Venerable Yuan - Volume 13 - Chapter 1288

Before refine the pill of immortality main hall . Was usually calm and self-confident Xu Beiyan, when heard Yao Yao this saying, the facial expression on face could not cover up finally, obviously Yao Yao this sudden arrangement, hit the heart him chaotically one. However the Xu Beiyan good and evil or shrewdness are good, he not but therefore the violent anger shouts a question loudly, but is look sincere looks at Yao Yao, said: Goddess Sir, does not know that what mistake I on assisting your refine the pill of immortality do make? If some words, but also please raise, I will certainly make up.” Then he looks the forced smile: Now we after two years of wearing, will refine the Ancestral Dragon Pill success ratio with great difficulty as well as pill lead to enhance, if changes players at this time, can have not the good effect on the refinement of Ancestral Dragon Pill?” You also know, the Ancestral Dragon Pill material, is All Heavens City numerous Nascent Origin, Law Domain expert wrestles with the life, their hopes receive in exchange for Ancestral Dragon Pill with this, but our refinement success ratios to them, is important!” Speaking of finally, Xu Beiyan seems somewhat rude, even the sound increased. But outside the refine the pill of immortality main hall, these have paid attention in this's people also catch the Xu Beiyan sound, immediately is startled, then complexion somewhat changes. What do you mean? Can replace Xu Beiyan?” „Can this be not quite appropriate? Xu Beiyan assistance refine the pill of immortality already two years, his experience extremely rich, in addition his is Roaming Spirit Realm Divine Soul, regulates the Origin Qi irrigation of other Law Domain expert also extremely handily, how can replace him suddenly?” Probably does the goddess Sir prepare to make that Zhou Yuan take over? Replaces Xu Beiyan?” This... this, is simply absurd!” Yes, that Zhou Yuan is only Nascent Origin Realm, how can mix to refine Ancestral Dragon Pill? Even if the goddess Sir must lead by the hand him, doesn't need to make him make this matter?” If therefore causes Ancestral Dragon Pill to refine the failure rate to advance, we will have the loss?” „......” Many talking in whispers sounds erupt before the main hall, in seeing a play numerous Nascent Origin, Law Domain expert, was not calm previously at this time, after all the Ancestral Dragon Pill success ratio as well as pill led, related to their clear interests.

According to the All Heavens City custom, each Nascent Origin, Law Domain after capturing Ancestral Dragon remnant soul comes back, will turn, how much then according to obtains one and even several share tokens, when if later Ancestral Dragon Pill comes out, will then be according to the order, received in exchange for Ancestral Dragon Pill with the share token. But here has an issue is, Ancestral Dragon Pill pill leads is not unstable, is sometimes frequent, sometimes also meets the quantity to be scarce, this will cause the share token to receive in exchange for the Ancestral Dragon Pill proportion fluctuating momentarily. The normal condition comes, four tokens can trade Ancestral Dragon Pill. But if has pill to lead, three, but if the difference, this proportion even must increase to six. Thus it can be seen has pill to lead regarding All Heavens City these for this reason striving for success Nascent Origin Realm, Law Domain Realm, is actually what kind of importance. This is also when why they hear Yao Yao unexpectedly are planned to change assisted Xu Beiyan of two years of refine the pill of immortality, will have such big sound. The tumult before refine the pill of immortality main hall is continuing, before the main hall, surges void, is has four person's shadows to go out. These four person's shadow appear(ance), tumult on the scene immediately for it one static, because they recognized, that four people, all assume personal command in All Heavens City Saint. What's the matter? Noisy, highly improper.” When a green robe old man vision glance, the sinking sound spreads, making the people all keep silent. This green robe old man is called green willow tree Saint . Moreover, one of the he also precisely that Xu Beiyan teachers. Therefore this green willow tree Saint after asking words, the vision then shifted to Xu Beiyan, the sound slowed down: North spreads out, what's the matter?” Xu Beiyan salutes hastily, he looked at jade face no mighty waves Yao Yao, resembling is somewhat hesitant, Tun Tun spits. A green willow tree Saint brow wrinkle, not anti- say/way: Grown man is womanishly fussy.” The Xu Beiyan forced smile, said: Is the goddess Sir planned suddenly makes Zhou Yuan replace me to assist the refine the pill of immortality, but the friend on the scene possibly is worried that their exchange shares are affected, some unrests.”

Green willow tree Saint hearing this, the brow cannot help but wrinkles tightly, he looked at Yao Yao, but has not asked finally directly, after all Yao Yao's status extremely special, even if he is Return to Ruin Divine Hall's Saint, does not dare is not impolite to her. Therefore he looked to nearby Zhou Yuan, said: Zhou Yuan, the old man knows your talent to be extraordinary, but refinement of Ancestral Dragon Pill extremely important, north spreads out after two years of wearing, your excellency had the coordination with the goddess, if you meddle at this time suddenly, if affected pill to lead, this sought the Ancestral Dragon remnant soul person regarding these in All Heavens City by the life is really somewhat unfair.” And...” The green willow tree Saint sound, said slowly: By your talent and potential, the day of famous raising, why to borrow this grade of method sooner or later?” Spoken language obviously severe, the prestige of Saint reveals without doubt. The Zhou Yuan brow slightly wrinkle, just wanted to speak, the old laughter also resounds in the side together: Green willow tree, your old fogy little gives the junior to label, Yao Yao will choose Zhou Yuan to take the refine the pill of immortality assistant, has her truth inevitably, where need did you say this and that?” You, if really has the issue, that reported to three Ancient Venerable.” The Zhou Yuan leaning head, is saw that the Cang Yuan form appears. Green willow Wang Cang Yuan is coming, somewhat disgruntled say/way: Old man said that isn't is true? Present matching originally is optimal, why must change carelessly, doesn't this affect the general situation?” Surroundings many attention in this's Nascent Origin, Law Domain expert are also nodded that cannot bear. Green willow said, then looks to Yao Yao, submissively a ritual: Goddess your excellency, does not know that you replace the reason of Xu Beiyan, is actually what?” Numerous vision are to also throw. Yao Yao holds Tun Tun, the jade is handling gently caresses that soft hair, the beautiful jade face is chilly, she shot a look at a green willow tree, indifferently said: „The main reason, is I likes certainly Zhou Yuan assisting me, like this my will be happier.” The green willow Canglao face stagnates slightly, that Xu Beiyan was also twitched that the corner of the eye could not bear.

The surrounding crowd is some delay, their didn't expect Yao Yao so direct... Cang Yuan is also forced smile one that cannot bear , in the Yao Yao's eye, others or the matters, actually she have little interest, she will keep here refine the pill of immortality, are actually more, because of Zhou Yuan. Therefore she will not give other person of any faces. The atmosphere becomes somewhat constrains to be quiet all of a sudden, everyone does not know that said anything well... However, after this continued the moment depressing, Yao Yao just now again calmly said: Next... , if there is Zhou Yuan's assistance, refines the Ancestral Dragon Pill success ratio to lead with pill, just now can true achieving be highest, this point, is anybody is unable to replace.” . Peaceful, resembling has many relaxing of quietly. Really, the goddess your excellency in the random unseemly behavior, she does not have the overall perception. Although the people, this primary and secondary sorting seems like has the major problem..., but only some Cang Yuan know, primary and secondary does not have the issue, in the Yao Yao's heart, possibly has the Zhou Yuan's companion, indeed also probably arrange high compared with the Ancestral Dragon Pill refinement success ratio. People in relaxing, also starts to recover, Zhou Yuan is only the Nascent Origin Realm strength, why can he achieve Xu Beiyan is more outstanding than? Is looking at Yao Yao that desolate jade face, their no one dares to question. Only has that Xu Beiyan actually, complexion after fluctuating, cannot bear stood, sharp-eyed looked to Zhou Yuan, the low and deep sound resounded. I do not believe!”