Venerable Yuan - Volume 12 - Chapter 1187

Bang! On void, two forms have delimited like the electric light, has the grating sonic boom. The terrifying Origin Qi storm takes two people as the source, wreak havoc sweeps across, below mountains rivers directly in complementary waves of that fight unceasing was torn into shreds the destruction, that destructive power, looks at the countless attention in this's many lines of sight is fearful and apprehensive. Shuā! The Jia Tu form just like teleport appear(ance) right Zhou Yuan's, a fist rumbled, Origin Qi torrent such as got angry dragon -like the roaring horizon together, is coercing the potential of destruction, is covering to Zhou Yuan under. However when that offensive comes, the Zhou Yuan back that silver pair of wings shakes, its advantage of terrain was appear(ance) outside the hundred zhang (333 m), danger avoided the Jia Tu offensive. Previously his speed was not as Jia Tu completely, but under drawing support from silver shadow this new shape, that silver wing also made his speed obtain the enormous increase, this can dangerous the offensive of avoidance opposite party. But Zhou Yuan does not dare to have slight relaxation, because is relying on the silver shadow strength, present he, the speed is still the same as Jia Tu. Bang! Therefore, when the Zhou Yuan form just withdrew , the Jia Tu sneering sound has resounded through near the ear. If rainstorm Origin Qi palm seal, as if giant's fist, under unceasing bang. So offensive, even the Zhou Yuan's speed is unable avoidance all, therefore faces the offensive that these are unable to avoid, he also uses moving forward to meet somebody of full power. hōng hōng! Origin Qi shakes, ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge billowing air wave becomes the ring-like eruption. When Zhou Yuan relied on under the silver shadow neomorph strength, he when facing Jia Tu that terrifying offensive, has some strength of resistance. But when obviously two people head confrontation, Jia Tu gets the absolute winning side as before. That 5.6 billion Origin Qi background, Zhou Yuan suppression firmly. Great Flame Demon!” Zhou Yuan roared, in the body has the crimson trace to reappear, the high temperature ascended, causes the void distortion. Myriad Whale!” Zhou Yuan pounds, the fleshly body strength and within the body Origin Qi fusion all, ancient whale phantom circles, the motley pen body wields pounds , the cloud layer on upper air, was broken under so wreak havoc of strength. His strength, if trades to make previous Xu Lei, can perhaps kill its bang directly. Is facing domineering Jia Tu, Zhou Yuan was many methods displayed obviously all, did not dare to retain. „”

The terrifying offensive sweeps across to come, that Jia Tu cracks into a smile: Finally was a little nice attack.” The words are so saying, but he has no sign of avoidance, instead is one step treads, both hands have together mysterious fist seal. Big lion seal!” Fist seal wields, among Heaven and Earth seems to have the resonant lion roar resounds through together, in that Jia Tu fist seal, resembled changed into an ancient times great lion, has the boundless aggressive and aggressive penetration space and time Heaven Primal Brush firmly resists that but, pounded with that. Clang! Great sound crack, void direct shatter. Among Heaven and Earth just like has hurricane crazy wreak havoc, is breaking all thing. Zhou Yuan that gathered the extremely powerful strength strikes, unexpectedly is forcibly by a that Jia Tu fist resistance under! Even Heaven Primal Brush pen tip brush bristles, was even broken countless in this time, changes into everywhere the scraps/condescend end to dance in the air. Zhou Yuan sees with own eyes strikes inadequately, in the eye cold light glittering, counts on the fingers a ball that motley pen body, sees only above the pen body, there is Origin Pattern together to shine the gloss. Devouring the Soul, Soul Burial!” Bang! Bang! Bang! Next flickers, Heaven Primal Brush is sharp, has three great sounds to resound through unexpectedly, a terrifying Divine Soul impact that hidden, by the boundless potential, charged into Jia Tu ruthlessly. This is the mark of Heaven Primal Brush's Devouring the Soul! Three Soul Burial strengths, even at this time Zhou Yuan's Divine Soul, is feels the forehead stabbing pain. But he has not actually paid attention to the Divine Soul stabbing pain, in the eye has the ruthless color to pass over gently and swiftly, the mark of that Devouring the Soul contains the strength in only remaining again, eruption all. Bang! The strength of fourth Soul Burial! When this fourth Soul Burial erupts, in Zhou Yuan's nostrils , has a bloodstain to flow, the forehead place blue vein shrugs, forehead Divine Soul transmitted the tear severe pain. The strength of Heaven Primal Brush's Soul Burial, specifically attacks Divine Soul, this Jia Tu Origin Qi extremely vigorous, Zhou Yuan can only attempt to attack its Divine Soul, tries whether to have the effect. But the terrifying power of Divine Soul impact on, the eye of that Jia Tu in was also passed over gently and swiftly wipes amazed look, obviously of Zhou Yuan this hidden, was somewhat not as he expected. Attacks my Divine Soul?” Some actually ideas.”

But Jia Tu slight startled, instead has not been a chuckle, the Dragon-Phoenix ear pendant of his both ears place swings gently, falls, then changes into two Dragon-Phoenix light shadow to circle in the front, just like is a Dragon-Phoenix light shield. Bang! Divine Soul offensive that Soul Burial forms, hit all above that Dragon-Phoenix light shield, but lets latter merely Lianyi (ripple), finally that Dragon-Phoenix opens mouth, unexpectedly is directly power of Divine Soul complete swallowing down of that dissipation. Zhou Yuan saw this, the heart sank immediately, this Jia Tu method emerged one after another incessantly, was really thorny extremely. Therefore, his leaving without hesitation draws back. Fires off wants to walk?” Jia Tu smiles, the eyes faint gaze suddenly/violently to retreat Zhou Yuan, his fist is rumbling at once. The fist across front Dragon-Phoenix light shield, sees only that Dragon-Phoenix light shadow to cover directly on his fist, just like changed into the Dragon-Phoenix gauntlet/glove, but Divine Soul impact that previously swallowed, gushes out in this time. Bang! That fist rumbles, passed through the space unexpectedly, directly was zero zero appear(ance) in the Zhou Yuan front. Above fist vigor, not only has the strength of Zhou Yuan previous Soul Burial, but also gathers Jia Tu that to fear Intimidated Origin Qi. Both superimpose, so the counter-attack, might be considered as is fearful. Bang! Therefore, Zhou Yuan was flown by a fist bang again. His form delimits Breaking the Heaven to be spatial, crashes directly a palatial mountain bang, the giant stone tumbles, buries stubbornly him. In Saint Evolving Great Formation, many Saint Race expert exude the sound of laughing, the look teases. But Five Great Heaven Territories forces, is complexion is pale, this Jia Tu was really terrifying, he was similar to is Demon King stands erect generally there, what kind of eruption method regardless of Zhou Yuan, could not do to him. Not is only they, Bai Xiaolu, Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others, somewhat are silent in this time. This similarly is they first suppression that sees Zhou Yuan by the opponent entire aspect. Jia Tu was too strong, if lets them and Zhou Yuan at this time changes a position, perhaps they somewhat will despair, Zhou Yuan can achieve with Jia Tu pesters is in so the situation, is quite not seriously easy. But if, they want to win, this as before also insufficient Jia Tu is built on void, he is looking at the palatial mountain of that collapse, careless saying with a smile: Should not have to be killed?”

Buzz! Responded his, was among that Heaven and Earth resounds through suddenly, but the sound of resonant sword cry. Bang! Incomparably sharp Sword Qi, fills the air together from that mountain bottom in this time, countless giant stone in this time shortly change powder. The Sword Qi above, even the sky as if split the slit. „Is this your together Saint Origin Technique Sword Qi? Really is sharp swift and fierce.” Jia Tu is saying curiously, obviously has known about the Zhou Yuan so method. Whoosh! Together seven-colored sword light, ascension slowly. This sword light is very indeed fierce, if only together, perhaps also insufficient.” The Jia Tu smile said. Buzz! But resembles responds to his voice, among Heaven and Earth is resonant sword cry resounds through together, second seven-colored sword light, lift-off. Yo, was interesting.” „Should this you strongest attack even?” Jia Tu patted clapping, said. I the words that they destroy, did you, this/should thorough despair?” However, when his words just fell, among this silent Heaven and Earth, suddenly is also has the sword cry sound to resound through. Moreover, is not together! But is two! In a countless shocking vision, in that mountain bottom, has two seven-colored sword light unexpectedly, lift-off slowly. Four seven-colored sword light compound, sword intent that sends out, even this side space is faint somewhat shivers. But is looking at that four seven-colored sword light, the facial expression on Jia Tu face, finally was first time appear(ance) the change.