Venerable Yuan - Volume 13 - Chapter 1287

When the Yao Yao's form goes out from the refine the pill of immortality main hall, outside the main hall that many vision was almost the earliest possible time gathers on her body, this instant, as if even the air stagnated. These can also be supreme talent Nascent Origin in the respective influence, Law Domain expert, when facing that chilly and perfect jade face, is felt unexpectedly feeling inferior of faint trace, in the heart venerated about latter's awe subsequently also becomes more abundant a point. If this person, has no qualms the name of goddess. Frequently is also somewhat understood to the Yao Yao's character in All Heavens City them, this perhaps because of that aloof status, therefore appears extremely chilly, when is ordinary except for the refine the pill of immortality beyond some occasional situations, hardly exchanges with the bystander. Therefore they saw that today Yao Yao has the refine the pill of immortality main hall unexpectedly on own initiative, suddenly all feels astonished. But has the understood person, was looks at outside that palace that could not bear an corner/horn to blow the man of inking flute, the look was somewhat surprised, after all Xu Beiyan has not concealed his admiration to the goddess in the two years, although he not true spoke frankly brings to light, but that every action and every movement, are expressing the feeling. Regarding Xu Beiyan the courage, many quite feelings admire, because in this All Heavens City, to the man of goddess intention admiration, the number is really innumerable. But really dares to reveal finally this admiration, only has Xu Beiyan one person by the present. Naturally, outstanding of Xu Beiyan, they are unable to deny, discusses the appearance, the talent strength and future potential, in this All Heavens City, he is absolute ranking among the best, perhaps, only then so the character, just now dares the heart sentiment of admiration revealing. But now, was insistence of this Xu Beiyan takes the effect finally? By goddess chilly heart, by his two years insisted that moves? Read this, numerous Law Domain expert felt an intermittent acid intent, although Xu Beiyan was outstanding, but really must see the goddess to fall this world, that removed for somebody chilly, that also was really lets have the envy that the person could not bear. But tumbles in that numerous person state of mind, the innermost feelings are deducting a drama time, Yao Yao takes the main hall, before the slender slender tender body is situated in the palace . The melodious pipe sound also stopped in this time. Xu Beiyan is looking when that beautiful figure that goes out of the main hall, in eyes also exudes fluctuation Lianyi (ripple), even by his state of mind, were some pleasant surprises is at this time inexplicable. Because his idea is like others, the goddess usually will never tread the refine the pill of immortality main hall, today suddenly makes an exception, that decides however has the reason, but now outside this palace, as if also only has his here, will have an attraction. Is it possible that in the two years insisted, really had the effect? Xu Beiyan delicate and pretty face as before calm tranquil, but the innermost feelings actually surge up, the palm made an effort slightly, got hold of the black ink flute.

Regarding the present female, his indeed from the heart is full of the admiration, he never knew before, he will really have one day ( This chapter has not ended, please turn page) Never forgets to a female, that keeps thinking about, is such as the insect bites the heart to grind the revolutions seriously to sleep poorly, sometimes he was still self-ridiculing, perhaps this was he admired to these at his women's desolate one retribution in the past. Xu Beiyan is one has the self-confident person very much, always so, after he discovered own emotion, then direct reveals, has not covered up intentionally. However he is also very intelligent, he knows that goddess that chilly indifferent character, therefore within two years, he does not have, even if excessive disturbance, most then selfish blowing flute accompanying outside this palace, he believes that his effort will have the effect finally on the 1st. Xu Beiyan puts down the hand China , Mexico flutes, then shows the smile to that beautiful figure, wants to have the courage to take a step to go forward. However when he just moved, the goddess beautiful figure on stair, actually went to the square in main hall front pupil light, then has not looked to him, directly is the starting to walk step, walked. Xu Beiyan look slightly stiff, in the eye is somewhat astonished. In the square, expert of many communications are also somewhat stunned is looking at this, appear(ance) of goddess, originally not because of Xu Beiyan? But, then brought many doubts, is not Xu Beiyan, that because of what? Under that many vision gazes, the goddess is stepping not anxiously not the slow graceful step, across that crowded square, mistake, stream of people evasion all. Finally, her footsteps stopped in these line of sight gazes finally. She stopped in a bosom was hugging in front of a young men of small beast. Many astonished lines of sight, also falls to that man brings the happy expression face. Who is that person?” Seems like a little looks familiar...” „......”

Many person vision connection, has the communication. When many people are surprised, jumping that the small beast in youth bosom jumps for joy suddenly to the goddess, then fell into the latter bosom, makes the affectionate sound. The youth also looks at goddess, then reveals white teeth, the smile is bright, pouring is also some charm. The goddess slender jade handles gently caresses the fur/superficial knowledge of small beast, then she stares at front youth, the lip angle is raising slightly, that is chilly in the beautiful appearance that all year long covers indifferently, has a startled great wild goose smile to reappear unexpectedly. That flickers, this side square seems becomes bright. Many people stare the big eye, somewhat unbelievable is looking at this, the goddess, smiled unexpectedly... Good, has not wasted these two years.” Yao Yao looks at present Zhou Yuan, small head nodded, the voice was puts gently. Stands in front of Yao Yao, naturally follows Cang Yuan to arrive at All Heavens City Zhou Yuan, he is looking at the present beautiful appearance, takes a look at all around these shock lines of sight again, then said in a low voice: „ Goddess Sir, I felt that I seem like ( This chapter has not ended, please turn page) Can be ganged up on? ” Is strange regarding his doing, the Yao Yao lip angle bent, throws down one: Follows me.” Then is the turning around old route returns. Zhou Yuan looks at her exquisite back, looked that previously collected together to speak to the one side, but at this time dumbfounded several Nascent Origin Realm expert, said with a smile: I said a moment ago is.” Then is rapid with. Two people across the square, the surroundings obviously stream of people were big, but the atmosphere actually quite peaceful, many vision stay on Zhou Yuan's, that look a little like blade sharpness. This makes Zhou Yuan tch tch express admiration actually, in the past he also had with Yao Yao walks together, although but will draw many shocking stares, but the efficiency of that hatred, cannot compare absolutely by far now. This change, has no relations with him actually, is only the explanation in the two years, the Yao Yao's charm went to a fearful situation.

In the Zhou Yuan heart sighed, then brave withstands these like the blade vision, this time he even wants to tell them, right, your guesses is right, I am that stands in your hearts goddess back the man! But finally he has not done that because he fears to come under attack. Is following Yao Yao across the crowd, reached the stair, Zhou Yuan felt suddenly together the gaze of vision, was excessive, then sees that black ink azure cheongsam, Xu Beiyan that delicate and pretty such as cast, the latter is staring at him, knit the brows slightly. Heaven Abyss Territory's Zhou Yuan...” The Xu Beiyan vision hangs, in the heart talked to oneself, actually regarding Zhou Yuan he is knows, relates including Zhou Yuan and Yao Yao's somewhat seems to be intimate, but Xu Beiyan not caring, because in his opinion, his each condition far ultra Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan can first step relate to be intimate with Yao Yao, that is only because knows the too early reason. Xu Beiyan inspiration of gently, under the suppression the mood in heart, on the delicate and pretty face has the smile to reappear again. How Zhou Yuan first comes one step, Xu Beiyan never believes that so-called first come first served, he does not fear any competitor. In the future, but also some are the time. When state of mind rotation of Xu Beiyan, Yao Yao stopped the footsteps suddenly, then looks like, said: „Are you called Xu Beiyan?” Xu Beiyan hearing this, is startled immediately, at once calm courteous holding the fist in the other hand smiles: For the goddess Sir gives a hand refine the pill of immortality two years, can change the Sir to remember my name, was actually cost-effective.” He said a word humorously, is coordinating that delicate and pretty face and makings, Zhou Yuan also has to acknowledge, this fellow was really very outstanding. However Yao Yao hesitated slightly, said: In the future words, then did not need you to assist the gives a hand, gave Zhou Yuan to be able.” When this word falls, Xu Beiyan that temper, cannot bear the look changes, complexion thorough stiff.