Venerable Yuan - Volume 14 - Chapter 1358

In that Stone Dragon giant mouth together to high strength blowout, the world just like falls into stagnation, Heaven and Earth Origin Qi drew back the powder in abundance, just like ordinary in the worship. That strength can lock the destiny directly, when its appear(ance), regardless of were used what kind of method by the attacker, is hard to avoid it. Therefore, just came that say/way to the high strength, with rapt attention, has fallen in the shadow of that say/way mysterious Saint God again. This does not have any great sound spreads, does not have any heaven shaking moves collision, when that strength passed over gently and swiftly, that is sending out boundless pressure the shadow of Saint God, is the little decomposition, finally directly in Saint Race that countless expert panic-stricken desire vision certainly, thorough dissipation within Heaven and Earth. But Stone Dragon also subsided gradually. Among Heaven and Earth silent piece. Incessantly is armies of both sides, these Saint of both sides, are changing countenance that somewhat cannot bear. „Did Zhou Yuan inspire strength of the residual Ancestral Dragon's will unexpectedly?!” Has Saint to make noise, resembles feels quite astonished. Although that said the strength of Ancestral Dragon's will extremely slightly, but they felt what was surprised, why can Zhou Yuan its inspiring?! That supreme strength, their these Saint, are hard its inspiring even, but Zhou Yuan, but was only one initially Law Domain of promote! Should be because that said Saint God shadow appear(ance).” Ancient Venerable Jin Luo said slowly. In here space is gathering many Ancestral Dragon remnant soul, naturally has Ancestral Dragon's Power to condense, but Saint God shadow appear(ance), perhaps provoked the response of here Ancestral Dragon strength, set these reasons, Zhou Yuan can achieve an function of introduction, skidded the Ancestral Dragon strength in Stone Dragon mystical place, wiped to extinguish that to say the shadow of Saint God.” Other Saint hearing this, is a reveal suddenly, this is actually passable, although that said that the shadow of Saint God strict, is not including the Saint God projection together, but here after all is the place of Ancestral Dragon strength condensation, Saint God shadow appear(ance), without doubt has a provocation. This is similar among mountain forest, a fierce tiger went into another territory, this will naturally be pursued. Ancient Venerable Jin Luo is staring in the Stone Dragon mystical place, Zhou Yuan can inspire that saying that Ancestral Dragon remains the strength, some most reasons indeed because of Saint God shadow appear(ance), that say/way extremely primitive god mark that but, he previously outlined, took a big function. That should be together Super Saint Origin Technique, and has the enormous relations with Ancestral Dragon. Saint Origin Technique of this rank, feared that is many Saint is hard to cultivate/repair continually. However thinks again Zhou Yuan with that relations, poured also nothing to wonder.

No matter how, the shadow of that Saint God was wiped to extinguish, method that the opposite party will have no again, the struggle of this Stone Dragon mystical place, has the result. ... „Was the shadow of Saint God wiped to extinguish unexpectedly?!” Must be possible!” Supreme Saint God, even if afterimage, is still not that Zhou Yuan can contend together inevitably!” „......” Compared to all Saints amazed, the Saint Race army in that battlefield, then the feelings of some collapses, in their beliefs, Saint God are supreme, is this world all strengths. Yet now, the shadow of Saint God was wiped to extinguish in their front together unexpectedly, this is really big to the impact that they have. Employs professional mourners compared with their here everywhere, the all Heavens army also in the shock situated in the ignorance that brings, these Law Domain third boundaries result in expert are the corners of the mouth are twitching slightly, suddenly half a word words could not say. After all wipes to extinguish shadow of matter Saint God to them, really never have such thoughts. Zhou Yuan is situated in void, this time his complexion quite pale, previously he displayed, naturally is Ancestral Dragon Shifting the Heaven Technique, only has this technique to take the introduction, he danger dangerous inspiring a here wisp of Ancestral Dragon remnant strength. However in the final analysis, is that Tai Xuan is too stupid, without Saint God shadow stimulation, he cannot achieve this point decisively. His vision goes to that Nine-stars Saint Pupil, when shadow of dissipation Saint God, that Saint Pupil just like is the delay got down generally, again no response. It seems like your dying wrestled the failure.” Zhou Yuan said with a smile. Nine-stars Saint Pupil some uppering shift of shivering, resembled look to Zhou Yuan, from that Saint Pupil, Zhou Yuan felt a frightened mood. Previously that strength, was makes the Tai Xuan last wisp of Divine Soul mark feel frightening similarly. Moreover, he also understands, his radical losing.

Lost does not have to all. I... am unwilling... to be unwilling!” In Nine-stars Saint Pupil, has the blood threads suddenly densely and numerously emerges, that spread the Tai Xuan vague roaring sound, he is very unwilling, he thinks these will be his big chance time, he can take this opportunity, will step into the boundary of that Saint! Originally all extremely smooth, but who didn't expect, unexpectedly suddenly but across the sky Zhou Yuan! This time Tai Xuan, the incomparable regret, he regretted when Zhou Yuan had not previously broken through, he has not used all strengths to write off him unexpectedly, this made him have the opportunity of transformation! Is this little mistake, changed the result directly! Bang! The blood threads in Nine-stars Saint Pupil are getting more and more, in which strength was also the rebellion to the limit, finally, under that countless shocking vision, exploded to break to pieces loudly directly! ! Indistinct has together the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound reverberation. Everyone is dumb as a wooden chicken, who understands, this time, Tai Xuan is dies thoroughly... In this Law Domain Realm peak sparring, finally was appear(ance) the result. But this result, surpassed everyone's anticipation obviously... Zhou Yuan wins, Tai Xuan falls! Saint Race army, looking grief-stricken, each one complexion are pale. But all Heavens after the short silence, that deafening cheers is the eruption, countless people in complexion becomes flushed excitedly shouts the name of Zhou Yuan, the voice to swinging Yunxiao (cloud firmament). This moment Zhou Yuan, in their eyes, is that pulls a day of leaning hero!

Chi Jing hears that giant voice, is the smile that cannot bear, she is staring at the Zhou Yuan's form, when this saw at the beginning of that year the Divine Palace little fellow , comes in this, had created many miracles, she has the premonition, perhaps his future achievement, even/including Shizun could not say that must look up. The road of his legend, perhaps, just now starts now. Little Junior Brother, good work, you were my all Heavens' hero.” She is covering the chest, relaxing of feeling relieved, that constrains for a long time anxiety, worried, finally fell on this time. Xu Beiyan looks at this all Heavens expert venerated the cheers about Zhou Yuan's that type, the cheek pulled out pulling out, in the eye full was the meaning of envy, because he was very clear, after this one post-war, Zhou Yuan will be the what kind degree in the all Heavens' position and prestige. Even from some significance, could be on par Saint. But all these, are he hoped... Thing that this fellow, why any he seems like, can snatch?! Before, Zhou Yuan made the qualifications that he faced up to not have obviously radically continually, if not for there are Cang Yuan as well as goddess, Zhou Yuan in his eyes, what was also considered as? But now... Zhou Yuan the strength or the prestige, have exceeded him. cultivation so many years, smooth sailing, is regarded as Heaven's Proud Son throughout, experiences suffering countless to hound with awe Xu Beiyan, finally in this moment, experienced anything to be called the envy. On void, Zhou Yuan looks at Nine-stars Saint Pupil that is vanishing thoroughly, deeply aspirates, then he looks to erupting the all Heavens army of heaven shaking cheers, the tranquil sound conveys: Now also has not been the time of relaxing, everyone obeys orders, attack! Saint Race's forces, thorough expels the Stone Dragon mystical place! The victory, belongs to our all Heavens!” He stretches out the finger, aimed in the Saint Race army in confusion. Yes!” When the Zhou Yuan tranquil sound hands down, immediately caused hiding the sky and covering the earth should drink the sound, at this moment, these unruly Law Domain third boundaries, are regard the Zhou Yuan's spoken language to be the same like the military order even, do not have nothing, since. Therefore, the next quarter, the all Heavens army flows like torrent, is coercing the dreadful Origin Qi monstrous waves, is rushing ahead to go to the Saint Race army directly. Previously suppressed aggrievedness and angry, finally in this time radical eruption. But aspect to this step, no matter what who can look, actually the victory and defeat in this Stone Dragon mystical place is belongs who...