Venerable Yuan - Volume 12 - Chapter 1188

Four seven-colored sword light shoot up to the sky, the entire space seemed split in this time. Indescribable swift and fierce Sword Qi, floods in each corner. No matter what who can feel that four seven-colored sword light terrifying mighty energy. But Wu Yao, Su Youwei, Zhao Mushen and the others also all are complexion changes countenance, Zhou Yuan this seven-colored sword light they are not strange, naturally knows this is he presses the bottom the method, may previously know according to them, by Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background, can only display together seven-colored sword light at most! Now these four seven-colored do sword light, actually how fiddle with?! By Zhou Yuan's Origin Qi background, even if presses out to do one Origin Qi not to remain, impossible to congeal to have four seven-colored sword light? However when the shock, in their heart raised unavoidably a ray of hope, four seven-colored sword light, the offensive of this rank, even if that opponent is Jia Tu, can still become some threats to other party inevitably! Perhaps, but can also decide the victory and defeat directly! You really hide actually deeply.” Jia Tu is built on void, he is looking in the distant place sky float four seven-colored sword light, sword intent that sends out, even he, is felt that the skin stabbing pain, has to say slightly, Zhou Yuan this, indeed had the qualifications to become the threat to other party. In the mountain bottom of that avalanche, the giant stone of collapse had been twisted by wreak havoc Sword Qi becomes the powder broken, the Zhou Yuan's form also from raising slowly. Zhou Yuan is also staring at that four seven-colored sword light, in that Ancestral Qi stone tablet, that he was promoted was enormous previously, he not only lets Seven-colored Heaven Slashing Sword Light perfection, sword light that but also in Divine Palace in that bottle-gourd shadow bred, from together, derived two. Later he ironed into seven-colored sword light of this new promotion the silver shadow hole. Then, he adds on silver shadow again, just may summon four Seven-colored Heaven Slashing Sword Light. This was also he presses one of the bottom methods. . One group of white qi since Zhou Yuan's breathes spouts, at once his look becomes coldly severe, he points at has sword seal. Goes.” He has not spoken half a word idle talk with that Jia Tu, four seven-colored sword light in this flicker directly goes air-splitting. The seven-colored flowing light cuts the expansive sky, that indescribable swift and fierce sword intent locked Jia Tu, keeping it from avoiding. Four Heaven Slashing Sword Light simultaneously out, that and other momenta, are almost the entire sky are divided continually, Origin Qi between Heaven and Earth, flees and becomes separated in abundance, does not dare appear(ance) before sword light. The sword light speed is extremely fast, just like can penetrate the space, merely is only a breath, seven-colored sword light, has enlarged in the eye pupil of that Jia Tu rapidly. Faces so the offensive, both eyes of Jia Tu is also narrowing the eyes, did not have previously that type with ease enjoyable. His both hands close up, the seal law fluctuates rapidly, has drinks to resound lowly: Dragon-Phoenix evolution wheel!”

Sees only its whole body to have Dragon-Phoenix light shadow long roar, pesters together, unexpectedly in the front formed roughly thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge light wheel, in light wheel, Dragon-Phoenix circles, is sending out boundless mighty energy. His Dragon-Phoenix ear pendant, is Saint Race Saint for accurate Sacred Relic that he refines, this time in this Ancient Origin Heaven, if of great success, his accurate Sacred Relic even can complete the transformation, becomes the true Sacred Relic rank. This thing by the soul of refinement Dragon-Phoenix, defends to attack the collection as one, almost makes Jia Tu not have the flaw to seek. But at present this light wheel shape, just now is its true appearance. Obviously, faces Zhou Yuan that four Seven-colored Heaven Slashing Sword Light, Jia Tu is not wanting to pull rank, causing the sewer to capsize. buzz! When that Dragon-Phoenix light wheel appear(ance), four seven-colored sword light are also but air-splitting, in that countless dignified vision, just like epoch-making general, cutting ruthlessly falls finally. However, so heaven shaking moves the collision, has not actually imagined the heaven shaking loud sound. The wind sound/rumor between Heaven and Earth, as if solidifies in this time. Only has the space of collision place, in unceasing cracking, the countless debris scatters in all directions to dance in the air, that collision place surrounding area ten thousand zhang (3.33 m), all changed into the nether black black hole That instantaneous black light, covered up all. However that black hole phenomenon, merely was only appear(ance) the twinkling, was the dissipation goes. ! Instance when the black hole diverges, everyone sees, two seven-colored sword light disruption baseless. However, when these two seven-colored sword light disruption, on that Dragon-Phoenix light wheel, by tearing of forcibly a huge fissure. That Dragon-Phoenix light wheel, obviously was only the resistance two Heaven Slashing Sword Light! Two sword light that only remains pierce from here directly, cut to rear Jia Tu. This, makes in the eye of Five Great Heaven Territories forces erupt excited radiance immediately, because since this has been the battle, Zhou Yuan penetrated the defense of Jia Tu for the first time. Jia Tu form suddenly/violently to retreat, the figure delimits the Breaking the Heaven border just like the flowing light. How however regardless of he withdraws, is unable to get rid of that two Heaven Slashing Sword Light, boundless sword intent from the front wells up, almost floods Heaven and Earth that the field of vision saw. Evades not to be possible to evade. Bang! Next instant that two seven-colored sword light come, in that countless panic-stricken vision, divided to cut directly above the Jia Tu body.

The space was separated, is loop space black hole appear(ance) in the place of that bombardment, terrifying Sword Qi storm wreak havoc comes, that void is cuts tattered and torn Whish! In Saint Evolving Great Formation, has the countless shocking sound in an uproar to get up. Five Great Heaven Territories forces, is excited complexion to become flushed, Zhou Yuan this counter-attack extremely swift and fierce, now the Jia Tu main body was hit, inevitably suffers heavy injury! This had dawn of victory without doubt. However, Bai Xiaolu, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and the others do not see to relax, the look is still dignified, because that Jia Tu really extremely fierce, no one has grasped two sword light that Zhou Yuan this only remains to be able it to cut to kill. A countless line of sight looks at that black to be empty. Black hole in rapid dissipation. After several breaths, when results in the black hole diverges, the countless say/way looked that reduces to there pupil suddenly. Sees only there void, the form crosses the hands behind the back to stand together, precisely Jia Tu! In the Jia Tu body does not see any injury, his complexion indifferently, is only in forehead, the vertical mark that has shut tightly has opened, mysterious Saint Pupil reveals, in Saint Pupil, five stars past. Is void in Jia Tu behind, void has everywhere stars appear(ance), if carefully looks, just now discovered, that unexpectedly is roughly ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge celestial chart scroll. In the celestial chart, the galaxy passes , Whether there is strength sending out. But at this time, everyone sees, in that by the countless stars in galaxy, being stranded 0.】 Two seven-colored flowing light. precisely Zhou Yuan's two seven-colored sword light. Galaxy steamroll, two seven-colored sword light in gradually becomes must be dim, finally erupts the sound of wail, explodes loudly broken. Was obliterated by that galaxy unexpectedly. The Five Great Heaven Territories countless people horse is looking at this, immediately complexion is pallid, in the eye has the frightened color that cannot conceal to raise. Bai Xiaolu they, sighed gently. Really, is better than the Zhou Yuan so method, unexpectedly cannot do to this Jia Tu as before „Is this Saint Race strongest Heavenly Sun Realm? Really is strong to desperate.” They are also the disposition tenacious generations, but at this time, had the feeling of being incapable unavoidably. On void, the Jia Tu look does not have the gaze of slight emotion Zhou Yuan, indifferently said: You can rely on so background, compels to display the Saint Pupil strength me, Zhou Yuan, you could be true supreme talent, if you were in my Saint Race, your achievement could not say that was stronger than me.”

Really was a pity Jia Tu shakes the head: That four sword light, should be you strongest attacked, depending on your background, is impossible to come again one time.” However my strongest technique actually just launched.” He referred to behind that ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) celestial chart, said: This evolves for my Saint Pupil, the named galaxy being shattered chart, mighty energy is infinite, under Nascent Origin Realm , there is nothing any method to break it.” Jia Tu occupies a commanding position is overlooking Zhou Yuan, pale sound said: Zhou Yuan, you told me, how can you win me?” His sound, reverberates in Saint Evolving Great Formation each corner. Five Great Heaven Territories forces, is the look is all dim, the whole body is sending out desperate aura. Zhou Yuan is built on void, he is looking at this time imposing manner scary Jia Tu, its behind that ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) celestial chart, is mysterious strange, making one be afraid. He cancels the bloodstain of corners of the mouth, so the time, even he has to acknowledge that this Jia Tu formidable, this war, it may be said that is in these years, he has experienced most frigid and difficult. Many method trump card completely leave, was reduced and solved by the opposite party as before with ease. No matter what kind of difficulty, must make him give up, is decisively is impossible. Jia Tu is looking at Zhou Yuan, he sees the war intent in latter eye not to extinguish as before, cannot help but the frowned head, latter's tenacity, surpassed his anticipation, if trades to be the average man, at this time should already the thorough despair. He shakes the head, no longer said that but the sleeve robe wields gently. Bang! That flickers, giant incomparable celestial chart glittering, Heaven and Earth just like is shifted. But Zhou Yuan is also detected that the space changes, when gets back one's composure again, is the discovery of eye pupil contraction, he is built on that celestial chart, in its all around, huge to not being able to see the end galaxy is flowing, a terrifying strength, covers by the potential of steamroll. His body, flesh and blood cracks immediately, blood billowing flows. Jia Tu that indifferent sound, in this time, resounds through. Zhou Yuan finished.” This time, you cannot overturn.” The sound falls, the galaxy started to contract, brought the destruction.