World Vol. 102 Ch. 10148

Lu Wei rested a while in the shop, drank a pot of tea, how many guests with other chatted how many at will, later he stood, returned to in the room, put out a pouch worn at the girdle, walks outward, at the same time walks outward, at this time partner/shop assistant saw Lu Wei walks out, the immed

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10657

The shadow now is also the matter that the unusual anticipation then has, because he is clear, then definitely is the most terrifying scene, Xia Tian can see through the gold box, that these gold boxes to him, decorated. He can have the space and time treasure box of good thing to buy inside, in t

Dragon Marked War God Vol. 47 Ch. 4538

Although Jiang Chen is very strong, surroundings these people are not weak, but could not support opposite praying mantis is too many, as the saying goes the ant were many bit to death the shape, they likely bit to death. It is not good Jiang Chen, I soon could not insist!” I am not good, the f

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10656

The domain of day clansman, Xia Tian felt, oneself present range day clansman was really more and more near. Beforehand he. Really has the feeling that one type is unable to attain to the day clansman. But now. Really in a trend day of clansman step by step. Tread! When Xia Tian arrives at th

Martial Peak Vol. 55 Ch. 5428

More than 250 years later, second River of Time reduced to only has ten zhang (3.33 m). Yang Kai follows a set pattern, River of Time that will not have vanished thoroughly received Small Universe, makes the best use of things, steps seeks for the next River of Time path. Takes these not to have

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4474

Rest was also similar, hurries, so as to avoid being caught up by them!” Two people rested a meeting, Mr. model/pattern Chang felt that has at heart anxiously, says. Good!” Yang Elder has not thought, nods to set out to be then about to leave. Your this will fear that could not get away!” But

Godly Student Vol. 7 Ch. 4475

Roar! A Cheng Yu boxing leaves, a tiger shadow departs, the anger howls is welcoming a Yang Elder sword to flush away. Bang! Yang Elder long sword struck above this fierce tiger blasted out instantaneously, the powerful strength gave to blow off him instantaneously. Will strength be so how str

World Defying Dan God Vol. 41 Ch. 4069

Delicate young pill child? Purple according to and holds up the day to hear not to know whether to laugh or cry blue! If this is delicate, what their brother and sister are? However they think carefully, thought that Shen Xiang own cultivation base is not high, the Dao Yuan strength should be no

Almighty Student Vol. 107 Ch. 10655

Right. The day clansman is overbearing, if Xia Tian went to a day of clan, one day, Xia Tian wants to be separated from a day of clan, that is impossible, if Xia Tian insists to leave when the time comes, on that day the clan rather destroyed Xia Tian, will not make Xia Tian leave. This is the wo

Martial God Asura Vol. 8 Ch. 4841

Yin Zhuanghong present cultivation realm, had stepped into First Rank Supreme Venerable Realm. Although this cultivation realm, might as well her younger sister Yin Daifen. But, compared with it Yin Zhuanghong initial cultivation realm, she can today, have present cultivation realm, this progress