Venerable Yuan - Volume 12 - Chapter 1186

Is looking in that ground like the abyss fissure, Five Great Heaven Territories forces is the whole body ice-cold, especially these familiar Zhou Yuan's people, are complexion are uglier. When they had witnessed Zhou Yuan times previously facing opponent, is the domineering wins, is similar this one to put in an appearance nearly by the second killing situation, has almost never met... But this can also explain that Jia Tu strength, is actually what kind of terrifying. In the gaze of that countless line of sight, is built on void Jia Tu, is surface no mighty waves looks at the fissure below land, in the eye has wipes color of being astonished slightly to reappear. Hadn't been killed by a palm unexpectedly?” In the instance that the previous strength falls in torrents, Jia Tu can the sensation, has the strange strength to send out from Zhou Yuan within the body together, that strength, reduced and solved much his offensive. Bang! In the abyss, there is a great sound to resound through together, the form shoots up to the sky together. That form naturally is Zhou Yuan, this time he seems like slightly somewhat is just distressed, its upper body clothing was shattered, his both arms place, flesh and blood is fuzzy, even the skeleton was appear(ance) some breaks. His look some gloomy, this Jia Tu sticks out suddenly acts, the rapidness of speed, strength, is really somewhat not as he expected. 5.6 billion Origin Qi intensities, the might is above the terrifying of imagination. When that collision, if not Zhou Yuan stimulated to movement Heavenly Execution Law Domain to temper the strength of opposite party promptly, in addition oneself ** had the colored glaze profound light protection, perhaps that palm, really had the possibility to rumble to kill him. The Zhou Yuan arm shakes gently, then the twisted skeleton is the rapid restoration home position, tearing flesh and blood also rapid healing under the formidable fleshly body resilience. But Zhou Yuan extremely has not cared about some injuries on body, but looks at that dark silver color Origin Qi that the Jia Tu whole body is surging, in the heart has the difficult situation to surge. He is not panic-stricken in opposite party of Origin Qi, but yes... In instance that previously both contacted, his faint feeling, Origin Qi of opposite party, actually cultivation Ancestral Dragon Scripture has specious similar to him. In his sensation, Origin Qi of opposite party, although quality is also extremely uncommon, but actually not he so pure.

Zhou Yuan vision glittering, he felt, perhaps this fellow cultivation Origin Qi, has relations with Ancestral Dragon Scripture... Your this Origin Qi, somewhat is actually fierce.” Zhou Yuan slowly said. He wants to obtain some information from Jia Tu there. Jia Tu hearing this that does not want to pay attention, actually suddenly smiles, said: Your a little eyesight vigor, I cultivate/repair Origin Qi actually, from the ancient nerve, is the god of my Saint Race passes on, only has each generation of Saint Race talent highests, just now can result in bestows cultivation.” Obviously, he cultivation the so-called ancient nerve is a point that Jia Tu is proud, Zhou Yuan asked that this words, was just flexure to his itchy place. Ancient nerve?” Zhou Yuan isn't eyes flash, Ancestral Dragon Scripture? But Zhou Yuan actually dark feeling, among these two perhaps some relations. But Ancestral Dragon Scripture is Yao Yao gives him, so mysterious cultivation art is rare, opposite party this as if with Ancestral Dragon Scripture some ancient nerves of relations, actually is also what background? Yao Yao and do Saint Race have what special relations? But if is really so, opposes by the hatred of all races and Saint Race, the Cang Yuan teacher possibly brings the side Yao Yao, puts in with heart and soul foster of sentiment? Zhou Yuan deeply frowns, Yao Yao's status extremely mysterious, if this time she can revive, decided however must make the Cang Yuan teacher explain the matter, something, present he, should have the qualifications and standpoint knows. In the heart flashes through these mood, then Zhou Yuan rapid pressed it, at present matter of primary importance, must first solve this Jia Tu. Only then solved Jia Tu, he can Ancestral Dragon flesh and blood, making Yao Yao revive. Moreover, that Jia Tu had not detected obviously their both's Origin Qi has some special similar, this somewhat makes Zhou Yuan surprised, Jia Tu Origin Qi background is obviously stronger than him, but he had not actually detected, instead was Origin Qi wants the weak Zhou Yuan sensation. Is because Ancestral Dragon Scripture as if must is unifying?” Zhou Yuan is guessing.

However this time guess are little significance, because Zhou Yuan had felt powerful Origin Qi that the Jia Tu whole body surges again. Is facing so tyrannical Jia Tu, the Zhou Yuan present condition at all is not opponent, even if there is Heavenly Execution Law Domain guard as well as colored glaze profound light exist(ence), but this passive defense impossible continuing continuously, maintains Heavenly Execution Law Domain exist(ence) still to need a big consumption after all. Once continues, the Zhou Yuan's situation only will be finally getting more and more dangerous. . Zhou Yuan vision glittering, does not hesitate, the palm stretches out, silver ball flashes before. precisely silver shadow. However this Zhou Yuan has not changed into the human form silver shadow, but refers to ties seal, sees only that silver ball immediately to change into silver liquid to flow, then starts to spread along his skin. But was actually not that type covered the whole body to form the armor in the past. But formed extremely mysterious silver traces, these traces each other interweave mystery obscure traces, finally seeping gradually to the skin, looked from afar, seems mysterious silver tattoo. Naturally most showy, then from Zhou Yuan behind delays, but a pair of silver pair of wings. The silver chord approximately zhang (3.33 m), shining shining under the sunlight lives the splendor, has a sacred flavor. When that silver trace and silver pair of wings form, Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth just like received some inspiring, continuous goes to the direction gathering that Zhou Yuan is. Zhou Yuan five fingers grasping slowly gathers together, he lowered the head these silver traces on looks at palm, in the eye has wipes the color of exclamation to pass over gently and swiftly. This is the silver shadow neomorph, Zhou Yuan calls it, the mark of silver god. But silver shadow can evolve this shape, that also precisely previously benefitted in that profound mark stone tablet, present it, the light discusses the Origin Qi background words, is rises suddenly 3.5 billion levels, but this Origin Qi intensity, when is facing the Jia Tu so powerful enemy, actually the effect cannot be regarded as in a big way. After all the Origin Qi intensity, is not the simple overlay, Zhou Yuan that 4.3 billion background adds on silver shadow 3.5 billion, the final result will be impossible is 7.8 billion ....

But if by the state fusion of mark of this silver god in the Zhou Yuan body, actually can indeed let his battle efficiency big enhancement. This is also he for one of trump card Jia Tu prepares. The Zhou Yuan look is cold, the palm grasps, Heaven Primal Brush flashes before, such as lance point pen, distant direction Jia Tu. "Oh? Looks to select the eyebrow that this Jia Tu is a little astonished, Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background and has no change, but its imposing manner, was actually becomes tyrannical. However his facial expression as before is unflustered, instead resembles is appreciation some nodded. That feeling, just like in the prey that observing the looks at arena selects, erupts the strength that made him be interested in suddenly. However... the prey again how crazy eruption, that throughout is only the prey, its function, but to seek pleasure. Once the pleasure enjoyed, this prey, this/should butchered directly. Zhou Yuan, then makes me have a look, can actually you bring several points of pleasure to me?” When the sound falls that flickers, the Jia Tu form disappears in same place again. Terrifying offensive, arrived.