Venerable Yuan - Volume 14 - Chapter 1359
That moment when Tai Xuan perishes thoroughly, the battle of Stone Dragon mystical place had/left the result even thoroughly.

When suppresses a all Heavens army of anger is counter-attacking crazily, the Saint Race army already in the situation of demoralization, shadow of Tai Xuan and Saint God is hammered that explodes, was the pouring extinguished their all war intent directly. In addition previously to help Tai Xuan, Saint Race's these Law Domain top expert handed over their blood and qi, this command this time they be at the weak condition, this condition obviously are all impossible to go with the all Heavens army to contend. Let alone, in that upper air, cut to kill Tai Xuan Zhou Yuan, but also is eying covetously, the vision of that indifferent glance, making their heart hair cold, even does not dare to throw the line of sight, so as to avoid by its locking. When they when seeing the all Heavens army well up, without hesitation chose retreating. Saint Race army, in this moment total military defeat. Is built on void Zhou Yuan to look under the all Heavens army chases down Saint Race that is utterly routed, the look is also relax relaxed gradually gets down, this fights to him, seriously is the extreme bad risk, if is not he belongs to one in that critical moment Saint Dragon Qi, completes the breakthrough while this, perhaps at this time chased down should be they. That Tai Xuan is very indeed strong, is an unusual thorny powerful enemy. Although cuts to kill Tai Xuan at present, but the Zhou Yuan unavoidably heart somewhat is serious, these years he and Saint Race were also encountered repeatedly, Saint Race that nearly terrifying background, even he felt the enormous pressure. Moreover he also understands, Saint Race background that at present sees, but is only the tip of the iceberg. In recent years, Saint Race and all Heavens' rub are getting more and more, aura that type of storm approaches, is not only he felt, perhaps according to his forecast, in the near future, that Saint Race will certainly start second World Extinguishing War. At that time, is true reign of terror, no one can escape by luck. If wants under that aspect, protects own family member friend, even if he visits Law Domain now, but actually as before also insufficient, especially... also has Yao Yao that single layer extremely special status. In the future will have the big change, Zhou Yuan wants to have by oneself in that big change the strength of changing something, that minimum, he needs to visit Saint. Only then becomes Saint, can be this world peak that batch of exist(ence). Zhou Yuan, your present strength, is insufficient.” Zhou Yuan's look, gradually strengthens.

... Outside the Stone Dragon mystical place, all Heavens Saint is. At this time here atmosphere is excellent, all Saint are the happy expressions of wear a look of not being able to bear, throws toward the mystical place in the vision of that say/way young form, all has the meaning of appreciation. Ancient Venerable Jin Luo caresses the long eyebrow lightly, is saying with a smile to Cang Yuan: Cang Yuan, your disciple, seriously is extraordinary, it seems like your three sages, is not able to run away.” Other Saint also somewhat sighed, looked brings the point to envy to the Cang Yuan look, they are all Heavens authority, the subordinate is influential, dominates a side, the common matter is impossible to make them have this mood, but this so-called three sages, even for their these Saint, are the extremely rare achievement. Although all Heavens Saint is Return to Ruin Divine Hall, but is not auspicious, without the conflict, this was similar to the past the way that Cang Yuan was only compelled to steal the Ancestral Dragon god stone, then avoided to roam about in that countless space slit. This is the right to speak also not heavy reason. Three sages, big enhancement this point, will have one after all, has the friendship of masters and disciples, that confidence level will far exceed other any teams. In all Saints congratulated, that Lu Liu Great Venerable was also the facial skin shook shaking, although he and Cang Yuan did not cope, but also can only be at this time the heart sour. His plan is in this time Stone Dragon mystical place, can make own disciple Xu Beiyan emerge, obtains the all Saints favor, that naturally can have numerous tremendous resources to incline when the time comes, this will make Xu Beiyan enter the Saint the probability to be bigger. But who can think, finally instead helped Zhou Yuan. Thinks Cang Yuan that three sages, Lu Liu felt own face must become green. After all both sides many gaps, what he naturally is to enter the Saint is the disciple, when the time comes adds on another two teachers again, that and other momenta, instead ultra Cang Yuan. Cang Yuan faces that many are congratulating, look actually quite tranquil, his vision profound is looking in the Stone Dragon mystical place, resembling is the optional say/way: My this disciple, in the eye cannot rub the sand, Ancient Venerable you may first not praise him to well.” He said a word lightly, all Saints a little had doubts, but only had the Ancient Venerable Jin Luo brow to be pressed, somewhat helpless light sighs, resembled has the extreme headache. ...

When all Saints is the all Heavens' win when is gratified, outside that Stone Dragon mystical place void, the Saint Race locale, is actually a depressing silence. anger that many Saint Race Saint complexion gloomy, that sends out vague, making this space tremble, seemed is unbearable. Useless thing!” Has Saint to make noise angrily, obviously is accusing that Tai Xuan to let slip. Gives so plans and supports, cannot win, seriously is disappointing.” This Tai Xuan, incompetent!” Many Saint Race Saint are revealing anger, finally their vision looked to the front, there void as if crashes the black hole, among had shadow faintly discernible together, is sending out a terrifying pressure. precisely Ancient Saint Tai Mi. That person's shadow sits cross-legged in the black hole, he detected that the numerous Saints the vision, the closed eye opens a slit slightly, has does not have the slight emotion sound to spread. Has anything contentious, lets slip lets slip, moreover... no one can seize the food from my Saint Race mouth.” So-called rule, has custom-made to the weak one, in this Heavenly Origin World, who has the qualifications to make my Saint Race defend the gauge?” Hears Ancient Saint Tai Mi this words, the Saint Race Saint vision on the scene all flashes, at once the look was also becomes cold and gloomy. The Ancient Saint Tai Mi sleeve robe wields, sees only in that Stone Dragon mystical place, the space fluctuations send out suddenly, space crack appear(ance) before the routed Saint Race army, therefore the Saint Race army quickly swarms to enter, such as stray dog is distressed. When these space crack appear(ance), chasing down of Saint Race army also stopped, in this time battlefield fills the air bloody, in the previous fierce combat, does not know that cut to kill many Saint Race expert. All people, are belt/bring baleful aura, the whole body fill the air bloody. However with fleeing of Saint Race army, everyone is thorough relaxed, has the deafening cheers to resound through, entire Stone Dragon mystical place, as if in this time tremor slightly. Are full of the awe, the venerated vision lifts, goes to that say/way young form that on void set up.

After this war, who knows, Zhou Yuan has become in this all Heavens, the true first person under numerous Saint! But under that numerous vision gaze, Zhou Yuan waves, said: Preparation occupies dragon first battle area all anchor points.” Everyone all should under. The Zhou Yuan's form from void falls slowly, then complexion is light, the mighty waves, are not stepping the step slightly, step by step to is going somewhere. Although he does not have any mood revealed that but surrounding all Heavens expert is keen detection to is not all right, therefore opened before crowd drawing back in abundance, made way a path. But along with the Zhou Yuan step unceasing vanguard, that split the end of path finally, appear(ance) complexion somewhat fluctuated the uncertain form. The people look, slightly one startled, that person unexpectedly is Xu Beiyan. Zhou Yuan, what is this wants to make? In that many surprised uncertain vision, the Zhou Yuan's step stopped finally in front of Xu Beiyan. Xu Beiyan looked at Zhou Yuan, the corner of the eye was twitching slightly, then said with a smile: Honored Elder Zhou Yuan this merit cover heaven, is may celebrate seriously encouraging.” The Zhou Yuan eye is tranquil, just like the quiet deep pool, he is staring at present Xu Beiyan, has brings light killing intent to spread in a soft voice. Xu Beiyan, among us the matter, should have a result.”